Congratulations to Callie Thygerson for placing third in the Graham

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Congratulations to Callie Thygerson for placing third in the Graham Powered By Docstoc
                                  Calendar of Events:
                                                                                    Congratulations to
    Excellence is an excellent
                                  7       Knowledge Bowl in Morenci                Callie Thygerson for
                                  8       Pima Governing Board Mtg - 6 PM
    word. It comes from the       9       END OF 3rd QUARTER                       placing third in the
    word excel, suggesting a      13      JH Track @ Thatcher
  performance that surprises      14      MART
                                                                                     Graham County
      others because it goes
   beyond what they expect.
                                  17      St. Patrick's Day                            Spelling Bee!
                                  19-23   NO SCHOOL-SPRING BREAK
     Recently the New York        20      First Day of Spring
    Knicks lost their starting    26      Pep Assembly during school
   guards to injuries, so while   27      JH Track @ Morenci
their star players healed, they   28      MART
 had to put in a rookie named
Jeremy Lin. The coach didn’t
 expect to win the game with
      Jeremy Lin. Surprise,                  Dont forget to check our Science and Social Studies blogs!
   surprise. Not only did the
                                                   Science/Mrs. Scorse:
     Knicks win, Jeremy Lin
  Scored 25 points in his first               Social Studies/Mr. Rickert:
  game, and then he averaged
  more than 20 points for the
next 5 games, setting an NBA          Birthdays:                      !"#!$%&'()*$+(,-$.*/01$
 record and giving the Knicks
 a 6-0 record for the games he       Anna Bryce
                                                               233)'4'5678/04$ $        $           9/54$    $    $    .(:4!
  played. When asked how he          Seth Ellison                                               !
did it, Jeremy Lin said he had      Braven Grant                "#$%&#'(!)($&%*&'!+''%!!            ",'-.!+$(&#!/0!    0122!
  been training since he was a    Michael Holloway                                              !
  kid, waiting for the moment     Jarrett Kartchner             +3('4&*!546*%$%*34$7!       !       ",'-.!+$(&#!89!    0102!
 to prove himself. There’s an                                                                   !
                                  Justin Kartchner              :'4-34!546*%$%*34$7!        !       ",'-.!;<(*7!/2!!   8102!
      old saying: “When the
                                    Chyana Lunt                                                 !
    moment for opportunity
     arrives, the moment for
                                     David Perez                =$>>3(?!546*%$%*34$7!       !       ",'-.!;<(*7!8@!!   @122!
    preparation has passed.”      Alexandria Thaler                                             !
                                  Jessica Walburger             A#$B<*34-#*<!C!=$>>3(?!             ",'-.!+$D!/! !     @122!
  PJHS has the best teachers                                                                    !
  in the Gila Valley, and they
      are teaching the best
 students, you, to be ready for
 your moment of opportunity,                   National School Breakfast Week
  your moment of excellence,                        Let’s Celebrate Breakfast!
  so that no matter what the
     occasion—sports, a job           During March, schools throughout the country will
interview, a college placement
  test, the AIMS test in April
                                  celebrate National School Breakfast Week with visits from
  —you will impress everyone         national, state and local leaders, food demonstrations,
   with your excellence. Your
  chance will soon come. Get      games and other activities. It is a great time for your child
                                                      to try school breakfast!

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Description: Jeremy Lin (Jeremy Shu-How Lin,), was born on August 23, 1988, California, USA, American professional basketball player, the main point guard, height 191 cm, weight 91 kg. Native of Fujian Province Zhangpu County, grandparents emigrated in Changhua, Taiwan, the parents emigrated to the U.S. in 1977.Jeremy Lin graduated from Harvard University, led by Harvard University basketball team won the champions of the Ivy League group, enter NCAA64 strong, and later signed with the Golden State Warriors, the first since 1953 to enter the NBA Harvard University students; the first Chinese-American to enter the NBAplayer. In December 2011, has cut the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets.December 27, 2011, he signed to the New York Knicks.