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									April - May 2012                                                 Issue 182

As Lechlade begins to get warmer and lighter, the inhabitants seem to be
that little bit more cheerful and content. No more gloomy ‘hurrumphs!’ as
people pass by on the street; no more weary trudging with eyes glued
resolutely to the ground. Even the animals know there is something in the
air – birds are chirpier, dogs more frisky, and soon even the squeaking
vicarage bats will put in an appearance. The better weather of spring also
galvanises the greetings card industry to flood this sceptred isle with images
of Easter eggs, chicks, bunnies and daffodils. Don’t get me wrong, I like fluffy
animals and jolly blooms like the next clergyman, but it doesn’t quite express
the real meaning of Easter, does it? For us in the northern hemisphere Easter
falls in March or April every year, when spring has begun to make itself felt
and symbols of fertility and new life are naturally expressed. But this
reverence and celebration of the rhythms and seasons of the natural world
is often no different from pagan or New Age beliefs. Shouldn’t we try to
re-Christianise Easter?
           Last week in The Spectator, Hugo Rifkind wrote that he is ‘in favour
of the marginalisation of religion in public life’. ‘Goddish types’ should speak
out on important issues, ‘but they should do so from the margins’. Hmmm.
Mr Rifkind probably does express the opinions of a lot of people in this
country, which is increasingly secular and sceptical, if not antagonistic to
organised religion. Maybe the Christian Church has been too vague and
woolly about Easter and we have allowed Christmas to become the major
festival of our faith. People like angels, shepherds, donkeys, little babies in
stables. But death by Roman crucifixion? Traumatised and bewildered
disciples? The cold darkness of a stone tomb? It is much harder to
communicate the necessary death of Jesus Christ and why it stubbornly
remains at the centre of Christianity.
           Maybe during Easter 2012 Lechlade Christians can buck the trend
and go public with their scandalous exposé of the God-man, who willingly
gave up his life for a rebellious and fallen world? Maybe public processions
on Palm Sunday and Good Friday will rouse interest? Maybe Holy Week
posters in people’s windows will encourage a thought about the Easter story,
as depicted in the Gospels? Maybe the excellent ‘Experience Easter’
exhibition in St Lawrence Church will reintroduce our friends and neighbours
to the real Easter? This Easter why not be part of a quietly subversive and
radical movement that is not content to be hushed and left in the margins?
As St Paul said a long time ago, ‘but we preach Christ crucified’. A loud and
public ‘Amen!’ to that.
                               Andrew Cinnamond

Services and other events
The Baptist Church (Sherborne Street GL7 3AH) extends a warm welcome
to you to join us for our 10:30am Sunday services. Before each service
there is a prayer meeting at 9:45am. On Good Friday we are offering a
‘Time of Reflection’ at 10:30am. Our Easter Sunday service will also be at
         The Ecumenical Lent Groups’ Service will take place at the Baptist
Church on Monday 2 April at 7:30pm.

Regular events taking place at the church are:
Card-making group, which meets on the first Wednesday of the month from
2:00pm until 4:00pm. Join us to make new friends – and some greetings
cards to give to family and friends!
Prayer meeting/Bible study: These meetings, which alternate, take place
on Thursdays from 7:30pm until 8:30pm.
Beans Coffee Shop, which is open on Saturdays from 10:00am until 12
noon. Drop in for a drink, some home-made cake, and a good chat! There
is a kids’ corner with toys.
         For further information on any of the above, please contact Sam
Edwards (Minister in Training) on 01367 252197.

News and Views
Many of you will know that Sam Edwards’ commission as Minister in Training
comes to an end in June. Our thoughts and prayers will go with Sam and
Jenni as Sam takes up his new position as Minister for Atherton and Leigh
Baptist Churches, Lancashire on 14 July.
         Sam and Jenni’s last day with us will be Sunday 17 June, when Sam
will be preaching at our 10:30am service. A warm welcome is extended to
anyone who would like to join us on that occasion.
                                Vicky Stone

We hope that you enjoy reading THE BRIDGE – A Window on Lechlade.
The Bridge is produced bi-monthly. If you live in Lechlade and do not already
subscribe to the magazine but would like to receive regular copies, we can
deliver six issues to your home for an annual subscription of £2.50. Copies
can be posted to addresses outside Lechlade for an additional cost. Please
contact Maureen Cliff on 250321 or Linda Kent on 253175 or email
subscriptions@lechladebridge.org.uk for further information. Magazines can
also be purchased from the Newsagents or St Lawrence Church at a cost
of 50p per copy.

Forthcoming special services and events:
Sunday 1 April      10:20am Ecumenical Service with procession around
                            town at 10:00am
Monday 2 April      7:30pm Service for Lent Groups at the Baptist Church
Tuesday 3 April     7:30pm Compline
Wednesday 4 April 7:30pm Compline
Thursday 5 April    7:30pm Holy Communion and Footwashing
Friday 6 April      10:00am March of Witness (Procession from the
                            Market Place)
                    11:00am Service: Reflection on the Cross
Sunday 8 April      10:00am Parish Communion
                    10:00am Easter Communion at The Trout Inn
Sunday 29 April     10:00am Service of the Word with Baptisms
Sunday 13 May       10:00am Christian Aid Together at Ten Family Service
Sunday 27 May       tbc     Deanery Service at St Mary’s Fairford –
                            details to be confirmed
Regular services:
On Sundays:
    8:00am      Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
    10:00am     Parish Communion (Common Worship)
    6:00pm      Evensong

On the second Sunday of the month:
   8:00am     Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
   10:00am    Together at Ten (Family Service for all ages) – unless
              changed as above
   6:00pm     Sung Eucharist

On the fourth Sunday of the month:
   8:00am      Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer)
   10:00am     Service of the Word
   6:00pm      Evensong

Every Thursday:
   10:00am   Communion – Prayer Book

  @the Ark – interactive sessions for children aged 3–14 on the above
               Sunday dates apart from Family Services
       Contact Tessa Cobb on 01367 253100 for more details

Little Lights – a short informal service for pre-school children and babies
   Contact Kathy Newton on 01367 252543 for dates and more details
          Team Vicar: Rev Andrew Cinnamond – 01367 253651
Mission and evangelism is always the lifeblood of the Church and so it was
with real pleasure that the church family enjoyed our World Mission weekend
on 11/12 February. Bp. Henry Scriven of the Church Mission Society was
our guest speaker and our mission partners from Chile, Daniel and Ellelein
Kirk, were also in attendance. The Saturday evening event focusing on Latin
America was a lovely dinner in the Memorial Hall followed by presentations
and a helpful Q&A session. On Sunday Bp. Henry again spoke for us at the
10:00am service and afterwards over sherry! The World Mission Group
under Andrew Kirk’s direction are to be congratulated on a thoughtful and
enjoyable weekend.
         On the theme of mission, our ‘Christianity Explored’ course has just
come to an end in Lechlade. It is based on Mark’s Gospel and uses
award-winning DVD content filmed on location around the UK. The course
is great both for those thinking about the claims of Christianity and also for
those who want a refresher course on the basics of the Christian faith.
Course participants seemed to enjoy it. Kate’s baking was an undisputed
high point.
         6 February saw the inauguration of the new Cirencester Deanery in
the impressive surroundings of the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester.
The new structure replaces the old Fairford Deanery, although the South
Cotswolds Team Ministry is still very much in existence. The deanery
stretches from Tetbury in the west to Lechlade in the far east. Leonard
Doolan, the vicar of Cirencester parish church, is the new Rural Dean. Do
pray for Leonard in his new and demanding role.
         St Lawrence School continues to provide great education, firmly
rooted in its Christian ethos. In a recent Ofsted inspection it achieved a
‘Good’ grading and in the Church of England SIAS inspection an
‘Outstanding’ rating. Alison Lock will be retiring as head teacher at the end
of this academic year and, after a thorough recruitment process, Nichola
Morris was chosen as the new head teacher, who will start in September.
As a church we continue to develop links with our parish school, which we
value very highly.
         The start of Lent is always a busy season in the Church year. Shrove
Tuesday saw our pancakes and quiz evening in St Lawrence Church with
the Lechlade and District Twinning Association providing the pancakes,
sorry, crêpes. A good crowd turned up and Richard Dadson did a great turn
as avuncular quizmaster. The 1st prize of a free brunch at Colleys was
gratefully received by the winning team. Two very different services were
held on Ash Wednesday. In the morning the whole school came for a service,
which included getting volunteers to wear traditional sackcloth and ashes,
as we talked about true confession and repentance. The evening was a
more sombre occasion with the imposition of ashes for the 60 or so who
attended. The ecumenical Lent course, using the Bishop of Sheffield’s book
Experiencing God’s Love, is running for five weeks across the town in
different locations on both afternoons and evenings. It is very encouraging
that nearly 70 people this year are taking part in the course.
          Other events demonstrate the variety and range of life at St
Lawrence. The ladies’ breakfast on 25 February followed the men’s brunch
the week before at The Trout – you can guess which was the healthier option.
‘Serenade and Sandwiches’ lunchtime concerts continue to both delight
audiences and raise funds for the Restoration Appeal. The concert of English
song on 2 March was very well received by all those who attended. ‘Little
Lights’ continues to provide a wonderful introduction to church and the
Christian faith for pre-school children. Kathy Newton and her team also
provide much needed care for busy parents and carers. Mothering Sunday
(18 March) was another great opportunity to give thanks for our mums and
to think (from Deuteronomy 6) about how to ensure that the Gospel is
faithfully carried from one generation to the next. What with our music group,
children on various instruments, distributing flowers, a quiz on children and
parents, and a look at the Mothers’ Union, it was a busy Sunday service! We
give thanks to God for calling us to be members of His Church through the
Lord Jesus Christ.
                                 Andrew Cinnamond

from Lechlade Town Council
Fairford Town Council have agreed in principle to look at a proposal to
transfer the additional library hours they were awarded last year to Lechlade
subject to the outcome of a public consultation. Fairford library will retain its
original hours. The Town Council recognised the importance of retaining a
local library in Lechlade and expressed the hope that the two libraries might
work more closely together to offer a better range of opening hours across
both Fairford and Lechlade.
          If the outcome of the consultation is in favour of the reallocation of
hours and if Lechlade can prove that the County is still saving the money it
is targeted to save via the Library Strategy Review (which we can), then
County Councillor Ray Theodoulou has promised to try to secure a
Partnership Library arrangement for Lechlade so that we keep our County
run library.
          GCC's cabinet will consider the proposal at their meeting on 5 April
and the consultation will happen shortly after that if they agree to take it
forward. The consultation will be by telephone or in writing.
          We now have a fighting chance of saving the library thanks to
our wonderful neighbours in Fairford!
In February we welcomed Di Alexander who was a columnist with Cotswold
Life and the Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard for many years – covering
a local area from Coleford to Stratford to Salisbury, wherever there were
        She described visits to small and larger communities where she
would conduct spontaneous interviews with local personalities, pleasant and
unpleasant, unrehearsed and on the spot, for her weekly column. She got
to know many interesting and famous people and has very strong views on
the best rural towns to visit. Local journalism is a poorly paid labour of love
which bonds communities. In contrast the national newspapers have a ‘best
scoop regardless’ ethos. We were reminded how much methods of working
have changed over the years. Manual typewriters, carbon papers,
Gestetners, typesetting and the infamous spike are no more.
        The principles of journalism are still of paramount importance in local
news: telling the truth above everything, getting the facts right, checking the
source and never using a complicated word where a simple one will do. You
also need a grasp of grammar.
        Di had titled her talk ‘Pen and Polisher’. Why Polisher? She
explained that when her children were small she had worked as a cleaner
for Lady Pamela Mitford – and that’s another story which she has written
and is publishing this September …
        In March David Phillips, Chairman of The League of Friends of
Fairford Hospital, took us back to the origins of Fairford Hospital, built in
1887 on land donated by the lord of the manor. Since the 1970s the league
has provided funds for local schemes benefiting the residents of Fairford,
Lechlade and surrounding villages.
        Bequests and local charitable donations have helped to provide the
range of outpatient services available at Fairford Hospital. These include an
up-to-date X-ray department, part funded by the league and maintained by
our PCT, a home nursing service, physiotherapy, volunteer-driven car
service, counselling and a lunch club. The league has links with Prospect
Hospice, and has backed our community first responders with the provision
of a number of defibrillators. Recently it has helped to set up a dedicated
surgery for young people in Lechlade.
        With a total annual fund of £100,000 the league will have an
increasingly important role to play in the community once health budgets,
and resultant shortfalls, are transferred to GP surgeries after the proposed
NHS reforms. Money is raised through an annual house-to-house collection
(remember to gift-aid your donation if you pay tax), raffles, bazaars, open
gardens, a summer jazz evening and the successful new charity shop in
Lechlade. Please support this very worthwhile cause.
        Our next meeting will be on Thursday 19 April at 2:30pm when
Peter Grace will be describing ‘The Lost Places of Cirencester’.
                                  Diana Ord
Lechlade branch
Our Annual General Meeting is on Tuesday, 8 May in the Clarke Pierce
room of the Memorial Hall. Wine and nibbles will be served at 7:00pm and
the formal meeting will begin at 7:30pm. Our speaker this year is Dr Carolyn
Carr from the Cardiac Metabolism Research Group, Department of
Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics at Oxford University. Dr Carr is involved
in stem cell research. She spoke at our AGM in 2009 and it will be interesting
to hear of the progress that has been made in the last three years. Everyone
is welcome.
         Many thanks to those who attended a most enjoyable evening when
the British Heart Foundation took over the whole of Pino's restaurant. We
made a profit of £783.50 which is going towards an Oxford-based project to
help children with heart disease.
         As part of Lechlade's celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee we are
organising a sponsored walk on Sunday, 3 June starting at 10:30am in the
Market Place. The walk will be four miles long, with the option of a shorter
walk. There will be a treasure hunt for children and a picture quiz for adults.
For sponsor forms phone 01367 253319 or 01367 253762.
                                 Elaine Long

Plans are well under way for our five days of Royal Jubilee celebrations,
starting on Friday 1 June with a stirring Serenade and Sandwiches concert
at noon in St Lawrence Church, followed by Evensong later in the day.
          You will have an opportunity on Saturday 2 June to visit Open
Gardens in Lechlade and if you would like to open your garden, no matter
how small, please give Helen Jones a call on 252402.
          On Sunday 3 June there is to be a sponsored walk of four miles in
aid of the British Heart Foundation, starting in the Market Place at 10:30am.
There will also be a three mile alternative. We want to encourage all ages
to join in and we are planning to have a Jubilee themed quiz on the way. For
more details call Elaine Long on 253319.
          Come along to The Big Lunch – Party in the Park on Monday 4 June
with live bands, music, a bouncy castle and The Cube, as well as stalls and
food stands. If you would like to have a stall for your club, society or business,
please contact Elaine Long on 253319. We are hoping to hold a Lechlade’s
Got Talent contest and if you would like to enter please call Sandra Carter
on 253616. If you have a talented dog, please let Helen Jones know on
252402 as there will also be a Fun Dog Show with a prize for all winners in
each category including the best trick performed by your dog.
          Plans are in hand for a River event and a Tug of War competition
on Tuesday 5 June.
Christian Concern for Families Worldwide
Going to Meysey Hampton in February and attending the Candelmas service
led by Jean Brown was very special and it has been heartening to see our
meetings so well supported during the cold weather. We have welcomed
many new members and hope they enjoyed our speakers. In February,
Jackie and Alan Slough told us about their faith and the support they were
given from God and from their church in Chipping Campden when their
younger son, Tom, committed suicide. They shared beautiful slides of God’s
creation and signs that God is here and is good.
        In March, Andrew, our new vicar, told us his life history and we were
given an insight into the earlier years before and after he entered the ministry
and we chuckled over the story of the beard. We all liked the slides of Belfast,
St Andrews and London very much.

Diary dates:
Wednesday 11 April: Memorial Hall, 2:00pm – Discussion
Saturday 14 April: 1:00–2:00pm Wave of Prayer in St Lawrence Church
Wednesday 9 May: Memorial Hall, 2:00pm – The Book Project
Wednesday 16 May: Quiet Morning

Little Lights is a baby and under 5s group held on most first and third
Wednesdays of the month in St Lawrence Church. We have a short service
with singing, instruments, lots of fun and chat. Do join us – no charge – on
18 April, 2 May and 16 May at 1:45pm.

Come and celebrate the start of spring by helping pick litter in and around
Lechlade on Saturday 28 April. Gloves, black bags and pickers provided.
You can pick for half an hour, an hour or several hours! All ages welcome.
Meet in the Memorial Hall car park at 10:30am. For information please
contact Cllr Sue Coakley 01367 253306, sue@suecoakley.plus.com.

Don’t forget to let us know if you or other members of your family enter
university or other educational and training establishments this year or obtain
any qualifications. We would be very pleased to include news of your
achievements and successes in The Bridge.

David Ballard, guest speaker at the February meeting, thrilled us with
‘Mysterious Tales of the Forest of Dean’ by candlelight – an atmospheric
evening indeed! Who realised that the forest was so full of ghosts? It was
enough to make your hair stand on end and the walkers amongst us faced
an uneasy journey home. The raffle was in aid of Associated Country Women
of the World – an international organisation supporting rural women and
their families through education, training and community development
           In March our speaker was Brian Barron, who gave us an insight into
daily life in a war-torn area when he talked about ‘Radio Stations Under Fire
in Liberia, West Africa’. He spoke of a country he loves but which suffers
from a lack of infrastructure and education as well as a huge amount of
corruption. Brian has been training teams to install low-cost radio stations
and technicians/reporters to run the stations, which then broadcast music,
interviews, radio ‘soaps’ and news, which is mainly local. His accompanying
photographs were both harrowing and inspiring, showing the highs and lows
of life in Liberia.

Our next meetings will be:
Tuesday 3 April – Malcolm Watkins will talk about a ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’
and the competition will be ‘An Unusual Piece of Jewellery’.
Tuesday 1 May – Cherry Hubbard will talk on ‘Tudor Life’ and the competition
will be ’Six Jam Tarts’.
         We welcome new members. If you would like to join us, contact
Sheila Bennett on 01367 252379 or find us on the town website.

The 7th Flower and Produce Show will take place in the Memorial Hall,
Lechlade on Saturday 1 September 2012. We hope to see an increase in
those showing what they can do in respect of produce, handicrafts and
flowers. You don’t have to be an expert – the fun bit is about growing/making
and participating. We especially welcome children’s entries and it’s good to
encourage them in growing and making items for the show. Don’t forget, you
photographers, that the subjects this year are Snow Scene, Sporting Event,
Church Scene, Portrait, Landscape, Dawn, Mist, Garden Gate, and Lechlade.
If you are a sporting or royal fan you may wish to get snapping for next year’s
show as the subjects include the Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee. The
schedules are being printed and will be available in Lechlade newsagents
or Moore Allen and Innocent estate agents shortly.
                                  Tim Yeoman

Local historian Bill King entertained us in February with his talk on ‘The Upper
Thames Patrol: The Waterborne Home Guard’. The Upper Thames area
stretched 125 miles from Teddington Lock to Lechlade and included 35 road
bridges, 6 rail bridges and 42 locks – all key crossing points giving access
to London and the rest of the country that had to be guarded. Local HQs
were usually in Thames-side pubs such as The Red Lion at Lechlade and
The Swan at Radcot. The Upper Thames Patrol (or Up The Pub) was
absorbed into the Local Defence Volunteers (or Look, Duck and Vanish) and
eventually into the Home Guard, and was responsible for patrolling the river
itself and the riverbanks 1.5 miles either side. Defensive structures were
erected, including pillboxes every half mile along the river; one at Wallingford
was camouflaged as a gents’ toilet. The men were instructed about what
enemy spies might look like and how they might behave – guidance that
seems rather amusing to us now but of course was utterly serious at the
         In March Iain Willox told us about ‘The Bayeux Tapestry and the
Battle of Hastings’. It is in fact an embroidery, not a tapestry, and was
probably commissioned by Bishop Odo of Bayeux, half-brother to William
the Conqueror. There are various theories about where it was made and
what it portrays. It is generally accepted that the story starts with Harold
travelling to Normandy to pledge loyalty to William as successor to Edward
the Confessor. Edward then seems instead to bequeath the crown to Harold
on his deathbed; Harold is crowned, but Halley’s Comet appears as a bad
omen. William immediately decides to invade England and the tapestry
concludes with the Battle of Hastings. The depictions are sometimes
confusing; Anglo-Saxon soldiers are shown with Norman attributes and vice
versa. The tapestry is now exhibited in a dedicated museum at Bayeux.
Future meetings at Lechlade Memorial Hall, 7:15 for 7:30pm
Monday 16 April: ‘Boil a Mouse in Urine – The Care of Babies and Infants
in Tudor and Stuart Times’ by Malcolm Watkins
Monday 21 May: ‘The Swing Riots and Agricultural Rioters’ by Jill Chambers
Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. We are hoping to mount a display
in June and if anyone has any documents, photographs or other memorabilia
connected with the Coronation, the royal family or any significant events of
the last 60 years which they would be willing to lend to us, please contact
Shan Garnell on 01367 253087 or any committee member.
LHS Booklets
Keith Williams, LHS archivist, has written three interesting booklets that are
being prepared for publication: ‘The Sinking of HMS Hood’, ‘Sir Jacob
Wheate and HMS Cerberus’ and ‘Banking in Lechlade’. To whet your
appetite a short section from the banking booklet has been reproduced below.

Barclays Bank – Lechlade Branch
The building that today still houses Barclays Bank – Lechlade branch was
originally leased on 31 December 1918. The cost of the lease and purchase
of fittings was £110-15s-0d. During 1919, alterations, fittings, safe and sundry
purchases came to £599-8s-4d and the branch opened for business that
year. More alterations were carried out in 1920, costing some £71-16s-3d
and in 1921 further expenditure amounted to £28-19s-6d. Business must
have been good as, on 1 January 1927, the freehold of the building had been
purchased for £900. During 1928 further alterations took place at a cost of
£289-15s-3d. The late 1980s to early 1990s saw changes in the way that
branches were managed with many merging into clusters under the same
management: this marked the end of bank managers in Lechlade and, with
the advent of the computer, fewer counter staff were required. Barclays Bank
has provided information on the managers who were responsible for the
Lechlade Branch.
       M anagers at the Lechlade B ranch
 D ate                   M anager
 1920-1940               F.W . W heeler
 U nknown – 1947 –       H .W . H unt
 unknow n
 U nknown – 1949 –       K.R . G ardner
 1953 – unknow n
 U nknown – 1955 –       T .C . H aw es
 1966 – 1970             C .K. G ould
 1970 – 1975             G .F.H . W arrick
 1976 – onwards (still   D .J. Portergill
 m anager in 1991)
Keith and the society would value your opinion as to which other topics would
be of interest to Lechlade residents and to visitors. Please give us your
feedback on the suggested titles for booklets below by emailing your
comments to feedback@lechladebridge.org.uk or phoning Linda Kent on
253175. We estimate that booklets will cost £2 each.

Lechlade market town and inland port       Lechlade Baptist chapel
Lechlade shops                             St John’s Priory and The Trout
Lechlade pubs                              Religious buildings in Lechlade
Lechlade houses                            Lechlade’s railway
Manor of Lechlade                          Lechlade’s roads
St Lawrence School                         The Thames
Lechlade police force                      The canal
World War I in Lechlade                    Buscot village
Local airfields                            Historic town trail
       For further information about the society please contact Alan Garnell
on 01367 253087 or visit www.lechladehistory.co.uk.
Outstanding achievement
Lechlade Little Learners celebrated some very exciting news recently
following an Ofsted visit on 19 January which awarded them an
‘Outstanding’ result.
      The inspection lasted all day and, as ever with Ofsted, they had very
little notice but everyone remained calm! There was one inspector and it was
a nervous time for all the staff, but the children were never aware of what
was happening and they remained as happy and settled as ever due to the
professionalism of the team and inspector. Everyone is very proud of the
staff, parents and all who have a connection with LLL. Some comments from
the report include:

   "Staff embrace the uniqueness of each child …"
   "Their behaviour is exemplary, they have excellent attitudes to learning
   and love the excitement of finding out about the world around them."
   "Children have a great sense of belonging and share a warm and caring
   relationship with each other and staff."
   "Children's progress is a result of the high quality of adult input, the
   effective verbal communication between staff and the high expectations
   of the manager."

  Happy Easter to all Bridge readers from Lechlade Little Learners!
                        Karen Londesborough

Everyone is invited by Lechlade Town Council to attend the Annual Town
Meeting on Wednesday 2 May at 7:30pm in the Memorial Hall.

If you’ve previously attended one of these breakfasts, you’ll know that they’re
most enjoyable. The next one will be held on Saturday 19 May at The Trout.
Breakfast will be served at 8:30am and will be followed by a speaker. On
this occasion our speaker will be Meg Atkinson of the Soldiers’ and Airmen’s
Scripture Readers Association (SASRA). Meg is an ex-servicewoman herself
and now spends much of her time ministering to RAF personnel at Brize
Norton. She’s used to dealing with large groups of men and will no doubt
keep us in order.
         Tickets are required for this event (£7.50 per head) and are available
from Don Gillard (01367 253738) or Gordon Land (01367 252050). Numbers
are limited, so please obtain your tickets in good time.

An Easter Word Search from Little Learners for children and their families

             A   Y    N   N    U    B   B    Y   Z    E
             C   H    I   C    K    S   T    D   N    D
             H   B    Z   R    I    S   E    A   U    T
             O   Q    X   M    J    P   P    O   B    E
             C   P    K   H    T    R   J    E   S    K
             O   L    I   Q    E    I   S    M   S    S
             L   O    E   T    N    N   F    D   O    A
             A   N    S   A    N    G   G    E   R    B
             T   A    F   H    O    U   L    K   C    C
             E   L    C   Z    B    I   H    U   T    T
             F   W    Y   G    P    N   W    R   O    V
             N   Z    H   O    C    M   D    T   H    L

Hot Cross Bun Easter                Bonnet       Egg Chocolate
Spring        Bunny                 Hunt         Chicks Basket
Answers on page 38.

During Christian Aid Week, we shall be having a house-to-house collection
in Lechlade. Please bear in mind that all monies given will help change and
give hope to people who are living in desperate and hopeless situations.
Charities can claim back the tax paid on all gifts of money. If you are a UK
taxpayer, Christian Aid can receive 25p more from the government for every
£1 you contribute – at no extra cost to you. Just fill in the form on the envelope.
         We are always looking for helpers. Please give us a ring if you feel
that you can help in any way. Thank you.
         We are having a cake stall outside Barclays Bank, Market Place at
10:00am on Saturday 19 May (church porch if wet). Donations would be very
welcome. Please come and support us – together we can make a difference.
    Offers to Christine Vagnolini on 252845 or Lynda Phipps on 253593.

As members of the Third Order of St Francis we are often asked, “What is
it all about?” On 15 March at St Lawrence Church, Cecile Joseph, a member
of our Lechlade community, took Life Vows committing herself afresh to
follow Jesus Christ in the way of St Francis. His life is known to most of us
as that of a man who delighted in nature, but it was much more than that.
The keynote for all Franciscans is to live lives of humility, love and joy.
          Cecile has spent three years in preparation for membership of the
Third Order. At the service of welcome there were a number of her friends
from London who, like her, had come many years ago from the West Indies.
This illustrated the worldwide nature of the Church. Our local Cirencester
Third Order group was well represented, as were Lechlade and her family.
Following the service there was a celebratory lunch in the church.
          The First Order of St Francis are both men and women who live a
life of chastity, poverty and obedience; the Second Order is an enclosed
order of women known as the Order of St Clare; while the Third Order, started
by St Francis, consists of those, married or single, clergy or lay, male or
female, who live under a Rule of Life which is renewed every year.
          We wish Cecile well as she begins this journey.

If you are interested in eating and drinking and supporting local produce,
then the Fairford and Lechlade Food & Drink Festivals are two events not
to be missed.
         This will be the third year that Fairford & Lechlade Business Club
has organized this gastronomic delight, which brings together – in a
traditional market place setting – a huge selection of local produce, cookery
demonstrations and musical entertainment. The aim of the Business Club
is to provide events that will increase the awareness of the fantastic range
of food and drink that is available in this corner of the Cotswolds.
         For starters, come along to Lechlade Market Place on Sunday 6
May and then enjoy the second course a month later in Fairford Market Place
on Sunday 3 June. There will be many appetizers to tickle the taste buds
between the two festivals when local businesses celebrate local gastronomic
delights by holding in-house events such as wine-tasting, vineyard tours and
themed evenings.
         The Food & Drink Festivals will be open all day from 10:00am till
4:00pm, are free to browse and taste and promise to be a good day out for
all the family. To find out more, email admin@flbc.org.uk or visit

In February a select group of Theatregoers travelled to London to see the
musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Matilda – the story of a brainy girl who
loves books. The show, with music and lyrics by the Australian comedian
Tim Minchin, was produced by the RSC in Stratford and opened in November
2010 to great reviews before transferring to the Cambridge Theatre a year
later. The production cleverly captures the tone of the book, particularly
Matilda’s school, Crunchem Hall (motto ‘children are maggots’), run by the
fearsome Miss Trunchbull. The young children in the cast are magnificent
and the completely over the top performance by Bertie Carvel makes
everybody hate the evil Miss Trunchbull. There is a whiff of pantomime about
the whole affair with good winning through and the children coming out on
          If you like light-hearted, escapist, funny musicals, you will love this
ingenious adaptation which is understandably predicted to have a long run
in the West End.
                                     Phil Tubbs
Birmingham Royal Ballet
On 1 March we set off for Birmingham Hippodrome for what turned out to
be a magical occasion. Spring Passions performed by the Birmingham Royal
Ballet was a two-part production. First was Daphnis and Chloe with music
by Maurice Ravel and choreographed by the renowned Frederick Ashton.
The dancers were graceful and athletic and told the story with charm but for
me lacked the passion that we were about to see for the second ballet, The
Two Pigeons. Again choreographed by Frederick Ashton, with music by
André Messager, this was danced with such grace and humour (surely
Ashton’s trademark) and was a beautiful and enchanting performance. Live
pigeons graced the stage and as far as I could see left no stray evidence of
their attendance! The final act when the two lovers get back together and all
is forgiven was danced with such emotion and beauty with the two pigeons
framed by the lovers’ arms and was a real tear-jerker. I was not the only
member of the audience to shed a tear.
          For any of you who haven’t been fortunate enough to see this ballet,
give it a go – you won’t be disappointed.
                                 Barbara Dadson

We are, once again, looking for volunteers to help keep our wonderful church
clean and well presented. We have a very dedicated band of people carrying
out this essential task, but more are needed if we are to keep our church
looking its best. If you can spare a couple of hours a fortnight, on a rota basis,
please contact Christine Vagnolini on 01367 252845. Thank you.

PROFILE - Bob and Penny Warren
Bob and Penny Warren have been at the Trout for over twenty years
gradually expanding the range of community activities that the pub is
involved in. This is the culmination of an ambition that Bob has had since
the age of 12!
         Bob was born on the edge of Oxford and became an apprentice
printer after leaving school. He worked in Oxford, Wallingford and Swindon
before being made redundant. It was at this point that he fulfilled his long
held ambition to become a publican by taking over The Rolling Mills, a rough
and basic pub in central Swindon. His marriage broke up leaving him on
his own with a pub to run. Fortunately this was when Penny came into his
         Penny was born in Reading where her grandparents owned a pub.
After school she started working as a secretary in a solicitor’s office, got
married and had a son. When her marriage broke up she was working
emptying fruit machines, including those in a certain Swindon pub.
         The first pub that they ran together was the New Inn at Coln St
Aldwyns, working for Penny’s former boss. After nearly five years they left
to buy a restaurant in Appledore but the deal fell through leaving them out
of work. So in 1988 they found the Trout or, as Penny puts it, the Trout
found them.
         They arrived to take over a business that was successful and left
everything as it was for a year before making any changes. Penny started
cooking in the kitchen with the intention of doing that for two years before
coming back out front behind the bar. That two years has stretched
somewhat as she is still preparing the pub grub!
         Their first major initiative was to resurrect the field behind the pub
by clearing it and grassing it over. They were paying for it so they might as
well try to make some use of it. They opened it for camping and then
gradually introduced new events. Around 1990 the steam fair came along
followed by traditional boat people and Giffords’ Circus.
         Penny feels that the pub is very family orientated in the way it is run.
Her mother used to work in it and her sister still does. Although Penny’s
son, Zak, and Bob’s daughter, Jacqueline, don’t work in the pub they both
live in Swindon with the couple’s five grandchildren who range in age from
14 years down to 3 weeks. The focus of events and activities is also very
family and community centred.
         Bob and Penny, and their pub, have gradually become integrated
into Lechlade community life running a number of events themselves and
hosting others in partnership. They host four St Lawrence services a year:
Easter communion, a songs of praise, a harvest service and a carol service.
Presumably the wider range of beverages on offer is a draw for the

         There is lots of music at the Trout as anyone who wanders past on
a summer evening will know. The range is wide, spanning jazz, folk and big
band. Last summer there were nine Sunday concerts and the Riverfolk
Festival, which is stretching to two days this year as it is proving such a
success. In addition, there is the beer festival, with seven or eight bands,
and Troutfest. Bob is keen to support young people and hosts Swindon
young musicians once a year.
         The Trout is the congenial venue for a number of organisations
including the Ploughing Match committee, the Mini-Fixers Club and the
Canals Trust. To show that Bob is not just interested in music, the Art Society
makes the pub its summer residence.
         Charitable fundraising is also high on Bob and Penny’s agenda.
They try to support the Noah’s Ark at Macaroni Woods and have raffles at
their concerts. A recent success has been Philippa’s Jam Shop, which is
perched on the bar. To date £3,500 has been raised for Macmillan nurses
which represents some very serious sandwich and toast eating!
         Bob is hugely proud of the Trout recently being declared the Most
Innovative Business of the Year by the Fairford and Lechlade Business Club.
His philosophy is that it is no good sitting in your empty bar waiting for the
crowds to come to you; you need to attract them with lots of activities. His
latest innovation is a combined charities fete which has run for three years
now. It is taking time to get established but if it is as successful as Bob’s
other ventures it is only a matter of time!

This article seeks your support to establish a fund which would directly
benefit local projects in Lechlade in the coming years.
The crisply named Lechlade Heritage and Development Trust was set up in
2003 to receive funds from external grant bodies but has no income of its
own. Sources of public funding are going to be under exceptional strain in
the coming years and self-help will be needed. But Lechlade is a generous
community, with lots of bright ideas. So, the LHDT Trustees are promoting
a Lechlade Community Fund using the existing charitable legal structure
of the trust. The fund seeks annual support from local residents, paid by
standing order (say £10 per month, potentially also eligible for gift aid),
one-off gifts and perhaps in due course legacies. Monies would be held
separately within the general accounts of the trust. We need a minimum of
about 40 initial subscribers to get it going. Some individual approaches are
in hand, but we need more.
         The fund would be strictly focused on supporting local projects,
especially to give a kick start to initiatives in their early stages which would
be of direct benefit to the people of Lechlade. These could relate to any age
range, possibly to give help over a period of years, and could include initial
work needed to define the scope of a larger project. Fund grants would, we
expect, be mainly on a “matched funding” basis but this in itself could
potentially open up valuable external funding to such ideas.
         It is hard to say what might have been supported had the fund
existed in past years but there would perhaps have been applications from
Little Learners to improve their facilities and from other youth organisations,
for the early stages of the work to create the play area and the all weather
pitch and in investigating the proposed multi-use path to Fairford. Looking
to the future, the replacement of the community bus will be a major project
in the town.
         Decisions on grants would be taken, on application, by the trustees.
Current trustees are: Richard Bell, Chairman, Cllr Christine Eatwell, Deputy
Chairman, Dr Alan Hoaksey, Secretary, Stephen Wilson, Treasurer, Cllr Sue
Coakley, Stewart Bruce, Don Gillard and Keith Salway.
         We realise not everyone will be in a position to contribute, however
attractive they may find the idea of having this fund, which some other
Cotswold towns are fortunate to enjoy as a historic legacy. We have had so
far some generous initial support and some understandable refusals to our
first round of requests and it is by no means certain we can achieve the
target. So if you are able to help please come forward and we will ensure
you have full details. Contacts – Richard Bell (01367 253888; email
richard@dingdongbell.net) and Keith Salway (01367 253297; email
ksa1526@btinternet.com). Thank you.
                    For the LHDT Trustees, Keith Salway

Talk at Lechlade Library
Our world today moves increasingly fast, and sometimes feels like we’re on
a never-ending treadmill of things to do. As we strive to do and achieve more,
sadly, we seem to talk and listen to one another less and less. As a result,
we miss out on discovering that our neighbour, friend or family member lived
an exciting life, and so we lose our opportunity to learn from their life
experiences, to benefit from their wisdom.
          Our ancestors documented history by telling stories around the
campfire. But we’ve allowed the art of sharing our stories to fade from our
grasp, even though we live in a technological age that makes it ever easier
to write about our lives using computers. Thankfully, memoir writing is
becoming popular, with many now wanting to tell ‘their story’, and offer a
meaningful gift for their children, grandchildren, neighbours and friends.
          Once you’ve made the decision to write about your life, you might
find that the process isn’t as easy as you imagined. Where to start your story
can be difficult. Do you dive in at the beginning or the middle? And how to
begin … staring at a blank piece of paper or screen can be daunting.
          That’s where my talk can help. During the session, I’ll guide you
through those initial choices about what to write about. Then we’ll look at
how and where to begin. We’ll also tackle the creative process and how to
get it flowing.
          So, if you’ve ever contemplated writing about your life, why not join
me at Lechlade Library on Tuesday 24 April from 10:30am to 12:30pm. There
is no charge for this talk. To book your place or if you have any questions
please email mel@melmorton.com or call 07564 185161.
                                  Mel Morton

Visitors to St Lawrence often comment on the pretty, well cared for garden,
to the left of the west porch, planted in memory of Dr David Stephens – a
much loved GP, organist and choirmaster.
          The beauty of the garden is totally due to John Knott who uses his
artistic and gardening talents to keep the garden looking really splendid at
all times of the year. It looks particularly pretty in the spring.
          Many thanks, John, from all who appreciate your hard work and
                                    Jan Taylor

Southrop C of E Primary School fete will be held on Saturday 26 May from
2:00pm to 4:30pm. Traditional games, stalls, barbecue and bar. Do come


APRIL 2012
Sunday    1st PALM SUNDAY
Monday    2nd Ecumenical Lent Groups’ Service Baptist Church 7:30pm
Tuesday   3rd U3A Palmer Hall, Fairford 2:30pm AGM and ‘The Cuffley Airship’
               WI Memorial Hall 7:30pm ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’
Friday    6th GOOD FRIDAY
Sunday    8th EASTER SUNDAY
Monday    9th EASTER MONDAY
Tuesday   10th TUNES AT THE TROUT Trout Inn 8:00pm
Wednesday 11th MOTHERS’ UNION Clarke & Pierce Room 2:00pm Discussion
               GARDENING CLUB Clarke & Pierce Room 7:30pm ‘Growing and Storing
Friday    13th RIVERFOLK Trout Inn 8:00pm
Saturday  14th THEATREGOERS ‘Barefoot in the Park’ at Malvern
               SOCIETY OF RECORDER PLAYERS Methodist Hall 2:00pm
Sunday    15th COMMUNITY CINEMA Memorial Hall 7:30pm
Monday    16th HISTORY SOCIETY Memorial Hall 7:30pm ‘The Care of Babies and
               Infants in Tudor and Stuart Times’
Tuesday   17th ART SOCIETY Memorial Hall 7:00pm ‘Draw along with Dee Cowell’
Wednesday 18th COTSWOLD CANALS TRUST Trout Inn 7:30pm
Thursday  19th LADIES’ GROUP Clarke & Pierce Room 2:30pm ‘The Lost Places of
Saturday  21st LIONS Auction and Book Sale Memorial Hall viewing noon, auction
Tuesday   24th MEMOIR WRITING talk at Lechlade Library 10:30am
               RICHARD DIGANCE in concert Memorial Hall 7:45pm
Thursday  26th NATIONAL TRUST Memorial Hall 2:30pm ‘Flowers of the Costa Brava’
Friday    27th RIVERFOLK Trout Inn 8:00pm
Saturday  28th SPRING LITTER PICK Memorial Hall 10:30am
               Hall 7:30pm



                                                    Each Tuesday               Day Centre
                                                                               Day Centre
                                                    Each Wednesday             Fitness Lea
                                                    Each Thursday              Country Ma
                                                                               Bridge Club
                                                                               Scottish Da
                                                    1st Sunday each month      Antiques Fa

                                  Secretaries/organisers: PLEASE enter details of your even


          MAY 2012
          Tuesday     1stU3A Palmer Hall, Fairford 2:30pm ‘Mary Queen of Scots’
                         WI Memorial Hall 7:30pm ‘Tudor Life’
          Wednesday 2nd ANNUAL TOWN MEETING Memorial Hall 7:30pm
          Saturday  5th SOCIETY OF RECORDER PLAYERS Methodist Hall 2:00pm
          Sunday    6th FOOD & DRINK FESTIVAL Lechlade Market Place 10:00am–4:00pm
          Monday    7th EARLY MAY BANK HOLIDAY
          Tuesday   8th BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION AGM Clarke & Pierce Room 7:00pm
                         TUNES AT THE TROUT Trout Inn 8:00pm
          Wednesday 9th MOTHERS’ UNION Clarke & Pierce Room 2:00pm ‘The Book Project’
                         GARDENING CLUB Clarke & Pierce Room 7:30pm ‘Umbellifers’
          Friday    11th RIVERFOLK Trout Inn 8:00pm
          Saturday  12th COMBINED CHARITIES FETE Trout Inn
          Monday    14th SERENADE AND SANDWICHES piano recital in St Lawrence Church
                         12noon in aid of Restoration Appeal
          Tuesday   15th REIKI Awareness Day at Lechlade Library
                         ART SOCIETY Memorial Hall 7:00pm ‘The French Impressionists’
          Wednesday 16th COTSWOLD CANALS TRUST Trout Inn 7:30pm
                         TWINNING ASSOCIATION AGM Clarke & Pierce Room evening
          Thursday  17th ASCENSION DAY
                         LADIES’ GROUP Clarke & Pierce Room 2:30pm ‘Cotswold Riding for the
          Saturday  19th MEN’S BREAKFAST Trout Inn 8:30am
                         CHRISTIAN AID cake stall outside Barclays Bank 10:00am
          Sunday    20th COMMUNITY CINEMA Memorial Hall 7:30pm
          Monday    21st HISTORY SOCIETY Memorial Hall 7:30pm ‘The Swing Riots and
                         Agricultural Rioters’
          Tuesday   22nd DAY CENTRE Open morning Memorial Hall 10:45am–12noon, lunch club
          Friday    25th RIVERFOLK Trout Inn 8:00pm

          Friday 25th-Sunday 27th     LECHLADE FESTIVAL Riverside Park

          13th – 19th May   CHRISTIAN AID WEEK


  10:30am – 3:00pm Memorial Hall
 Lunch Club 12:30pm – 2:00pm
ague 9:45am Memorial Hall
arket 8:30 – 11:00am Church Cottage
b 7:15pm Clarke & Pierce Room
ancing 7:30 – 9:30pm Memorial Hall
air from 10:00am Memorial Hall

nts in the Town Diary which is kept in Lechlade Library

A service of thanksgiving and celebration for Alan Gibbs was held in St
Lawrence Church on 16 March at midday. A large congregation heard
moving, and, at times, very entertaining tributes from Alan’s sons and other
contributions from the family. Canon Tim Schofield from Chichester
Cathedral, a family friend, gave the address and Ian Taylor sang the Nunc
Dimittis as the coffin left the church. In the RAF Alan flew many different
types of aircraft during World War II, including the iconic Spitfire. Indeed, the
family had just organised a flight in a two-seater Spitfire for Alan’s 90th
birthday. Sadly, Alan passed away before the flight could happen. A
reception was held at the Bay Tree Hotel in Burford after the service.

   We remember:
   24 February  Dinah Mayo
   16 March     Alan Gibbs

What is Reiki?
A Reiki Awareness Day will be held at Lechlade Library on Tuesday 15 May.
If you have not experienced this gentle energy system then please do come
along and try it absolutely free! Reiki energy can help with sleep problems,
aches and pains and helps with maintaining the balance so essential to
modern day living.
         It will not be possible to run a ‘drop in’ session in the library, so I will
be offering appointments of approximately three quarters of an hour, to
enable me to talk to you about you and give information on Reiki, and then
a short ‘taster’ of Reiki energy. Reiki is not intrusive; no need to remove any
clothing or shoes.
         There will be leaflets on Reiki available at the library before 15 May,
so if you would like to find out more pop in and collect one. If you would like
to try the gentle Reiki energy please ring me on 07913 912888 for further
information and an appointment.
                                Christine Davison
                     Master Practitioner, UK Reiki Federation

The appeal fund has paid off some kind loans which happily helped us to
complete major work in autumn 2011 in the most efficient manner and, now
in the black, we are building a kitty to keep on top of tasks as they arise.
There are two major events in the coming months which we hope you will
           The next Serenade and Sandwiches falls, heretically, not on a
Friday but on Monday 14 May at noon when Anthony Hewitt, who has
dubbed himself ‘The Olympianist’, calls in as part of a demanding (indeed
quite potty) daily gold-medal-deserving countrywide tour before heading off
to perform again that night in Gloucester. Anthony is towing his piano with
him but thankfully here he will use our resident Bluthner. His recital will
include Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and other attractive works and so is
sure to be widely enjoyed. Recently, he was performing at the Wigmore Hall,
London so he is clearly a formidable artist. Do come.
           Then, we mark the Red Letter Days of the great Royal anniversary
with a big extra Jubilee Serenade and Sandwiches to start the town
jollifications at noon on Friday 1 June with loud music of the Elgarian variety
from John Wright, that terrific organist, supported by suitable songs and
readings and perhaps a little audience participation. Suggested dress code
is red, white and blue.
           Admission to both S&S days is free, with light refreshments and
wine to follow, then we ask for donations to the appeal.
           Richard Worthing-Davies and Frances Couldridge gave us a well
attended S&S of lovely English song on 2 March. The fund benefited by
about £550, for which we are indeed grateful. Sheila Mouna gave us this
introduction and the concert made for a fine remembrance of Neville and
the way in which that Christian gentleman was valued here.
                    For the Appeal Committee, Keith Salway

Come along to the AGM on Monday 30 April at 7:30pm at the Memorial Hall
and find out more about the Memorial Hall complex and the trustees who
run it on behalf of the community and hear about what the trustees have
achieved in 2011–12. For more information please contact Sue Coakley,
Secretary of the Memorial Hall and Recreation Ground Charity, 01367
253306 or sue@suecoakley.plus.com.

Lechlade Gardening Club, who meet on the second Wednesday in the month
at 7:30pm in the Memorial Hall, have received the following speakers in
previous months. In January Carl Sadler gave a lively talk on the art of trug
making. He described the process from the harvesting of the various woods
used in the trug to actually creating a trug in front of our eyes. There were
many questions asked at the end which led him to reveal his involvement in
making hurdles, staves and other various accoutrements that were used in
some major films, the latest being War Horse by Steven Spielberg. So if you
go and see that moving film, look out for his work.
     In February Caroline McShane gave a talk on Valentine flower arranging
and the art of the florist. Caroline works in Fairford but has a workshop in
Cirencester. She was drawn into floristry as a second career following a
successful but taxing job with a major mobile phone company. She trained
in floristry in Bath and her previous career gave her the tools to develop her
business in many ways including internet sales and international sales. She
is developing courses in floristry at her home in Cirencester. One tip for you
florists out there – when buying tulips leave them out of water for a while,
then dip the ends of the stalks in hot water for a few seconds and then straight
into cold water. The hot water kills off bacteria and starving them of water
makes them suck up water into their stalks and stiffens them up. Makes your
eyes water just thinking of it!

Forthcoming talks are as follows:
11 April     ‘Growing and Storing Vegetables’ by Keith Ferguson
9 May        ‘Umbellifers’ by Lynn Miles
13 June      ‘Plants for June’ by Jim Billings
         Due to unforeseen circumstances the talk on ‘The Royal Parks’
scheduled for April has been postponed. Instead, the talk by Dr Keith
Ferguson, a former employee of Kew Gardens, will include practical advice
on interesting and unusual vegetables. This talk comes at an opportune
moment before we all start to grow our produce for the Flower and Produce
Show. The talk in May will be on umbellifers, a much underused family of
plants such as cow parsley, dill, yarrow and fennel.
         In July we will go for a walk around the gardens of Kempsford Manor
and in August there will be a talk on ‘Clematis’ by the Cotswold Clematis
         Did you know that by joining Lechlade Gardening Club, not to be
confused with the Lechlade Garden Centre Gardening Club, you will be
entitled to 10% off the purchase of seeds and plants at Burford Garden
Centre and also 50% off seed orders from Thompson and Morgan?
         New members are particularly welcome and we look forward to
seeing you at our next meeting. Enquiries to 01367 253121. Happy gardening!
                                   Tim Yeoman
The new season starts on Sunday 1 April – whether that is a good omen I’m
not sure!! – but hopefully the sun will shine and it will encourage members
of our community who have not played for a while or who are thinking about
starting to play tennis to come down to a club session and give tennis a go.
You would be most welcome. The club has a healthy social side and
members will be playing skittles on 23 March where the draw for Wimbledon
tickets will take place. There will be a treasure hunt in June organised by the
winning team from last year.
         The Summer League starts in April and the club has entered three
men’s teams in divisions 1, 3 and 9 and one ladies’ team in division 3 of the
Swindon and District League. Each division has eight teams and they play
home and away so there is a good opportunity to take part in competitive
         The club has running tournaments in both singles and doubles
through April, May and June with a finals day on Sunday 15 July. There is
club tennis on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday mornings from 9:30am and on
Tuesday evening at 6:00pm and Thursday evening at 6:30pm starting the
week beginning 1 April.
         The Winter League matches conclude on the weekend of 24/25
March. Unfortunately the A team will be relegated to division 3 next winter
despite a convincing 7-1 win in their last match against Aldbourne A but the
B team should be promoted to division 4 and if they win or draw on the 24th
they will have gone through the season unbeaten, so congratulations to all
who played in both teams.
         Thank you to all those who supported our fundraising event on
Saturday 4 February when the Jazz duo Ain’t Misbehavin’ entertained us
with a great variety of music. The weather was grim with heavy snowfall but
fortunately Tony and Diane made it through from Gloucester and more
importantly safely home again. Our next fundraising event will be a Quiz
Night on Saturday 22 September.
         Please contact Mark Thomas on 07795 517553 for details of
coaching for both adults and juniors. There is ladies’ coaching on a
Wednesday from 9:30 am until 11:00am.
         If you are new to tennis or returning after a break, do please come
and join in, you would be most welcome. For details about the club please
phone       Maureen      Cliff  (250321)      or    visit   the   website    at
                                    Gay Oliver

April – October 2012
Public Open Days – House and Garden
Wednesdays and Saturdays, 11:00am–5:00pm (except 14 July).
Ticket office opens 10:30am. Last admission 4:30pm.
The Manor has limited capacity. Admission to the house is by timed ticket.
No advance bookings.
Our shop and licensed restaurant are open during public open days.
Group Visits – House and Garden
Thursdays. Must be booked in advance.

Easter Weekend Family Workshop
‘In Stitches’
Saturday 7 April, 2:00–4:00pm
In 2012, we celebrate the 150th birthday of May Morris, distinguished
embroiderer and daughter of William and Jane Morris. A needlecraft
workshop for all ages and abilities. Create your own coaster, badge or brooch
inspired by May Morris’s needlework. Admission free – all materials supplied.
Booking in advance advisable.

Kelmscott Manor, Kelmscott, Lechlade GL7 3HJ
01367 253348

Auction and Book Sale
Come and help raise money for the many charitable causes supported by
the Lechlade & District Lions Club by buying items in our auction and book
sale on Saturday 21 April at the Memorial Hall and Pavilion. Doors open at
noon, auction from 1:00pm. Auction registration £1, book sale entry 50 pence.
For any enquiries or to donate items* please phone: David White 01367
252884, Dave Sharp 01367 252984, Richard Bell 01367 253888 or Peter
Egerton 01285 712734.
        *We welcome donations of furniture, crockery, cutlery, glassware,
paintings, books, table lamps, garden furniture, tools, mowers, etc. Sorry –
no TVs, white goods, bicycles or upholstered furniture.

Belated but not forgotten thanks from Pam, Shirley and John to all those who
supported us at our coffee morning last December, when we raised £129.80
for this cause. We hope to organise a similar event this year and trust you
will again come and join us.
                              The Thankful Trio

The League of Friends of Fairford Hospital’s new charity shop in Lechlade
is proving to be a victim of its own success. So strong has been the demand
for the items that it has on sale that they are running low on stock. The shop,
which is manned largely by volunteers, is open on weekdays from 10:00am
to 4:00pm and on Saturdays from 10:00am to 1:00pm.
          Said new manager John Bird: “I have been impressed by the
potential that the shop is showing and we are getting plenty of customers,
but it is vitally important that we maintain the high quality of stock which has
already been given to us if we are to realise our full potential.”
          Please call in to the shop or telephone 01367 252189 if you would
like to donate stock or volunteer to help.

Open Garden – Eastleach House Garden
A delightfully varied 14 acres open on Wednesday 20 June, 2–5pm by kind
permission of Mrs Stephanie Richards. Entrance £5. Refreshments. Plants,
marmalade and cakes for sale. In aid of The League of Friends of Fairford

Parish Church of St Lawrence, Lechlade
Volunteers are sought to fill vacant weekly 1-hour slots in the churchwatch
rota for the coming season from 2 April to 28 September.
          Duties are simply to be there, make visitors welcome and be inspired
by the timeless tranquillity of the surroundings. Swapping with other
churchwatchers is easily arranged if the unexpected happens, and there is
a list of a dozen or so stand-in volunteers available to cover holidays etc.,
so churchwatch is not a commitment to be in Lechlade every week of the
          Interested? Like to know more? If so, please contact Christine
Vagnolini on 01367 252845.

Well, I’d better warn you – we are going to have a bonfire. Not just a bonfire
either, but more of a beacon to mark the Jubilee. We didn’t start out to make
a beacon, but this is what it has turned out to be because we have been
tackling the ivy on the garden walls and I don’t think that I ever imagined that
it could add up to such a gigantic amount, much more than would fit into the
green bins – so much, in fact, that I worry about the trees and all the
surrounding flower beds and vegetable garden. So … I’m sorry to all the
neighbours, but we won’t have it on a Sunday, a Monday, a holiday or at
lunchtime. We will try to pick the least annoying or inconvenient time to do
the dirty deed, but a bonfire must be had. I wonder why bonfires are so
controversial – to me the incessant noise of garden machinery is much more
intrusive and seems to go on and on, regardless of time of day or week.
Anyway the ivy project has been very successful in that most of the garden
walls are now free of it and the coping stones that had been raised by the
ivy growing underneath them have been lifted and the ivy removed. All
stumps have been painted with root killer and the job is most satisfying. My
only caveat is that I feel so awful when I rip ivy off and you see the whole
microcosm of insect life that lives beneath it. There they are, the spiders,
woodlice, beetles, egg sacs and various small unidentified insects all going
about their daily life until this human comes along and destroys the lot. (Ivy
is also a very good late source of nectar for bees and wasps.) I don’t feel
good about it. This ivy crisis has all come to pass because when time is short
and labour scarce, what do you do? You weed and you plant and you prune
and you harvest, but the ivy on the walls is the last thing to get done and
often doesn’t. Let this be a lesson for you – try not to let your ivy get out of
hand. Now that I have the added benefit of the blessed Monica (thanks to
the WRAGS scheme, but who is with me only until June), we have been able
to tackle those jobs hitherto untouched.
           April is the month when I think that the classic adage ‘hope over
experience’ comes into full force. There is everything to hope for – all those
plans of plant combinations, seeds to germinate, good fruit and veg to look
forward to and wonderful colour supplement ideas to emulate. I don’t need
to tell anyone that it is one of the busiest gardening months of the year and
wonderfully free of disappointment. The leek moth has not yet struck or the
caterpillars hatched; the lily beetle may have shown its face (on the
fritillaries), but the lilies aren’t ravaged by it yet. I wake up excited on most
April mornings and can’t wait to get started on all the jobs that will lead to
such a burgeoning. I don’t want to go away anywhere else, nor do I want to
go away in May either for that matter. But, of course you MUST go away.
You must go and see other gardens, other countries – get new ideas and
inspirations and come home refreshed and ready to start again.
           I have been very amused by unexpected e-mails that I have received
from our French twinning town of La Chapelle des Fougeretz. It never
occurred to me that any residents of La Chapelle would read The Bridge,
but it appears that some of them do. First of all, out of the blue, I got an e-mail
from one of our French friends with a query about when to transplant the
tomato seedlings that I wrote about in the last issue. (I wrote some very
specific details about planting tomatoes given at a talk I went to some years
ago.) The next e-mail had a photograph attached showing the best tomato
seedlings you could imagine (much better than mine!), and then another
French friend sent photographs of his! Suddenly we are into an Anglo/French
tomato growing competition. This is wonderful. Why not join in? My e-mail
is barbara@ryton-house.co.uk and any photographs of your tomato project/s
would be gratefully received, and if I get permissions I could forward the
photographs of les tomates françaises. Who knows where this might lead –
we might be swapping seed next.
          And while we are on the subject of tomatoes let me pass on a tip
that I have read recently. If your garden has a patch of couch grass that is
difficult to eradicate sow some tomato seeds in the middle of it in spring.
Apparently the tomato seeds grow and the couch grass disappears. It seems
that the two can’t live side by side and the tomatoes win every time. Scientists
think that there is a chemical in the roots of the tomato that kills the couch
grass off. Well, I can’t vouch for this, but I am certainly going to try it. Please
let me know any success stories.

The brainchild of the vicar, the Rev Andrew Cinnamond, a Pancake and Quiz
evening was held in the church on Shrove Tuesday. The twin objects of the
evening were to have fun and for any proceeds to go to the Church
Restoration Fund. Both of these were met as some 70 people turned up and
had a very enjoyable time. It was really good to see so many teenagers
present – enough to form the large part of two of the teams taking part.
        Pancakes were provided by a very hard-working team from Lechlade
Twinning Association and the quiz was compiled and presented by Richard
Dadson. Thirteen teams were formed and completed eleven rounds of
questions on a very eclectic selection of subjects. At the end of the evening,
the winning team, scoring 77 out of a possible 92, was a team comprising
John Deacon, Molly and Linda Kent, Celia Long, Elizabeth Reay and Sue
        The prize, generously donated by Donald Cartwright of Colleys
Supper Rooms, was a Saturday Morning Brunch at Colleys for the whole
winning team.
        There was even talk of a repeat next year!!

Titanic Lives by Richard Davenport-Hines (Harper Press)
Not only is this a very timely publication, it is also extremely moving. It was
on the night of the 14th of April 1912, midway between its home port and
New York, that the ship hit an iceberg and sank within little more than two
hours. The majority of the book covers the stories of the men, women and
children who were sailing in her. We follow the lives of the passengers – the
wealthy ones in the luxurious first class; the second class, respectable,
prosperous citizens; and third class, filled with economic migrants and
political and religious refugees hoping for a better life in the New World –
right through to the dramatic climax of the disaster itself. I thought it an
amazing book – I was completely gripped.

The Soldier’s Wife by Joanna Trollope (Doubleday)
I think this is the best Joanna Trollope yet. I read it at one sitting and enjoyed
it enormously. It’s the story of Alexa Riley and her family. Her husband, Dan,
is a major in the British army, newly back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.
During that time, Alexa has supported the family, coped with the anxiety,
faced the disasters, and now Dan is home and she looks for a time for her,
for her hopes for the future, for the possibility of having a job; but Dan’s mind
is still in Afghanistan, his thoughts are with his men, and his plans are all for
him and his future. Alexa is expected to be the perfect army wife, look after
the children, etc., so – the two collide – head on! A very good read.

The Greatcoat by Helen Dunmore (Hammer)
It’s the winter of 1952 and newly married Isabel moves to Yorkshire with her
GP husband, Philip. She is lonely and she is cold. One evening of intense
cold (her husband is out on a call) she finds an old RAF greatcoat in a
cupboard and sleeps under it for warmth. She is startled by a knock at her
window – outside is a young RAF pilot, asking to come in. Is it a dream? Is
it actually happening? A ghost story with a difference. A quick and intriguing

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Deborah Moggach (Vintage Books)
I haven’t seen the film, but I have read the book! A quick read, partly funny,
partly moving. A disparate group of pensioners, all with their own problems
and enticed by advertisements for a newly restored hotel in India, decide to
leave cold and troubled England and live a life of leisure in the sun. Of course,
nothing turns out as they expect it – the hotel is very far from perfect, the
staff are eccentric, to say the least – but they bond and they soon discover
life still has some happy surprises for them.

Ice Bound by Jerri Nielsen (Ebury Press)
I picked up this book by chance in a charity shop and have seldom been so
absorbed and so moved by a story. This is a true account of Jerri Nielsen’s
year in Antarctica. Following the break-up of an abusive marriage and the
loss of her two children in a custody battle, she (a doctor) decides to make
a complete change in her lifestyle and applies for a job as a medic at a South
Pole research station, the most remote and perilous place on earth, living in
total darkness for nine months of the year with temperatures as low as 100
degrees below zero and with no way in or out before spring. The story of the
friendships, the camaraderie, the disasters, the fun (yes, fun!) of the people
living so close together is amazing. She found peace there and was happy
until tragedy struck with her discovery of a large lump in her breast. The
dramatic and inspiring story of her rescue in 1999 made headlines around
the globe.

Campbell Hat-Trick!
Fran Campbell of Lechlade Cricket Club has been selected for the
Gloucestershire County Under 11s girls’ squad for 2012 after attending trials.
She will represent Gloucestershire against the other counties in the
upcoming season. The head of girls’ cricket at Gloucestershire, Lisa Pagett,
commented: ‘We did quite a technical session on throwing and not only did
Fran have one of the more impressive throwing techniques within the group,
but she also had a real willingness to listen to what was said and improve
further. I would put Fran in the better end of the group. She will certainly
feature in the Under 11 fixtures throughout the summer.’
          Fran joins her brothers Zach and Luke who have already been
selected for the county and district squads for 2012. For further information
on girls’ cricket at Lechlade CC, please contact the chairman, Paul Rowley,
on 07967 480666 or paul.rowley@orchard-press.co.uk.

The Day Centre will be holding an Open Morning on Tuesday 22 May from
10:45am to 12 noon. Attractions include: a cake stall, books and jigsaw
puzzles, a raffle, 'Spot the Baby', coffee/tea.
        Why not stay to enjoy a delicious home cooked lunch? Two courses,
coffee or tea for £6. To book your lunch, contact Hazel on 07796 211270 on
the Friday before the Tuesday.
        Hope to see you there!

Singers from England and Wales were chosen to open the England v Wales
Six Nations match in February at Twickenham. You would think from this
statement that several choirs combined, but it may surprise you to know that
all these singers make up the 60-strong international award-winning Wessex
Male Choir, based in Swindon. They were asked to open the Southern v
Northern Hemisphere match in December 2011 at Twickenham and sang
to a 35,000 capacity crowd to raise funds for Help for Heroes. As a result,
they were selected by the Six Nations organisers to entertain the crowd at
the beginning of the match in February, which was a sell-out crowd of 85,000
plus the millions that watched the match on television. This was the biggest
audience they have ever entertained and are likely to entertain in the future.
They were accompanied by soloist Becky Jane Taylor and sang favourite
rugby songs such as Swing Low, Jerusalem and World in Union.
         The English singers had to learn the Welsh anthem Land of my
Fathers in the native tongue and sang that, the National Anthem and
Laudamus before kick-off. Musical Director Rob Elliot said that the English
songs lasted only a few minutes whereas the Welsh ones lasted hours! He
would, wouldn’t he, because he is a proud Welshman.
         The choir are looking forward to a brilliant year giving concerts
throughout the UK for charity and you can see them in action on 16 June at
7:30pm at STEAM, Swindon when they give their 11th summer concert with
the 70-strong University of Kentucky Ladies’ Choir. This will be a spectacular
event involving over 110 choristers between both choirs. Details of the
concert and where you can get tickets are being published on
www.wessexmalechoir.co.uk. If you would like to know more about the choir
and particularly if any male over 18 years of age would like to be involved,
please visit our website for further details.
                                 Tim Yeoman

Available every week bar Family Service in Lechlade Library – a supervised
creche for babies and toddlers to 3 years old. Colouring, stories, toys
and fun from 9:45am until 11:15am.
        Leave your little ones to have some fun with us whilst you take the
opportunity to enjoy a Sunday Service!
        For further details or to register your child, please contact Nathalie
Bradley on 01367 253589 or nathalieannbradley@hotmail.co.uk.

Recognising our place in nature
There is an irrepressible vibration running throughout the whole of the natural
world in the springtime; an air of anticipation as many plants are experiencing
a glorious resurrection and love is in the air for our furred and feathered
friends. And it’s that state of being on the edge of a natural explosion of life
that is so poignant. If you have been counting signs of spring as they appear
over the winter, then by now you will have lost count; there’s life leaping for
attention at every scale, from the microscopic to the landscape. And what
makes this yet more enthralling (as if we can cope with more excitement) is
the acknowledgement of the imperceptible strands that link us and all of
these organisms with the environment we live in. These connections are all
around us.
          A walk into the countryside, or into any green space, is all that you
need to feel these connections. There’s a rustle in the grass at your feet, a
small pile of nibbled grass stems, a row of buds opening on the branch in
the hedgerow, a burst of ecstatic birdsong, a pollen-laden breeze, a gap in
the cloud through which the sun beams down its life-giving light and warmth.
Between all of these seemingly disparate happenings are connections. And
the more you look, the more you see – a massive three-dimensional web of
interconnected organisms and processes. An unassuming toadstool loiters
under the hedge, and beneath it its network of underground mycelia interacts
with tree root systems and covers many hectares. A kestrel floats motionless
in the air above you, hanging, in the words of Douglas Adams, in precisely
the same way that bricks don’t. Invisible connections radiate from the bird
in all directions (and at least one is heading for the unfortunate source of
the rustle in the grass we noticed earlier). And the truly important thing is
that the soil, the sward, the trees, the rivers, the sun, the scuttling insects
and other animals are all connected, inextricably and unquestionably, to you.
          The study of these connections is called ecology, but we might just
prefer to call it life. And we might also prefer to see this web as a safety net
which we should not be tearing holes in. The first step in placing a sensible
value on nature, we believe, is the realisation that we are not separate from
the environment we live in. Our economy is dependent upon this web of life.
Fresh water, food and clean air are not luxuries. As it is, we find ourselves,
in economically austere times like these, jettisoning environmental initiatives
as if they were mere ballast from the side of an over-heavy balloon.
          Let’s enjoy the world outside our doorstep, understand our place in
it and fight for it tooth and nail. If you are interested in volunteering to help
local           wildlife,        please            contact         me          at
will.masefield@gloucestershirewildlifetrust.co.uk, 07793 307056.
                                  Will Masefield
                    Cotswold Rivers Community Wildlife Officer

SINGING opportunities
Ha’penny Bridge Singers are now recruiting soprano, alto, tenor and bass
singers. They meet at the Baptist Church, Lechlade every second and fourth
Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm.
11 and 25 April, 9 and 23 May. Come and have a go!

South Cotswold Society of Recorder Players will meet in the Methodist
Hall, Lechlade on Saturdays 14 April and 5 May at 2:00pm. Non-members
£4.00 entry.

Lechlade Community Band meets in St Lawrence School at 7:00pm on
the first and third Wednesday of the month.
4 and 18 April, 2 and 16 May.

Richard Digance in concert
Tuesday 24 April at Lechlade Memorial Hall. Doors and bar open at 7:00pm.
Concert at 7:45pm.Tickets £10.00 from jay@artsinlechlade.co.uk, 01367
253510, or Lechlade Newsagents.

TATT (Tunes at the Trout) meets once a month in the Trout Inn, Lechlade.
Tuesdays 10 April and 8 May at 8:00pm.
Free entrance (contact Jack Brothwell on jackbunny9@hotmail.com for

Riverfolk Acoustic Club meets on the second and last Friday of each
month, 8:00pm in the Creel Bar at the Trout Inn, Lechlade. Entrance £1.00.
Fridays 13 and 27 April, 11 and 25 May. Sing/playarounds.

ART opportunities
Lechlade Art Society meets in the Memorial Hall at 7:00pm.
Tuesday 17 April: ‘Draw along with Dee Cowell’
Tuesday 15 May: ‘The French Impressionists’ talk by Anthony Slinn.
Non-members £3.00 entrance.

DRAMA opportunities
Lechlade Players
Telephone 01367 253351 or email catherine.hitchman@virgin.net for

DANCING opportunities
Lechlade Scottish Country Dance Club meets every Thursday evening
at the Memorial Hall at 7:30pm. First session free. Contact Shirley Jenkins

on 01367 252623 for details.

Ballroom Blitz takes place at the Methodist Hall on Wednesday mornings
at 9:30am for 30 minutes. £3 a session.

See our website www.artsinlechlade.co.uk or email us on
jay@artsinlechlade.co.uk for further details of any AIL arts events or activities.

May I offer a huge thank you to all those who are helping to pay for the
running costs of the floodlighting.
        Donations have been given to commemorate the following for the
months of April and May 2012, as recorded in the floodlighting diary:-

April 7th        For Ted. IMP
April 21st       Remembering ‘Rosentere’ – on their 100th birthdays
                 March 20th and April 21st
April 30th       In memory of Edith Hasbury on the anniversary of her death
May 14th         In memory of Christopher Long on his birthday

In addition, donations were made for:-
February 20th Remembering Ron Tooth

If you would like to contribute towards the running costs of the floodlighting
and would like to commemorate a special person or event, please enter the
details in the diary which is at the back of the church. The names and events
will be published in The Bridge on a regular basis.
         The PCC has suggested that a minimum donation of £10.00 would
be appropriate and, if you are a taxpayer, you could consider gift-aiding your
contribution. Gift-aid envelopes may be found at the back of the church and
all donations should be placed in the wall-safe or barrel.
                                    Jan Taylor

The Comedy of Errors
Cotswold Arcadians are pleased to present one of Shakespeare's early
works, The Comedy of Errors, for their 2012 production. Interestingly, it was
written at about the same time as his well-known tragedy Richard III, often
played nowadays as tragi-comedy.
           By setting the play in Ephesus, known to the Elizabethans by their
familiarity with the Letters of St Paul, Shakespeare capitalises on this
knowledge by taking some of the Apostle’s teachings – slaves being obedient
to their masters, wives being obedient and faithful to husbands, and the
avoidance of fornication – and turns them on their heads. Slaves are obedient
– but to which master? Wives are faithful – but to which husband? An erring
husband discovers that fornication has financial consequences. Two sets of
twins cause chaos and create a tangled skein of confusions involving orders,
counter-orders, mistaken identities and lust-filled liaisons. Action and reaction
come thick and fast until the Elizabethan love of order brings about
resolution. Whatever the result, the production will be colourful, vigorous and
full of life and fast-paced absurdity.
           From Monday 23 July to Saturday 28 July, the grounds of Hatherop
Castle will open at 6:00pm for patrons to enjoy their picnics in the beautiful
surroundings before performances start at 8:00pm. Seating is in a covered,
tiered grandstand and tickets, £16 standard/ £14 senior/ £8 full-time student,
can be reserved from the CA Box Office on 01285 898019 or from
boxoffice@arcadians.org. For full details, plus photographs from previous
productions (including last year’s sell-out Macbeth), please visit the CA
website www.arcadians.org.

Urgent need for a Treasurer
Fairford and District Choral Society is a small registered charity (RC no.
1118754) based in Fairford. It was set up in 2006 to promote the study and
practice of choral music and to foster public knowledge and appreciation
through public performance. We have around 50 active members and annual
income of approximately £5k from member subscriptions, local sponsors
and the two public concerts we perform each year.
         The main tasks for the treasurer include: preparing budgets for our
two concerts in April and November; liaising with the bookkeeper to prepare
management accounts and annual accounts; liaising with the independent
verifier of the accounts prior to the AGM (January); presenting the annual
accounts to the members at the AGM.
         If anyone would be interested in providing this essential service for
our choir, please get in touch through the Contact Us link on the choir
website: www.fairford.org/choralsociety.


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                                                             is now offering hand reflexology and hand
                                                            massage in the comfort of your own home, or
 Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic                     in my dedicated treatment room in Lechlade.
Physiotherapy can help with conditions such as:
            Muscular aches and pains                        Hand reflexology and massage is a gentle,
             Neck and back pain                             warm, relaxing, caring and tactile treatment
                     Sciatica                               which may help with loneliness, depression,
                   Osteoarthritis                            bereavement, aches or pains, and can be
                  Sports injuries                            given to elderly or disabled people whilst
         Recovery following broken bones
Rehab following orthopaedic and hand surgery
                                                                   sitting in a comfortable chair.
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                          IN HOUSE BUTCHERY AND DELI PRODUCTS,
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