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									                                                       workshop details:
                                          16th - 19th of August 2011
                                     opening wonderland Project Space
                                          kick-off lectures with experts
                                       intense workshop Project Space
                                             (public) final presentation

call papers

Social Coherence – find new strategies to foster better social
coherence in the banlieue of Paris.
Paris Saint-Denis / FR | 16th - 19th of August 2011

Develop new strategies, integrate Parisian banlieue to the city, and make an impact
on urban society!

The Project Space Paris / Saint-Denis (FR) is dedicated to the vitally urgent issue of “social
coherence” in our cities. Parisian suburbs, more specifically those with high migrant rates and/
or high-unemployed teen rates, have a host of social problems, which need to be dealt with.
Driven by prejudice, portions of French society exacerbate the problem by alienating these
segments and causing them to be segregated from public life.

The case study for this Project Space takes place in the underprivileged Quarter of Gare Saint-
Denis. The area is currently undergoing an enormous transformation process and is a part of
the political context to create a “Grand Paris” in the upcoming decades. The aim is to
geographically, economically and mentally connect the city centre to the currently estranged
and inhomogeneous banlieue. The above-mentioned quarter is one of the most important
development areas in the Northeast Parisian banlieue fields and will gain even more
importance in the future.

The task of this Project Space is to find innovative strategies for urban development, ensuring
better social coherence.

Wonderland invites teams from around Europe to submit new ideas and concepts to foster the
social coherence of the Parisian "banlieue" (suburbs). Together with local and international
architecture teams, wonderland enables you to discuss the current situation and to find new
strategies and ways, which could help, improve neglected social problems.

Your ideas should give an impulse to the local situation and help ignite a debate while
generating transferable concepts.
Crucial questions, which might help inspire you in finding a new and unique vision are as

   • How to change the stigmatized image of the unprivileged suburban areas?
   • How can spatial installation or intervention help to stimulate a positive transformation
   • What kinds of concepts are needed to compensate for the disparity between the city
     centre of Paris and its suburbs?

In 2011, Project Spaces will continue to follow the goal of finding sustainable and social
development strategies through on-site workshops, lectures and open public discussions,
leading to practices in new and effective cross-border co-operation throughout Europe.
Participants will have the chance of presenting their visions to an interested audience
consisting of citizens, real estate representatives, landlords, potential users, and
representatives of municipalities, architects, and representatives of education as well as of
research centres.

Send us your idea referring to this topic in form of one significant image and a written
description (max. 2.000 characters) per e-mail to our e-mail
account. A jury formed by wonderland board members and co-operation partners will select
the 3 most interesting ideas for this Project Space.

The winners will be supported with adequate travel compensation. The kick-off lecture and
the final presentation are public events, to which representatives of local and international
media will be invited. Workshop results will be published on the web and in wonderland's
publications, such as the annual report. Participants will also receive the unique opportunity of
becoming a wonderland member for the next two years for free and benefit from our

Interested? Please register on and submit your entry by e-mail as soon as
possible. The deadline for submissions is the 26th of June 2011.
The Project Space Paris / Saint-Denis hosts the newly established cultural centre "le 6b" in
Saint-Denis in the Quarter of the "Gare" (train station). The cultural centre is located in a
former office building and has transformed the abandoned building into an active place while
accompanying the transformation process of the neighborhood. Today, over an area of 3.500
square meters, ateliers, community spaces such as galleries, a kitchen, a cinema and
temporary workshops are installed. "Le 6b" will organize a temporary outdoor installation in
the free and green space around the building next to the canal of Saint-Denis, from June to
end of August 2011. With the support of the local municipality, architects, artist from “le 6b"
and inhabitants, the unused green area will be transformed into an active summer stage.
Various events will accompany the so-called project "le Far" (as «Fabrique A Rêves», «dream
factory», or, as «phare», light house). It will be an ambitious event for an innovative
architectural and cultural practice in the Parisian banlieue.

The wonderland Project Space will be an integrated part of the program and will highlight the
architectural and urban planning intention of the event while discussing the current situation
on an international level over several days.

Do you wonder how applicable your thoughts and approaches are
or how many people you can inspire? - Apply now to find out!

Tuesday 16th of August 2011: arrivals

19:00           welcome aperitif
21:00           Blind Date:
                2 architectural, landscape or design practices meet around their work

Wednesday 17th of August 2011

10:00-16:00     city and site tour
19:00-22:00     kick-off lectures:
                local experience
                international experts
                roundtable discussion

Thursday 18st of August 2011
10:00-20:00     workshop in 6b
20:00           aperitif / dinner

Friday 19st of August 2011
10:00-15:00     workshop in 6b
16:00           presentation with local protagonists (social, architectural, political)
21:00           farewell event

Saturday 20th of August 2011: departures
DESCRIPTION            OF    THE    AREA



The metropolitan area of Paris with 9 million inhabitants is one of the biggest agglomerations
in Europe. The city area is inhomogenously occupied and is divided in a city centre and the
suburbs, called „banlieue“ in French. The suburbia with historic cores, industrial areas and
residential subdivisions are undergoing strategic remodelling in order to implement the so-
called "Grand ensemble". This transformation is based on various new missions and goals.
Mainly driven by the initiative of "Le Grand Pari(s)", the French state controls the composition
and look of the capital in order to improve its image and erase the bad reputation of the
banlieue, which have attracted attention in recent years due to negative headlines in the
press; resulting in continuous development in the peripheral areas of the city.

In opposition to the changes in the area dictated from above, a grass roots movement
consisting of architects, artists, activists and citizens-action-committees have had great impact
on the production of urban habitat in the north-eastern run-down banlieue districts of Paris.
Their actions have often leaded to developing corrections or even putting a stop to
governmental measures. Their main aim is to reduce gentrification, ensure the original citizens
of the area continue to live there, and find solutions to the current disequilibrium. The Project
Space Paris will last for several days in August, deal with current practices in the area and find
new ideas for fair development strategies.

The suburb Saint-Denis, with a historical core, has a rich history along with a high immigrant
rate. Local job opportunities attracted people primarily from Maghreb and Africa. Recent
immigration movements have brought in Roma and Chinese people to the Parisian north-
eastern banlieue.    As a result of the demise of industry in greater Paris, a majority of the
population has been laid off and is having a difficult time sustaining themselves.
Unemployment amongst the youth population reaches the highest figures of Paris, inevitably
leading to various social problems. The inhabitants of Saint-Denis are labelled and stereotyped,
making it difficult for them to integrate into French society. The municipal area of the district
hosts numerous so-called „ZUS“ (Zone Urban Sensible), where governmental urban
consolidation will take place.

Urban consolidation project "Gare-Confluence Saint-Denis"

The development area Gare-Confluence is situated next to the historical centre of Saint-Denis
and spans around the high-frequented RER train station „Saint-Denis“. The area counts 65ha
and is targeted as one of the districts biggest restructuring undertakings. The city part is
currently considered to be one of the shabbiest neighbourhoods and is occupied as industrial
wasteland or uninhabitable housing structures. Not handled for years, social problems dictate
the daily agenda. This quarter remains the focus of the city agenda.

With the new housing project of "Conseil de Île-de-France" new living spaces for 20.000 people
will be created. The quarter "Gare-Confluence" is considered to be a so-called "nouveaux
quartiers urbains" aiming to deliver high quality standards in a mixed building composition with
sustainable social offers, qualitative public spaces and ecological construction. The
restructuring project includes the extension of the tram T1, recreation of the urban space
around the train station and the creation of multiple public facilities.
map of the train station area (Gare Staint-Denis)


Station square - under construction

le 6B - on the Seine bank
Canal - promenade leading to Paris

Canal - city center edge
le 6B - workshop location

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APENDIX           -   CONTACT

WONDERLAND - platform for european architecture
Weyringergasse 36/8
1040 Wien - Austria

Project coordination
Célia Picard und Hannes Schreckensberger - zirup
Weyringergasse 36/8
1040 Wien - Austria

Local co-operation partners:

le 6B


collectiv exyzt

further information about the city of Saint-Denis and the metropolis of Paris

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   • urban transformation project "Gare-Confluence"

   • pôle des arts urbains - institution for artistic urban intervention

   • Miel de béton - projet de recherche transdisciplinaire

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