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									                      How to Order the Right Hayward Pool Filter Parts

Hayward sand filters are highly reliable and the most convenient to use pool filters. These are
quick in cleaning water for many years, but after some years at least replacing the Hayward
pool filter parts becomes unavoidable, if you want your filter to give normal operation.

The pool filter parts of Hayward that helps in placing the order includes first to make repairs,
you must find a pool company ready to offer you advice and is ready to work in troubleshooting
the parts required for replacing and gives you tips on the repair.

Some companies are experts in commercial pool repairs and the others in residential pools. Pools
vary in equipments and with their problems. People with residential pools need to contact
companies specializing in the same types of pools. The same is applicable to commercial pools.
However, companies that specialize in one or the other also receives better help and assist in
becoming familiar with your equipment. They recommend new equipments if you do not get
parts for replacement or if parts do not get repaired.

Commercial pools need maintenance people to repair. So finding a company having facilities to
work through pool problems and assists in ordering correct pool parts are crucial. Commercial
pools may not be able to afford downtime in majority situations and most owners frown to hire
service companies to call them for repairs, particularly if the person to work takes considerable
time. The commercial pool parts are same as the residential, yet both, commercial and residential
pools make use of different equipments and so thereby require different pool parts.

One needs to determine if they have the capacity to make pool repairs or not. Some parts may be
easy to work, while some such as gas or electrical equipments may be dangerous. You need to
know the part number and the manufacturer name of the piece of equipment to be repaired.
Knowing this detail is essential as without this, you may end buying wrong pool parts. Moreover,
your pool company should be ready to help in getting the correct parts. See the parts catalog and
also the parts listings in the website. It is difficult to order pool heater, pool pump and other pool
filter parts, in case you are not aware of the terminology.

Ordering pool filter parts such as pool pump, the model number and make is essential. This will
be on the nameplate. To order a motor, call the company and specify the horsepower, phase,
voltage and frame. For pool filter parts, find the model number and manufacturer, for valve parts
the model number is required, while for pool lights check the model number and make.

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