How to write letter for placing order for goods

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					            Placing order for Goods

When an order for any goods is placed one must keep in mind various
aspects of it, otherwise it can lead to delay and complications for both,
customer and supplier. Details of goods must be mentioned very clearly.
There should be no confusion about the specifications, quantity, name
of bankers and mode of transportation. The instructions are elaborated

   1. Article, its quantity and quality: It the product line is long it is
   advisable to mention numbers on the catalogue referring to your
   requirements. However, if there is no catalogue attached, one can
   clearly mention the specifications like size, color, and quantity.

   2. Packing: For packing special instructions are
   a must. Different types of products come in
   different packing for convenience of transport.
   For instance, glassware and many chemicals call
   for a very through and specialized packing.

   3. Delivery: One must give very clear instructions
   about the delivery of goods. They can be sent
   through any convenient mode of transport like
   road, air or sea. The point of destination and date
   of delivery are again important points to be
   included. All these details are generally printed in
   a tabulated from to enable an easy and quick
   placing of order. Even the companies make
   suitable indenting forms or list of articles for easy
   placing of orders. It eliminates possibilities of
   omissions of important details.
             Placing Order for Advertised Goods

Make a mention of the advertisement:

   1. I have seen your new tape recorder’s
   advertisement in The Daily Star of August 4,
    and would like to place an order for one.
   2. I have listened with keen interest to your
   advertisement of “Rapides English
    Speaking Course” on radio. Please send
   me two copies by V.P.P.
   3. I have come across your advertisement of
   ‘Kitchen Master’ and hereby place an
    order for one.
   4. Advertisement of your detergent powder on
   the Delhi Television has convinced
    us about its good quality. Please supply the
   same as per our order.
   5. I have been impressed by demonstration
   of your “Knit Master” in a television
    advertisement, I am placing order for one.

Given details of delivery:

   6. Kindly send the books at the address given above.
   7. Please dispatch the article to the above address.
   8. One of the two pieces is to be sent to my
   address given above and the other to the
    following name and address.
   9. The address of the person, this is to be delivered, is as follows:
   10. The moment you receive the advance
   payment of the item, please send it directly
    to the address given below.
   11. Kindly execute this order immediately as I
   have to go out of station in the next
   12. Please attend to this order urgently.
   13. We can arrange for our truck to collect the
   goods from your Delhi office anytime
    it is convenient to you.
14. I would appreciate your promptness in
sending the items mentioned in the order
15. Please let me know in future, about your new products.

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