Latest Reports take Google Chrome Down to the 3rd Place_ by usha111111


									Until today, most of us thought that Google Chrome is the 2nd most popular browser in the world. We
thought it beat Firefox last year. But, experts say that the pre rendering feature introduced in Chrome
13 have made them get incorrect data. Now, if you are searching through Google using Chrome, it will
load the page which it think you might visit in the background. Earlier, the reports have also counted
these visits. Some times, we never visit the site they load!

Now, Net Market Share have updated their reports and according to the new findings, Chrome is in the
third place with a share of 18.90%. Firefox remains in the second place with a share of 20.92%.

Still, Chrome is rising really fast. So, they’ll catch-up soon! Just like that, IE is going down and after
defeating Firefox, Chrome can aim directly at the feeble Internet Explorer!

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