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					                                 Ranking Home

   Accessible from
   Provides centralized location of all the ranking lists published at the national,
    sectional and district level.
   Only the ranking lists published from the USTA Ranking Program will be available
    under Ranking Home.
   Data on the Ranking Home is available instantaneously after the list is published
    from the USTA Ranking Program.
   National/Section/District drop down lists all the section and districts in the
    country. Ranking lists are stored in the Ranking Home under section/district that
    is associated with the Ranking Authority that calculated and published the list.
    (Please see Ranking Authority document for further explanation on Ranking
   Year: allows players to see current and past rankings.
   Divisions: Lists all the approved divisions listed in Friend at Court.
   List Type: Currently there are 28 different list types to choose from.
        o Each section/district publishes list types specific to them and there is no
           standardized list type that is used across the nation.
   Ranking Lists: Provides a link to 2003 final ranking lists that were published
    from the old ranking program prior to January 1, 2003. Eastern, Easter-Western
    Region, Eastern-Metropolitan Region, Eastern-Rhode Island Region, Easter-
    Southern Region, Easter-Northern Region, Pacific Northwest, Southern,
    Southern-Georgia, Southern-South Carolina, Mid Atlantic–Virginia are the only
    sections/districts that have 2003 final ranking lists published under Ranking Lists
   Based on the search criteria entered the lists are sorted by division, then by
   There is no limit on how many lists can be published per division and the same
    list can be published multiple times.
   Re-publishing, Un-publishing and updating of the lists is done through the
    Ranking Program. (Please see Ranking Program documentation for further
   Ranking Home does not provide any capability to edit any of the lists published
    from the Ranking Program.
   Lists are available on the Ranking Home immediately after they are published
    from the Ranking Program.
   All the lists published to Ranking Home are available to tournament directors
    from TDM for Auto seeding. (Please see TDM Documentation for further
    information on how to Auto seed)

   By clicking on the list name you are able to view the rank list.
   Ranking List screen allows you to sort the list based on Rank Order, Name,
    District, Section, Range or Eligible or Ineligible players.
   In addition, if you click on any of the column headers you will be able to sort the
    list base on your selection.
   Information displayed on the Ranking List screen is pre-set and it cannot be
    customized by Ranking Authorities or Online Sanction Form Administrators.
   By clicking on player’s name, players are able to view their player record.
   Player record contains a listing of all the tournaments that were taken into
    calculation for the specific list.
   A player record lists the most recent tournaments at the top of the page and it
    displays all the matches for a specific player in a specific tournament.
   Based on the ranking algorithm that was used for calculation, player record
    display may vary. Every player record displays players ranking (Rank :), total
    number of points (Points :) is displayed only if the points algorithm is used to
    calculate the list, overall record for the time range used for calculation (Overall
    record :), and Residence. In addition, every player record displays the round of
    the match, results, opponent, rank position of the player on the list that is being
    viewed, score, total points earned per match and Significant Win points (bonus
    point calculated). Total points earned and Significant win points are displayed
    only if points per round algorithm was used to calculate the rankings.
   Does not count towards total points is displayed only if the lists was
    calculated with the points per round algorithm and Best # of tournaments was
    defined in the ranking program. The message specifies that the total number of
    points accumulated for the specific tournament was not considered towards the
    total number points accumulated for the rank list. (For further details on how the
    rankings are calculated please see ranking documentation) This tournament
    points were not considere as it did not meet Best of X as defined by criteria
    specified in the Ranking Program.

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