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					February 2012

                                                                                                    Jeremy Lin

An Update from Hans & Alice Wilhelm… an amazing
look back!

        Alice and I left Africa 20 years ago. Then we began working
in a number of Chinese churches in the San Jose, CA area. Today, the
Chinese Church in Christ (CCiC) has really grown and has planted
churches in six other strategic locations. There are multiple congrega-
tions speaking Mandarin, Cantonese, and English, with a combined
attendance of about 2,000.

        They have reached out to new immigrants coming to the U.S.
Those coming from China have been among the most receptive to the
gospel. As some of them return to China, pray with us for their contin-
ued growth and witness.                                                                 Jeremy Lin, the latest NBA sensation,
                                                                                        recently shook up the basketball world
        Young couples have also responded to full-time overseas mis-                    and has been dubbed the “Tebow of
sionary service in Central Asia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Su-                      Basketball.”
dan, South Africa, Latin America, and Europe. And a good number
have entered seminary preparing to serve churches here in America.                      His unwavering commitment to Christ
                                                                                        is revealed by his bold testimony, “Your
        For many the path of obedience to God’s calling has not been                    talent and your ability to play basket-
                                                                                        ball is a gift from God. You have to use
easy. But we thank God for each one and pray He will protect and use
                                                                                        that for God’s glory.”
them for His glory.
                                                                                        Jeremy graduated from Harvard with a
        We share this good news with you, so that you can rejoice                       degree in economics. No Harvard grad
with us that the gospel is spreading from Jerusalem… to the utter-                      has played in the NBA since 1954.
most parts (Acts 1:8) through Chinese believers.
                                                                                        Urged to spend an hour a day with God
        We value and appreciate your partnership in prayer and finan-                   made him aware that his goal in life
cial support.                                                                           was not to be found in earthly glory.
                                                                                        “Our true reward , is in heaven not on
                                                                                        earth,” he said.

                                                                                        And by the way… Jeremy grew up in
                                                                                        one of the CCiC churches, I just told
                                                                                        you about! Pray for him and his wit-
                                                                                        ness in the NBA world.
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Description: Jeremy Lin (Jeremy Shu-How Lin,), was born on August 23, 1988, California, USA, American professional basketball player, the main point guard, height 191 cm, weight 91 kg. Native of Fujian Province Zhangpu County, grandparents emigrated in Changhua, Taiwan, the parents emigrated to the U.S. in 1977.Jeremy Lin graduated from Harvard University, led by Harvard University basketball team won the champions of the Ivy League group, enter NCAA64 strong, and later signed with the Golden State Warriors, the first since 1953 to enter the NBA Harvard University students; the first Chinese-American to enter the NBAplayer. In December 2011, has cut the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets.December 27, 2011, he signed to the New York Knicks.