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									            N7 meeting
CNES, Paris,December 18-19th, 2006

 M. Blanc, G. Chanteur, B. Grieger, A.-M.Harri, J.P. Lebreton, P.
           Leitner, P.Pernot, F. Rocard, G.P. Sciortino

              Submitted to attendees for validation
             & to EPN coordinators for endorsement
           Recommendations to the board of EPN coordinators
•   After evaluation of received Plan B proposals MPS is proposed to be the Pi institute for the IDIS prototype
•   Provided that EuroPlaNet contract allows this redistribution of funds, N7 coordinating institutes will give MPS
    the remaining manpower budget, with the following suggestion for using it:
    [ASI should announce by January 15th 2007 wether or not it will be able to do itself the outsourcing to MPS:
    in any case an endorsement letter from ASI is required]
      – hiring a scientist having the responsability for the development
          0.5FTE during two years 2007-2008; total cost ~80k€ including overheads
      – hiring a development engineer, 0.5FTE during two years, cost ~60k€, including overheads
      – Subcontracting other institutes with the remaining budget ~60k€
•   Tasks of the Pi institute, in coordination with N7 coordinators and Experts will be:
      – Finalize the inventory of ressources: edit the final document
      – Define the approach for implementing the prototype of IDIS, following presentation made by B. Grieger
          (see the attached file)
      – Define specifications for IDIS: first Preliminary Requirements Document
      – Coordinate specific developments, related to selected SCs defined with N2 and to interfaces with N3 and
          N4, made by other institutes
•   Tasks of N7 coordinators
      – Going on with the general coordination of the activity, ensuring that development is done accordingly to
          the EPN contract
      – Defining a new schedule of deliverables.
      – Organizing meetings and reviews in order
            • To associate closely the EPN community, giving it the possibility for assessing the development
            • To prepare the FP7 applications for aspects related to DB and information services
•   Tasks remaining at ASI for a tentative available budget of 40k€ including overheads and coordination costs
      – Presently: threaded mail system, and web pages
      – ASI should report to EPN coordinators, by the next meeting of coordinators on January 15th 2007, which
          activity will be sustained by ASI and the related budget

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