Honey Sweetens The Dish

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					             Honey Sweetens The Dish
   (NAPSA)—A number of cooks
are buzzing about the health and
taste benefits of honey. Honey can
be a low-fat and low-cholesterol
way to liven up everyday dishes.
   Nature’s golden sweetener
comes in a variety of forms, ranging
from pourable liquid to edible wax
and, most recently, as a spread.
   Honey spreads are great right
out of the jar on muffins, bagels and
toast, serving as a healthy fat- and
cholesterol-free substitute for butter
or margarine.                                   Honey spreads can add rich
   One p r o d u c t, Bi g e l o w Fl a -
                                             flavor to a variety of foods.
vored Honey Spreads, comes in
six flavors that include Cinna-                  Preheat oven to 350 degrees
mon, Raspberry, Orange and                   F. Using a sharp knife, trim
French Vanilla. The spreads can              and remove the white rind
ad d fl av o r to s au c e s , d i p s o r   from top of Brie, leaving a 1⁄2-
marinades and can be heated                  inch edge to contain topping.
and poured on waffles, pancakes                  Combine Honey Spread,
and desserts.                                butter, ginger, cinnamon, nuts
   For a tempting treat, try this            and dried cranberries. Spread
recipe for orange honey brie.                mixture on top of Brie. Place
                                             prepared Brie in shallow bak-
       Orange Honey Brie                     ing dish. Bake 12 to 15 min-
                                             utes until Brie is heated
   ⁄4 cup Bigelow Orange                     through. Let stand 5 minutes
       Honey Spread                          before serving. Serve with
   2 tablespoons melted butter               assorted crackers or thinly
   ⁄4 teaspoon ground ginger                 sliced French bread.
    ⁄4 teaspoon ground cinnamon                  Makes about 16 servings.
   ⁄3 cup chopped nuts (pecans,                  Additional recipes and serving
       hazelnuts or walnuts)                 s u g g e s t i o n s ar e avai l abl e by
   ⁄3 cup dried cranberries or               writing to R.C. Bigelow Inc., P.O.
       raisins                               Box 326204, Dept. HPR, Fair-
   1 13- to 15-ounce round of                field, CT, 06432-6204, or by visit-
       Brie cheese                           ing

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Description: Honey, insects, bees, nectar from the flowers of flowering plants collected from the brewing of honey in the hive. Taken by the bees from the flowers, the water content of about 80% of the nectar or secretions deposited in his second stomach, the role of the body converting enzyme spit it out after 30 minutes of fermentation, back to the hive, hive temperature maintained at about 35 ℃, after a period of time, water evaporation, moisture content of less than 20% of the honey stored to the nest hole, sealed with beeswax. The composition of honey in addition to glucose, fructose species also contains various vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 1 kg of honey contains 2940 calories. Honey is a supersaturated solution of sugar, low temperature crystallization, crystallization is generated glucose does not produce the crystalline part is mainly fructose.