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									RSS FEED announces, a new market research report is
available in its vast collection:

Desalination Market to 2020 - Technology Driven Cost Reduction
in Membrane Based Processes set to Drive Sustainability
Investments into the Market

Discount offer till 6th April 2012


Company’s new report, “Desalination Market to 2020 - Technology Driven Cost
Reduction in Membrane Based Processes set to Drive Sustainability Investments
into the Market” discusses in detail the global desalination products and equipment
market. The report covers the market data and information on the principle types of
desalination water technologies and highlights the key drivers, restraints and
challenges affecting the water desalination industry. Market information on key
desalination technologies such distillation or thermal (MSF - multi stage flash
distillation or MED - multi effect desalination), membrane desalination mainly
reverse osmosis (RO) and electrodialysis (ED) among others is discussed in detail. It
also provides the global desalination market breakdown on the basis of geography,
business segment and end-users. Market share and product portfolio of key
desalination equipment manufacturers, government regulations and legislations,
technology overview are some of the key topics discussed in the report.
Technological advances such as improvements in energy efficiency by energy
recovery devices and an increase in the lifetime of desalination plants results a
significant decline in the desalination costs.

The report analyses market opportunities and challenges for desalination
companies in the global arena. Its scope includes:
- Key geographies such as Middle East, the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy,
Spain, Japan, China, India, Australia, Middle East and Africa and Brazil.
- Qualitative analysis of market drivers, restraints and challenges for the
desalination market.
- Annual revenues of the desalination equipment market from 2005 to 2009,
forecast forward for 11 years to 2020.

Reasons to buy

The report will enhance your decision making capability in a more rapid and time
sensitive manner. It will allow you to:
- Develop business strategies by understanding the trends and developments that
are driving the desalination market across globe.

Table of Contents :

1.1 List of Tables 6
1.2 List of Figures 7
2 Introduction 8
2.1 GBI Research Report Guide 9
3 Global Desalination Market – Industry Overview 10
3.1 Market Definition 10
3.1.1 Classification of Desalination Market on the Basis of Geography 10
3.1.2 Classification On the Basis of Technology 11
3.2 Global Desalination Market, Market Force Analysis 11
3.2.1 Global Desalination Market, Key Drivers 11
3.2.2 Global Desalination Market, Key Restraints 12
3.2.3 Global Desalination Market, Key Challenges 13
4 Global Desalination Market – Technology Overview 14
4.1 Thermal Desalination 14
4.1.1 Multi-Stage Flash Distillation 14
4.1.2 Multi-Effect Distillation 15
4.1.3 Vapor Compression 15
4.2 Membrane Desalination 15
4.2.1 Reverse Osmosis 16
4.2.2 Electrodialysis 16
5 Global Desalination Capacity – Analysis and Forecast 17

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