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              A Quick Report

             Patrick Ogidi
      This report
  is free for all FBNC
members, and cannot be
   sold or given out!
                       A Bit of Introduction
Let me first of all thank you for believing in me and in my sales copy/letter; and
for subsequently ordering this report.

For dudes that are yet to join my list and those hearing about me for the first
time, I’ll try to do a little bit of introduction about myself.

My name is Patrick Ogidi and by the special grace of God; I’m an Internet

As a human, I’m not perfect but have affected more lives than I ever imagined
with my many internet programs geared at helping people live a live of their

In this 35 page report, I’ll try to x-ray in simple terms, how anyone any day
anywhere can bank on huge events, festivities and celebrations such as Christmas
to build a business that if managed well, like this report will show you, can mean a
BIG income stream for you.

I would like to make this report as simple as never, getting down to the meat of
the matter and giving you all you need to start building the business right away.

But before we move onto the actual system, I will want to tell you something
that’s very important in every business; whether off or online:-
      …             Having the RIGHT MINDSET

                                       Having the RIGHT MINDSET will play a
major role in your success or otherwise in anything you do –Internet marketing
not excluded.

If you doubt yourself or the system you work with from the start, then you are
setting yourself up for failure. If you think a system is too hard to do, it will be. If
you think you won’t make money, you won’t. If you think that making money
online is impossible, it will be for you.

This is the reason I happen to be a strong believer in this saying “What you think is
what you are” and I urge you to be as well.

Having the right mindset before you start is vital to your success.

Get it or prepare for the opposite!
               What The Business Is All About
Have you ever come across an advert or received a message from any of the
service providers; Glo, Etisalat, MTN, Zain, Starcomms, Visafone etc introducing
an offer to you and requesting that you send a reply in form of a keyword to a
particular short set of numbers (e.g. 35811) to benefit?

During the last world cup tournament, how many of our football lovers responded
to adverts such as this:

 “Follow world cup highlights on the go! Text GOAL to 33452 to receive goal alerts directly on
your phone. SMS cost N100”

Once you respond to adverts like this, a preset amount of money (N30, N50,
N100) gets deducted from your credit and you in turn receive a message with the
promised offer.

Short codes are unique phone numbers assigned by Value Added Service (VAS)
Providers to interested entrepreneurs for the purpose of offering Value Added
Service (VAS) to millions of GSM Subscribers across the country.

The service deducts certain amount of money as specified by the VAS service from
the phone credit of the GSM subscriber that responds to it either by text or call.

The money deducted is shared among the GSM Operator, VAS Provider and the
entrepreneur (you) that operates the short code service, according to the
approved revenue sharing formula.

Having known how GSM short code works, let’s now get down into making the
money per se!
                        Making The Money!
Like I always tell my students asking for the latest/paying internet business en

It’s not about the latest or newest business, but about the latest and new
techniques of doing the same business to give better results.

Now, let me quickly share a simple approach most people go about information

They pick a niche market. Let suppose you target the employment market in
Nigeria, providing tips on how one can secure a plume job in a reputable firm, say
Chevron even without any ‘connection’.

They package the information in a downloadable electronic format [PDF] and
then do an advert in a National Daily like Punch, Guardian, Sun Newspapers or

What many people do is that they write the sales letter and then they will say
something like; for more information visits a particular website, right?

And then let’s say 4000 people respond to that advert and 400 buys (10%). If the
product sells for N4000 per copy, the marketer would have made N1.6M right?


But with the new innovations and the rate at which competition increases, you’d
be leaving a lot of cash on the table if you continue using that method. Since 4000
people responded to the advert, why not ask what has happened to the other
3600 people that never took action?

Does it mean that if you want to sell similar product next time, you would start
again to run adverts and converting only 10% to buyers?

That’s obsolete! Drop it!
What if you do it this way instead?

Package a 5 page free report giving details of your personal experience and how
you gained employment without knowing anybody.

Then, instead of saying visit a particular website to get more information and then
less than 10% of them buying, you make an advert like this:
“Would you want to know how I was gainfully employed in Chevron without any ‘connection’? Plus get
notified of jobs available in Lagos & PH. Test SD 5875 to 35811. SMS costs N100”

That way everyone who responds by sending a text to that number, you make
money on them. So firstly you would have made N80,000 in one day

(HINT: N20 X 4000; where N20 is your own share from the short code arrangement).

That alone has covered the money for the next three or even four advert editions.

So instead of making N1.6 million profit like you would have done with the first
one, this time not only would you recover your next three advert fee in the first
advert you would make all the sales 100% profit.

That is to say that you grab their attention with an irresistible freebie, make small
money from their texting using your GSM short code and then sell them your back
end product, which is the main report itself.

I bet you, if you play the game well, you will record more than 25% conversion.
And if that’s true, and we relate it with the above scenario, you’d be making 1000
sales, which will amount to N4M cool cash!

Can you now envisage how the whole system works?

Hey, did I forget to mention that you’d be having in your short code service
account, the database of every body that responded. That means that, you can
wake up one morning and do a broadcast message to all of them with a click of
the mouse from your short code account, telling them about a new product or
service and making profit over and over, even without placing any advert.
More so, you can further rake in more cash by renting these phone numbers to
other marketers and organizations who may wish to advertise their products,
services and seminars. Let’s say you do this at the rate of N50 per subscriber,
you’d be N5, 000 from every 100 subscribers.

What if you have 10,000 subscribers, which I’ll show you how to easily get, and
charge a token amount of say N20 per subscriber, you smile to the bank with a
whooping N200, 000 just for a single deal.

Isn’t that terrific?

Can you see why you may not need that 9 to 5 job?

But, you must take action….

Now, let’s get down to business…

The steps:

       Choose a niche/Package a free eye popping short report/service around
       your target niche that will get GSM users to start texting and participating.

       Package another well detailed report providing answers to a common
       problem. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to access great reports.

       Get your GSM short code – Again, don’t worry, you will never be paying as
       high as N150,000 to the greedy VAS providers to get one like I did some
       few months back, before discovering this secret! Not even N100,000
       charged these days by the greedy VAS providers! Wait… You will not even
       be paying a dime to get yours as I’ll show you how to get it up and running
       for 100% free in the next few minutes.
      Hit the market.

      Rake in cash.

      Rinse and repeat to make more money!

Now, we’re going to get into details with the above steps:

Choose a niche/Package a free eye popping short report/service: You need to
play smart and sharp here. This serves as the bait and further determines how far
you go in making headway. What we do here is to look for what moves/trips
people a lot.

How do you find them?

Look around. What do people talk about more?

Use places like Nairaland.com and search for the most talked about topics. Go to
their money and investment sections and you’ll be amazed at the extend people
need answers to common problems.
Can you also notice that these questions have received greater number of views?
This implies that more people are also having the same problem and needs an

That’s money waiting to be made!

All these are few of the many topics you can create your free report around.

Make a short report of your personal experiences and how you were able to scale
through and direct your adverts to giving it out to people:

How many people would want to learn how to raise fast cash from Facebook to
enjoy Christmas? May be you’re yet to realize that millions of Nigerians may not
be buying clothes and travelling home this Christmas just because they don’t have
the money. Wao! Lots of Nigerians are now addicted to Facebook and would grab
any genuine information that promises teaching them how to make money from

How many house wives do you think find it difficult to prepare nice dishes during
xmas? Hey! Lots of them I tell you, but you wouldn’t know.

Why not base your free report on how you learnt how you learnt to prepare a
kind of dish (afan soup for example) in 30 minutes…. Oh! This should be smoking
hot mate!

How many Nigerian young gurls would want to hook up with nice and rich guys
this Christmas? Almost all of them I guess! Why not make a short report targeting
gurls and show them a trick that helped you got the attention of men! (Sorry
Pastors! I’m a real born again ooo!)

There are also other examples like the employment opportunity we talked about
earlier. Why not make a free 5 pages short report on how you gained
employment in a BIG company without ‘messing around’ with the employers.
And how they too can!
Your free report doesn’t need to be detailed. A short 5 pages straight to the point
report is ideal for this purpose.

Once you’re done with writing your free report into Microsoft word, convert it
into PDF using any of the free resources online like www.zamzar.com

Your report is ready and there’s the need to make it easily downloadable for your
adverts respondents.

So, you attach it to your host if you have one or to a free file sharing site like

Once you do that, you get the download link to your free report and shorten it
with www.bit.ly.

You need to visit the site, then paste the long download link into the box, click on
SHORTEN and you get something like this:

Like I promised, my wish is to make this report as short as never; hence I wouldn’t
want to go into details of how to research the content of your free report. Just
use your initiative and come up with something good! Remember, you’re not
giving them full details here. You’ll only be giving them bait – something to make
them scream… Guush; where’s my phone! I wanna get texting…

Package another well detailed report providing answers to a common problem.

This is actually your main targeted product/service. The stuff you’ve actually set
up for sale.

Though writing a report as this could actually be tasking, but the truth is that if
you can search Google and other places like this 24 page short shows you, then
you can actually crank out A Hot Report That Sells like CRACK and answers an
immediate, pressing, urgent need in the lives of a potential buyer!

Your report need to be detailed and try as much as possible to make it
understandable for your target audience.

For example, if you choose to go by our second example above, see it that you are
addressing a novice who possibly may not know anything about the subject

Talk about issues like:

   -   Places to get the materials and items for the dish
   -   Preparation: Various steps and timing
   -   Quantity of ingredients and when to add them.
   -   ETC (Abeg, I’m not a cook lol!)

To be frank with you, some people entirely do not have an idea of what to write
about. It happens! Not even the so called gurus do all their reports themselves.
They have a secret and I’ll let you into it, even if it means breaking the rule – It’s

You can actually pay someone that’s good in an area to do a report for you and
you can fully acquire the ownership the moment you pay him/her off.
I’ve used this method before and it worked like crazy. Patrick is not a medical
doctor. I don’t even know how to hold a syringe, but I’ve some reports in the
medical niche selling hot in the international market. This same strategy is what I

Another method you can also employ is to get a resale right to an already selling

You must have heard about my Facebook Naira Ultimate Guide right?

Do you know that I have close to 8 dudes who are currently selling this same
report and keeping 100% of the cash?

What they did was just to approach me for a resale right, pay me some fee and
bam the right to resale the product becomes theirs. The 24 page short I gave
earlier can help you do that easily.

If you are thinking of how to go about creating your report and you simply don’t
have a clue of what to write, you can tow same lines as the above dudes. But if
you ask me, I’d suggest you create yours.

But if you desperately need to start out immediately and still can’t create a
product, no wahala, just read on... I’ll show you a very powerful way out!

Get your GSM short code: Before now, many people and marketers alike have
shied away from using GSM short code services to give their marketing efforts the
boost it requires because of the fact that getting a short code from these greedy
VAS providers was extremely expensive.

If it’s just about the cost, then there wouldn’t have been much problem. I
remember when I attempted to get my first GSM short code to market my STUDY
ABROAD report, I not only spent more than N150,000, but also had to provide
documents and pass through rigorous protocols.

I guess these have also been the reason many of our marketers have shied away
from using short code in their businesses.
But right now, I’ll show you how to own your own GSM short code for free to
boost your business, and even make more money helping marketers and business
owners set up their own.

Let’s go;

There are about three of them I know, but I’ve always use www.smsdam.com. Go
to their site and click on SIGN UP:

Once you click on SIGN UP, you’ll be taken to the next page:
Click on Sign Up for SMSDAM and you’ll be taken to the next page:
At this point, you’ll receive both an email and a text message.

Text message: Congratulations Patrick !! U re one step away from setting up your SMSDAM accnt
ur activation code - 1511979464 check ur email4a link.

Check your email and click on the link;

Once you click on that link, at the next page, you’ll be prompted to input the code
that was sent to you via text:
Click on Activate and your account will be activated.

At this point, you can login to your SMSDAM account using your details:

Once you’re logged in, you can set up your short code service right and campaign
right away.
Click on ACTIVATE FREE SHORTCODE and a pop up will show up;

Thereafter, click on OK and then on START A SHORT CODE CAMPAIGN to edit your
campaign settings as follows:
Note: The message on Response 1 above is what anybody that responds to your advert receives
via sms after texting to your short code.

Congratulations! You now have a GSM short code and you should be ready for
business - Hit the market! No time.

Hit the market: Having a sweet product to sell without letting it known to the
target audience is worst than not even having any product at all. So, we are going
to be employing every means available to get our product across to our target

And how are we going to do that?

Please, remember I promise to make this report short… So, I’m shading off the
long talks… straight to the point.

Facebook: Facebook ads are the new generation of targeted advertisements. And
with more than half of the over 500 million active users logging onto Facebook
everyday, you really cannot go wrong when it comes to reaching hundreds of
Indeed, if you want to let the world know about your business or website, very
likely Facebook ads are the answer to your plea. Somehow similar to Google Ads,
Facebook ads cater to marketers by creating ads that are relevant to the specific
Facebook user. For instance, let's say that there is user that is passionate about
cooking and lists the word cooking as his or her interests under his profile. If you
sell a report about how to prepare nice dishes, very likely your ad will appear on
his home page.

Basically you will start by listing your website/fan page and then creating a catchy
title. But don’t worry if you don’t have a website, as you can easily create a fan
page and use it to run your short code business and market your product.

Let’s go there…

Create a fan page around your report. On your Facebook homepage, click on:


Click on Create Community Page;
As you can see, our fan page is not looking too nice. It needs an image and other
details to make them look good.

So, head over to Google image and search for an image related to your subject

Google will throw up some images, go through them and select one that best suit
your case.

Thereafter, provide some basic info about your services/free report.
And finally, our fan page looks something like this:
Can you now see that our business now has a web (Facebook) presence?

It’s now time to go into the promotion proper.

Invite all your Facebook friends to your fan page and encouraging them to do so.
Below the fan page image, you’ll find the ‘suggest to friend’ link. Use it to invite all
your friends:

As the join, they read the message you have on your page and serious ones will
get texting some cash into your bank account.

Now, let’s talk about how you can further use Facebook ads to pull insane traffic
to your fan page.
After you must have created your fan page, beautified it and invited your FB
friends, it will be time to spend some cash.

Yes… spend some money so long it will pay off at last.

To get started, you need to set up your ads, and then purchase some Facebook
advertising credits.

Luckily for us (Nigerians), some ATM cards now work with Facebook ads. I’ve
personally used that of GTB and it worked fine. I guess I’m the first person to
discover this!

I also have every reason to believe that the ATM cards of UBA, Zenith Oceanic,
EcoBank and Firstbank will work as well. Just try them!

So, if you have any of these cards, you don’t need to bother about getting a credit
card to run your Facebook ads.

But if you don’t have any of the above cards, you can get a virtual card at
VirtualCreditCards.us for $34.95 Liberty Reserve. This first time fee covers the set
up cost and comes $20 on it.

You can always check your statement online and the card is reloadable with a 10%

Once you card is ready (your ATM or your virtual credit card), proceed to
www.facebook.com/ads/create to create your FB ads.

At the page, click on I want to advertise something I have on Facebook and choose
your Fan page.
Review your ads and place your order:
Once you click on the Place Order button, you’ll be prompted to pay by credit
card or PayPal. Choose Credit Card.
Feel in your Credit card/ATM details and click on submit:

   Your ads will be reviewed and once it’s approved, Facebook send you an email
   to that effect.

   It’s also worthy of note that you can always logon to your Facebook ads to
   manage your ads the way you want it – Pause, delete etc.

   Let’s do the mathematics before we look at other method of advertising your
   short code service:

   Let’s say you have a product that sells for N2,500 and budget $50 for
   Facebook ads. Setting your cost per click at $0.25 gets you 200 people to your
   fan page. If half of them respond to your short code advert, you make N2000
   from the short code proceeds.
   Then if only 50 people out of the 100 respondents buy your N2,500
   product/services, you make N125,000!

   Hey, drop it!

   It’s not difficult to do!

   All you do is to follow the above steps, come up with a hot product many
   people will rave for and swim in money…

Other ways you can advertise for effective response!

Newspaper: Newspapers are another good place to reach out to your target
audience. In using this method, you don’t even need to create a Facebook fan

All you do is to design your ads in such a way that it contains all the intended

Something like:

  “How Easily Would You Want To Raise Fast Cash For Xmas?
   Discover How I Raised N35,000 In 5 Days Using Facebook.
    Text SD 5875 to 35811 For Free Guide. SMS Costs N100”

With as low as N8,250 you can do a 1x2 column ads space in Sun Newspapers.
And if you do your home work well, it can make the big difference for your
Christmas celebration.

To get started with Sun Newspapers, see their advert page.
Don’t limit your campaign to Sun Newspapers alone, you can also try Punch,
Vanguard, Complete Sports, Soccer Star, Tribune etc.

Bulk SMS: What a funny method! Though, it’s not that targeted, but if you play
your card well, you can smile from this method alone.

How does it go?

Ok, I have this fellow internet marketer (don’t worry, I’ll give his details!), he has a
collection of over 80 million Nigerian live phone numbers.

Yes, they are live phone numbers sorted according to states and cities. I don’t
know how he got it. All I know is that they are real numbers of Nigerian mobile
phone users.

For just N2.50 each, he can help you send out your 160 letters advert to as much
as these numbers you pay for.

For example, if you wish to target mobile phone users in Ikeja Lagos, he will
provide you the number and also help you send the message for only N2.50 per
number. That’s a great bargain if you ask for my honest opinion.

Mathematically; with just N5,000, you can reach close to 2,000 people. Say only
500 (too poor!) responds by sending back a text message to your short code
number, you make N10,000. That alone has covered the money you spent on

If after letting your offer known to them, like 50 comes back to buy your product
of N2,500 per copy, you make N125,000!

Yes… N125K! And you can do it if you’re serious.

Ok, here is the contact detail of my friend, Reach him and tell him Mr. Patrick
referred you!
Name: Mr. Donatus Amaechi.

Email: amadonxl@gmail.com
Banner & Posters: No point writing much about this. All you need is to make a
simple A4 advert and post it around your vicinity. It works. I tried it when I was
starting out.

Wao… This report is almost turning into a long one.

Ok, let me recap and tell you one more way you can make money from your GSM
short code business like my friend, Mr. Donatus Amaechi.

   - You choose a niche and create a short free report to get people on their
     texting buttons.
   - Package a well detailed sellable report/service.
   - Get your GSM short code for free.
   - Hit the market.

Once you place your advert and people respond to your short code, you can
always view and reach them by sms from your SMSDAM account:
All these shouldn’t take you more than 48 hours to accomplish!

Now, let’s look at how you can further make more money from this business:

You have created a database of numbers right? Why not look for marketers who
have similar products/services as the one you gave out to attract your
subscribers. Charge them and send out their offers/services to your subscribers.

You can place an advert, targeting these marketers and offering the service to
them at your own price.

I guess you know this is exactly what Mr. Donatus is doing lol!

Yeah… what if you’ve got no time and energy to create your own back end
product? What do you do?


Look for a joint venture (JV) partner. Spot guys who already have products you
may wish to market. Discuss the terms with them and market their product for
50:50 share.

If you’re really serious and mean business, you can talk to me for a chance to JV
with me on any of these products of mine:



Please, only serious minds and I’ll only accommodate 6 people. Shikina!
Last Word:
The short code business explained in this report works on shared basis.

Shared short code means the same number (35811) will be issued to many people.
Each person using the short code will have a keyword assigned to you once you
create your campaign.

The keywords are what differentiate each of you from the shared code. So, you
should not either make the mistake of promoting the short code alone or make
mistake in putting down the keyword when placing your advert. You must always
put your keyword correctly.

For instance, 35811 may be issued to many people including you and your own
keyword could be SD 5678. You will instruct your clients like this:

                               Text SD 5678 to 35811.

The money realized through your own keyword will be shared based on the pre-
stated sharing formula. You can always log in to your SMS short code account –
smsdam.com to check the number of people that respond to your adverts.
It’s Not What You Think!
Hey! Is this system limited to Christmas season alone?

Hell NO…

You can twist it as you like to fit into any occurrence or events.

   -   Target students writing WAEC, NECO, JAMB etc
   -   Lovers on valentine.
   -   Voters during election.
   -   Job seekers.
   -   ETC

Many of the top marketers will be using this system as the future model for their
businesses. These systems provide an ongoing residual income, and with it,

Of course if you get to the stage where you want to streamline your business, you
can always OUTSOURCE most part of it and expand.

With this system, you are in control. You make the choices that will affect your

Go start something and make your money!

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, testimonials and/or criticisms,
keep them all coming. They will be appreciated greatly.

Email me: me@patrickogidi.com

Thanks for reading!

Patrick Ogidi

The FacebookPreneur

2010 Wealthlifters Concept©

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