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Prezi Rubric1


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									                        Multimedia:Prezi Rubric
      Teacher Name: _________________________

      Student Name: _________________________

CATEGORY        4                    3                     2                     1
Clarity and     Prezi is easy to     Prezi is easy to      Prezi is hard to      Prezi is hard to
Neatness        read and all         read and most         read with rough       read and one can
                elements are very    elements are          photos and labels.    not tell what goes
                clearly written,     clearly written,                            where.
                labelled             labelled, or
Spelling &      No spelling or       No spelling or        One or two            More than two
Grammar         grammatical          grammatical           spelling or           spelling or
                mistakes on Prezi    mistakes on a         grammatical errors    grammatical errors
                with lots of text.   Prezi with little     on the Prezi.         on the Prezi
Content         Meets all the        Meets most of the     Meets about half      Does not meet the
                criteria of the      criteria of the       the criteria of the   criteria of the
                assignment. All      assignment.           project. At least     assignment. Less
                content is in the    Almost all content    half of the content   than half of the
                students’ own        is in the students’   is in the students’   content is in the
                words and is         own words and is      own words and is      students’ own
                accurate.            accurate.             accurate.             words and/or is
Creativity      Students have used   Presentation is       There is a focus      The project has a
                media in creative    balanced,             that is maintained    weak focus. May
                and innovative       attractive, and       throughout the        contain creative
                ways that exploit    easy-to follow.       piece, but it may     aspects but those
                the particular       It uses original      not be compelling,    aspects tend to
                strengths of the     student work          or present            distract the
                Prezi format.        and/or blends         information in a      viewer from the
                The final product    existing media in a   way that              stated purpose of
                is unique,           new and               consistently keeps    the presentation.
                powerful,            interesting way.      audience’s
                effective, and                             attention..
                compels the

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