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					                                                                     Kaizer Rangwala, AICP, CEcD, CNU-A

Professional Experience
                          Principal, Rangwala Associates
                                     The firm offers professional services in master planning and urban design, economic
                                     development, and form-based coding.

                          Assistant Community Development Director/Town Designer, Ventura,CA (2006-2009)
                                     Led and managed the advance planning, current planning, and land engineering divi-
                                     sions; managed special economic development projects; and performed design review.
                                     Developed community, corridor, and specific plans using smart growth tenets; pre-
                                     pared form-based codes; and instituted comprehensive training and outreach program
                                     to stimulate public awareness on smart growth activities.

                          Planning Director, Farmers Branch, TX (1999-2006)
                                     Prepared and carried out the division’s work program and budget. Instituted com-
                                     prehensive public education and outreach, and e-planning programs; streamlined the
                                     development review process; prepared long-range plan for a 4 sq. mile area on West
                                     Side; prepared form-based codes; and assisted in marketing the vision to prospective
                                     developers and setting up public-private partnerships to carry out the vision.

                          Principal Planner, Comprehensive Planning, Indianapolis (1997-1999)
                                     Prepared and managed the work program and a $1 million budget; developed public
                                     participation strategies to ensure broad-based community input; prepared facilities and
                                     service needs assessment reports; updated the comprehensive plan and other sub-area
                                     redevelopment plans; prepared fiscal impact analysis for neighborhood plans; prepared
                                     site feasibility reports; managed the Wellfield Protection Program; and assisted in
                                     multi-agency efforts to develop a housing strategy, brownfield toolkit and watershed
                                     coordination program.

                          Senior Planner, Current Planning, Indianapolis (1994-1997)
                                     Reviewed a variety of development applications, including design review within the
                                     one square mile downtown area; and provided written and verbal comments at various
                                     advisory and decision making boards.

                          Assistant Planner, Jersey City, NJ (1989-1994)
                                     Assisted in the preparation and update of redevelopment plans; reviewed development
                                     applications; and co-authored the design guidelines for historic preservation districts.

                          Architectural Apprentice, Talib & Barai Associate (1983-1988)

                                     Certificate in Economic Development         Oklahoma University,
                                                                                 Economic Development Institute
                                     Masters in City and Regional Planning       Rutgers University
                                     Masters in Architecture                     New Jersey Institute of Technology
                                     Bachelors in Architecture                   L.S. Raheja School of Architecture
                                     Certified by the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP)
                                     Certified by the International Economic Development Council (CEcD)
                                     Certified by the Congress of New Urbanism (CNU-A)
                                                                                      R a n g w a l a                      A s s o c i a t e s
                                                                               ra     Planning, Urban Design, Economic Development, Graphic Design
                                                                                      w w w.r a n g w a l a a sso m
                                                                                  Kaizer Rangwala (page 2)

Speaking Engagements
                       “Meeting the Challenge of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets” at USGBC C4 General Meeting,
                       Ventura, CA.

                       “How to Require Successful Places People Will Love” course at the 2012 New Partners for Smart
                       Growth Conference in San Diego.

                       “FBCs: Regulatory Framework for Design of the Public Realm” at the CTBUH 2011 World Confer-
                       ence in Seoul.

                       FBCI webinar on “Coding Corridors.”

                       “Sustainable Neighborhood Design” at C4: USGBC General Meeting in Ventura, September 2011.

                       Part-time faculty at California State University, Northridge. Taught “Sustainable development and
                       EIA,” Summer 2011.

                       “Today’s Best Form-Based Codes” (team presentations) at CNU-19 in Madison and CNU-18 in

                       “Integrated Neighborhood Design: Charrettes and LEED-ND” with Ted Bardecke of Global Green,
                       10th Annual Municipal Green Building Conference and Expo, Downey, CA.

                       Faculty Member and Chairman (2009-11) of the Form-based Code Institute (FBCI). Periodically
                       teach a 3-course curriculum on Form-Based Coding (developed by FBCI) leading to certification
                       from FBCI.

                       “Contextual Tall Buildings in India,” Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat 2010 World Confer-
                       ence in Mumbai.

                       Lectured as guest speaker on Form-based Codes and Smart Growth at University of Texas (Arling-
                       ton); University of Southern California (Los Angeles); University of California (Irvine); and Uni-
                       versity of California (Santa Barbara).

                       Creating Effective Form-Based Codes, 2009 APA Annual Conference.

                       Midtown Corridors Development Code, 2008 Driehaus Form-Based Code Institute Award Session, Con-
                       gress of New Urbanism, Austin.

                       Integrating New Urbanism into your Development Codes, 2006 APA Annual Conference.

                       Disposable or Built-to-Last, 2005 North Central Texas Council of Government’s Development Excel-
                       lence Education Day.

                       Form-based Codes from Soup to Nuts, 2005 Texas APA Annual Conference.

                       Moderated salon discussion on the West Side Plan at the Congress of New Urbanism IX, New York.

                       Co-directed a documentary on Elements of a Livable Community (1992).

                       2010 Hard-won Victories Planning Award from the Central Coast APA section for the Saticoy
                       Wells Community Plan & Code .

                       2008 Driehaus Form-Based Codes Award for the Ventura Midtown Corridors Development Code.

                       2008 Excellence Award for the Ventura Midtown Corridors Development Code, and Award of
                       Merit for the Planning Division Training Program.

                       2007 Inaugural Driehaus Form-Based Codes Award for the Farmers Branch Station Area Code.
                                                                                    R a n g w a l a                      A s s o c i a t e s
                                                                             ra     Planning, Urban Design, Economic Development, Graphic Design
                                                                                    w w w.r a n g w a l a a sso m
                                                                                 Kaizer Rangwala (page 3)

Awards (continued)
                     2007 Excellence Award for Outstanding Comprehensive Planning from the Central California Sec-
                     tion of the American Planning Association for Ventura’s Downtown Specific Plan and Code.

                     Farmers Branch Planning Division recognized with Texas American Planning Association’s:

                     •   2005 Community of the Year Award;

                     •   2005 Current Planning Award for Station Area Form-based Code;

                     •   2005 Project Planning Award for E-Planning Program;

                     •   2004 Comprehensive Plan Award for West Side Plan;

                     •   2004 Current Planning Award for Public Outreach and Education Program;

                     •   2003 Current Planning Award for Streamlined Development Review Process; and

                     •   Planning Excellence Award (2003, 2004, 2005 & 2006).

                     Farmers Branch Planning Division recognized with the 2005 Celebrating Leadership in Develop-
                     ment Excellence (CLIDE) Raising Public Awareness Award.

                     Farmers Branch recognized for having the 2nd lowest development costs by the National Associa-
                     tion of Industrial and Office Properties (2004 Municipal Report Card).

                     Proposal for Redesign of Bombay’s Downtown Beach, 1987 (2nd Place).

Published Articles

                     Restorative Development Regulations, Urban Planning and Economic Development News Magazine,
                     January 2012.

                     Post-Great Recession Retail Trends, Practicing Planner, online magazine of AICP, Vol. 9, No. 1,
                     Summer 2011

                     Is the Cure Worse than the illness, The Urban Vision, Expert Diary.

                     Why Design Guidelines on Their Own Don’t Work, New Urban Network blog.

                     How to Subdivide Without Sprawling, New Urban Network blog.

                     Contextual Tall Buildings in India, The Urban Vision, Expert Diary.

                     Public: The Forgotten Realm, The Urban Vision, Expert Diary.

                     “Place-based Economy”, Economic Development Journal, Vol.9, Number 1, Winter 2010.

                     Tall Can be Beautiful, The Financial Express Newspaper, January 10, 2010, page 7.

                     Renewal Metrics, CAL APA Newsletter, September/October 2009.

                     Hybrid Codes Versus Form-Based Codes, New Urban News, Vol. 14, No. 3, pages 12-13, April/May
                     2009. Reprinted in Vision, The Magazine of the American Planning Association AZ Chapter,
                     pages 14-15, June 2009.

                     Adapt and Become Stronger, Practicing Planner, online magazine of AICP, Vol. 7, No. 1, March 2009.

                     Op-Ed: Get Back on Track, Coastal Connection, online magazine of Central Coast Section of the
                     CAL APA, Fall 2008.

                                                                                    R a n g w a l a                      A s s o c i a t e s
                                                                            ra      Planning, Urban Design, Economic Development, Graphic Design
                                                                                    w w w.r a n g w a l a a sso m
                                                                                        Kaizer Rangwala (page 4)

Published Articles (continued)
                            A Green Paradigm for Economic Development, International Economic Development Council Jour-
                            nal, volume 7, number 3, Summer 2008.

                            A True American Planning Hero: Paul C. Crawford, CAL APA Newsletter, September/October 2008.
                            Reprinted in Focus, Journal of the City and Regional Planning Department, Vol. 6, Issue 1, 2009.

                            Economic Development Finance & Deal Structuring, Practicing Planner, online magazine of AICP, Vol.
                            6, No. 2, June 2008.

                            Bollywood: An Obsession (with narrative slide show), A journal of the Built and Natural
                            Environments, No. 20, Summer/Fall 2007.

                            Planners in Economic Development, News and Views, APA Economic Division Newsletter, Spring/
                            Summer 2006, pages 12-17. Adaptation of original article reprinted in Northern California Sec-
                            tion of APA newsletter, September 2006, pages 1, 4, and 5.

                            Planning Website: The Farmers Branch Experience, Practicing Planner, online magazine of AICP,
                            December 2005, volume 3.4.

                            Form-based Code: Farmers Branch Experience, Practicing Planner, online magazine of AICP, Septem-
                            ber 2005, volume 3.3.

                            Retooling Planners, Places Forum of Environmental Design, volume 17.1, pages 84-85.

                            Development Code Discussion: Before Writing a New Development Code, Texas Planning Review,
                            online newsletter for TXAPA, September 2004, page 4.

                            Space, Place, and People: A Huge New Complex Gives Tokyo City a Landmark, Indian Architect &
                            Builder, September 1997, pages 124-125.

                            Serendipity or the Faculty of Making Happy and Accidental Discoveries … through Sketching, Indian
                            Architect & Builder, January 1996, pages 28-31.

                            An Indian in Indianapolis: K. P. Singh, Indian Architect & Builder, January 1996, pages 32-35.

                            Public Art: A Place Maker, Indian Architect & Builder, October 1996, pages 29-35.

                            A Changing Public Realm, Indian Architect & Builder, August 1996, pages 34-39.

                            Retrospectively Wright, Indian Architect & Builder, November 1995, pages 10-17.

                            Working in the USA, Indian Architect & Builder, May 1994, pages 10-29.

Book Reviews
                            Reviewed several planning, urban design, and preservation books for Indian Architect & Builder,
                            Journal of American Planning Association, and Journal of Urban Design.

                                                                                          R a n g w a l a                      A s s o c i a t e s
                                                                                   ra     Planning, Urban Design, Economic Development, Graphic Design
                                                                                          w w w.r a n g w a l a a sso m

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