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By Umema Khan

Guiding Questions:

What will we build.....?
      We will build a robot.

How will we build.....?
      1) First we will collect the materials
      2) Second we need to learn to program the robot
      3) To program it correctly I will first have to make it so that first it detect some trash,
      4) then it will have to be able to pick up the trash,
      5) then put it in its drawer,
      6) Then when the drawer is full it should be able to burn it while the trash is still inside
          so that it is slightly more eco friendly.
      7) Next I will have to actually start building the frame of the robot.
      8) After that I will have to wire up all the programs
      9) Then all the actuators
      10) Then all of the sensors etc
      11) Last I have to check if it works by putting a piece of trash in front of it and see it it
          throws it in its drawer.

How will we get the parts....?
      We will get the parts from the classroom.

Who will build.....? (Groups)
      I will build the robot with Hannah and Arshia

Why will we build.....?
      We will build a robot so that we can help the society.

What materials are needed....?
      We will need Lego.

Where will we build....?
      We will build the robot in the classroom.
What materials are available.......?

Who will it be for....?
      It will be for society that is in need of some help.

What skills are required to complete this project?
      We need programming skills, and we need creativity skills.

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