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Ways To Get HIV


getting a skin image make absolutely sure that the artist is a thoroughly clean environment and only

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									Ways To Get HIV
Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) was found in 1981. Some think that HIV has been around well
before then.
In this era there are a lot of people who still have unguaranteed sex. In addition many people are not
aware that they've this serious computer virus. Hence there are some people who do know that they
bring this virus but do not treatment to tell others.
There are new drugs available now that have been not available in 1981. Each time a women who is
HIV becomes pregnant these day there are medications to protect the infant in the womb.
Hiv is spread by unprotected sex. Although condoms really are a tool for safety for this disease,
sometimes the condom used alone is not sufficient. Consequently a spermicide needs to be used in
along with a condom.
Sharing intravenous needles with a individual who is infected with HIV is another avenue associated
with contracting this virus. Therefore if you use needles for whatever reason , health or to get large ,
sharing should not be permitted.
Once it absolutely was thought that HIV had been primarily from gay males. This is false as we know
Tattoos is another typical way to contracting HIV. Some tattoo designer are careless and may or may
not clean/sterile a needle. Consequently this is a sure method of spreading HIV. If a person plans on
getting a skin image make absolutely sure that the artist is a thoroughly clean environment and only
uses new/sealed needles. When there is any doubt then which tattoo can be put on hold.
Body piercing is another opportunity for the same reasons since tattoos. Make sure that piercing
products are new and closed in sanitary packages.
Blood transfusion is less common whilst once blood had not been tested for HIV. Although catching
HIV from blood transfusions are not as typical here in the United States(as it once was) there are
other nations around the world who differ. So if you're traveling to another country research the area
of in which you visit.
Always be careful and be safeguarded. Although on may live with HIV nowadays each person is
different. There are some folks who live for past twenty years(with HIV) and there are some that get
AIDS quicker.
Note: just lately a VA clinic is being scrutinized because of mishandling dental tools. These dental
tools were not sanitized and also sterilized properly. Consequently about 2000 veterans
administration patients have been advised that they may have contracted HIV, Hepatitis d and B.
Although authorities point out that the risk is actually low, nonetheless just about all must be checked
with regard to these diseases. What an awful situation.

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