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									BTEC Unit 30 Level 2 –‘The Woodland Trust’
Project on Trees in my Community

Exemplar assignment brief
Centre                Department of Science

Course title: Edexcel BTEC L2 Award/Certificate in Sustainability Skills (QCF)

Tutor name:
Assignment           The ‘Woodland Trust Project’ on Trees in my
title:               community
Learner name
Start date:                                                Deadline:
Unit 30: Project on Sustainability

You are employed by the charity known as ‘The Woodland Trust’. Your role is to let people
know about trees, why we should protect them and the benefits they bring to us all. To
complete your project you need to put together a presentation for people in your local
community which will inspire them about trees and their role in helping us to achieve

Your first task is to carry out an audit of trees already present in your local community.

Your audit needs to include:

        Types of trees, number of trees and where they are planted

You also need to find out what people in the local community think about trees.

Your questionnaire needs to include:

        what benefits do you think trees bring into your life?

        Do you think it is important to have more trees in your local community and/or across
         the United Kingdom?

This information will form part of your report/poster and recommendations.
BTEC Unit 30 Level 2 –‘The Woodland Trust’
Project on Trees in my Community

Assessment evidence:
Unit    Assessment criteria
        The assessment criteria that this assignment relates to:

         1.1 Identify a suitable project
         1.2 Describe reasons for the chosen project
         1.3 Carry out an assessment risk
         1.4 Plan activities and agree deadlines

         2.1 Use information from different sources
         2.2 Evaluate the relevance of information obtained
         2.3 Carry out a project

         3.1 Present the results of the project
         3.2 Report on the conclusions
         3.3 Make recommendations for further project work

       4.1 Explain whether the project aims were achieved
       4.2 Collect feedback from others to evaluate project and own performance
       4.3 Evaluate own performance in planning and carrying out the project
Summary assessor’s feedback

Learner declaration
I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources fully

Learner signature:                                                     Date:
BTEC Unit 30 Level 2 –‘The Woodland Trust’
Project on Trees in my Community

Introduction for learner

‘The Woodland Trust’ recognise we need at least twice as many native trees and
woods in the UK for the sake of wildlife and people, to help combat climate change
and to improve our environment. This unit gives you a real chance to make a
difference in your local community, whether it’s your school or college, church or
youth group, park or woodland or other location. Your project will make use of
materials from ‘The Woodland Trust’ and other organisations who see trees as vital to
achieving sustainability.

Your ‘Trees in my Community’ sustainability project must be related to one or more of
the eight sustainability-themed gateways:

      Energy and Water
      Food and Drink
      Travel and Traffic
      Purchasing and Waste
      Buildings and Grounds
      Inclusion and Participation
      Local Wellbeing
      Global Dimension

Your tutor will help you to choose a suitable project based around trees.

You might want to consider a project such as:

Trees help us in so many ways from maintaining a healthy environment to providing
timber. Investigate the types of trees in your local park/wood or school/college, and
explore the many benefits they provide. Find out if people in the local community
think trees are important in their lives and whether they would like more planted.

You should work in small groups to carry out your Trees in my Community project.

e-mail your results to the Woodland Trust – learning@woodlandtrust.org.uk. They are a
national charity that would benefit from your findings.
BTEC Unit 30 Level 2 –‘The Woodland Trust’
Project on Trees in my Community

Preparation and Tasks

You should work in small groups to carry out your project in sustainability.

Task                                                    AC    Evidence

One – Project planning and management

i) Choose a project on ‘Trees in my Community’          1.1
that will promote the protection of trees and raise
awareness of sustainability in others.

Your project should be community-based; this
could be at your local park/wood or school/college
or other suitable location.                                   Learners should write the
                                                              project title and a short
(ii) You should consider the facilities and resources         description of the
available to you and ensure that you have chosen a            project. This will need to
realistic project. Your project must be based on at           be approved by the
least one of the eight sustainability gateways that           Tutor.
you have been introduced to.

iii) With your group (and with support from your
 Decide on the location to find out about the
     types of trees and how to identify them.
 Decide on how many and who in the local
     community you are going to question about
     trees and their uses, and about supporting the
     protection of trees.                                     See annexes 1, 2 and 3
 Decide which team member will be responsible                for example tables for
     for each activity and set agreed deadlines for           the types of trees and
     completing each activity.                                their identification, and
                                                              questionnaires to people
iv) Write a short description of your planned                 in the local community
project and explain why you have chosen to carry        1.2
out the project. You can use the template
provided to record your project description.

v) Outline what the aims and objectives of your
project are by thinking about what you want to
BTEC Unit 30 Level 2 –‘The Woodland Trust’
Project on Trees in my Community

achieve by carrying out your chosen project. Write
these out clearly either in the template provided
or in another suitable format.

vi) Using the template provided or another suitable      1.4   Completed project plan
format, produce a realistic project plan. Your plan            which includes a list of all
should include the aims & objectives that you have             the activities to be
already identified, a detailed list of the tasks &             undertaken, timelines for
activities that you will need to carry out, any                completion, resources
materials needed & a realistic timetable for                   required. The project
completing each activity and the project as a                  plan should clearly
whole.                                                         outline the aims and
                                                               objectives of the project.
vii) Carry out a risk assessment for all of the stages         A project plan template
and activities that you have outlined in your            1.3   has been provided to
project plan. A template has been provided to                  assist the learner.
help you.

Your risk assessment should identify potential
health and safety risks, make recommendations for              The risk assessment
eliminating/reducing risks and list any Personal               should be incorporated
Protective Equipment (PPE) required.                           into the project plan,
                                                               identifying specific risks
                                                               and any PPE required for
                                                               each activity.

Two – Research and Implementation of Project

i) Before carrying out your project you should           2.1   Learners should carry out
conduct research into similar schemes and                      wider research before
investigate issues with regard to the protection of            undertaking the project.
trees, so that you are familiar with current                   Tutors may want to
developments within the specific gateway that you              provide learners with
have chosen to focus on.                                       resources, including
                                                               leaflets, websites, books
Your research will help you to carry out your                  etc.
project effectively.
                                                               Learners should keep a
Your tutor will observe your research and you will       2.2   referenced list of any
need to demonstrate to your tutor that you can                 sources consulted as well
recognise the difference between reliable and                  as a short account of
unreliable sources of information and extract                  their usefulness and
BTEC Unit 30 Level 2 –‘The Woodland Trust’
Project on Trees in my Community

relevant and useful information from different               reliability. A template
sources. Keep a referenced record of which                   has been provided to
websites, books, publications etc. that you have             assist learners.
consulted and a brief evaluation of their
usefulness.                                                  This will form the basis of
                                                             a bibliography which
A template has been provided to help you keep                should be included in the
track of the different resources that you used               final project report.
during your research.

                                                             Tutor observation of
                                                             learners carrying out
ii) Carry out your project safely, complying with      2.3   project safely and in line
any recommendations that you made during your                with recommendations
initial risk assessment. Your tutor will observe you         set out in risk
carrying out your project and you should also keep           assessment.
a log to monitor your progress against your project
plan and records of your data and information                Data and information
results.                                                     collected for example:
                                                             1. about types and uses
                                                                 of trees in the local
                                                             2. from tree
                                                             3. from supporting tree
                                                             4. identification of

                                                             Learner log book or diary
                                                             to monitor progress
                                                             against project plan.
Three – Report and Presentation

i) Now that you have completed the project on          3.1   Learners can present
Trees in my Community, produce a report to                   results of their project as
present the project outcomes and results.              3.2   a verbal presentation,
                                                             written report or any
Your project report could be in the form of a                other suitable format.
formal written report, a presentation, a poster or
any other suitable format.
BTEC Unit 30 Level 2 –‘The Woodland Trust’
Project on Trees in my Community

Write this as though you are presenting your
findings to the Woodland Trust.                      3.3

Your report must include the following
    - a clear presentation of the actual
       outcomes/results of your project
    - an explanation of the project results – are
       the outcomes what you expected and in line
       with your original objectives?
    - a referenced list of any books, websites,
       publications etc. that you consulted during
       your research and preparation.
    - recommendations for further work in your
       chosen area – how could you develop this
       project and improve the outcomes?

Four – Review and Evaluation

Carry out a final review and evaluation of your
project. This should cover the following:

   -   Were the original aims and objectives
       successfully achieved?                              This could be
   -   An evaluation of your own performance in      4.1   incorporated into the
       planning and undertaking the project.               report in task three and
   -   Feedback collected from other team            4.2   may be presented
       members, peers or your tutor about the              verbally or in a written
       success of your project and your              4.3   format.
       performance in carrying out the project.
       (Feedback should be collected through
       questionnaires, comment cards, verbal
       feedback etc.).

Record your final conclusions and present them in
a suitable format.
BTEC Unit 30 Level 2 –‘The Woodland Trust’
Project on Trees in my Community

Note for assessors:

Centres need to be vigilant to ensure that learners are able to differentiate between
reputable and biased information (biased information may be circulated by groups
with a vested interest, such as companies advertising so-called ‘greenwash’, or
pressure groups wishing to gain publicity or increase donations). Learners can find it
difficult to determine where vested interests lie, and are likely to need guidance. It
may be possible for tutors to assess and review research before learners undertake any
further work, to ensure that they have not been misled by biased information.
BTEC Unit 30 Level 2 –‘The Woodland Trust’
Project on Trees in my Community

Tutor Resources

The Woodland Trust            www.woodlandtrust.org.uk
   tree guide
   materials for schools and colleges
   tree planting picture guide/application for grid referencing;
   position statements on Climate Change - Carbon Management -Water Management
   Buying Woodland partnership
   Dedicate/Plant a tree
   Leaf ID sheet
   My View

British trees website      http://www.british-trees.com

The Forestry Commission       www.forestry.gov.uk/

       general and specific information about forests and trees

The National Trust             www.nationaltrust.org.uk

       Save Britain’s forests campaign

Stern Report 2006             The economics of climate change

Royal Forestry Society
    www.teachingtrees.org.uk -
    case studies tree sustainability

RSPB                             www.rspb.org.uk

       Saving nature campaign

The Carbon Trust                 www.thecarbontrust.org.uk

       Low carbon technologies

The Tree Source Foundation
    articles/projects on trees
BTEC Unit 30 Level 2 –‘The Woodland Trust’
Project on Trees in my Community

Sustainability Project Plan
Project Title:                                                Prepared By:

 Project Overview         (a brief description of the project you have chosen)

 Aims and Objectives
 (Specify what you want to
 achieve by carrying out
 the project)

 Project Activity             How will the                Activity timeline         Team member(s)            Where will the            How will the
 (what needs to be done to    activity be carried         (when does the activity   responsible               activity be carried       activity contribute
 successfully carry out the   out?                        need to be done by?)      (Who will carry out the   out?                      to the overall
 project )                                                                          activity?)
                              (briefly describe what                                                          (e.g. in the classroom)   success of the
                              you will do for each                                                                                      project?
   BTEC Unit 30 Level 2 –‘The Woodland Trust’
   Project on Trees in my Community

   Project Activity            How will the             Activity timeline         Team member(s)            Where will the            How does the activity
   (what needs to be done      activity be carried      (when does the activity   responsible               activity be carried       contribute to the
   to successfully carry out   out?                     need to be done by?)      (Who will carry out the   out?                      overall success of the
   the project )                                                                  activity?)
                               (briefly describe what                                                       (e.g. in the classroom)   project?
                               you will do for each

Materials Needed                                                                  Other Resources
                                                                                  (e.g. Web, books, etc.)

Additional Notes
BTEC Unit 30 Level 2 –‘The Woodland Trust’
Project on Trees in my Community

                                           Project Risk Assessment Plan
Project Name:
Group Members:

Project Risk Assessment Plan Purpose
A Project Risk Assessment Plan is a document that examines the potential risks associated with the goals, strategies, and
activities undertaken as part of a project and makes recommendations to reduce and eliminate those risks.
For any risks identified you should make recommendations to reduce risk and provide details of any personal protective
clothing and equipment necessary.

To ensure that risk assessment recommendations are followed you may want to consider appointing a member of your group
as health and safety representative.
Risk Assessment and Management Table
                                                  Risk      Risk      Recommendation to           Protective
 Project activity       Risk and description
                                                  chance    impact    reduce risk                 clothing/equipment
                                                  [High,    [High,
                                                  Medium,   Medium,
                                                  Low]      Low]
Unit 30 Sustainability Project Level 2


Risk Management Plan Approvals
Prepared by:                             Approved by:
 Group member(s)                         Tutor
Unit 30 Sustainability Project Level 2

Research Activity

Source of information        Description                                 How useful was this          Is this information:
(website, book title etc.)   (what type of information does the source   information in relation to   RELIABLE or UNRELIABLE?
                             provide?)                                   your chosen project?         Explain your answer.
BTEC Unit 30 Level 2 –‘The Woodland Trust’
Project on Trees in my Community

Annexe 1 – Audit of the types of trees in your local community location

Name of location …………………………………..

Type of tree         How identified       Number found         % of the type of
                                                               tree in location

Eg Oak               leaf type                    10                      50
BTEC Unit 30 Level 2 –‘The Woodland Trust’
Project on Trees in my Community

Annexe 2 – Questionnaire to people in your local community

What ways do you think trees benefit your community?

            Reason                         Numbers recorded

1. Provide shade from the sun

2. Encourage more birds/wildlife

3. Enhance the attractiveness of the

4. Screen out unsightly views

5. Safeguard area green space

5. Help the area adapt to climate

7. Improve air quality

8. Help reduce local flooding

9. Grant opportunities for children’s

BTEC Unit 30 Level 2 –‘The Woodland Trust’
Project on Trees in my Community

Annexe 3 - What would you do to support and increase the number trees in the
local community, in the United Kingdom or World.

      Question to community member                    Yes            No

1.. Plant a tree
2.. Dedicate a tree to commemorate a special
occasion or person
3. Make a donation

. Become a volunteer
5. Take photos of a local site that would
benefit from trees and give to the landowner

6. Support campaigns to save woods and forests

7. Tell everyone how important trees are

8. Find a suitable site and apply for free trees
to plant in my community

9. Take an active role in your local community
in giving talks/presentations about trees

10. Become a member of The Woodland Trust

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