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how to get out of the blocks and build a successful pt business
Getting started can be the hardest thing. What to do, how to do it, and where to do it can be overwhelming! What if you
could learn from the experience of someone who has worked with literally hundred’s of trainers?
Boost your business to deliver the income and the lifestyle you desire. Take the guess work out of running a business and get
busy training people and earning money. Immediately add systems and procedures to automate your business and attract an
ongoing client base. Learn how to market like crazy and sell like you are possessed.

You will learn how to …                                         PT Launchpad is for the person who …
•   Get your business ticking over more than $2000 a week       •   believes they have what it takes to run their own
•   Write programs guaranteed to fast track results                 successful business
•   Put together your very own marketing pack and               •   wants to earn great money doing what they love
    promotional flyers                                          •   is still relatively new in the fitness industry and wants to
•   Retain every client you start up                                fast track their career
•   Set up automatic payment systems                            •   wants to learn from Australia’s leading health and
•   Work less and earn more                                         fitness experts
•   Develop relationships with medical and allied health        •   is thinking about leaving a full-time job to pursue an
    practitioners in your area                                      exciting career in health and fitness
•   Add the 5 most important things to run a successful PT      •   needs immediate strategies and templates to create
    Business                                                        multiple income streams, now!
•   Delete time wasters and inefficiencies
•   Multiply your business and build an ongoing referral        What you get …
    based business
•   Divide and conquer heaps of different target markets        •   7 x 2 hour group workshops combining a blend of both
                                                                    business and programming skills (valued @ $700)
                                                                •   Business Starter Pack - 5 audio CD’s including Top 20
Scott Krywulycz – the trainer’s trainer                             Tips to PT Success; Adding Systems and Direction;
In less than 5 years Scott has become one of Australia’s most       Deleting Inefficiencies and Roadblocks; Multiplying
successful health and fitness entrepreneurs. He has                 Marketing and Sales; Dividing your Day and Income
mentored and coached over 100 fitness professionals on              Streams and PT Plus Systems CD ROM containing all the
business principles, marketing and productivity. Scott is           forms, letters, marketing materials, exercise handouts,
Fitness First's most successful franchisee and he built the         programming templates and promotional materials you
biggest PT division as PTC club manager with 50 trainers and        need to start your business immediately (valued @ $295)
over 10,000 members.                                            •   Comprehensive PT Launchpad workbook, articles and
                                                                    business checklists (valued @ $97)
Scott’s boutique studio currently conducts 100 sessions per
                                                                •   Business Accelerator eBook containing 20 information
week and he is also the former Strength & Conditioning
                                                                    articles guaranteed to turbo charge your business
coach for the NRL Cronulla Sharks U19’s team as well as the
                                                                    (valued @ $87)
Australian Barracuda’s Life Saving Team. Scott played
                                                                •   3 months subscription to 6 Figure Trainer Monthly
professional rugby league with both Cronulla and St George.
                                                                    Podcast (valued @ $111)
His passion is working with fitnesspreneurs to improve
themselves and their business - creating the lifestyle and
income they deserve.                                                    all for a special rate of $570 + GST
After implementing the PT Plus model on his own business,                                                 (total value $1,290)
Scott discovered how to earn more, work less and continues
to love what he does.
Program Format                                    All sessions conducted on Friday’s at 127 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills, 2pm to 4pm

1: Friday 26 October 2007                                                       5: Friday 7 December 2007
Getting your first 10 clients                                                   Divide your day, your market and income streams
• how to sign up clients on monthly auto debit                                  • running your diary like a specialist
• cost effective marketing ideas and materials                                  • how to upgrade clients onto annual programs
• building relationships with health professionals                              • spin your message to target different markets
2: Friday 2 November 2007                                                       6: Friday 14 December 2007
Adding systems and direction                                                    Launchpad to $100k
• templates, forms and systems to run your business                             • the mind set and skill set of a 6 figure trainer
• developing a business scorecard                                               • 13 income streams for fitnesspreneurs
• goal setting and the Reticular Activating System                              • how to make more than $100 a session
3: Friday 16 November 2007                                                      7: Friday 21 December 2007
Deleting inefficiencies and roadblocks                                          Going forward
• limiting beliefs and Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs)                       • reverse engineering and how to build your dream
• Positive Optimistic Thoughts (POTs)                                           • how to tap into non-stop learning
• understanding habits and behaviour change                                     • the road ahead
4: Friday 30 November 2007
                                                                        PT Launchpad is run as a small group intensive. A strictly
Multiplying Marketing and sales
                                                                        limited number of places are available. We only run a couple
• the BASICS of selling                                                 of these programs each year so if you want to be one of the
• developing new products and services                                  fortunate few who are provided with all the skills and
• how to brand yourself as an expert                                    strategies to run a very successful PT Business … sign up now!

want more proof?
“This is the kick in the backside I needed. $10K months are                     “Scott taught me to really lift the bar in both my mind set
now the norm and the strategies have made me tens of                            and my skills. I am now regularly billing out $2,000 plus a
thousands of dollars. I’ve just finished a marketing promo                      week and am on track to have my first 6 figure year. Wow –
with Mikey Robbins, Tony Squires and The Sandman. Put                           I can’t believe my business has grown so quickly quick after
simply you’re mad to not do this program!”                                      doing this program”
Michael Haddin, Haddin’s Health and Fitness                                     Kim Dennis, Get Em Moving Fitness

   ORDER FORM                                                                                           Fax back to 02 9690 0506
   Payment details
       Charge my credit card (details listed below) with the total amount OR
       I will transfer the total amount to BSB 067-102, Ac No: 10125406, Reference: PT Launchpad - Your Name
   Name:          ________________________________________
                                                                              Card Type:              VISA     Mastercard        American Express
   Company:       ________________________________________
                                                                              Card Number:         PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY
   Address:       ________________________________________

   Suburb:        ____________________           Postcode:_________

   Phone:         ________________________________________                    Name on Card:        ______________________________________

   Fax:           ________________________________________                    Expiry Date:         ____________________           CVN: ___________

   Email:         ________________________________________                    Signed:              ______________________________________

   Cancellation policy: All cancellations outside of one calendar month of Class will incur a $25 administration fee. If you cancel your registration
   within one calendar month of Class 50% of total fee will be withheld. If you cancel your registration within 7 days of Class 100% of total fee will be
   withheld. All registrations are fully transferable.

                                                                                                                           PT Plus Pty Ltd
                                                                                            PO Box 832 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 Australia
                                                                                                   P: +61 2 9690 0503 F: +61 2 9690 0506

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