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                           TERRY L. CHILDERS



            Gatton College of Business and Economics
            University of Kentucky
            Lexington, KY 40506-0034

          (859) 257-9042
          e mail:


     Ph.D. 1982            Business Administration, University of Wisconsin

     MBA 1982              Business Administration, University of Wisconsin

     MS     1973           Marketing Illinois State University

     BS     1971           Business Administration, Illinois State University



     Gatton Endowed Chair in Electronic Marketing      2001-present
                 University of Kentucky

     Professor of Marketing                            1993-2000
                   University of Minnesota

     Associate Professor of Marketing                  1987 - 1993
                   University of Minnesota

     Assistant Professor of Marketing                  1982 - 1987
                    University of Minnesota

     Lecturer in Business                              1981-1982
                    University of Wisconsin

     Teaching Assistant                                1979-1981
                   University of Wisconsin

ACADEMIC (continued)

                                                                      REVISED 9/2005
     Instructor in Quantitative Methods          1975-1979
     (Adjunct)      Illinois State University

     Instructor of Marketing                     1973-1974
                    Illinois State University

     Faculty Assistant in Quantitative Methods   1973
                    Illinois State University

     Graduate Assistant                          1971-1973
                  Illinois State University


     Associate Research Administrator            1976-1979
     (Corporate Consumer Research)
     State Farm Insurance Companies

     Marketing Research Analyst                  1975-1976
     F.S. Services - Bloomington IL


     Doctoral Consortium Fellow                                    1981
           American Marketing Association

     Outstanding Paper Award                                       1982
           Conference on Marketing Theory                    San Antonio TX

     Doctoral Consortium Faculty                                   1985
         American Marketing Association

     Dayton Hudson Summer Fellowship                             1982-1984

     McKnight Summer Fellowship                                    1985

     BER Summer Grant                                              1986

     Graduate School Research Grant                                1985

     BER Large Research Grant                                      1985

     Graduate School Summer Fellowship                             1985

     McKnight Summer Fellowship                                    1987
HONORS/AWARDS (continued)
     IBM Curriculum Development Grant ($12,000)                    1987
     MinneMac Grant                                                1988

                                                                   REVISED 9/2005
     Graduate School Summer Fellowship                                  1988
     McKnight Summer Fellowship                                        1988-89
     MinneMac Grant                                                     1989
     McKnight Summer Fellowship                                         1990
     McKnight Summer Fellowship                                         1991
     McKnight Summer Fellowship                                         1992
     McKnight Summer Fellowship                                         1993
     McKnight Summer Fellowship                                         1994
     Center for Research in Marketing Grant                             1994
     Center for Research in Marketing Grant                             1996
     Outstanding Paper Award                                            1995
            AMA Winter Conference - Marketing Research Track LaJolla, CA
     Outstanding Paper Award                                               1995
            22nd Annual International Research Seminar in Marketing,
            La Londe Les Maures, France
     Center for Research in Marketing Grant                                1995
     Outstanding Paper Award                                               1995
            1995 Hans B. Thorelli Best Paper Award
            Journal of International Marketing
     Outstanding Reviewer Award                                            2000
            1999-2000 Journal of Consumer Research


     American Marketing Association
            Offices Held - Central Illinois Chapter
                  Chairman: Collegiate Relations Committee                 1975
                  Chairman: Program Committee                              1976
                  Vice President: Program and Arrangements                 1977
                  Chapter Director                                         1978-1979
     Association for Consumer Research
     American Psychological Association
     American Academy of Advertising
     American Psychological Society
     European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research
     Association of Internet Researchers
     American Association for Public Opinion Research


     M.S.   "The Socioeconomic Correlates of Consumer Store Loyalty:
            A Multivariate Analysis" Illinois State University     1973

     Ph.D. "Sensory and Semantic Bases of Interactive Imagery in an
            Advertising Context" University of Wisconsin            1982



                                                                        REVISED 9/2005
           CONSUMER BEHAVIOR:     Consumer Information Processing
                                  Processing of Visual Vs. Verbal and Numerical Material
                                  Memory Factors
                                  Haptic Information Processing

           RESEARCH METHODS:      Improved Methods of Data Collection
                                  (survey research techniques)
                                  Improved Measures of Psychological

                                         Ph.D.: Research Design and Analysis
                                         MBA: Marketing Research

                                         Marketing Research

                                         Ph.D. Seminar: Information Processing
                                         Ph.D. Seminar: Measurement
                                         Marketing Research
                                         Marketing Management
                                         MBA Field Project
                                         Advanced Marketing Research

                                         Chulalongkorn University-Thailand
                                         Marketing Research
                                         Marketing Research (Managers Program)

                                         Warsaw School of Economics - Poland
                                         Marketing Management

                                         Marketing Research

                                         UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN
                                         Marketing Management
                                         Marketing Communications

                                         ILLINOIS STATE UNIVERSITY
                                         Marketing Management
                                         Business Statistics

                                         Interactive Marketing/Internet Applications
                                         Assessing the Competency of Marketing Managers

                                         ZYHAED UNIVERSITY
                                         Internet Marketing


                 Ed Stevens               College of Education (completed)
           Ron Hoverstad          School of Management (completed)

                                                                 REVISED 9/2005
        Susan Heckler                    School of Management (completed)
        Sirkka Jarvenpaa                 School of Management (completed)
        Esra Gencturk                    School of Management (completed)
        Karl Krohn                       Sociology (completed)
        Madhu Viswanathan                School of Management (Chair, completed)
        Dave Christopherson              School of Management (completed)
        J. K. Park                       School of Home Economics(completed)
        Vania Meyer                      School of Management (completed)
        Milos Graovic                    School of Management (completed)
        Hamid Nayeabiz                   School of Public Health (completed)
        Jeff Jass                        School of Management {Chair, completed)
        Joann Peck                       School of Management {Chair, completed)
        Christopher Joiner               School of Management {completed)
        Roger Rudolph                    Advertising/Journalism { completed)
        Chris Carr                       School of Management { completed)
        Haipeng Chen                     School of Management { in process)
        Haeran Jae                       School of Management {Co-Chair in process)
        Shannon Bridgmon-Rinaldo         School of Management {Chair in process)
        Mathew Seevers                   School of Management {in process)

        Yow-Huei Hwang                   School of Journalism (completed)


                                 Journal of Consumer Research            1987-90, 1994-present
                                 Journal of Business Research            1987-present
                                 Journal of Consumer Psychology          1999-present
                                 Academy of Marketing Review             1998-present

                Ad Hoc           Journal of Marketing Research           1982-1989
                Ad Hoc           Journal of Marketing                    1986-present
                Ad Hoc   Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science     1984-present
                Ad Hoc           Journal of Advertising                  1987-present

              American Marketing Association Educator's Conference       1983
              American Marketing Association Educator's Conference       1984
              Association for Consumer Research                          1983
              Dissertation Competition-American Marketing Association    1983
              Academy of Marketing Science Conference                    1984
              Academy of Marketing Science Conference                    1985
              Dissertation Competition -American Marketing Association   1985
              American Marketing Association-Winter Conference           1986
     American Marketing Association Educator's Conference                1986
     Association for Consumer Research                                   1986
     Conference Track Chairperson:
     American Marketing Association (Winter )                            1985
     Association for Consumer Research -Program Committee                1987
     Association for Consumer Research -Program Committee                1989
     Association for Consumer Research -Program Committee                1996
     Dissertation Competition-American Marketing Association             1990
     Conference Co-Chairperson:
     American Marketing Association (Winter)                             1991
     American Marketing Association (Winter)                             1992

                                                                         REVISED 9/2005
      Dissertation Competition-American Marketing Association         1992
      American Marketing Association (Winter)                         1993
      American Marketing Association Educator's Conference            1994
      Association for Consumer Research                               1994
      Dissertation Competition-American Marketing Association         1994
      American Marketing Association (Winter)                         1995
      American Marketing Association Educator's Conference            1995
      Association for Consumer Research -Copenhagen                   1995
      American Marketing Association (Summer)                         1996
      Association for Consumer Research -Program Committee            1996
      Consumer Behavior Conference Track
      Chairperson: AMA (Winter )                                      1997
      Dissertation Competition-American Marketing Association         1997
      American Marketing Association (Summer)                         1997
      Association for Consumer Research                               1997
      Society for Consumer Psychology                                 1998
      Dissertation Competition-American Marketing Association         1998
      American Marketing Association (Winter)                         1999
      Dissertation Competition- Association for Consumer Research     1999
      (Robert Ferber Award)
      American Marketing Association (Winter)                         2001
      EXPLOR Forum Program Committee – AMA/University of Wisconsin
      Conference On Online Marketing Research                         2001
      EXPLOR Forum Awards Judging Committee (Co-Chair) –
      AMA/University Conference On Online Marketing Research          2001
      EXPLOR Forum Research Workshop – Co-Chair
      (Organized 3 hour Special Session) AMA/University Conference
      On Online Marketing Research                                    2001

Committees/University Service

      University of Kentucky
              -Area Coordinator, Marketing                            2004-present
              -Director of Graduate Studies – Marketing PhD Program   2001- present
              -Recruiting Committee                                   2001
              -Recruiting Committee                                   2002
              -Recruiting Committee                                   2004
      Gatton College
              -Special Task Force – PhD Workload                      2001
              -PhD in Business Administration Review Committee        2001
              -Graduate Policies Committee                            2001
              -Graduate Policies Committee (Chair)                    2001-2002
              -Recruiting Committee –
                        Gatton Endowed Chair in MicroEconomics        2001
              -Director, Von Allmen Center for E Commerce             2001-present
              -Director, AIM Research Laboratory                      2001-present
              -Human Subject Pool Committee (Co-Chair)                2001-present
              -Dean’s Search Committee                                2002

      Gatton College
              -MBA Redesign Committee                                 2003
              -Technology Management/Entrepreneurship Committee       2003
              -Co-Director – Research Experience Program              2002-present

               -Task Force on University of Kentucky Futures:
                       Faculty for the 21 Century                             2001

                                                                      REVISED 9/2005
     Committees/University Service
        University of Minnesota
                - Ph.D. Committee                                  1982-1986, 1995 - 2000
                - Advertising Recruiting Committee                        1982
                - Marketing Recruiting Committee                          1982
                -Marketing Recruiting Committee                           1985
                -Marketing Recruiting Committee (Co-Chair)                1993
                -Center for Research in Marketing Advisory Board       1993-1996
                - Ph.D. Committee                                      1995-1999

         School of Management
                 Ph.D. Program Coordinator's Committee                    1983-1985
                 BER Research Committee                                   1985-1986
                 Ph.D. Coordinator-Marketing Department                   1983-1985
                 Curriculum Committee                                     1988-1990
                 Faculty Design Team MBA Core Statistics                    1993
                 Faculty Appointment and Promotions Committee             1993-1994
                 Ad Hoc Committee to Review Gerot Chair                     1994
                 Faculty Design Team BSB Data Analysis Course               1995
                 Curriculum Committee                                     1998-2000
                 Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Performance
                 Measurement Initiative                                     1998
                 Co-Chair Committee on e Business for MBA Concentration     1999

                         Advisory Board - Minnesota Center for
                         Survey Research                                  1988-2000

         IBM - Rochester                                   Toro, Inc.
         GENERAL MILLS                                     Dorsey & Whitney Law Firm
         3M - Medical Products Division                    Pillsbury - Haagen Daz
         Larkin, Hoffman, Daly & Lindgren Law Firm         Northern States Power
         Curtin, Mahoney, Cairns, & Walling Law Firm       Birrell Dunlap & Ritts Law Firm
         Aspen Medical Group
         Western Life Insurance
         Higher Education Coordinating Board
                 (HECB) of Minnesota
         MSI Insurance
         Midwest Importers of Cannon Falls
         3M-Health Care
         3M-Dental Products
         Endocardial Solutions, Inc.
         MTS, Inc.

                 University of Kentucky Lecture Series                                1985
                 “The Nature of Picture Superiority in an Advertising Context”

                 Center for Research in Human Learning-University of Minnesota 1986
                 “Understanding Picture - Word Incongruency Effects”

                 University of Houston Visiting Scholar                               1986
                 “Issue in the Processing of Pictures versus Words in an
                 Advertising Context”

                                                                            REVISED 9/2005
                University of Notre Dame Visiting Scholar Series           1988
                “Thematic Relationships Among Visual and Verbal Components
                in Print Ads and their Investigation through Computerized

                Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (China)            1989
                “Marketing Programs in the U.S.”

                National University of Singapore (Singapore)                    1989
                “Using Theory to Guide Practice in the Construction of
                Marketing Communications”

                Issues in the Encoding, Storage, and Retrieval of
                Numerical and Verbal Information, presented to the
                Department of Accounting; University of Minnesota.              1992

                Using the Information Superhighway to Gain Customer
                Feedback, presented to the Management Information
                Systems Research Center monthly meeting; University of
                Minnesota.                                             1996

                Presentation to Council on PostSecondary Education
                For Office of Vice President of Research – University
                Of Kentucky                                                     2001

                On the Nature and Use of E Commerce in the
                Commonwealth of Kentucky – Kentucky Industrial
                Development Council 2001 Annual Meeting, Lexington, KY          2001

                On the Use of Haptic Information in Consumer
                Judgments: Product, Situational, and Individual
                Factors, Kansas University – Distinguished Visiting
                Speaker                                                         2001

                Integrating Online Research and Electronic Commerce:
                Academic and Practitioner Perspectives, EXPLOR Forum:
                AMA/University Conference On Online
                Marketing Research                                    2001

                Effects of Haptic Information on Consumer Judgments:
                Joint Development And Experimental Speaker Series,
                Psychology Department, University of Kentucky                   2003


                                                                         REVISED 9/2005
      Imaginal/Pictorial Information Processing

             Childers, Terry L. and Michael J. Houston, Imagery Paradigms for Consumer Research:
             Alternative Perspectives from Cognitive Psychology, in Advances in Consumer
             Research, Ann Arbor MI: Association for Consumer Research, Vol. IX, 1982, 59-64.

             Childers, Terry L., Michael J. Houston, and Robert W. Ruekert, On the Reliability and Validity
             of Three Individual Difference Measures of Imaginal Processing: A Confirmatory Factor
             Analysis, paper presented Winter Educator's Conference on Research Methods and
             Casual Modeling in Marketing, 1983.

             Smith, Ruth Ann, Michael J. Houston, and Terry L. Childers, Verbal versus Visual Processing
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             Processing Orientation with Judgment and Recall Measures for Print Advertisements, in
             Advances in Consumer Research(Melanie Wallendorf and Paul Anderson,
             eds.), Ann Arbor MI: Association for Consumer Research, Vol.14, 1986, 46-50.

RESEARCH (continued)
    Imaginal/Pictorial Information Processing (continued)
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                                                                              REVISED 9/2005
               Terry L. Childers and Jeffrey Jass,(2002), All Dressed Up With Something to
               Say: Effects of Typeface Associations on Brand Perceptions and Consumer
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       Haptic Information Processing

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       Numerical Information Processing
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       Survey Research Methodology

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or was the previous article reprinted in this manual?)

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                                                                                REVISED 9/2005
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RESEARCH (continued)
    Measurement (continued)

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           Single Response Category in a Scale Completely Capture a Response?, Psychology and
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           1999, 75-94.

                                                                               REVISED 9/2005
           The Measurement of Intergenerational Communication and Influence on
           Consumption: Development, Validation and Cross Cultural Comparison of the
           IGEN Scale, Madhu Viswanathan, Terry L. Childers and Betsy Moore-Shay,
           2000, Vol. 28(3), Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

    Internet and Electronic Marketing

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           Determinants of Technology Assisted Shopping Behavior (TAS): A Model, Measure
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    Interorganizational/Marketing Channels

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           Within an Interorganizational Marketing Network, in Marketing Theory: Philosophy of
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           (Selected as the “Outstanding Paper” in the Special Conference on Marketing Theory)
           Not sure what this is--- article or paper presented at a conference?
           Childers, Terry L., Robert W. Ruekert, and David M. Boush, Assessment of the Psychometric
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    Group/Family Decision Making

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           Purchase of Auto Insurance, in Business Conference Proceedings (William
           Locander Ed.), Chicago IL: American Marketing Association, 1976, 43-49,
RESEARCH   (continued)

    Group/Family Decision Making (continued)

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    Research Not Classified Elsewhere

                                                                           REVISED 9/2005
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     Books and Book Chapters

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RESEARCH (continued)

     Books and Book Chapters (continued)

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     Research In Process/Under Review

           Peck, Joann and Terry L. Childers (forthcoming), “If I Touch It I have to Have it:
           Effects of Need for Touch on Impulse Purchasing,” Journal of Business

           Peck, Joann and Terry L. Childers (forthcoming), “If it Tastes, Smells,
           Sounds, and Feels Like A Duck, Then it Must Be A….:Effects of Sensory

                                                                            REVISED 9/2005
Factors on Consumer Behaviors, Handbook of Consumer Psychology
(eds, Curt Haugtvedt, Paul Herr, and Frank Kardes), Mahwah, NJ:
Lawrence Earlbaum Associates, Publishers.

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Strategies for Business-to-Consumer E-Commerce,”, under revision at:
Journal of Strategic Information Systems.

                                                         REVISED 9/2005

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