Newsletter for April 2 - 6_ 2012

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					                           Kinder News
                            Ms. Batte’s Kindergarten Class
                                  For the week of April 2 - 6, 2012

          Relay for Life Egg Grab                               This Week in Math…
Relay for Life will be hosting their annual Egg
 Grab this week (on Wednesday, April 4th, for            This week will be an Easter-themed review
grades K-2). They will visit the classroom with         week in Math. We will review our sorting
wagons of eggs filled with surprises! The eggs         and graphing skills, matching larger numbers
   will be 25 cents apiece; the students may            to sets, and addition. On Wednesday, we
purchase as many as they’d like. Each egg is a          will be sorting and graphing jelly beans! We
 winner and will be stuffed with candy, prizes         will resume our differentiated Math Groups
or money! Please help our school support this            and begin Topic 11 in the enVision Math
                                                            Series (Subtraction) after the Easter
                 great cause! 
                                                                         holiday. 

                              What We’re Studying in Reading!
       This week we are learning the sounds /j/ as in the word “jaguar” and /w/ as in “wagon.”
Please have your child practice these letters and sounds. Ask him or her to tell you the names of
things that start with the /w/ and /j/ sounds. We have three new “Popcorn Words” to learn—
yellow, blue and green. Also, please have your child practice sounding out and reading the
following words: Wes, jet, win, Jan, will, jets, web, went, Jill, jig, get, and well.

       Letters: Jj, Ww

       Popcorn Words: yellow, blue, green

         Dates to Remember                                        Easter Egg Hunt
                                                         On the afternoon of Thursday, April 5th,
Tuesday, April 3rd – Graduation Pictures; Pizza Hut
                                                      we will be having an Easter Egg Hunt at
              Spirit Night, 5 – 9 p.m.
                                                      school. Two dozen plastic Easter eggs filled
Wednesday, April 4th – Relay for Life Egg Grab for    with packaged candy from each child were
                       K–2                            due by Monday, April 2nd. If you have not
                                                      already sent these in, please do so as soon as
  Thursday, April 5th – Easter Egg Hunt (Bring a      possible. Also, please be sure that your child
                      basket!)                        has a basket/bag in which to collect his/her
                                                      eggs on that Thursday. Thank you for all that
   Friday, April 6th – Good Friday; NO SCHOOL         you do! The boys and girls are definitely
                                                      looking forward to this fun day! 
Monday, April 9th – NO SCHOOL (Easter Holiday)

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