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									Chicago Open
July 29, 2006

Packet by Mitchell, Morris, and Nance

Toss-Up Questions

1. For mechanical systems, one result of this theorem shows that in a geodesic direction, the Killing vector field magnitude
projection is constant. Its analog in quantum field theory is the Ward-Takahaski indentities that can yield a charge useful
for calculating the entropy of stationary black holes. Useful because it uses classical mechanics to determine physical
quantities related by the uncertainty principle, it originally applied to theories described by Lagrangians. Its results identify
relationships between rotation and angular momentum as well as translation and linear momentum.FTP, identify this
theorem which relates conserved quantities to symmetries.
ANSWER: Noether's Theorem

2. Polycarp of Smyrna was born during this period, in which legend holds that the first documented serial killer was
publicly raped by a giraffe. Coinciding with the siege of Jerusalem during the Great Jewish Revolt, it is treated in Books 63
through 65 of Dio Crassus's Histories. It saw the exile of Cartimandua, queen of the Brigantes, after a revolt by her husband
Venutius, as well as two major battles at Bedriacum or Cremona. Ending with the Batavian Rebellion and a siege on the
Fifteenth Legion led by Civis, it began with Otho's seizure of power from Galba, just a few months before he was murdered
by the Praetorian Guard. For 10 points—what was this period of Roman history which culminated in the accession of
ANSWER: Year of the Four Emperors

3. The protagonist of this novel attempts to help Madame Dandelard, an Italian woman fleeing from her abusive husband.
Later, he watches Madame Alboni in a performance of Don Giovanni while sharing a box with the chatty Dora. The
protagonist’s friends include the boorish Mr. Tristram, who thinks the paintings in the Louvre are for sale, and Valentin,
who dies in a duel in Switzerland for the hand of Mademoiselle Nioche. The English servant Mrs. Bread possesses a letter
proving that Madame de Bellegarde murdered her husband, but the letter does not enable the title character to marry Claire
de Cintre, who becomes a nun. For ten points, name this Henry James novel centering on Christopher Newman, an
expatriate in France.
ANSWER: The American

4. This man’s works for piano includes the posthumously published Souvenirs of Bayreuth. His choral works include
Caligula and The Birth of Venus, and like Rameau, he published a Treatise on Harmony. In addition to writing the
Cantique de Jean Racine and a Missa Brevis for female voices, he wrote incidental music to Pellias and Mellisande and a
one-act divertissement called Masques et Bergamasques. His operas Prometheus and Penelope are seldom performed, but
he gained renown with such works as L’horizon chimerique and La bonne chanson. FTP, name this master of the song
cycle and teacher of Ravel and Les Six, perhaps best known for an 1890 Requiem composed after the death of his father.
ANSWER: Gabriel Faure

5. Alan Boss has shown they can form gas giant protoplanets via the disk instability mechanism and in 2005, one of these,
GI 581, was found to have an exoplanet. They can be found as companion stars in U Geminorum and cataclysmic variable
stars and flare stars are generally dim versions of these. They never initiate helium fusion and release energy by fusion and
convective processes. Main sequence stars of K or M class, examples of them include Proxima Centauri and Barnard's star.
Usefully in dating star clusters due to their long lifespan, FTP, identify these small, cool stars which are heavier than brown
ANSWER: red dwarf

6. Parson Welldo compares the antagonist to a basilisk in the last scene of this play, whose epigraph features sonnets
dedicated “To the Ingenious Author,” by Henry Moody and Thomas Jay. Other characters include the servants Amble and
Furnace, as well as Greedy, a “hungry justice of the peace.” The alehouse-keeper Tapwell and his wife Froth refuse to give
beer to the protagonist, who is aided by Jack Marrall in a plot to steal the deed to an estate. Margaret ultimately marries
Tom, the stepson of Lady Allworth, despite ostensibly being courted by Lord Lovell. Meanwhile, the prodigal hero outwits
his miserly uncle, the evil Sir Giles Overreach. For ten points, name this comedy in which Frank Wellborn overcomes his
financial obligations, a work by Philip Massinger.
ANSWER: A New Way to Pay Old Debts

7. At his high school prom, he stops classmate Elmo Sputterspark and his other villain opponents include the Liquidator, a
creature who can control liquid, the sarcastic Megavolt who produces electricity, and his evil alter-ego from the negaverse.
He works for the intelligence organization SHUSH whose top agent is Vladimir Grizzlikof. Assisted by adopted daughter
Gozalyn, he tries to save the city of St. Canard from evil crime organizations such as the Fearsome Five and the Fiendish
Organization for World Larceny, or FOWL. Using the catchphrase “Let’s get dangerous!” and accompanied by a bumbling
sidekick, Launchpad McQuack, For ten points, identify this cartoon whose real name is Drake Mallard, the title character of
a TV series which shared some characters with DuckTales.
ANSWER: Darkwing Duck (accept Drake Mallard before given)

8. The first major work of its founder stoked interest in Atlantis and asserted that physically and intellectually hindered
individuals are “frustrated monads” destined to “return to Earth again.” This was one of the assertions made in “Isis
Unveiled” that borrowed from Paschal Randolph, who also gave this group the concept of the “soul world.” William James
lectured on the writings that led to its discrediting in America, the Hodgson Report, which had not allowed the testimony of
Indian Witnesses. Its ideals were laid out in the two completed volumes of “The Silent Doctrine,” which drew from the
teachings of Pythagoras, Nicholas of Cusa, and both Sufism and Buddhism. FTP, name this 19th century religious
movement centered on Henry Olcott and Helena Blavatsky, whose name merged two fields of study.
ANSWER: Theosophy

9. One of its controversial provisions was resolved by the Compromise of Avranshes. Codified to sanction the avitae
consuetudines, all of its authors, including Richard de Luci, were excommunicated in the church of Vezelay on
Whitsuntide. Condemned at Sens in Burgundy by Pope Alexander III, they were approved at the council of Westminster by
the bishops. Promulgated in Witshire, they prohibited appeals to Roman Curia without the king’s permission and they
controversially allowed secular punishments of the clergy for ecclesiastical convictions. Composed of 16 articles and
altered after the murder of Thomas A Becket, —for 10 points—, what was this Henry II set of guidelines for English
church-state relations.
ANSWER: Constitutions of Clarendon

10. One character in this novel is praised as having a “mellifluous voice” by Guido Monteverde’s column La Ultima Hora.
A subplot concerns Sergeant Litmua’s night patrol, while another deals with Dr. Alberto de Quinteros and his niece
Elianita’s doomed marriage to Red Antunez. The novel ends with the narrator returning to Patricia, his wife and cousin,
after a night of drinking during which Dr. Rebagliati almost gets in a fist fight. The sound effects artist Puddler works along
with Big Pablito, Pascual, and the narrator at Radio Panamerica, whose serials parallel the love between the narrator and
one of the title characters. Interspersed with soap operas written by the Bolivian phenom Pedro Camacho, for ten points,
name this autobiographical Vargas Llosa novel about Mario and his love for a certain relative.
ANSWER: Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter or La tia Julia y el escribador

11. He bribed a vassal tribe to offer him an albino chicken and encouraged the false prophesy that he was the second
coming of Ji Dan. His plotting caused Emperor Cheng’s execution of Chunyu Zhang and allowed him to serve as
commander of the armed forces. He resigned after Cheng’s death and the succession of Ai but later became regent for the
child Ping. Upon Ping’s death, he chose Emperor Ruzi as successor. He restored the well-fields system and rebellions
against him included the Lulin Mountain rebels and the Red Eyebrows. Seizing power from the Liu family and killed when
the capital Chang’an was attacked, FTP, identify this Chinese leader who declared the Xin Dynasty and whose rule
interrupted the Han Dynasty.
ANSWER: Wang Mang

12. A Ricci tensor with a vanishing one can be used to study exact solutions of Einstein's field equations while the class of
this type contains all bounded linear operators over a Hilbert space for which the sum of the positive terms converges for
some orthonormal base. For square matrices, it is invariant under similarity transforms and does not change under
transposition. It must equal zero for the product of an antisymmetric and a symmetric matrix and is For 10 points— what is
this linear algebra property, equivalent to the sum of both its eigenvalues and diagonal elements.
ANSWER: trace (prompt on group characters before given)

13. This author wrote an unfinished story entitled “Lulu and His Wife,” as well as a poem beginning with an epigraph from
Pilgrim’s Progress in which a bird remarks that “the air was like marble.” This author’s translations from Portuguese
include “Three Stories by Clarice Lispector” and The Diary of Helena Morley, while works like “Over 2,000 Illustrations
and a Complete Concordance” and “The Bight” can be found in A Cold Spring. This writer claimed “The art of losing isn’t
hard to master” in “One Art,” and took the identity of a seven-year-old listening to her Aunt Consuelo’s screams in “In the
Waiting Room.” Those two works, along with the poems “The End of March,” “The Moose,” and “Crusoe in England,” are
featured in her compilation Geography III. For ten points, name this student of Marianne Moore, and author of the
collections Questions of Travel and North and South.
ANSWER: Elizabeth Bishop

14. The Fort Hill Address protested its validity and opposition to it was led by Governor James Hamilton and Robert
Barnwell Rhett. Passed after the rejection of the Harrisburg Convention demands, a recommendation for its revision was
written by Edward Livingston. Originally proposed by the House Committee on Manufactures, it included measures
relating to iron, hemp, and flax. Its revision was opposed by the Columbia Convention and the original was designed as a
campaign issue to discredit John Quincy Adams. Also described as “Black,” John Calhoun wrote the South Carolina
Exposition and Protest against it. Revised by the Henry Clay’s Compromise duty and passed with the Force Bill, FTP,
identify this protective tariff that led to the Nullification crisis.
ANSWER: Tariff of Abominations (accept Tariff of 1828)

15. This man’s first work major analyzes Werner Sombart’s view of capitalism and criticizes Hobbes’ treatment of the
problem of order, while one of his theories posits instrumental and expressive dimensions to society. The author of
Religious Perspectives of College Teaching and The Negro American, he used the word “gloss” to describe a consensus
reality, and created an Axis of Social Stratification containing ascription and achievement. Known for developing pattern
variables and the A-G-I-L Paradigm, he sought to create a unifying “action theory” of human agency in works such as
Structure and Progress in Modern Societies and The Social System. FTP, identify this developer of structural
functionalism, who may be best known for The Structure of Social Action.
ANSWER: Talcott Parsons

16. These items are associated with Zhar-Pitsa who stole them from the czar. In another story, their custodian is turned into
a nut, but they are eventually returned home after a thrilling chase involving an eagle, who was really Thiazi, and a falcon,
who was really Loki. In other myths they are used to entice and woo a prospective lover by Melanion, are guarded by the
hundred headed dragon Ladon, and are ultimately given to Eursytheus after Heracles tricks Atlas into bringing three of
them back from the Garden of the Hesperides. For ten points identify these objects that are associated with youth and good
fortune, a round fruit of a certain color.
ANSWER: golden apples

17. Allkyl phosphates can be reacted to form these compounds in the Pelouze synthesis while the heating of aromatic
carboxylic acids produces them in the Letts synthesis. They act as electrophiles when reacted with zinc organic compouds
in the Blaise reaction and they react with alcohols to form Pinner salts. Hoffman discovered their iso variety could be
formed by reacting ammonia and sodium hydroxide with chloroform or by dehydrating secondary amides in the van Braun
amide degradation. Also formed by reacting allkyl halides with metal cyanides, FTP, identify this type of compound, an
organic molecule containing a functional group of a nitrogen triple bounded to a carbon.
ANSWER: nitrile

18. Cultivated fields can be seen in the background and on the top of one panel a man in red restrings his crossbow, while
three bunnies form a triangle below him. Painted following the artist’s time with Nanni di Banco, it shows improvements
over the artist’s earlier pieces like The Flood, especially in its vivid depiction of the artifacts on the canvas, including a row
of bright-yellow lances that are raised. Now housed in London, it depicts the noblemen Micheletto da Cotignola and
Niccolo da Tolentino, dispersed helmets, dead soldiers, and red and gold flags. In another section, the only things meeting
the viewer’s gaze are the eyes of a pale man in a turban, and the backside of a white horse, FTP, name this triptych that
depicts Florence’s victory over Siena by Paolo Uccello.
ANSWER: Battle of San Romano or Rout of San Romano

19. Miroslave Hanak wrote a 1981 essay on the Hegelian “frenzy of self-conceit” in this novel. The writer Semyon
Karmazinov humiliates himself at a literary fete, during which the ex-convict Fedka murders Captain Lobadkyin and his
crippled sister Marya. Earlier, the protagonist’s office is raided by Blum, the secretary of Governor von Lembke, whose
wife Yulia rules behind his back. Just before committing suicide, the construction engineer Alexy Kirilov signs a false
confession claiming he murdered Ivan Shatov, absolving the protagonist’s nihilist son, who attempts to start a revolution
under the leadership of Nikolay Stavrogin. For ten points, name this novel centering on Stepan Verkhovensky and his son
Pyotr; a work by Dostoevsky whose title refers to the spirits that Jesus cast into the Gadarene swine
ANSWER: The Possessed or The Devils or Besy

20. Michael Wreen wrote a 1986 essay applying this philosophical work to The Brothers Karamazov, while Daniel Stempel
applied it to William Blake’s poetry. In section 46, the author criticizes Descartes for confusing necessary and contingent
truths. The final sections outline the City of God, and connect the notions of God the Architect and God the Lawgiver.
Section 33 defines “autarcheia,” or self-sufficiency, as the distinguishing feature of entelechies, while the previous sections
define the principles of non-contradiction and sufficient reason. Drawing from the author’s Theodicy, Section 58 famously
asserts that God has obtained “the greatest possible perfection” out of “the greatest possible variety.” FTP, name this
Gottfried Leibniz work in which the titular substances are simple, ideal, and irreducible.
ANSWER: Monadology or Monadologia

21. His early commissions were largely religious, including a tabernacle for Dwight Moody and a job on the interior of the
Sinai Synagogue. He would also work in brick and terracotta, matching buildings to their neighborhood as exemplified by
The Home Building Association Bank in Newark, Ohio and the Merchant’s Union Bank in Columbus, Wisconsin. During
this period, he also built houses for the Babsons and Bradleys. FTP, name this man who designed a free-standing tower
atop his Schiller Building and won three medals for his Transportation Building for the Columbian Exposition, an architect
who used steel and sandstone in St. Louis for his Wainwright Building.
ANSWER: Louis Sullivan

22. Eight of the Ten Commandments in Judaism are taken verbatim from her forty-two principles. Pharoahs were often
known as the beloved ones of this goddess, and the pharoah's chief minister was this deity's high priest. A daughter of Ra,
she was often depicted as a winged goddess with a curved feather on her head, and she is sometimes spoken of as the wife
or counterpart of Thoth. FTP, name this Egyptian deity, against whose feather the hearts of the dead were weighed.

23. In 1997, Barbara Shipman postulated a quantum mechanism for this phenomenon, based on her discovery that a six-
dimensional flag manifold projected onto a two-dimensional surface replicates exactly the information transmitted by this
action. A May 2005 article in Nature refutes the explanation that the only information transmitted is excitement, with odors
leading the followers to the source, and instead supports the conclusion that factors such as distance, quantity of food, and
relative position of the sun are encoded. FTP, what is this insect phenomenon, first explained by Karl von Frisch?
ANSWER: waggle dance or honeybee dance
Chicago Open
July 29, 2006

Bonus Questions

1. Its background often featured a group of Indians and settlers bargaining, and the foreground pictured miniaturized figures
in white bodices and pants amidst a bevy of animals. FTPE:
A. First, name this series of 25-100 works that takes their name from The Book of Isaiah, a creation of Edward Hicks.
ANSWER: Peaceable Kingdom
B. This historical work of Hicks, based on a West work on the same event, features a settler resting on a coffin and an aide
unfurling a long document next to the title figure.
ANSWER: Penn’s Treaty with the Indians
C. A big fan of Hicks was this pioneering bi-racial cartoonist and illustrator friend of George Luks and Winsor McCay
whose early attempt at racial commentary, “Musical Mose,” was less successful than his strip “Krazy Kat.”
ANSWER: George Herriman

2. Answer the following about a novel and its author, FTPE:
A. This 1964 novel centers on Bird, who nearly abandons his wife and handicapped son to travel through Africa with his
ex-girlfriend Himiko, but is persuaded to do otherwise by Kikuhiko.
ANSWER: A Personal Matter or Kojinteki na taiken
B. This Japanese novelist wrote A Personal Matter, in addition to the collection Teach Us To Outgrow Our Madness, and
the novels The Silent Cry and Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids.
ANSWER: Kenzaburo Oe
C. This Oe short story tells of a downed American fighter pilot in a remote Japanese village. The pilot initially gains the
favor of the town, but is ultimately murdered by the narrator’s father.
ANSWER: “The Catch” or “Prize Stock” or “Shiiku”

3. Answer the following about musical variations, FTPE:
A. This Beethoven work, a set of 33 variations on a waltz by an Italian composer contains several demanding Allegro
movements and lasts over an hour.
ANSWER: Diabelli Vatiations or 33 Veränderungen über einen Walzer von Diabelli
B. This composer of the opera Hary Janos and Psalmus Hungaricus created variations on a Hungarian folk song entitled
“The Peacock.”
ANSWER: Zoltan Kodaly
C. Benjamin Britten composed variations on a theme of this English composer, who wrote Three Idylls for String Quartet,
Oration, and The Christmas Rose.
ANSWER: Frank Bridge

4. FTPE, identify each of the following about nonlinear effects.
A. This type of scattering is caused by nonlinearities in a medium due to acoustic phonons. It can also be seen when light
passing through a material changes paths due to density changes caused by thermal gradients.
ANSWER: Brillouin scattering
B. This effect is the change of a medium's refractive index proportional to the square of the magnitude an applied electric
field. The effect causes birefringence.
ANSWER: Kerr effect
C. This type of scattering and its associated spectroscopy causes a change in wavelength when an incident monochromatic
light is scattered by molecules in a transparent medium.
ANSWER: Raman scattering

5. FTPE, identify each of the following about a war.
A. Identify this 1838 war, an invasion of Mexico by French troops which resulted after Monsieur Remontel's shop was
damaged during Mexico City riots.
ANSWER: Pastry War
B. This general came out of retirement to fight the French. He was wounded and his leg was amputated.
ANSWER: Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
C. In an attempt to stop the Mexicans from smuggling goods in and out of the nation, France blocked this modern-day
Texas City and the seat of Nueces County.
ANSWER: Corpus Christi

6. FTPE, identify each of the following about a thermodynamic equation.
A. Generally used for constant temperature and pressure processes, this thermodynamic equation for multi-component
systems relates temperature, pressure, and chemical potential and allows the user to fix all but one intensive variable.
ANSWER: Gibbs-Duhem equation
B. The Gibbs-Duhem equation can be used to derive this equation that gives the slope of the coexistence curve on a phase
ANSWER: Clausius-Clapeyron equation
C. Clausius and Duhem are also linked by the Clausius-Duhem inequality, which relates the heat flow and temperature of
equilibrium states to this variable.
ANSWER: entropy

7.Identify the following figures from Eastern European myth, for ten points each:
A. This male water spirit, who was often depicted as an old man with scales and a dirty green beard, lived in an underwater
palace full of treasure captured from sunken ships. Stories about him helping sailors and romancing Rusalkas abound.
ANSWER: Vodyanoy
B. In one story, this witch, who flies through the air with the aid of a mortar and pestle, imprisons the lovely Vasilia and
threatens to eat her.
ANSWER: Baba Yaga
C. This namesake of a Rimsky-Korsakov opera runs away from her parents, falls in love with the shepherd Lel, but when
she steps out into Yarilo’s fiery gaze she perishes.
ANSWER: the snow maiden

8. FTPE, answer each of the following about a country.
A. This African country’s capital is Kampala.
ANSWER: Uganda
B. So Idi Amin ruled for a bloody long time. But Amin’s rule was book-ended by the rule of this dictator, who overthrew
first president Edward Mutesa II and later returned to power after Amin.
ANSWER: General Milton Obote
C. Uganda’s highest point is this peak on Mount Stanley in the Ruwenzori Range. This peak was named after the wife of
Humbert I, the queen of Savoy.
ANSWER: Margarita Peak

9. FTPE, identify each of the following about a Supreme Court case.
A. This group of nine black youths was convicted in 1931 quick trials of raping two white women while on a Southern
Railway train in Jackson County.
ANSWER: Scottsboro boys
B. The Scottsboro boys' convictions were appealed to the Supreme Court in this decision. The court ruled that in capital
trials, defendants must have access to lawyers at request during the trial. This decision was extended to all felony cases by
Gideon v Wainwright.
ANSWER: Powell vs Alabama
C. Two other convictions were overturned in this other decision that overturned Alabama law prohibiting blacks from
serving on juries.
ANSWER: Norris v Alabama

10. Given a brief description, identify the psychology experiment or psychologist FTPE:
A. This "car accident" experiment conducted by this psychologist showed participants were more likely to remember
broken glass when the word "smashed" was used instead of "hit," although she is more famous for her work on repressed
ANSWER: Elizabeth Loftus
B. Harry Harlow described this experiment as an "experiment of love," and its results were used to demonstrate the
importance of physical contact in normal development.
ANSWER: Harlow's monkeys (accept equivalents)
C. The 1972 article "On Being Sane in Insane Places" by this psychologist demonstrated that psychiatric patients were
better able to identify people pretending to have a psychiatric diagnosis than were psychiatrists themselves.
ANSWER: David Rosenhan

11. Identify these Italian Directors FTPE:
A. He reversed the story of Elizabeth Bathory in his “I Vampiri” in addition to other giallos like “Blood and Black Lace,”
and “Black Sabbath.” He also directed “Diabolik.”
ANSWER: Mario Bava
B. He helped write Rossellini’s “Rome: Open City,” and would himself go on to create such films as the Neo-realist “La
Strada,” as well as “8 ½.”
ANSWER: Federico Fellini
C. She personally received 3 nominations for her tale of death and prostitution in the Holocaust, “Seven Beauties.” She also
told of a sexualized metal worker in “The Seduction of Mimi,” and she made the non-suck version of “Swept Away.”
ANSWER: Lina Wertmuller

12. Identify the following about the works of Thomas Pynchon, FTPE:
A. This novel centers on Herbert Stencil’s search for the mysterious titular woman from the diaries of his father Sidney, a
spy for the British Service.
B. This short story features Callisto’s reflections on heat death, as he listens to Meatball Mulligan’s lease-breaking party
from his tropical hothouse.
ANSWER: “Entropy”
C. This protagonist of the The Crying of Lot 49 returns home from a Tupperware party when she finds out that she has been
named an executor of the late Pierce Inverarity’s will.
ANSWER: Oedipa Maas [prompt on just last name, because Wendell Maas is also a character in the book]

13. FTPE, identify each of the following about a political agreement.
A. In this 1936 agreement, Germany and Japan agreed to not make treaties with the Soviet Union. Germany also agreed to
recognize Manchukuo.
ANSWER: Anti-Comintern Pact
B. This German foreign minister negotiated the pact with Japan.
ANSWER: Joachim von Ribbentrop
C. Italy later joined the Anti-Comintern Pact after the failure of this agreement supporting the Locarno Treaties between
France's Pierre Laval, Britian's MacDonald and Mussolini.
ANSWER: Stressa Front

14. For ten points each, identify each of the following about beer and baseball.
A. This general manager recently stopped providing beer in both clubhouses at the McAfee Coliseum.
ANSWER: Billy Beane
B. Beane banned beer after this A’s pitcher was arrested for suspected drunk driving while going 120 mph in his Ferrari
after a home game in June. This pitcher played for the Nationals in 2005.
ANSWER: Esteban Loaiza
C. This Arizona Diamondback center fielder responded to the ban by bringing his own case of Bud Lite to the park. He
played for the A’s before being traded to the Rockies in 2005.
ANSWER: Eric Byrnes

15. Answer the following about a philosopher and his work, FTPE:
A. This philosopher is famous for his doctrine of ontological relativity, and arguing for the naturalization of epistemology
and the indeterminacy of translation.
ANSWER: Willard Van Orman Quine
B. Quine may be best known for this essay in which he attacks a pair of misguided concepts: reductionism and the
analytic/synthetic distinction
ANSWER: “Two Dogmas of Empiricism”
C. This collection of 9 essays by Quine contains such classics as “Two Dogmas of Empiricism” and “On What There Is.”
ANSWER: From a Logical Point of View
16. FTPE, identify each of the following from geology.
A. This plastic layer of the upper mantle lies below the lithosphere.
ANSWER: asthenosphere
B. This is the term for the gravitational equilibrium between the lithosphere and asthenosphere that allows the tectonic
plates to “float.”
ANSWER: isostasy
C. Name either of the hypotheses used to model isostasy. One claims topographic heights are based on differences in crust
thickness while the other claims differences are explained by rock density changes.
ANSWER: Airy or Pratt hypothesis

17. Identify these British epistolary novels, FTPE:
A. This Wilkie Collins work centers on Sergeant Cuff’s attempts to locate the titular jewel, which is stolen from Rachel
ANSWER: The Moonstone
B. In this Tobias Smollett work, Lydia Melford marries George Dennison after the title character journeys across England
with his natural father, Matthew Bramble, and becomes a Methodist minister.
ANSWER: The Expedition of Humphrey Clinker
C. This last novel of Charlotte Lennox concerns the 12-year friendship of the titular woman and Maria Harley. It includes a
strange scene where New York ladies drink tea and read Francis Burney’s Cecilia before Indians attack and take the teapot.
ANSWER: Euphemia

18. Identify these writers who created loose adaptations of Macbeth, FTPE:
A. This inventor of pataphysics wrote Caesar Antichrist and The Supermale. He caused a Parisian riot with his play Ubu
Roi, which opens with the word “Merdre!”
ANSWER: Alfred Jarry
B. This student of Tolstoy wrote The Enchanted Wanderer, The Sealed Angel, and The Tale of Cross-Eyed Lefty, but he is
best known for his short story Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk.
ANSWER: Nikolai Leskov
C. This American playwright’s works include The Co-Op and The Dinosaur Door, and she wrote a 1966 satire of the LBJ
administration entitled MacBird.
ANSWER: Barbara Garson

19. Time for trash a la Papool: FTPE, name these Christian Theologians.
A. His time preparing lectures on Lombard’s “Sentences” morphed into his “Oxford Lectures,” which preached Divine
unity through love, and he defended the Immaculate Conception. He also wrote “A Treatise on God as First Principle.”
ANSWER: John Duns Scotus
B. His break from his atheistic upbringing is seen in an essay “On the Ontological Mystery,” which he attached to his play
“Monde Casse.” He analyzed metaphysics in the works of Coleridge, and the “I-thou” relationship in addition to writing,
“The Existential Background of Human Dignity.”
Answer: Gabriel Marcel
C. Like Duns Scotus and Marcel, he lectured on Lombard’s Sentences. A Franciscan bishop whose views were laid out in
his “summary” the “Breviloquium,” he defended mendicants and he followed the path of St. Augustine in his “Journey of
the Mind to God.”
ANSWER: Saint Bonaventure or Giovanni Di Fidanza

20. Given a brief description, identify about African assassinations FTPE:
A. Boutros Ghali Pasha, the Egyptian prime minister was assassinated in 1910, possibly over this incident involving the use
of pigeons for target practice.
ANSWER: Denshawai incident
B. He served as prime minister of the DRC for less than 10 weeks before being dismissed, placed under house arrest, and
subsequently executed in 1961.
ANSWER: Patrice Lumumba
C Found murdered in her cabin near the Karisoke Research Center in 1985, her death is thought to have been caused by her
activism against poaching.
ANSWER: Dian Fossey
21. Answer the following about a poetic work and its author, FTPE:
A. Based on the author’s marriage to Mary Peacock Nicolls, this 1862 work consists of fifty sixteen-line sonnets, and
chronicles the deception of the narrator’s serpentine wife, the “Golden-Haired Lady.”
ANSWER: Modern Love
B. Modern Love was written by this author of The Egoist and The Ordeal of Richard Feverel.
ANSWER: George Meredith
C. Meredith also penned this 1885 novel, in which the title character abandons her husband Augustus Warwick, travels to
Egypt, and falls in love with the wealthy Thomas Redworth, who secures her fame as an author.
ANSWER: Diana of the Crossways

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