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   Facebook Naira
      Report                                             Ver. 2.3

  The Untold Secret Strategies of Making
      Steady Income from Facebook.

                                   Ogidi Patrick

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   Don’t Be Too Shocked ‘Cos You’re About To!
Before anything else I wish to thank you for your belief in me that you
deemed it fit to invest in this report. I am so grateful!

That‟s the more reason I have gone the extra length to reveal some of the
shocking strategies of making cool legit money from Facebook. Not only will
you be shocked that the possibility of making money like this existed but
you will also be MORE shocked that you have been letting go some money
for some time now.

My name is Patrick Ogidi. I run a number of successful online business
empires, including the much talked about www.RapidCashMethod.com and
www.FacebookNaira.com; a visit to those websites will simply amaze you at
the rate many lives have been positively affected in recent times.

Pretty soon, I‟ll be launching a first of its kind in Nigeria membership website
at www.DotComClass.com; that will ONLY accommodate 500 Nigerians and
foreigners alike, showing them the facts and figures of making super income
online. It‟s going to be practical. Will you be lucky to be one of them? Just
watch out!

Meanwhile, right about now in this report I wish to quickly show you some
strange but real, genuine and time tested strategies of making killing income
online through Facebook. In fact, by the time you get to the end of this
report, you‟ll simply agree with me that this is one of the greatest money
making secrets ever revealed.

Before we begin, NOTE THIS POINT...

Facebook Naira Ultimate Report will be explaining two major strategies of
making money from Facebook plus other sneaky ideas that will help you
build an online business empire from scratch. In the course of the report
also, I‟ll be giving you several websites. Therefore, in order not to confuse
you, I‟ll advise you focus on the two strategies but limit yourself to few of
the websites provided. Pick the ones that are good for you at the moment
and watch the outcome before you go over to others.

Let me state it categorically here that the strategies contained in this report
are no magical powers. You don‟t expect to make a dime just by having the
knowledge of the information in this report. Never!

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You must be ready to work. I am an apostle of hard work, and I must tell
you; it pays to work hard.

Yes, knowledge itself is not power, but the APPLICATION of the right

If the strategies contained in this report can make me and my protégés
some good amount of money, why won‟t it do the same to you?

If you are ready as I am, then let's push...

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                          About Facebook
Facebook is the world‟s largest social network, with over 300 million active
users from around the globe.

Originally called thefacebook, Facebook was founded by former-Harvard
student Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 (while at Harvard) who ran it as one of his
hobby projects with some financial help from Eduardo Saverin. Within
months, Facebook and its core idea spread across the dorm rooms of
Harvard where it was very well received. Soon enough, it was extended to
Stanford and Yale where, like Harvard, it was widely endorsed.

Before he knew it, Mark Zuckerberg was joined by two other fellow Harvard-
students – Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes – to help him grow the site to
the next level. Only months later when it was officially a national student
network phenomenon, Zuckerberg and Moskovitz dropped out of Harvard to
pursue their dreams and run Facebook full time. In August 2005,
thefacebook was officially called Facebook and the domain facebook.com
was purchased for a reported $200,000.

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  How Can Money Be Made On Facebook?
There are various ways you can make money from Facebook which include
through pay per click advertising, or by promoting your brand, driving traffic
to your affiliate proposals that have reasonable conversion rates. Not many
people know this but Facebook also offers banner app advertisement
applications that give you the advantage to post these offers to your profiles
for free as well and be able to earn money from it.

That is not all, Facebook allows you to build a highly targeted audience and
the best part about Facebook advertisement is its viral nature of news feeds
using notes and feeds to maximize traffic to your site and offers.

Colorado “Gym Rat” named Mike G, a regular guy pulls in $43,778 a month
by placing tiny ads on Facebook. These tiny ads promote one form of
business or the other. The best part about earning cash from Facebook is
you don‟t need any necessary technical skills, website and product. All you
need is your Facebook account which is FREE.

Money making online business added with a surprising fact of having over
200,000 people joining Facebook daily and 300 million registered users on
the platform, it is needless to conclude how much of money could be made
on Facebook and how much attention could be derived to your product as
well. If you think that is all, Facebook is also the 6th most visited website on
the internet where you spend less time to achieve than the maximum
amount derived from it.

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             Creating A Facebook Account

If you don‟t have an account already, it's very easy and straight forward to
create your very own account. All you have to do is go to
www.Facebook.com and follow the easy steps there.

Let‟s do that now...

On the home page of Facebook.com, you'll have the option to create your
own free account. Keep in mind that the interface of Facebook may change
over time, so depending on when you are reading this report, this page may
look different for you.

So, at the moment, you can create your account in this area over here
where it says "Sign Up - It's free and anyone can join".

All you have to do is fill in your details...

•   Your full name...
•   Your email address...
•   A password...
•   And some other details...

And then click on the sign up button.

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Now, you may be required to confirm your email address. Facebook will send
you an email with a confirmation link inside that you will need to click on, so
make sure you confirm your account before going to the next stage.

Once you've confirmed your account, you'll get taken through a series of
easy to follow steps to help complete setting up your account.

That's all there is to it. It's pretty simple and easy to do...

Now, your Facebook account is ready and you are ready for action.

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                      Invite Your Friends.
Once you have created your account, the next thing you do is to invite your
friends. Facebook has a built in feature that enables you to easily import
your email contacts to your Facebook account with just a click of the mouse.

To continually grow the number of friends you have on Facebook, you can
use the search friend box to search for people you share similar interest with
you and invite them.

Search for friends and invite them. You need to be very careful at this point
so that you don‟t create impression of a spammer. An act that can easily
invite the “Facebook police”. Make it a point of duty to invite up to 30 friends
daily. That‟s fair enough!

Once you send these invitations out, they will receive an email from
Facebook notifying them of it and providing a link for them to confirm. If
they do, they automatically become your friend. Facebook also suggest
friends of your friends you may know on a regular basis, in case you may
wish to add them as your friend.

If you follow the steps above very well, say you invite an average of 30
friends daily and 10 of them confirms your friendship request, in the next 30
days, you‟ll be having close to 300 friends on your Facebook account. Always
make it a point of duty to invite more friends as here is where the money is,
like you‟re going to find out in a moment.

If you think inviting your friends manually is a BIG task for you, you just
thought right!

With a new $49.95 software just released, you can simple set all your
Facebook actions in auto while you concentrate on some other things.

This software helps your invite more friends, send messages to many people
plus many more in auto pilot. Watch the video of how this software rocks at
www.FacebookBlaster.com. If you like what you see, you can get the
software from me for just N1,990. Pay into the account details HERE and
email me on wealthlifters@live.com

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   How to Get Hundreds or Thousands of
        Facebook Friends in Days
Here‟s a simple and effective way you can grow the number of your friends
on Facebook. All you have to do is follow this simple steps and I promise
you that your friend list will be growing in no time!

 Step 1: Important Step that all members must follow


1 - Join this group.

Click   HERE

2 - Click on "Invite People to Join" from the menu on the left.

3 – Invite your friends.
Use this fast method and invite all of your friends without having to tick their

If you use FIREFOX and want to invite your friends to this group: Click HERE
without clicking hundreds of their faces - just click the "invite people to join"
link in the left sidebar - wait for your friend to load then COPY AND PASTE
the following JavaScript code just like you would copy and paste a link into
your browser an hit Enter.

e('li');for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] ===

It will select all your friends within seconds.

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Here is the code again:

e('li');for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] ===

4 - Click on "Send invitation" . Just click the invite button to send the
invitations off.


                                     Step 2

         Add the first 5 people you see on the wall below as a friend.

   Write a short note about yourself and what you do on Facebook (you‟ll
 discover some in a moment) and post on the wall below. You might like to
come back every day to this page to repeat steps 1 and 2. This ensures you
maximum exposure and you will have lots of members connected to you in
                                 no time!


                                     Step 3

See how your 'Friend Request' link grows!

It‟s that simple if you follow this method!

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        Create Your Own Facebook Group
You create a group around your target market. Let‟s say you want to target
the Nigerian dating/match making niche, you can create a group like „Hot
Nigerian Singles Arena‟, or you may wish to target the „Make Money Online‟
niche or „Free Browsing‟ niche. I bet you, people like topics like this and will
readily troop into it once they see it. Create groups that people will like to

You can create your own group very easily by simply clicking a few buttons
and entering some information about your group...

So, to do this, simply go http://www.new.facebook.com/grouphome.php

On that page you'll see a button labeled "Create A New Group". To start the
process, click on this button...


Next, fill in all the details...
And click on Create Group...

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On the next page, you'll be able to customize your group by uploading a
picture that represents your group...

Adding your website/blog address and selecting among a range of other
options and features for your group.

Once you're done, click on the save button...

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You'll then get the opportunity to invite friends to your group by using the
functions on the right hand side over here...

If you already have some friends inside Facebook, all of them will get listed
here, and you can then select which ones you'd like to invite and then follow
the instructions.

You can also invite people who are not on Facebook using email. Simply type
in their email addresses separated by commas in the space provided...

And then click on the add button...

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Of course, the more friends you have the greater chance you have of
building a responsive and interactive group.

And the best way to make friends on Facebook is exactly the same as in any
other real world situation. That is, you get involved. The more you interact
on Facebook, the easier you'll find it to make friends.

If you go to the friend‟s area...

You'll find a range of different tools for connecting with people. Make use of
them optimally and grow the list of your group members by the days. Don‟t
forget that the money is in the number of members you have now. So get to
work immediately if you want to really make money from Facebook.

Below is one simple technique you can employ to invite all your friends to
your group or any other group with just a click without having to click their
faces one by one. It‟s almost the same method we used earlier.

HINT: It‟s advisable you use Mozilla Firefox for this.

1 – Go to your group or any other group page you wish to invite your
Facebook friends to.

2 - Click on "Invite People to Join" from the menu on the left.

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3 Paste the below snippet in the URL field of your Mozilla Firefox browser.
Left click the mouse in the URL field and hit Enter.

e('li');for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] ===

4. It will automatically select all of your friends within seconds.

5. Click on "Send Invitation" and all your Facebook friends will receive your

6, Once any of your friend confirms the invitation to join your group, they
automatically becomes your group member.

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 Benefits of Having Your Facebook Group
The benefit of creating a Facebook group is to make more friends that share
the same interests with you. That means you can easily share ideas with
your group members since they joined with a particular interest in mind.

In that way, you can advertise your own products and services, and even
promote jobs and opportunities. Facebook is simply one of the best social
networks today, not only to make fun and always make friends with each
other, but also promoting your business and services which can be applied
by creating your own Facebook group.

However, when you have a group of say 200-300 or more you can get good
leverage by sending an email to the entire group. Yes, this is one Facebook
group feature that replaces the work of auto responder. With this feature,
you can easily send out a message to all your group members with just a
click. They best part of it is that they receive your messages in their inbox,
not in spam/bulk folder like some auto responder will do.

Therefore, using this feature, you can easily send out your offers to your
group member.

To make this work, you could develop a 3-6 part email series promoting
your money making offers and a schedule of when you are going to send it
out. Start by encouraging conversation on the group‟s wall and posting
interesting threads on the group bulletin board. This gets people active in
your group and further bonded to it. More money for you!

Then start asking them questions. Ask them about their concerns and how
you can help. The more you engage your members the better.

This gives you a good running start.

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  Tips to Grow a Successful Facebook Group:
   The Right Configuration: Make sure you select a title, category and
   description that are relevant to your business or offer because this will
   entice people to join your group. I also suggest that you be as
   transparent as possible and offer information such as contact information,
   website, phone number and location. This allows group members to
   associate the group to an actual person rather than any old computer
   generated content.

   To offer a real community appeal, enable the ability for anyone to post
   discussions, wall posts, pictures and videos. Initially you should make the
   group public which allows anyone to join and invite people to the group;
   remember you do have the ability to remove members if needed.

   Leverage existing Facebook Friends: It's important to attract a strong
   base of members to your Facebook group, so invite existing friends that
   may find your group valuable and who could become evangelists for your
   group. This is where the viral part comes into play: your friends' friends
   will notice that they joined a new group which will spark interest from
   them to check it out as well.

   Use your email contacts: Don't forget about your friends outside of
   Facebook because Facebook Groups provides the ability to import and
   send group invitations to your contacts from Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail and

   Press Releases/Blog Posts are other methods which you can use to
   invite new members to your Facebook Group. Personally, I created a call
   to action and placed it above the fold which reminds my readers to join
   my group.

   Keep the Content Fresh: Update your group's Recent News, photos,
   videos, events and links regularly so that members have a reason to
   return. Another simple tactic is deploying a welcome message which
   greets new members and enforces the 'human factor' of the group.

   Create relationships with new members: If you have a group which is
   open to the general public then you will notice people who are not your
   'friends' join your group. These are the types of people are there to get a
   feel for the quality of the group therefore make it a habit to personally
   address them.

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           Tracking Your Group's Success
Here are some metrics and tactics you can use to measure the success of
your Facebook Group:

      The number of members you have in your group.
      New members who join per day/week/month.
      Ratio of new members to people who left the group.
      Ratio of members who are your Facebook friends vs. not.
      Engagement: Activity on Wall Posts and Discussion Boards.
      Members who also accepted invitations to join your events.
      Links posted in your group back to your blog/website should have
       parameters appended to them so that they can be segmented in your
       analytics separately.

        Follow The Rules and Don‟t Appear Overly
Keep this point in mind when making your Facebook group.

You should not be overly promotional in your group. By that I mean that you
shouldn't remind your audience too many times to go visit your website. Do
it with style! If you're overly promotional you'll be regarded as a spammer
and people will not stop taking you serious.

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                       Other Useful Tools

Use the SHARE button

Click the SHARE button on the left side of your group‟s page.

Now enter a comment promoting your offers. Use the wall, so lots of your
friends will hear about (and join) your group.

Status Updates

At the top of your Facebook Profile‟s Wall page, you can add status updates
(in the box where it says “What's on your mind?”). These show up on all
your friend‟s pages, so they are a great way to advertise the group and your
offers. This one works well. Do this daily and be sure of lots of responses to
your request.

Posting on your friends' Walls

Now let‟s go inform your friends AND their friends about your group/offers.
Go to one of your friend‟s Facebook pages. At the top of your friend‟s Wall
page, click in the Share window.

Add this: Please join this group then invite your friends!

Now find another friend and repeat! Now find another friend and repeat!
Now find another friend and repeat!


Events can be handled in similar fashion. In fact, I recommend that you
combine Events with the Groups strategy. After you‟ve finished the mailing
series to your group, set up an event and invite your friends. It must not
necessarily be a physical event. It can be a virtual one where you will make
a formal release of an offer, give out a freebie, give an online training etc.

The really cool thing about events is that you can invite all your friends.
It‟s indeed the safest way to invite all your friends without being caught in
the Facebook spam filters.

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Once you have sent out the invites to the friends who‟d be interested (or all
of them) you have the ability through your events page to follow-up with
them. It separates into “attending”, “maybe”, and “not attending”. You can
send different messages to each category of friends.

You can see from this image how someone raises their hand to confirm that
they‟re attending your event. Be sure to send a reminder and bonus info to
the “attendees” to further pique their interest and increase your attendance

Include additional reasons explaining why the “maybes” should attend. Make
it so desirable that they want to cancel whatever else they had planned
because the content of the call will be of such MASSIVE benefit they‟d have

to be complete fools to miss it.

When you can make it more important than their wedding anniversary you
know you have a winner.

To the “not attending” you can send a “hate for you to miss out on this
valuable advice, but here’s some bonus info now and maybe I’ll make the
recorded version available to you” message. This gets some of them to want
your info.

For more detailed info on how you can successfully share your links and
business on Facebook for more money, click HERE

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                How To Collect Payments
Most of the websites I‟ll be revealing here pay by either PayPal, check,
MasterCard or via wire transfer. I appreciate the fact that any money you
make online is not yet your money until it gets into your bank account.
Therefore, this section will show you how to get your money from online
jobs with ease.

PayPal: There have been a lot of furry about operating a PayPal account
from Nigeria. As a result, many people have gotten fed up with online jobs
that pay through PayPal because of lack of a better method to collect
payments. I have broken the PayPal code. Nigerians can now open, verify
fund, withdraw and securely manage a PayPal account from Nigeria without
any limitations what so ever, not even your IP.

If you think I‟m joking, grab this report I have called „PayPal in a Snap‟ from

Check: Some of the companies I‟ll will show you in this report accepts
Nigerians directly, hence they can send you your check directly here in
Nigeria and you cash it in your domiciliary account. On the other hand, a
handful of them don‟t accept Nigerians, so we need to make use of a foreign
address where your checks will be sent to and re-forwarded to Nigeria here.

For some time now, Nigerians have been using Graphcard for this purpose.
Just recently, their service delivery turned so bad that apart from deducting
5% of your check worth, they now delay your check before sending you your
money. I can strain myself to make my money and NEVER do same to
receive it! This led me into further research and again, I broke the code. I
discovered a UK company that can give you a foreign address with which
you can use to receive your checks and goods from abroad.

Download the report HERE

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MasterCard Debit Card: Like I promised in my sales letter, I‟ll be giving
you a step by step method you can apply for and receive a USA MasterCard
sent to your Nigerian home address for FREE. One of the companies I‟ll be
showing you here pay you directly to this card and you withdraw from
Ecobank or Zenith bank. I just don‟t want to say much about this Card but
will allow you to see things for yourself from the guide. Download the guide
from http://www.tinyurl.com/MasterCardd and apply for your own

Now, you know what Facebook is all about…

You are aware that a lot of money could be made on from it legitimately...

You know the techniques to apply in Facebook that will translate to cash for

So, let get down into the real BUSINESS OF MAKING MONEY FROM

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     Time to Make Money From Facebook
So you have a Facebook page and you want to make money off it, right?
And you know that the best way to easily turn your Facebook into some cash
is to create a group; I have talked about that.

Bear in mind that when you create your group you need to enable the wall
features and other features listed. This is where you're going to be making
money. Be sure to list your website/blog if you have one to direct traffic to it
for free.

Now, you will want to sign up for affiliate programs (Pay Per Signup) that
pay you for simply referring your friends who takes a free action like signing
up, trying out an offer, putting in their email on a form, downloading a free
game, ringtone or wallpaper etc.

That brings us to our Make Money on Facebook Strategy 1.

Pay Per Signup Program
Some companies pay you to send visitors to their site who does one free
thing or the other.

Commonly known as Pay Per Lead program, this is one of the favorite
money makers for online marketers. The reason why there is huge demand
for these kinds of programs is because there is no need of sale. Usually Pay
per lead programs are designed to promote free services or products, it is
popular with newsletter subscriptions or free download kind of programs
which allows the sellers to capture certain information of the visitors.

Here is some great pay per sign up programs that are 100% legit and will
bring you some money if you promote them very well using Facebook tools
discussed earlier.

Join Our Internet Business School Today @ www.DotComClass.com | OGIDI PATRICK Page 23
WARNING: You must not take part in all of them. Just read through and
select like 5 or 6 sites to work with. If the dollars starts rolling in, you can
then go for others.

TreasureTroopers: This is the easiest way, to make free money on the
internet. They pay to sign up for free offers, complete free surveys plus lots
of free programs. It's open to residents from everywhere. Many offers
approve instantly!

Go to the site, login and click on the "Earn Money" page. Complete some
offers. Most of them are free trials which reward you anywhere between 5 to
50 dollars. Once you've completed an offer, click the button next to it to
indicate its completion. You will immediately see that money has been added
to your "My Treasure" stats page.

Refer your friends to TreasureTrooper and get an extra 20% of whatever
they make for life! In addition, you'll get 5% commission from anybody that
your friends refer. You can literally make hundreds of dollars this way!
Therefore, if you have more friends on Facebook, that‟s simply more money
for you. Share your referral link with them. Tell your friends it‟s a cool way
to make money and encourage them to do same to their friends.

On the 15th-20th of every month, TreasureTrooper will verify the offers you
have completed during the previous month. If your balance is greater than
$20, you will be paid by check!!

Read up people‟s testimonials about TreasureTroopers at

Apartments.com: This website will pay you $10 for every lead you send
to them!!!

Yes oh! You read me correctly, if you send someone to them and the person
gets to their website and just put in his information, even if he doesn't buy
anything you get be paid $10 instantly. They pay by check through
Commission Junction.

Get 100 people to sign-up in a month and you will be making of $1,000. Do
you have up to 100 Facebook friends? Then, you‟re very near to making

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your first $1000 online. Register with Apartments.com directly at:

Gptreasure.com: This site will pay you $0.10 for every one you refer to
them as long as you have completed one survey offer yourself. This means,
if you play the Facebook approach, getting 100 people to register with this
site is very easy! I mean it.

WaveRevenue.com: This is another great pay per lead program I love
much. Each time you send someone to them that downloads their free
software (through your referral link), they pay you $0.40 instantly. All the
visitor needs is just to download the software which is FREE and you will be
paid $0.40 for it. Can you beat that?

Now, how many of your Facebook friends will not thank you for showing
them where to download FREE games and music? Something they were
supposed to pay for.

Survey Savvy: My all time favorite! This is a paid to take surveys
company. They pay you $2 for every survey you take and $1 for every
survey your referrals take. No payout min - request a check for referral
earnings anytime. Join them here
https://www.surveysavvy.com?id=3587771&action=join today, apply the
Facebook viral channel strategy and check your account in 7 days.

Tik Tik Cash: Pays you $5 per lead. Refer just 40 friends and make $200.
$50 Payouts for Affiliates. Join Tik tik cash at http://www.tiktikcash.com

Send out a mass email from your Facebook group telling your friends about
this and maximize your earnings. Say you have 300 members on your
group, if 50 persons respond to your message; you make an instant $250
into your PayPal. The more reason I like this company is that unlike other
programs, you cash out your earnings once it gets to $50 within 1 business
day using PayPal.

American Diabetes Services : American Diabetes Services' Affiliate
Program earns you cash by offering your friends free access to diabetic
testing supplies. Every time you send a valid customer to them who creates
a free profile, you earn a referral fee up to $50 for each qualified lead.
Hmmmmmm!!! The earnings are detailed below:

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Medicare leads - $30, $40 or $50 per valid lead; Private insurance leads - $5
per lead.

Earnings: $30, $40, $50

Method of Payment: Check

Pay Date: Monthly

Minimum Payout: $30.

This is one offer that is very easy to promote on Facebook. You can even
promote this offer alone on Facebook and still be making close to $500
monthly. Just create a group on Diabetes, search for friends who are
looking for diabetics solutions and invite them. Once you have some
members, send them your referral link and tell them what they stand to
benefit for joining the site. Who doesn‟t like FREE information? I bet you,
you don‟t even need to worry your head much before the dollar starts rolling


This is a UK company that offers pay per sign up program for 6 dating sites.
The first thing you do is to go over to
http://www.affiliates.easydate.biz/register?pid=44fc36b9 and sign
up for a free account. They accept Nigerians directly, but I‟ll advice you use
a UK address (Get the report HERE). The better your traffic converts, the
bigger your payout is. Start sending leads today and see just how much you
can earn! Every free sign up you refer can bring you up to £5.00! Use the
various techniques discussed earlier to promote this. It pays very well.

You can receive your earnings via check or PayPal. If by check, they send it
to your address [Nigeria or UK] and you cash it from your dom account.

Choose as many as you will like to promote and get to work.

Under EasyDate.biz are 6 pay per sign up sites. Simply get your referral link
to each of these 6 sites and start promoting them. They are below:


DatetheUK Pay Per Lead program can earn you up to £5.00 per confirmed
registration - male or female (leads).

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SpeedDaterOnline per lead program pays up to £4.00 per each confirmed
free registration according to the following scale:

YouCanGetMe Pay Per Lead program can earn you up to £3.25 per confirmed
registration - male or female (leads). Take a look at this table to see how
your leads and sales can work together and earn you more per lead.

BeNaughty per lead program pays up to £4.50 per each confirmed free

ClickAndFlirt per lead program pays up to £4.50 per each confirmed free

SexInTheUK Pay Per Lead program can earn you up to £5.00 per confirmed
registration - male or female (leads).

This is another pay per lead company I seem to love so much! I have
personally made good amount of dollars from this site. Hence, I‟ll tend to be
more elaborate on this program. Why I love this site so much is that you
don‟t only make dollars from it, but you also get a USA MasterCard through

As an affiliate of this website you can get paid up to $1 (£0.50) for every
unique visitor that you manage to get to visit the dating site via your own
link (usually a banner image). If you can get people to open a free dating
profile account at the website by using your own affiliate link, you can earn
even more money (usually a couple of pounds per account made). Therefore
if you have a website or blog that is able to display advertisements for the
Friend Finder affiliate program, and are able to get people to click on these
banners, you will be guaranteed to be able to make money from the affiliate

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Getting Started:

All you need to get started is just a blog which you can get for free at
www.blogger.com. Using this free blog, you will be able to apply to the
Friend Finder affiliate program. This simply involves filling out some basic
information such as your website and your address (for them to send your
payments by check, for every month that you earn money from the
program), don‟t go for the check option, I‟ll show you how to receive your
earnings from this company into a MasterCard and you withdraw from ATM
machine in Nigeria here. Use your Nigerian address here.

Visit www.friendfinder.com/go/g1156027 and sign up for a Friend Finder
affiliate; select the first option which is 'Per Member Payout'. This means
you get paid per unique visitor, and per unique sign up. This will allow you to
make the most money as possible from the program.

Make sure you have selected option one in the top scrollbar box on the
application form, and then fill in the rest of the information required on the

Type in the URL of your blog in the URL field (such as
http://www.MeetSweetLadies.blogspot.com ). This will be the website used
to advertise the Friend Finder dating website. Though not necessary, but you
should fix something there.

Using Your FriendFinder Affiliate Links

After you submit your form to become a Friend Finder affiliate, you should
receive an e-mail which contains your affiliate link and username/password
for the website.

When you have your log-on information for Friend Finder, visit the website
and then click on the Affiliates tab at the top of the page. Then click on the
link to log in. Here you will find various different creatives (banners, flash
videos, and personalized links and ordinary links) that can be used on your
website/blog to help you earn as much money as possible from the dating
website. You will also find various other mini-sites to promote as well as the
main Friend Finder one, such as Senior Friend Finder, Jewish Friend Finder,

Look for dating websites that will more closely suit the people you are
targeting, thus enabling you to increase your earnings as an affiliate.

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What you do is to use Facebook traffic pulling techniques discussed earlier
and drag visitors to your blog, if you created one or simply visit
www.tinyurl.com and shorten your referral link, then send it out to your

I bet you, if you if you have 200 friends, and say 100 signs up under your
link, you make cool $100. Do this over and over again and you have a
lifelong business built around Facebook.

You can receive your earnings via check or through Payoneer MasterCard
and withdraw from ATM here in Nigeria. (EcoBank and Zenith). Refer to
http://www.tinyurl.com/MasterCardd for the guide on how to get the USA

Here are other Pay per Sign up programs you can join to maximize your

GoToMyPC.com: $30 Per Lead: - Pay you $2 to $10 per trial sign up, and
$30 per free sign up with credit card.

MomentumDirect.net: $18.75 Per Lead: MomentumDirect.net will pay
you $18.75 every time you send it a lead that requests a FREE sample of its
health/diet product! That's right! You don't have to sell anything nor do your
leads have to buy anything! They request a free sample and you get paid
$18.75 per lead!

eCampus.com: eCampus.com bookstore will pay you $1.75 per FREE
online registration! Join here http://www.ecampus.com/affiliateprogram.asp

Intellilend.com: Creoscope Media, Inc., a mortgage company, will pay you
$25 per lead that fills out a FREE quote form!

Picture.com: Picture.com will pay you $2.75 per lead that enters a photo

Quality Health will pay you $1.20 every time a visitor you send to their site
enters his/her email to get free Health samples!

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YorkPhoto.com will pay you $12.00 for every lead you send that signs up
and gets 10 prints.

TaxHelpAttorney.com is a lawyer merchant that will pay you $10.00 for
every lead you send that fills a 5 field sign up form.

GameTap.com is a games merchant that will pay you $20.00 for every
FREE trial by a lead.

What‟s More….

Yes, I have succeeded in showing you some pay per sign up programs that
you can start today and be making at least $300 weekly. I must tell you
this, for you not to lose focus, concentrate on few for the start. Later, when
you start seeing the money, you can go into more.

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       My Idea My Cash Business [MIMC]
I guess you must have heard about selling information product to people.

You may have engaged in this at one time or the other without even
knowing it. Maybe; because you were not paid for it.

For example, you may be good in offering relationship advice, settling
marital problems and the likes and may have helped people with it. You
were not paid right?

It‟s time to start making some bucks from those ideas of yours. It gets more
interesting when we combine it with the Facebook strategy! Does that get
you excited?

In this My Idea My Cash Guide (MIMC), or call it The Quick Cash Guide if you
like, I‟m going to show you how to set-up an instant information marketing
Business, such that between now and the next 45 days, you can make up to
N98,000 profit by just offering simple solutions to common problems on
Facebook, without even spending a dime.

You can even triple this amount if you decide to invest as little as N5,000
like I‟ll show you at the end of this strategy. I bet you!

            How My Idea My Cash Business Works.

As you hang around on Facebook and catch your normal fun, there seem to
be particular problems that many people are seriously looking for solutions
to. Simply, provide them this solution(s) in exchange for a token and smile
to the bank.

This goes to lend credence to the adage that; „To Be Successful, Find a Need
and Fill It‟

Summarily; you

[1]Look for a hungry market [lots of them on Facebook]

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[2]Get to know what they really want.

[3]Give them want they want for a price.

[4]Rinse step 1- 3 and Repeat.

[5]Look for more needs and fill it.

[6]Get richer!

If you can put that simple process to work, you‟ll simply be making endless
cool, sweet and legit cash till Christ comes.

As long as people will always need something I‟ll always make money.

See a Practical Example: Having realized that many Nigerians are having
issues with making payments online, since the credit cards issued by
Nigerian banks are rejected at most shops online, I quickly researched and
found an easy way of owning a USA credit card that you can apply for and
have it shipped to your Nigerian address for free.

Need identified right?

So, I quickly put together a report presented it to them. Guess, what; I sold
this report at N4,500 per copy on Facebook using the strategies I wrote
about earlier.

After about 60 days of releasing this report, I have recorded close to 150
sales. Do the mathematics yourself and….

Not too bad! I can hear you say!

That is not all. Ever since then, I‟ve put together a number of other high
selling reports that tends to solve people‟s problems, among which is this
very report you are reading right now. Don‟t doubt me if I tell you that sales
are already pouring in even while I still work on the material.

Join Our Internet Business School Today @ www.DotComClass.com | OGIDI PATRICK Page 32
  Building a Successful „My Idea My Cash Business‟
                  Around Facebook

Building a successful My Idea My Cash Business or Information Product
Marketing Business is easy, I mean as easy as ABC ONLY if you will follow
the steps outlined here:

1] Hot Market to Target

2] Product Packaging

3] Sales Letter and Advert Writing

4] List Building and Email Marketing

 These 4 simple steps are all you need to build a successful „My Idea My
Cash Business‟.

Let‟s discuss each step in detail:


. . . How to spot a hot niche market in 20 minutes

The first and most important aspect is of this business is “targeting the right
market” Niche market in other words.

A niche market is a market containing a group of people that has a particular
need. For example here in Nigeria a lot of people want to study abroad on
scholarship. So if I decide to create a product that provides a list of foreign
tuition free institutions plus tips on how to ensure you get admission, that
makes studying abroad my niche market.

If your product solves the problem of infertility, it means you are in the
health niche.
Also another point you should know is this:

For every market you find, there is always a sub market.

I just gave an example that if someone sells a product which solves
infertility, he is said to be in the health market. But the truth is this. Though

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his market is the health market, his niche market [or targeted audience] are
those suffering from infertility.

His product will be meaningless if he tries to sell it to those that have
diabetes even though they are all in the health market.

Always bear in mind that the success of a product depends on the
degree of the demand (that’s how much the target audience needs
it), the number of people that needs it and their readiness to pay for

This is where most people fail. Please guide against this.
Before you come out with a product (I‟ll explain how to do that later),
ensure that it‟s a product that too many people will like to have.

I gave you an example of the Online Payment Solution report earlier. I had o
put up the product because I knew many Nigerians needs a payment system
that works globally. I got to find out about this by simply interacting on

Therefore, your first step should be:

Think of the market. Will the market buy this product?

How to Know a Hot Selling Product in 20 minutes

At this point, you should know what a market or a niche market is. A hot
Market means a market that is really in NEED for a particular product or a
solution to a problem they are having at the moment and ready to pull their
wallet to get it.

When you come up with a product for a market and the product really solves
the problem and provides the solution – such product can be said to be a hot

For instance, a lot of Nigerians come into the online business world with the
problem of not knowing how to get a credit card to pay for goods online.
Provide the solution to that problem and you will definitely smile to the

What about the number of Nigerian Facebook users that are in need of a
reliable online business that can make them money... provide the solution
and laugh to the bank.

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That‟s simple!

It is worthy of note at this point that you will definitely be on the wrong
track if instead of following demand; you follow your passion to determine
the hotness of any market.
If you want to make quick money online don't follow your passion, follow the

The Right Way To Know A Hot Market

Firstly you must recognize the fact that your potential customers are
Facebook users, mostly Nigerians. So you will learn to think along that line.
So, to spot a hot market, take the following steps:

[1] Hang Around Facebook and Join As Many Groups as Possible
This method is for sure the most effective especially with our target market.
As you socialize and catch your fun on Facebook, try to spot the particular
problems a greater number of people are experiencing. Also join as many
groups as possible, especially those that have a greater number of members
and be very active on their discussion boards.

As you do this, you‟ll get to discover common problems many people are
facing from their questions and comments. Assuming you already have a
product in mind and you think it will sell, you can use the various tools
highlighted above to also examine the market. Share the most pressing
question you think many people are having problems with and you could
spot from their responses, the hotness of the market.

If you have a group (I know you should have one now), send them a mass
email and try to ask them their most pressing need. By so doing, you can
easily spot a hot market in 20 minutes and provide a solution to it for quick

[2] Read Adverts In Newspaper
Don‟t forget that these people on Facebook are the same people you see and
deal with in your everyday life. Therefore, you can also determine a hot
market from other places outside Facebook. And one of such places is
through the print media. Assuming that you already have a product in mind
that you think will sell. The next thing you need to do is to look out for
newspapers that will have more readers that might be interested in the
product you have in mind.

Join Our Internet Business School Today @ www.DotComClass.com | OGIDI PATRICK Page 35
When you have purchased the newspaper or magazine, the next logical thing
you need to do is to look out for product or services advertized in the paper.

Firstly, browse through the paper columns and find out the problems that
are mostly talked about or even the solution that have just being discovered.
For example, if you read Success Digest
Extra! [A widely read Nigerian Newspaper majoring in online business] of
late, you‟ll notice that a lot of noise, sorry questions has been asked about
successfully opening, verifying and running a PayPal account from Nigeria.
[Hint: PayPal does not accept Nigerians].

If you are a smart MIMC guy [I know you are already one with the help of
this report], you would know from peoples questions and response that
PayPal issue alone is a hot niche in Nigeria. It will only take you like 30
minutes of research to put up a report on this. And I bet you, it will sell like

Sometimes also, you can look at the advertorial pages of Newspapers. If you
notice that a particular product is being advertised severally from several
marketers, that mean there is a demand for such product. A good example
of this product you can see from Sun Newspapers is the Travel Abroad
Niche. I doubt if there has been any edition on this paper for the past 3
years without an advert on Travel Abroad. All you need do is to create your
own in a unique or better way and hit the market for mega cash!

[3] Brain Storm Market Ideas:
Are you a newbie that does not know where to start from?
This technique will work best for you. What you do is to go over to any
nearby newspaper stand again and purchase about 1 or 2 newspapers that
you often read. When you have them look out for products that you know
the people need.

Firstly the question you should ask yourself is:

Why Do You Read That Newspaper?

Your answer to that question will help you a lot. If you don't answer the
question you might never start your own MIMC business. If for example the
reason you read Success
Digest Extra, Punch or Income Newspaper is to learn more about shares and
the likes and how you can maximize your income through investing in
shares. That would be a good market to start from.

Join Our Internet Business School Today @ www.DotComClass.com | OGIDI PATRICK Page 36
As a soon to be MIMC business man, the next line of action is to take a sheet
of paper and a pen and write out the following:

● What are the major problems that the people are facing or what you think
they will need
● What are the problems that you are facing in that market and would love
to have a solution to.

Your answer to the above question is already a bestselling information

Right now as I am writing this report, the US Visa Lottery is hot right now.
Think about making it your market to target. Do some research and come up
with tips and tricks that would ensure 96% success for your visa lottery

I think I have been able to explain simple methods to spot a hot market and
hot product in 20 minutes or less.

The best time to start is NOW! Don't dilly dally get started with something
right away. Start writing ideas as they flood your mind, put them on paper
as we move on to the second step on how to create a successful My Idea My
Cash Business in Nigeria; Product Packaging.

Once you have located a hot market and product, the next task would be to
package the ideas.

Packaging, here simply means putting the information you have come up
with in a format that can easily be transmitted, downloaded, read and

Most information products are created in e-book formats just like the one
you are reading now. There are also other formats like audio, video etc

The most common form of information products is the eBook format. For the
start, I would advise you make your information products in pdf format. The
reason is that PDF documents are not only easily produced, but can be sent
via email thereby shading off the stress of physically sending it by courier or
so to your clients. You paid for this eBook right? And then received the
download link. It‟s as easy as that!

Join Our Internet Business School Today @ www.DotComClass.com | OGIDI PATRICK Page 37
With that understood, let me show you a simple way to package your
information product in a pdf format.

How To Package Your Information product In E-book Format


Before I go ahead to show how to create an ebook, I‟ll like you to go through
this wonderful piece written by a fellow Warrior at WarriorForum.com. Enjoy

Step 1 - Do all your research for the book FIRST. Don't
start writing ONE thing until you know EVERYTHING that is going
to go in the book.

Step 2 - Take all the notes from your research and put
them in one place, such as a word doc or whatever. Try to
arrange them in a logical sequence, close to what you'd have
the book be in.

Step 3 - Write down an outline in chapter form of
everything that is going to be in the book BEFORE you start
writing. This should include everything from the introduction
to the closing.

Step 4 - Following your outline, write the book ONE
CHAPTER AT A TIME. Pretend that the chapter you are working
on is the WHOLE book. That way you won't feel so overwhelmed
by the thought of having to complete a 50 to 100 page book.
As each chapter is completed, scratch it off your outline.

So if you have an outline of 10 chapters, even if you only do
ONE CHAPTER A DAY, you'll have that book finished in 10 days
and not 10 months.

Step 5 - Proofread each chapter as you write it. That way the proofreading part won't seem
so overwhelming. Who wants to sit down and read a 50 page book in one sitting?

Step 6 - When the book is finished, make your PDF.

That's it...done.

A 100 page book of 25 chapters shouldn't take you more than a month to finish just doing a
chapter a day.

If you break it down like this and don't let the enormity of the project as a whole get to you,

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you'll find that you're able to crank out material at breakneck speed.

Okay, now that I have given you the outline, let's go through a fictional example. Don't
worry, I'm not going to write a whole book here, just the shell.

Let's say our book is going to be on "How To Cure Acne In 3 Days...Naturally."

Okay, we're already done our research on what acne is, what causes it and we know our
cure because we discovered it.

Time to write our book.

Here is the very simple outline.

Chapter 1 - What Is Acne?
Chapter 2 - What Causes Acne?
Chapter 3 - What Are The Traditional Acne Treatments?
Chapter 4 - How Can You Cure Acne Naturally? (overview)
Chapter 5 - The Steps For Curing Your Acne Naturally
Chapter 6 - Maintenance For Keeping Acne Away Permanently

That's it. That's our ebook. It's probably going to be about 35 to 50 pages.

So the first thing you do is write your intro.

"The purpose of this book is to give you a natural way to fight your acne and cure it

This shouldn't be more than a page.

Next, you write Chapter 1 - What Is Acne?

"Acne is a condition that...etc."

You don't go into what causes it here or any treatments or anything like that. Just tell WHAT
it is.

Next you write Chapter 2 - What Causes Acne?

"Acne is caused by...etc."

This will probably take you about 3 pages to go into all the causes of acne, including diet,
dirt, etc. Again, you only talk about the causes...nothing else.

Next you write Chapter 3 - What Are Traditional Treatments.

"Acne is commonly treated by using...etc."

There are tons of treatments for acne. You could write a book
on these alone. Keep it to about 5 pages. Talk about nothing
else other than how acne is traditionally treated.

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Next you write Chapter 4 - How Can You Cure Acne Naturally?

"Acne can easily be cured naturally by...etc."

Just tell them HOW it can be cured but don't go into the actual procedure yet. This is kind of
like a teaser. You can do this in a page or 2.

Next you write Chapter 5 - The Steps For Curing Acne Naturally

"Step 1 - ..."

That's how you do this section...step by step. You want to make it as simple as possible to
understand. You do not discuss anything else here other than the actual steps.

This is probably going to be about 3 pages.

Next you write Chapter 6 - Maintenance For Keeping Acne Away

"In order to keep your acne from coming back...etc."

You may then want to write what follows in step by step form as you did in chapter 5.

This will probably be a page or 2.

Next you write the conclusion.

"If you follow the steps in this book...etc."

You might want to recap some of what you discussed. Maybe start out with something like...

"Acne is a problem that affects millions of people. Traditional medicine only...etc."

You get the idea.

Write your ebooks using this outline and you should never have trouble completing any
book in less than a month.

Hope you grabbed one or two ideas from the piece above.

Once you have your ideas ready and written in a paper, the next thing you
do is to type it into a Microsoft word document. Do the necessary tweaking
and design and proceed to converting it to PDF format.

There are lots of free tools online you can use to convert your Microsoft
Word document to PDF.
Some of them are software which you can install on your PC and use it
offline while some are web based; in that you visit the site and do the

Join Our Internet Business School Today @ www.DotComClass.com | OGIDI PATRICK Page 40
conversion right online. You don‟t need to worry your head as I am going to
give you every tool you will need for your ebook conversion free.

Online PDF Converters
   www.k2pdf.com/convert.html
   www.freepdfconvert.com
   www.zamar.com

For offline PDF converters you can download the following software to your

       http://www.create-pdf-files.com/thankyou-2112.htm A $10 resource
       that contains pack of internet marketing tools worth over $477. Check
       it out yourself.

You have just chosen a market that you consider profitable, and then you
have an idea of how your product will be packaged. Well with all that you
still won't make your desired profit until you master sales letter and
advert writing.

So how do we go about this?

Since we are working on a low budget and wish to stick to our aim of making
money from Facebook, what you do here is to go back to your group and
create a discussion topic for your new product. Here is where your sales
copy/advert is going to be written while you drag traffic using the various
Facebook traffic pulling techniques we discussed earlier.

Believe me even if you create a product that can almost be gotten for free
but you have excellent skills at sales letter writing you can make a
N1,000,000 from your product while someone with a perfect product but
poor sales letter skills will be struggling to make N50,000 from his product.

In other words a good product is not enough without an excellent
sales letter.

What is a sales letter?
A sales letter is that which sells or talks about a product. Simple! Quickly go
over to the following websites to see some out of Facebook sales letter:


Join Our Internet Business School Today @ www.DotComClass.com | OGIDI PATRICK Page 41

All this are sales letter because they are talking about a product or service.
Your sales letter is your sales officer. Don‟t forget that you won‟t see MOST
of the people that will request for more information about your product to be
able to convince them yourself, your sales letter does the job.

The MAJOR features that make an excellent sales letter are:

[a] A „Want To Read More‟ Headline
[b] An Eye-Catching Body
[c] Money Back Guarantee

Your headline has to be compelling. It has to catch the reader‟s attention
otherwise they won‟t even bother reading the rest of your letter or sales

Which of these catches your attention?

“I am looking for 25 motivated Facebook users who haven't made
a single dime online to help them build a powerful profit pulling
business that brings in $700 within 6 weeks...Guaranteed”


“You can make your life easier and get rich through my profit
pulling ideas”.

You can see from the two headlines above that the first one is more
captivating and trapping than the second.

So the first step to writing a good and excellent sales letter is to write good
Make your headlines bolder than the remaining words in your letter.

Once again a good and catchy headline will make the reader want to read
the rest body. In most cases be specific about what your product is about
through your headline.

For example the headline in this report reads:

Join Our Internet Business School Today @ www.DotComClass.com | OGIDI PATRICK Page 42
“The Facebook Naira Ultimate Report; The Untold Secret
Strategies of Making Steady Income from Facebook”
If you are a Facebook user and you read the headline, you‟ll long to read to
the end right?

You should devout time and concentration while writing your sales letter.
Even if it takes you more time to write a good 500-1000 words as your sales
letter, do it!

Even if it means paying someone else to do it for you, you shouldn‟t mind as
here lays the money. This is because, at the long run, you‟ll make more
money than the person who doesn't invest that much time and money.

The second thing you should consider in writing your sales copy is the body
of the letter. Start with a story or a question. Make it very interesting.
Stretch the readers‟ mind that he won‟t be able to stop until he gets to the

Hint: For more tips on sales letter writing just go to www.copyblogger.com

Finally always use Money Back Guarantee in your entire sales letter. No
matter what market you are targeting always promise to return their money
back if they don't feel satisfied about the product.

And make sure you do it. Making 20 sales and with 4 refund is not bad.

Great internet marketers like Ewen Chia, despite their expertise and
impeccability in the field, still make refunds. Making a refund does not really
mean that your product does not deliver on its promises, but maybe the
buyer is the lazy type that thinks your package will be the magician he or
she needs!

On the other hand, if you create a product and make 30 sales, and had 10 to
12 refunds in a week, there must be a problem somewhere. Look out for
what the problem is. It might be that your product is not giving them the
solution to their problems.

Join Our Internet Business School Today @ www.DotComClass.com | OGIDI PATRICK Page 43

I wouldn‟t want to write much on this. List building is simply the record
keeping of all the email contacts of your clients so that you can reach them
subsequently. The mass email sender on the Facebook group takes care of
this. Using this, you can easily broadcast a mass email to every member of
your group informing them of your new products.

There are other similar tools you can use outside the Facebook. Some of
them are GetResponse.com, SendFree.com etc.

Why should you build a list?

The answer is numerous. If you created a product and then you made 50
sales from it with a total of 200 subscribers. One month later you created
another product that is in the same market with the previous one you sold.
Let‟s leave it here since we are looking to cut expenses.

Catching the gist?

Another idea I want to bring to your mind is the one that will require some
sort of capital. Here you may wish to replace the Facebook group discussion
page with a website where you will now have your sales copy. This will
require you to pay for a domain name and registration which will cost you
around $10 for domain name registration at www.LovingName.com and $3
one month hosting at www.LovingHosting.com

So, if you have a website, all you do is to drag your Facebook friends and
group members to your website using the same techniques discussed

You may also wish to maximize profit by extending your advertorials hands
to the media. You may start with the Success Digest Extra classified advert
which costs N7,500. Sun Newspapers, Punch etc are also good for classified

You can also use the Visa Business $100 free Facebook ads coupon to
advertise your sales page. To do that, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Go to http://apps.facebook.com/visabusiness/sign_up, sign up,
complete the simple steps and you will get a $100 free advertising credit on

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Step 2 – Once you‟re finished with the signing up process you will get an
email with the $100 coupon code.

Step 3 – What you do is to advertise the link to your offer [either on your
Facebook group discussion board or a separate website] on Facebook ad

Step 4 - With your $100.00 coupon, visit
http://www.facebook.com/advertising/?src=advf2 for the direct link to the
Facebook ad program.

Fill out the form with the necessary details and your ad is set.

Facebook ad program works pay per click style so you should get good 200
or more clicks from that $100.00 coupon and if your ad is catchy, that
should translate to a flood of traffic to your offer page/website, which
invariably means lots of cash for you.

That is to say that, for a product whose price is say N2,500, you only need
just 20 sales from the 200 clicks to hit N50,000.

So you have the right information now, put it to work and fatten your bank

What the people need is a product that will solve their problem and a good
sales letter that attracts them… that‟s all. Give this to them in exchange for

That‟s all with the My Idea My Cash Business Works.

Wao!, you probably thinking that running a My Idea My Cash Business is a
herculean task? Well, I must tell you it‟s a task that requires lots of wits and
hardwork to set up, but once it‟s up and running, you smile forever.

Lay your hands on The Complete Info Creation Toolkit. It will help you a great
deal in excelling in this biz. Download it from

Username: vipmember, Password: legit

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In my sales letter at www.FacebookNaira.com, I promised giving you up to
10 survey websites you can register with today start making quick bucks
with only 2 hours of your time or less right?

I actually lied! Yes, I lied and you‟ll find out in a short time. I lied because
I‟m not giving you just 10, NOT EVEN 15 OR 20 BUT 22 correct excellent
and paying survey websites that can simply turn you around even if you
decide to work with them alone.

I think I have done my part by giving you 22 places to get online survey and
work from home jobs. Your own is to go over to the website and study each
of them, register with as many as you can, get and fulfill as many jobs as
you can and then make as much money as you can. But „no forget me ooo…‟

Here they are:

      [3] WWW.ESEARCH.COM
      [4] WWW.VINDALE.COM
      [9] WWW.NPDOR.COM
      [21] WWW.TREKPAY.COM

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The above list of survey websites are product of my in-depth research. I
have had my protégés work with almost all of them to make sure I give you
the best paying survey websites available on the internet. Therefore, you‟re
getting these 22 survey sites as an added bonus to the Facebook Naira
Ultimate report. Just play your card well and start pulling in unlimited dollars
in no time.

Here are accesses to Survey Site Database;




                MEGA PROFITS.
If you need to have your money work for you without doing any work
at all, and yet be earning up to 6% of your investment daily, then you
need High Yielding Investment Program [HYIP]. HYIP websites pay you
a percentage of your investment daily.

The fact that there are lots of fake HYIP websites out there does not
mean that there are no real ones. As I‟m writing this report, I only
know of few genuine and paying HYIP websites:

They are;

[1] www.bit.ly/AtlantisMutuals: This is another good and genuine
investment website that if I were to be a greedy fellow, I‟ll simply keep
it to myself and make all the money alone. This company has been
paying it‟s investors since inception. If you scan through the forums
and review websites, you‟ll notice that there have been lots of positive
comments about this HYIP website. Register at
www.bit.ly/AtlantisMutuals today and start making money.

AtlantisMutuals has investments plans which are suited for small
investors and to the real serious large investors. There are four
different plans for the investors to choose from, and the best part
being it is affordable for even small time investors. They are;
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Atlantis Initial: This plan is for a term period of 7 days, with a
minimum investment of $5 and total return of 105%.

Atlantis Triweekly: This plan is for 21 days, with a minimum
investment of $25 and total return of 120%.

The next 2 plans are for more serious investors.

Atlantis basic: The plan extends for a term of 60 days with a total
return of 191% at the end, the minimum investment being $100.

Atlantis gold: This plan has a minimum of $500 for a period of 120
days, yielding a total profit of 391%. All the plans pay only at the end
of the term.

[2] www.TinyURL.com/CSMFinance: Another good HYIP site. Miss it,
and regret losing $340 interest in 200 days from doing no job at all.
Tips To Make More Money From Investment Sites Using FB.
Once you join the above HYIP sites, the next thing you do is to get
your referral links and start referring your friends to it. You earn a
percentage of whatever they invest.

Again our Facebook strategies come into play here. Use the techniques
you already know and invite your FB friends. The more people you
invite, the more you earn. It‟s even easier owing to the fact that MANY
people are hungry for genuine opportunities like this.

I mean come to think of the fact that some banks pay only 3% interest
yearly and that is ONLY if no withdrawal is done.

But here, I‟ve just given you some genuine H.Y.I.P websites that will
give you in 2 days what a bank gives in a whole year or more than!

Before I round off, I‟ll like you to do me a little favour. Once you start
applying these principles contained in this report and the money starts
rolling in, just send me a testimonial to wealthlifters@live.com

Your testimonial and criticism will help me improve on subsequent products,
so keep them coming! I value them a lot.

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This is a killer program that has helped thousands of people across the globe
earn an income. It‟s called CraigsPimp.

In CraigsPimp, you simply get paid posting ads on Craigslist.

It's easy. You post classified ads on Craigslist and earn money based on the
number of responses to your ads. For example, if you post an ad in San
Francisco and 100 people respond, you could earn up to $10 for posting that
single ad. If that‟s true, then how many ads will you like to post daily?

Payments are made through PayPal, Payoneer MasterCard, Western Union or

Click HERE to join right away and start earning. Once you have registered,
visit the tutorial sections for tips on how to get going.

With CraigsPimp, you not only make money posting ads on Craigslist, but
you can also earn LIFETIME INCOME just by referring your friends to

You earn a flat 5% commission on all monies paid to them for their posting
work. That’s to say that if someone you refer earns $1000, you receive $50.

It's that simple!

So how do you integrate this into our Facebook Money Making Experience?

You can simply create a Facebook group and name it something like ‘We Make
Money With Gmail’ Here’ and adorn the group info page with your catchy
welcome message including your CraigsPimp referral link.

Invite your friends and encourage them to invite their friends too. Once any new
member joins, he or she reads your welcome message and registers under your
link, you make money. Simple!

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Read more about CraigsPimp referral program HERE.

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Listed below are Payoneer partners you can work with and receive your
earnings into your MasterCard. It is worthy of note that you can only apply
for Payoneer MasterCard ones and can use the same card to withdraw your
earnings from any of the sites listed below:


       www.GetAFreelancer.com
       www.uTest.com
       www.Guru.com
       www.oDesk.com
       www.RentACoder.com
       www.ScriptLance.com
       www.Elance.com
       www.ReviewMe.com

Payment processing

       2CheckOut
       Plimus


       MediaWhiz
       Copeac
       ROIRocket
       IncentReward


       AWEmpire
       Adult Friend Finder
       Hustler Cash


       FreedomRocks
       GPA40
       iStockPhoto.com
       Fluc.com
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           ***VERY IMPORTANT***
Though, I have given you every tool you need to successfully suck Facebook
million dollars well dry by simply exploring the cash cranking power of
Facebook. I bet you, if you apply the principles contained in this report
judiciously, nothing will ever stop you from saying an everlasting BYE to
poverty and lack.

If it has been working for me and my protégés, why won‟t it work for you?

So What Next >>>>

   1. Out of the 500 people that will be ordering this report, I want to pick
      20 serious Facebook users and do something no one has ever done in
      the history of internet business anywhere. I want to create an advance
      training class for these 20 people only. If you‟re so lucky to be among
      this 20 people, here are what you‟ll get:

      I will help you create a HOT information product with you as the
      I will write your own sales letter and ads for the product.
      I will write like 3 follow-up letters for your product.
      I will give you a follow up coaching till you make your first N50,000
       profit in your first month or less.

This class of 20 people will cost just N10,500 only. If you are interested just
send me an email to wealthlifters@live.com or call me on +2348039560064
for more information.

   2. DotComClass.com

Yes, like I said at the beginning of this report, I am working on a
membership site that will accommodate just 500 members. There and then,
they will be my students for life and I‟ll be teaching them the undiluted
secrets and techniques of making a super duper income online. Members will
have the privilege of accessing a database of over 20,000 eBooks, software,
videos etc by world known internet marketers. They will be free to ask any
question they like and receive expedited responses.

To be sure you are not left out; do keep your watchful eyes on

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In my sales letter, I promised some bonuses and here they are:

FacebookNaira Bonus [More Jobs On Facebook]:

PayPal In A Snap [PayPal Account Opening Guide]:

Changing IP Without A Software:


How To Get A USA MasterCard For Free:

How to Get A UK Address For Free:


Access to www.AffiliateProjectX.com

How to flip websites for mega profit:

Book Importing Business:


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How to Make Money from Domain Business:

$700 in 7 Days Report


Blogger Blueprint: How to Create Blogs




Use the following details if prompted for username and password:

Username: vipmember

Password: legit

I‟ll like to hear from you, send your comments and questions to:

Emails: weathlifters@live.com


Call +234 803 956 0064

     +234 708 962 4824

See You Some Other Time!

Ogidi Patrick
Africa‟s No.1 Facebook Wealth Expert!


NOTE: This report is updated almost on a weekly basis. To ensure you receive
every updates first hand, do send a blank email to: fbnaira@sendfree.com

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