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A friend came over for an extended tea break last week and told me that her
daughter had just brought back a nit letter from school.
I didn’t really take in the rest of the conversation as mention of the nit letter
rendered me incapable of anything other than scratching my head as I was struck
down with a terrible, terrible case of the psychosomatic nits.
(In fact, just thinking about it now is having the same effect. I’m trying to type,
but my fingers have other ideas. It’s a bit like this...tap, tap, scratch.)
We have only had the nits once. It was a long time ago, during a very hot
summer in a tiny hillside village in Italy. Mid August. We (me, children and the
mini vermin it turns out), were all basking in the sunshine. The nits must have
been growing all week, but couldn’t be bothered to scurry, for the children did
not scratch their heads.
It was an idyllic afternoon when I saw my daughter’s hair appearing to shimmer
in the hazy sunshine, like Barbie in a mirage. Looking closer I realised with
horror, that her hair was ALIVE. (tap, tap, scratch) I don’t know if I have ever
been so terrified in my whole life, and nearly ran away (not really fair on nit
ridden offspring, as we were slightly isolated) Where, in this little corner of Italy
with its selective opening hours, was I going to find a nit comb? And if daughters
straight hair was crawling, what of the twins with their bouffants of tight
corkscrew curls, who when they were little, resembled a couple of fuzzy drawing
pins. Their hair breaks combs (honestly it does, I think there are bits in there still)
I spent hours guillotining the army of little blighters with sharp fingernail; yet in
vain, we were overwhelmed. It wasn’t until we were at the airport in Rome, when
I finally got my hands on a nit comb. You have never seen anywhere empty as
fast as that little cafe when I started to de-nit the children over a snack of coffee
and pastries (too many unidentifiable black bits rendered the snack useless)
Maybe Italian children don’t get nits. Is their hair too shiny?
Whatever happened to the nit nurse anyway? I remember being at primary school
and the line of children hypnotised by the nit nurse, whose sole role in life, it
seemed was to cast a spell on a queue of unruly children. Why don’t they still
have nit nurses? It would save me a whole day of head scratching every time I
read one of those nit letters. And parents the country over wouldn’t have to
resort to using the cat’s frontline in a desperate bid to eradicate the little beggars.
Still, I am well and truly on the ball these days. Each time a child even raises it’s
arm I am there, frantically diving into the roots of their hair, like a woman
possessed. No nit will ever get past me again. Actually, it doesn’t even need to,
the revenge of the nit is that I am scratching my head so much, I might at least
have a pile of dead nits to show for it.
Ros (Thanks to Steve Findlay Wilson for the front cover of a stained glass window at Filkins)

Dear friends
I love a good election, and this year hosts the showcase of all elections - the US
Presidential Election.
In 2008 Barack Obama
campaigned under the
banner of ‘hope’. He
sought to offer a
message of a positive
future where
Americans worked
together for a better,
fairer society. This
November Obama will
face a strong
examination of his
ability to deliver on his
promise of ‘Hope’.
Hope is a hugely powerful, if abstract, concept. Hope inspires, motivates and
The Easter story has the message of hope at its heart. However it is not a
message resting on aspiration and promises awaiting fulfilment. Rather it is a sure
and certain hope founded upon historical fact. Through his death on Good
Friday Jesus offers us the hope of sins forgiven, and therefore the hope of living
life free from guilt. Through his resurrection from the dead Jesus Christ has
given us hope that death is not the end. He has given us hope that there is life
This message of hope provides a deeper sense of purpose to all the activities that
fill our daily lives, even the most mundane of activities. It gives greater meaning
to working hard in our jobs and caring for our families; in building relationships
in our communities; in tending for the creation that God has given us to enjoy; in
all the tasks that we undertake day by day.
The apostle Paul wrote about the ‘faith and love that spring from the hope’ that
comes when we hear the good news about Jesus. The power of hope is that it
stimulates other responses that in turn further enrich our lives.
The motoring presenter come social commentator Jeremy Clarkson described the
British mentality as one where ‘we get up in a morning, we trudge through the
day, with no sense of purpose or ambition, and then we die.’ The Easter message
of hope offers an alternative to this outlook. But we do need to vote for it.
Patrick Wheaton

Sunday 1st April (Palm Sunday)
10.00am       BPoggs/Filkins      Benefice Communion     Rev Wheaton/Rev
6.00pm        Alvescot          Benefice Evensong        Rev Ross
Thursday 5th April (Maundy Thursday)
7.30pm        Kencot              Parish Communion       Rev MacInnes & Rev
Friday 6th April (Good Friday)
10.30am      Bradwell Village    Children’s Service      Rev Wheaton
2.00pm       Shilton             Good Friday Service     Rev McGrath
Sunday 8th April (Easter Sunday)
9.00am       Langford             Holy Communion         Rev MacInnes
9.00am       Black Bourton        Holy Communion         Rev Wheaton
9.00am       Westwell             Holy Communion         Rev McGrath
10.30am      Broadwell            Parish Communion       Rev Meredith
10.30am      Alvescot             Family Communion       Rev Johnson
10.30am      Filkins              Family Communion       Rev MacInnes
10.30am      Holwell              Parish Communion       Rev McGrath
10.30am      Kelmscott            Family Communion       Rev Wheaton
10.30am      Kencot               Parish Communion       Rev David MacInnes
10.30am      Shilton              Parish Communion       Rev Harrison
11am         Lt Faringdon         Parish Communion       Rev Ross
Sunday 15th April (Easter II)
10.30am       Black Bourton       Family Communion &     Rev Wheaton
6.00pm       Broughton Poggs      Evensong               Rev Wheaton
Sunday 22nd April (Easter III)
9.00am       Shilton              Holy Communion         Rev MacInnes
9.00am       Kencot               Holy Communion         Rev McGrath
10.30am      Alvescot             Parish Communion       RevMcGrath
10.30am      Filkins              Family Communion       Rev Wheaton
10.30am      Broadwell            Matins                 Mr Jeremy Lane
11am         Lt Faringdon         Short Worship & APCM   Rev MacInnes
6.00pm       Holwell              Evensong               Rev MacInnes
6.00pm       Langford             Evensong               Rev Wheaton
Sunday 29th April (Easter IV)
9.00am        Langford            Holy Communion         Rev MacInnes
10.30am       Kencot              Parish Communion       Rev MacInnes
10.30am       Shilton             Matins                 Rev Ross
6.00pm        Alvescot            Evensong               Rev MacInnes

Sunday 6th May (Easter V)
10.30am           Westwell              Benefice Communion            Rev MacInnes/Rev
6.00pm            Lt Faringdon          Benefice Evensong             Rev Wheaton


Wed 25th April      Black Bourton     Holy Communion                 10.00am          HM

                                  COTSWOLD HOME
                            (a private service for residents only)
Easter Sunday           9.30am                   Holy Communion
Weds 11th April         11.30am                  Holy Communion
Fri 20th April          11.30am                  Holy Communion
Weds 25th April         11.30am                  Holy Communion

Sunday 1st April (Palm Sunday) Red
Isaiah 50.4-9a       Psalm 118.19-24     Philippians 2.5-11             Mark 11.1-11
Thursday 5th April (Maundy Thursday) White
Exodus 12.1-14       Psalm 116.1, 10-end 1Corinthians 11.23-            John 13.1-17, 31b-35
Friday 6th April (Good Friday)
Isaiah 52.13-end 53 Psalm 22             Hebrews 10.16-25               John 18.1-end of 19
Sunday 8th April (Easter Day) Gold/White
Isaiah 25.6-9        Psalm 118.[1–2] 14- Acts 10.34-43                  Mark 16.1-8
Sunday 15th (Easter II) White
Exodus 14.10-end     Psalm 133           Acts 4.32-35                   John 20.19–end
Sunday 22nd (Easter III) White
Zephaniah 3.14-end Psalm 4               Acts 3.12-19                   Luke 24.36b – 48
Sunday 29th (Easter IV) White
Genesis 7.1–5        Psalm 23            Acts 4.5-12                    John 10.11-18
Sunday 6th May (Easter V) White
Genesis 22.1-18      Psalm 22.25-end     Acts 8.26-end                  John 15.1-8


O     ur next meeting will be on Wednesday 4th April at 3.00pm in the
      Methodist Church Schoolroom. The speaker will be the Rev’d Peter
      Goodhall. All are welcome. Refreshments will be provided.
There will a service at 3.00pm every Sunday in the Methodist Church.
Barbara Edwards

For Welshmen everywhere this is the start of a
call-to-arms made infamous by the well known
Welsh comedian from ‘up the valleys’, Max
Boyce, and used to motivate their red-shirted
heroes on rugby pitches across the globe. I
consider myself to be really blessed by God in
many ways. Not only did He allow me to be
born in Cardiff 65 years ago, thus giving me
Welsh nationality, but He also gifted me a
voice capable of ‘...making a joyful noise unto
the Lord’ in accordance with Psalm 100. Apart from using my dulcet (?) bass
tones to lead worship at Shilton Bapttist Chapel on numerous occasions with my
wife Chris, with His help I managed to pass my audition to be accepted into the
Wessex Male Choir, which is based in Swindon.
As a male choir we have only been in existence for ten years, and our biggest
achievement to date is actually winning the International Eisteddfod at
Llangollen last year, singing against choirs from Wales, England and even the
USA – and winning by a clear seven points!! Little did we know that our success
at Llangollen would lead to even greater things. To a Welshman who is keen on
his sport one of the major datesis the Wales v England six nations rugby clash.
This year that clash was to take place at Twickenham As a direct result of us
being awarded ‘Champion Male Choir’ of the Llangollen International
Eisteddfod, our musical director, Rob Elliott, received a phone call from out of
the blue before Christmas asking if the English Rugby Union could use the
Wessex Male Choir to sing on the pitch at Twickenham before the
England/Wales game, and would we be able to handle the Welsh National
Anthem in Welsh in front of a sell out 86,000 capacity crowd. Being Welsh
himself he jumped at the opportunity and accepted the challenge. Out of a choir
of 65 voices on roll, 16 of us are Welsh, and the ‘challenge’ was trying to teach 50
choristers the Welsh words and correct pronunciation to ‘Mae Hen Wlad Fy
Nhadau’ (or Land of my Fathers)
 We sang ‘Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’ first, accompanied by the Welsh players
and the red contingent in the crowd, and the roar from the crowd when we
finished was something that will live with me forever!!
The game itself was very exciting, and could have gone either way, BUT Wales
won 19 points to 12 and in the words of Max Boyce ‘...I know, ‘cos I was
there’.What a great honour and tremendous privilege it was for me personally
and for the Wessex Male Choir generally to Praise God!
Mike Barrett

Preachers for April
April 1st                   Informal
April 8th                   Barry Shepherd
April 15th                  Brian Jones
April 22nd                  Chris and Mike Barrett
April 29th                  Barry Shepherd

O         ur services in April are back to 6.00pm. Visitors are always very
          welcome and especially to our Easter service.
          Many thanks to everyone who supported our soup days . We had our
last one in March and over forty people came. We are stopping for the summer
now. In the four months from November to February donations came to nearly
four hundred pounds which we were able to give to Gatehouse, a charity for the
homeless in Oxford. The March donations were £101.47 which is going to
Christian Aid. Thank you.
Elizabeth Harfield


L       aying up the Standard. All members are aware
        that it was reluctantly decided at last year’s
        AGM to close down the Branch, once certain
formalities had taken place. One of these is to Lay up
the Standard in St Peter’s Filkins. It has now been
agreed with the Rector and the churchwardens that
this will take place on the back of a normal service on
Sunday 13th May. It would be splendid if as many
members as possible from throughout the Broadshire
villages are present on this day.


D         iscussions with the Rector and the
          churchwardens of the Broadshire churches
          have indicated that there is general agreement for future services to be
organised in a similar way to past years. The four largest churches will each host
this special service in the following order: Kencot (2012); Langford (2013);
Filkins 2014); Broadwell (2015) and so on. Specific arrangements for Acts of
Remembrance and the service itself will be the responsibility of the
churchwardens but assistance from Legion members will be available, if required.
Jeremy Taylor

The 15 villages that make up the 11 parishes in the Shill &
Broadshire Benefice are lively places. Every month there are
dozens of events organized by the many local organizations that
flourish here.
We are pleased to report on every event that has happened, and
to publicise all those that are to come.
We try to incorporate all the many contributions we receive, but
please accept that we can not always advertise your particular
event in the way you would like.
But please do keep sending us all your Village News.

                 St Peter’s

Everyone is welcome to come along at 10.00am on Saturday 7th April to join
together and prepare St Peter’s for Easter. Inside we will be decorating with
spring flowers and cleaning the church.
Outside there will also be a churchyard tidy up, so if you can spare a couple of
hours to help with weeding etc we’d love to see you. Gardening gloves are useful
but not essential. Coffee and biscuits will be provided!
LILIES FOR REMEMBRANCE once again this Easter we will be using
white lilies in remembrance of loved ones. If you would like to make a donation
for lilies in memory of someone special, please do so to me, along with the
name/s of those you would like included by 6 th April. All the names of those
being remembered will be by the lilies in church over Easter.
If you would like more details please contact me on 01993 842435.
Jayne Lewin
The Village Quiz on Sat 12th May starts 7.30pm. £7.50 gets you an evening’s
entertainment and a Supper. For Tickets for this enjoyable evening ring Sandie
on 01993 842135 or Sharon on 01993 845610
The Village Hall AGM will be on 9th May at 7.30pm Anyone who would like to
get involved will be most welcome.

Our Village Show is on Sat 1st September. Our photographic classes this year will
be 1. Landscape 2. Sunrise/Sunset 3. Insect/Insects. Classes for Children are 1.
Picture of a Palace for the Queen (any medium) 2. Make a crown for the Queen
3. Decorate a Cup Cake for the Queen. The baking class is Banana Bread. The
schedule will be out in July
Sandie Morris
With just over two months to go before this year’s village fete, we hope that
everyone is busy putting aside good-quality jumble, planting extra garden produce
for sale, or buying the odd contribution to the bottle stall. We will also need
helpers on the day, and anyone interested in supporting the event can contact
either Ann on 01993 841522 or Tessa on 01993 841357.
The Fete is on Saturday 16th June, from 2.00pm until 4.30pm, on the village
playing field. All proceeds are divided between the school, the playing field, the
church and the village hall, with a small donation going to Alvescot Ladies group.
Richard Munro
This term started with great excitement when
a thief entered the school and removed the
staff biscuit tin! The children have been
working with a real forensic scientist to solve
the crime. They have collected evidence from
the crime scene and are enjoying investigating
the evidence using microscopes and fingerprinting equipment to eliminate
suspects. We are hoping to identify the thief by the end of term whose
punishment will be to fill the biscuit tin with enough chocolate biscuits for
The children and staff are thoroughly enjoying this term’s topic and particularly
enjoyed a wonderful morning at the Discovery Zone at Science Oxford funded
by a Royal Society grant. The hands-on science gallery was packed with lots of
exciting interactive exhibits which allowed the children to explore science
through play. The children also took part in a workshop in which they
investigated the different materials that could be used to make a waterproof
umbrella. This was followed by a fascinating talk by a parent of the school who
demonstrated how the company that she works for has invented nano-coating
technology which can be applied to a wide range of materials, making them
waterproof without changing the look or feel. The children were fascinated to see
even an everyday tissue made waterproof!
Police Community Support Officer Colin Davies visited all classes this month to

talk to the children about his role in the community. The children had lots of
questions for him and enjoyed trying on his uniform and sitting in his police car.
Please do look at the school’s website for photographs in the Photo Gallery of
the Children’s Pages of both our visit to Science Oxford and PC Davies' visit at
Many thanks to the Carterton Lions for their very generous donation for the
purchase of some new musical instruments. The children love to make music and
to play in bands outside and can often be seen and heard singing and marching
around the playground with their instruments. This donation will allow us to add
to our outside musical instrument collection with some of our older instruments
and replace these with some nice new instruments for use in lessons.
As the season of Lent continues, we are looking forward to our Easter
celebrations. Our Easter Bonnet Parade will take place around the village on the
afternoon of 26th March and our Easter Service in St Peter’s Church will be held
at 1.30pm on the afternoon of Wednesday 28th March. If you would like to join
us in our celebrations then we would love to see you. Term 4 ends at 1.15 on 30th
On Friday 30th March, the last day of term, St Peter’s will be supporting Brain
Tumour Research’s Wear a Hat day. All the children and staff will be encouraged
to wear a hat in return for a £1.00 donation to raise vital funds for brain tumour
research. We also have a box of Wear A Hat Day character pin badges that can
be purchased for a further donation of £1.00 each from the school office.
If you would like to get your place of work involved too, or would like more
information about Brain Tumour Research and their Wear A Hat Day activities,
please visit their website
Sam King

                    BLACK BOURTON
                    St Mary’s

The next Parish Council meeting will be on Wednesday 25th April at 7.30 pm in
St Mary’s Church, please note the AGM will be on Wednesday 16 th May at 6.30.
Everyone welcome.
Doreen Hart

                  St Peter & St Paul’s

All will be revealed when the list goes up in the church porch, but just now we
have not decided Sundays (April 8,15,22 & 29)
Either Georgina Lewis or June Goodenough
Very many thanks to all the noble people who offered extra weeks to help make
up a long flower season.
Also very many thanks to those who go into a cold church midweek and polish
and dust so regularly. It Shows !
Don’t forget April 16th at 6.30pm for the PCC and April 23rd at 7.30pm for the
Parish Council meeting.
We are such a small village and it really matters that we get together for these
Kencot and Broadwell are joining forces for the Hog Roast and picnic on
Tuesday June 5th.This will be our turn, in Broadwell, and information will be
circulated as to exact venue. AND, the Porter Trust will hold their annual
festivities at the same time and place, so brush up your Wellie Wanging and try
the various stalls. This is an important event for them, because of the need for
funds, so many expenses.
June Goodenough
The children have been enjoying their topic of Transport this term.
Hanging across the ceiling is a huge numberline of aeroplanes
encouraging budding pilots to practise their counting skills as well as
their landing ones. You would have no difficulty spotting these
planes in the sky over Oxfordshire. Their rather original decoration is somewhat
brighter than the planes you see taking off from Heathrow.
If the thought of flying is too hectic you may like to imagine yourself in one of
the hot air balloons the children have made. They are serenely drifting across the
wall, paying no attention to the aeroplanes, although they could give them a run
for their money in a garish decoration contest!
Passport control had better watch out this summer as there may be a few strange
passports coming their way. The children are all ready to travel with their newly

made I.D. although a few eyebrows may be raised at their photos. They would
crack a smile from even the grumpiest member of airport security!
The mild weather has drawn the children outside and numerous trains and planes
have been caught at the Broadshires station and airport. Woe betide anyone who
tried to travel without a ticket though. The ticket inspectors are ever so strict!
As many of you may now know ‘cooking’ is a very popular activity with the
children. If you have any spare pots or pans lying around your kitchen that you
are willing to donate we would be very grateful. Please pass them on to a member
of staff or parent, or pop them in next time you are passing.
Make sure the date of Sunday 20th May is put into your diary. The Broadshires
Fete will be taking place that day and we would love for you to come along.
Hopefully the weather will be kind and we can all enjoy some warm sunshine
while looking at the various stalls and joining in the fun.
For more information, please call Jackie Overton on 01367 860729 or email
Rowan Harris
              St Peter’s

1st April Lent                15th April Mary Cover         29th April Mary Cover
8th April Easter Flowers 22nd April Mary Cover
Villagers may be aware that a small team of residents act as volunteers to cut
Filkins church grass during the season, thus making a valuable saving on grass
cutting fees. I am sure you will agree that keeping the centrepiece of our village
looking lovely, is a noble pursuit. Therefore, if you feel you may be able to join
the team, cutting the grass just 2/3 times during the year please do let me know
on 01367 860229
Alan Ashforth-Smith
Following a very successful evening last year we are holding another Curry and
Quiz Night on Saturday 28th April. Questions by our renowned Quiz Master
Mandy Scott and excellent curry provided by Bilash Tickets are available from
Filkins Post Office and the Village shop at £10.00 per person. There is limited
availability so get your tickets early. Please note due to catering arrangements
tickets will not be available on the night.
Mary Bohm

Covering the villages of Filkins, Broughton Poggs, Langford, Little Faringdon,
Kencot and Broadwell (All telephone codes 01367)
Tuesdays                                      Thursdays
3rd April    Mr J Langer            860700    5th April    Mrs J Higham     860197
10th April   Mrs C Woodford         860319    12th April   Mr A Woodford    860319
17th April   Mrs A Dossett-Davies   860357    19th April   Mrs M Cover      860302
24th April   Miss H Squire          860337    26th April   Lady Allison     860787
1st May      Mrs K Morley           860777    3rd May      Mrs J Higham     860197
8th May      Mrs F Shrouder         860053    10th May     Mr A Woodford    860319
15th May     Mr C Morley            860777    17th May     Mrs M Cover      860302
22nd May     Mrs A Dossett-Davies   860357    24th May     Lady Allison     860787
29th May     Mr J Langer            860700    31st May     Miss H Squire     860337
Charges: Surgery Runs: Carterton, Lechlade and Burford - £2.50, Fairford and
Witney - £5.50
Hospital Runs: Cirencester and Swindon - £9.00, Cheltenham and Oxford -
£11.00 (plus parking charge if paid)
 Patients should notify the nominated driver at least 24 hours in advance of their
The Surgery Service only covers appointments up to 4.00 pm on Tuesdays and
Thursdays. All users of the service must be able to make their way to and from
the car unaided. For all hospital runs please contact Tony Woodford on 01367
Tony Woodford

Telephone: 01367 860620 Opening hours
Day           Morning                 Afternoon
Monday       9.00am to 12.30pm        1.00pm to 5.00pm
Tuesday      8.30am to 12.30pm        Closed
Wednesday Closed                      Closed
Thursday     9.00am to 12.30pm        Closed
Friday       Closed                   1.30pm to 4.30pm

Day                   Morning                                      Afternoon
Monday                10.00am- 12 noon                             3.00-5.00pm
Tuesday               10.00am-12 noon                              3.00-5.00pm
Wednesday             10.00am - 12 noon                            3.00-5.00pm
Thursday              10.00am-12 noon                              3.00-5.00pm
Friday                10.00am - 12 noon                            3.00-5.00pm
Saturday              10.00am-12 noon                              3.00-5.00pm
Sunday                closed                                       3.00-5.00pm

We have again participated in the National Day Nurseries
Association ‘Healthy Body, Happy Me’ week, promoting the
importance of a healthy lifestyle for young children.
At Filkins Nursery, we want to give the children a positive experience of a
healthy lifestyle, giving them a chance to participate in activities that are fun and
lead to a healthy body and a happy me. During a week in March, the children
planted out seeds for our vegetable garden; experienced yoga with Tattybumpkin
and music with Saltbox; devised their own early morning exercise routine aptly
called ‘wake and shake’ and enjoyed making various healthy snacks throughout
the week. Children were also invited in to nursery to share a nutritious hot lunch
together, which proved to be very popular and an exciting change from our usual
packed lunches.
We have recently set up a Parent Partnership Group who will be able to work
with staff and have a much welcomed input into general nursery life. We have
had a great response from parents and at the time of writing we are very much
looking forward to our first meeting over a glass of wine and nibbles!
We are again collecting Sainsburys and Tesco vouchers- any spare vouchers
would be gratefully received.
Spring term ends on Friday 30th March and Easter Holiday Club will run from
Monday 2nd April until Friday 13th April. Nursery will be closed on Friday 6th
April and Monday 9th April. Summer term begins on Monday 16th April 2012.
Louise Jenkins
Do please remember that minutes and notices of meetings are displayed on the
notice boards in the bus shelter, in Broughton Poggs in the Village Shop, and in
the Post Office. There is a more comprehensive file of Parish Council bumph in
the Cotswold Woollen Weavers Coffee Shop.
Cris Hoad

                St Mary’s

Thank you to those who joined us for the March Benefice Communion, it was a
very good service, with the Rector presiding and the Reverend Liz Johnson
preaching. Her sermon included an assessment of God and what He does, by a 8
year old American boy, enjoyed not only by the grown-ups but also by a couple
of children in the congregation (even if some adult had had a hand in it).
The Annual Meeting of the Parochial Church Council will take place on Tuesday,
23rd April, at the Rectory, Shilton (courtesy of the Rector) at 6.00pm. All those
on the Electoral Roll are most welcome and, if there are any other parishoners
who want to be included on it, there is a form on the noticeboard, to be
completed and returned, to Dr Jane Brylewski, at Signet, before the Meeting .
Corinna Rock

                 St George’s

Church Brass and Flowers - Claire Callow
Kelmscott Craft Fairs return in May and we’re looking for additional new,
original crafts this year. We already have jewellery, textiles, knitting, cards and
woodturning but if you have any other craft that is all your own work, please do
get in touch on 01367 253103. The fairs are held each Wednesday afternoon,
from mid May until the end of September
Laura Roberts

                St George’s

7th April            Easter (see below)            14th & 21st April       Jan Allen
28th April & 5th May Rachel Allen
The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will take place on Thursday 12 th April at
7.30pm in the Village Hall, Kencot (Not 28th as stated in the March edition of the
Parish Pump).
Gill Cox

As we have Gardens Open Day on Easter Monday we hope there will be many
visitors to the village, a large number of whom will visit our lovely church. Please
do come and help to make it as attractive as possible by joining us on 7 th April to
arrange the flowers. This year we are also going to make a special effort for the
Queen’s Jubilee and are going to have a ‘red, white and blue’ theme for the
flower displays. Again your extra help would be greatly appreciated on 2 nd June.
And a big thank you to all those who have agreed to arrange the flowers
throughout the year. The flower rota is in the porch if you need to verify the
dates; fresh oasis is always in the Vestry; and if you have any queries or need any
further help do contact me at any time on 01367 860357
Anne Dossett-Davies
8 gardens and the allotments are open 2.00pm - 6.00pm for the National Garden
Scheme. There will be plenty of off road parking this year, thanks to the Coxeters
and the Johns. Homemade teas are in the Village Hall - Susan Portergill is in
charge (01367 860217) and would love any volunteers to help for an hour or so.
As always, cakes and biscuits are much needed - they should be taken to the Hall
in the morning. So many visitors come for the teas, with the open gardens as a
plus! A very good plant stall will be at Manor Farm. The money raised goes to
many different charities to help young and old, whether starting out in life or
needing care in later days.
The usual ask - could everyone please make sure their road frontages are clean
and tidy
Jane Fyson
The villages of Broadwell and Kencot will be holding a combined jubilee lunch
on Tuesday 5th June 2012. Roderick Wordie has kindly agreed to roast a pig and
the event will be combined with a Porter Recreation Charity Funday beginning at
midday.Please note the date in your diary. Handbills containing further details
will be delivered nearer the time.
Paul Molyneaux

             St Matthew’s

April 7th         Easter Festival Decoration
April 15th & 22nd Mrs S Kirby
April 29th        Mrs M Webb

Easter Breakfast and Duck Race. The Langford Duck race on the brook will take
place on Good Friday 6th April at 11.00am. Ducks will race from Filkins Mill
bridge to the bridge at the Thatched cottage. Breakfast will be served in the
Village Hall from 9.30am. To sponsor ducks and/or take breakfast please contact
Richard Kirby on (01367) 860205.
Join us on Tuesday 3rd April. We start at 7.30pm; however if you would like some
tuition please arrive a little earlier than this. You do not require a partner, but are
very welcome to come with one. The entrance of £1.00 includes refereshments.If
you would like to know more or even get a lift please call me on 01993 852378
Jo Hutchings
Parish Council Annual General Meeting. The AGM will be
held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 9th May at 7.00pm.
Annual Litter Pick.The day of the Annual Litter pick in the
village is Sunday 1st April meeting at the Village Hall at 9.00am.
We welcome any volunteers to assist with clearing the village of rubbish, bags
and litter pickers will be provided.
Langford Zipwire Coming in April. The Parish Council has instructed work to
commence on Phase 1 of the proposed new playground for Langford. This will
see the existing site being cleared and the construction of a new zip wire, basket
swing and a play tractor. It is anticipated that the work should be ready for usage
once a safety inspection has taken place in April. This Phase 1 of the project has
been possible with grants from West Oxfordshire District Council, Oxfordshire
Community Foundation and Cottsway Welcommunity Fund, along with funding
from the Parish Council. We continue to look to raise money to complete the
project with an activity area for younger children including a wide slide, springers,
sand pit and toddler swings. If we raise enough money we would like to include
some landscaped trees, a bench and a feature timber wall. We would welcome
any support to help with fund raising. Please contact the Parish Clerk or check out further details on our website we plan to have a scheme where villagers can contribute
to a tree for the area, details to follow.
New Parish Councillors. We would like to welcome Catherine Jones and Jim
Johnston onto the Parish Council. There was a lot of interest in the vacant
positions and we thank everyone for their support. We believe that our new
Councillors will be able to offer a valuable input into the ongoing work. If you
have any recommendations or suggestions for the Parish Council please get in
contact, or via the post box at the Village Hall.
Rachel Range

Our ‘On Safari’ theme this term has produced a buzz of
excitement as the children have learnt about the huge continent of
Africa. Our Focus Week started with a visit from The Iroko
Theatre Company whose aim is to share with children some of
their African Culture. The whole school was engaged in an
interactive storytelling performance and then each class spent time practising
African drumming, singing and dancing as part of a workshop session. The
classes all chose an African country to study and then on Friday morning the
children took an ‘internal flight’ (from the hall airport!!) to visit the different
countries. It was interesting sharing our learning with each other. The Nature
Club group, run by Janet Hobbs, has undertaken a mammoth task in 3d sculpture
and created two African animals from cardboard tubes, newspaper and masking
tape. The giraffe and elephant are nearly completed (see picture) and we are
going to ask our link school in Ghana to name them for us.
                                            There have been many sporting events,
                                            run through the Burford schools
                                            partnership, which the children have
                                            participated in. Y3 children took part in
                                            Multiskills, KS2 children have been
                                            chosen to play in rugby and netball
                                            s and KS1
                                            took part in
                                            the dance
                                            partnership Y5 children also performed
                                            an Anthems Night at Burford
secondary school which showed just how fabulously they can sing.
We are looking forward to our next term’s topic which of course has to be ‘The
Olympics’! The focus week for this theme will be our annual healthy living week
which incorporates our school sports day. This year we will have a grand
Olympic style event on Friday 29th June. Please book the date in your diary as the
day will be in two parts with Olympic events in the morning, refreshments will be
available, and then an afternoon of Paralympics events accompanied by cream
We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting day but until then on behalf
of the staff, governors and children at St. Christopher’s I would like to wish you a
Happy Easter.
Carol Phillips

                  LITTLE FARINGDON
                St Margaret’s

Easter Sunday               Lucinda de Mauley.
It would be much appreciated if all flower arrangers could help decorate the
church prior to this service. Please contact Rachel Taylor for advice.
Please note that there will be no fourth Sunday church service, as such, in April.
Instead, the Annual Easter Vestry and Parochial Church Council Meeting will be
held in the church at 11.00am on Sunday 22nd April. The Rector will lead a short
Act of Worship before the meeting. Everyone in the village, whether regular
churchgoers or not, will be most welcome to attend. We invite everyone in the
village to offer input into the running of the church and the forms of worship
held here.
Barbara Browne
For everyone who lives in Little Faringdon, please
make sure that the village picnic on Tuesday 5th June,
the Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday, is in your diary.
This first-ever village picnic promises to be a fun
event with music and games from 1.00pm onwards.
The picnic will take place by the River Leach, and
Little Faringdon adults, children, ponies and well-
behaved dogs are all welcome! More details will be
published in May.
Nigel Dixon
Sunday 8th April        Easter Sunday communion service at 11.00am
Sunday 22nd April       Annual Church Meeting in the church at 11.00am
Tuesday 5th June        Village Diamond Jubilee Celebration Picnic by the river
Sunday 10th June        Service to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
Sunday 24th June        Annual Church Lunch
Sunday 14th Oct         Harvest Festival.
Sunday 16th Dec         Carol Service
More details on these events will follow in due course.
Barbara Browne

              Holy Rood

Hopefully Spring has sprung, or is at least just around the corner, so on Saturday
7th April do hop along and have some fun at Shilton’s annual egg rolling, boat
and duck races, egg hunt and Easter tea.
The sequence of events will be, weather permitting, as follows:
2.30pm Start at the Old School to purchase your painted eggs for the egg
           rolling and your entries for the boat and duck races.
2.45pm Easter hat competition (open to all ages and sexes,prizes to be won)
3.00pm Egg rolling down the hill
Followed by duck and boat races on the pond
And finally an Egg Hunt back up the hill to the Old School for an Easter Tea
(£2.00 per adult, children free)or to buy some delicious home-made cakes to take
Fun for all the family and loads of Easter eggs to be won so do come and join us.
Thanks to the wonderful Ronald Mackenzie, we had (in spite of the weather) a
very successful Snowdrop day on 18th February. Two tours of 25 people each
were escorted around his garden, and then enjoyed a lavish tea in the Old School.
This enjoyable event raised £480.00 for Old School funds.
Shirley Cuthbertson
23rd May Shilton - Statutory Annual meeting at 6.00pm followed by the Annual
             Parish meeting at 7.30pm
18th July Bradwell Village
3rd Oct      Shilton
5th Dec      Shilton
All meetings start at 7.30 unless otherwise stated. Meetings at Bradwell Village
will take place in the Hobbies Room. On Saturday 26th May there will be a “litter
pick” around the village. If you’d like to help keep your village tidy please come
along to the pond at 11.00.
Katherine Robertson
On the 13th of April (7.30 pm as usual in the Old School) we shall enjoy a talk by
our own Muriel Pilkington on The Suffragettes. This will be preceded by the
A.G.M., but don’t let that put you off - it won’t take minutes!
Fred Robertson

 Bradwell Village Skittle Evening 7.00pm Monday 23 rd April at The Plough at
Alvescote. This is a very popular evening so please book early.
The Isolation of Bradwell Village campaign (Footpath to Burford and no Bus
service) is gathering pace. For further information call Tony Cripps on
01993823586. (and see below article)
On a sad note John and Marion Ellis will be leaving Bradwell in the next few
months for pastures new. Needless to say they will be missed greatly.
I would like to thank them on your behalf for the wonderful service they have
given the village and wish all the luck in the world. Thank you also to Felicity
Pennell, who is the new BVRA Secretary replacing Marion.
Tony Cripps
For years, the residents of Bradwell Village have dreamed of a footpath to
Burford along the A361 and at last a concerted campaign has begun. Why do we
see the need for a footpath? The dangers of walking along the A361 are obvious
and those who have tried it can testify to the fact. Many of us would like to lessen
our isolation, and anything that reduces our car-dependency must be good on
ecological, economic and health grounds. In a wider context, a path linking
Bradwell Grove to Burford would also serve the wildlife park and the caravan
park and would benefit the local tourism industry.
We appreciate the difficulties of getting funding in these cash-straitened times
but given enough pressure we are hopeful that a solution can be found. It would
help enormously if our friends in Signet and Burford would support our
campaign. If you would like to do so please write to Jim Couchman, our County
Councillor (
Stephen Price
Do you have young children aged between 0-5years
old? Why not come along to our baby and toddler
group? Weekly craft activity, songtime, playtime and
refreshments included in the £1.50 per family
contribution. Come along to the village hall for a
free taster session, you and your children would be
very welcome. Mondays 9.30-11.30am. For more details, please contact me on or Miranda Mowbray 01367 860890.
Abbie Ogden

                  St Mary’s
                  The morning of the great village tidy-up/spring clean is fast
                  approaching - Saturday 24th March. Moray has taken the lead in
organising us and has compiled an impressive schedule of works including
pruning and removing brushwood from the Churchyard, repairing and cleaning
the village benches, strimming around the pond and the banks of Shill brook, and
general litter picking. For those who enjoy trying out and on new kit the council
has kindly provided litter grabs and high-vis vests!
 In advance of this great event the village has been blessed by the arrival of knots
of toads, unlike the plague of frogs, the appearance of these characterful
creatures is being interpreted as auspicious.
 Finally, with the snowdrops fading and the grass thickening in the churchyard,
the mowing season will soon be upon us. There was a great effort by the
Westwell mowers last year. Anybody who would like to join our merry band
please let me know or sign up on the list on the church noticeboard.
Miles Gibson.

A look at events and news from a little further afield.

                      NEWS FROM BURFORD SCHOOL

O         n the 1st and 2nd of February Burford School was inspected by
          OFSTED. The five strong team were inspecting the school under the
          new inspection arrangements which came into force on the 1st January
2012. The new inspection framework ‘significantly raises the bar for schools’ and
focuses on student’s achievement and the quality of teaching.
Burford School was awarded ‘Good’ on the four areas judged by OFSTED:
• student achievements
• quality of teaching and learning
• behaviour and safety

• leadership and management
With an overall effectiveness judgement of ‘Good.’
OFSTED defines a ‘Good’ rating as: These are very positive features of a school.
A school that is good is serving its pupils well.
The Ofsted report states that:
‘Burford is a good school. The headteacher provides a very strong lead and is
unafraid to tackle difficult issues to bring about improvement. Ably supported by
reorganised senior and middle leadership teams, she has created an ethos of
collaboration between staff and ambition for students’ achievement. Students,
parents and staff are overwhelmingly positive about the school and its work.’
‘The sixth form is good’
‘Students’ achievement by the end of Key Stage 4 has been on an improving
trend since the last inspection and is significantly above average.’
‘Attainment is consistently significantly above average. At GCSE, a high
proportion of students attain the higher A* or A grades in a broad range of
‘Students enjoy being in school.’
‘Expectations of behaviour are high across the school and students respond
positively. Students are polite, courteous and take good care of each other.’
‘There is a shared ambition for the school driven by the headteacher and
supported extremely well by leaders at all levels and the governing body.’
Mrs Kathy Haig, the headteacher said:
‘We are absolutely delighted by the outcome of our inspection. It reflects the
hard work and commitment of the students, staff and Governors over the last
three years.’
If you would like to view the full report, please go to our website:
Jane Edwards

B       ochmann String Trio & Paul Turner (piano)
        The Lenthall Concert on Tuesday March 6th was given by the string trio
        led by Michael Bochmann, plus the pianist Paul Turner, reunited after
their appearance in the previous season. The Lenthall audience again enjoyed the
rapport between these players in a programme of two piano quartets from the
small (compared with string quartets) but beguiling repertoire for this
combination. The Mozart quartet K 493 is the stablemate of K 478, heard last
year, and like the latter is full of bubbling high spirits, elegantly captured by both
pianist and strings. The second half of the programme was altogether more

heavyweight, as the gallant Burford piano withstood the might of Brahms Piano
Quartet in G minor op.25. This is young Brahms at his most vigorous, with
steadily mounting tension relieved eventually by a tumultuous finale in the style
of his Hungarian Dances. An exciting evening.
The next concert is on Tuesday, April 3rd, at Burford School, starting at 7.30,
when the Lenthall Concerts will welcome the String Ensemble of Trinity Laban
Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London, and young musicians from the
Gloucester Academy of Music. The programme will include the Tchaikovsky
Serenade for Strings and pieces by Prokofiev and Rachmaninoff. For further
details: ring 01993 822279 website at Tickets
£10.00 are available from The Madhatter Bookshop, 122 High Street, Burford
OX18 4QJ tel. 01993 822539, or Music Stand 62 High Street Witney (01993
774890), Lenthall Concerts (01993 822279) or £12.00 at the door. Student
Chris Yapp

M         ore news from the CHEQS Gardening Club for April. OnTuesday 24th
          at 2.30pm, there will be a visit to Cantax House Garden in Laycock,
with Deborah van der Beek, Sculptor and Gardener. Entry including
refreshments £8.00. Please ring either Jenny Huggett 01367 860146 or me on
01993 841731 if you would like to come or would like further information.
Liz Welch

W          e have several events planned for this coming year including a jubilee
           poetry competition for adults and children.
           Firstly we have ‘Writing Fiction For Children-a very personal
approach’ -Ray Murray, who has worked as a ‘Madman’ in advertising in both
London and New York relates the experience that has led him to write the
‘Arabella Parker’ series for children, Tuesday 15th of May 7.30pm at the Library
.No tickets required!
Secondly, We will be having an ‘Alice Day’ in June/July( date to be announced)
for children. Lucy Walters will be coming to read to the children .There may even
be a tea party so watch this space!
Thirdly ,to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee the library will be running a
poetry competition for both adults and children on the theme ‘Jubilee
Celebrations’. For the little ones there will be a colouring competition. As you
can see lots of interesting things go on at your local library .......come in and see
for yourself!
Carol Holdcroft

 Lechlade Gardening Club and 7th Flower and Produce Show will take place in
the Memorial Hall, Lechlade on Saturday 1st September 2012. The schedules are
being printed and will be available in the Lechlade Newsagents or Moore Allen
and Innocent Estate Agents, Lechlade shortly.
 Tim Yeoman
Over the years many of you will have enjoyed family theatre in your local village
hall when Oxfordshire Theatre Company (formerly Oxfordshire Touring Theatre
Company) has visited to stage one of their many productions. ‘Some Like It
Hotter’ is still sizzling its way around rural villages and playing to appreciative
audiences. The theatre arrives in the back of a van, it is erected in the hall with
sets and lights during an afternoon, plays to an evening audience, and then the set
is struck at the end of the evening and everything including the actors disappears
again in the van.
Unfortunately, OTC has lost its Arts Council funding for the coming year and
the funding from County and District Councils alone is not enough to keep the
outfit on the road in its own right so the Councils have also withdrawn financial
support at present. All this is a sad feature of the financial strictures we are all
bearing at present. Its unique selling point and background knowledge is in rural
touring and the intention is to continue that theme but with the aid of partners.
OTC is in discussion with prospective partners so that a modus operandi can be
Some grants are to continue so that OTC can continue to develop new
productions. It has usually written, designed and staged its own work in the past.
One production being worked on at present is ‘Giants of the Earth’ about the
discovery of the first dinosaur fossils in the 1800s.
OTC has a website which provides
further information about their shows. Hopefully, we shall see them on the road
again in the future.
Derek Cotterill
William Dore, organist at Ampleforth Abbey, will be giving a recital of ‘Music for
Easter Week’ to include works by J S Bach, W A Mozart, L Vierne and R
Chilcott, at the Methodist Church, Witney. The concert will take place on
Wednesday April 11th at 7.30 pm. Tickets are £10.00 (£8.00 students) these will
be on sale from Shillbrook Stationery, 17 Burford Road, Carterton, and Music
Stand, 62 High Street, Witney. For full information contact
Maureen Clifford

After the much talked about dry winter I guess we picked one of the wettest days
of the season to visit the London Wetland Centre on 4 th March.
Although no Slimbridge for mass birds it is amazing what can be found here in
the heart of the capital city even on a cold wet day in March. We were greeted by
a noisy pair of Ring-necked parakeets, a rather beautiful exotic bird, large, long
tailed and green with a red beak and a pink and black ring around its face and
neck. They can often been seen in flocks numbering hundreds at their roost cities
and there are estimated to be 4,300 breeding pairs, mainly in Surrey, Kent and
Originating from India how does it manage to survive our winters? Actually they
originate from the foothills of the Himalayas so they do not need it to be warm
to survive. Eating berries, nuts and seeds there is no shortage of food and they
tend to favour garden feeding areas. I note that two have been seen in the
Oxford area in recent weeks.
There is a wonderful tower bird hide at the reserve which is a good vantage point
to see over a wide area and on to the Thames. It was from here that I had a
wonderful view of a Kingfisher, one of our native birds that rivals the parakeet
interloper for exotic colour and was a great bird to see in the rain preening and
resting in some reeds for at least fifteen minutes before flying off.
Also from here I had another good sighting of a Bittern, the bird I saw at
Slimbridge and was able to photograph for last month’s article. A rare bird and
nice to see one again this month.
Another bird not very commonly seen was a pair of Water Rail. Skulking in the
reeds and thick vegetation, smaller and slimmer than the commoner moorhen, it
has a long thin bill and can more often be heard with its piercing pig like squeals.
I don’t know which has the noisiest call, that or the parakeet!
It was nice to see a Great Black-backed Gull alongside a group of Lesser Black-
backed Gulls to compare the sizes. The giveaway with these two is the Great has
pink legs while the Lesser has yellow legs and there are many more Lesser Black-
backs as they tend to colonise our rubbish tips and are very often seen following
the plough, looking for worms and grubs in the freshly turned soil.
Back home coming through Shilton there was a Little Egret again at the pond.
This is becoming a regular occurrence.
Two Song Thrushes in the garden this morning were feeding on some apples I
have put out but they tend to get chased away by the stronger blackbirds.
I note that most of the birds are singing at dawn again and it is particularly
uplifting to hear the beautiful musical song of the blackbird, my favourite
David Roberts

Beef Oxford
This is my husband’s favourite beef stew. He likes it so much he often makes it
himself at the weekend, in vast amounts, so we can have it over a couple of days.
When he is busy making it I am banished from the kitchen because, apparently,
my helpful hints and suggestions are in fact nagging and my ‘beady eye’ upon him
puts him off. Funnily enough, a similar thing happens in the car, he is only ever a
bad driver when I am in the passenger seat. That said, he does make this really
rather well (but, as you will see, it is not exactly difficult). The recipe is from Mary
Berry’s Aga Book and, like all stews, the Aga does cook it to perfection but it will
be equally good made in a standard oven. It is essentially a pretty standard beef
casserole but it is the addition of apricot jam that lifts it out of the ordinary and
gives a hint of sweetness that counteracts any acidity from the wine. We like the
sweetness so much that we add twice as much as the recipe states, I have given
the original recipe here but do taste it and add a bit more at the end if you like.
2lb stewing steak, cut into 1” cubes
1½oz flour
2 tbsp sunflower oil
8oz onions, chopped
2 cloves garlic, crushed
4oz mushrooms, sliced
1 green pepper, seeded and sliced
1 tbsp apricot jam
½ pint red wine
¼ pint stock
Preheat the oven to 140ºC/275ºF/Gas Mark 1. Put the meat into a polythene
bag with the flour and salt and pepper and toss until evenly coated. Heat the oil
in a large casserole (such as a Le Creuset which can take direct heat as well as go
in the oven) and fry the meat over a fairly high heat until browned on all sides.
Add the remaining ingredients and bring to a simmer. Simmer for 5 minutes then
cover and transfer to the oven. Cook for about 2½ to 3 hours or until the meat is
tender. Serves 6-8.
Angela Galione
Richard Martin: Teacher. Woollen Weaver. Local.
I suspect that being one of Richard Martin’s teachers was a tall order. Here is a
man with a questioning and independent mind whose conversation leaps from
topic to topic with scant pause for breath. That he himself has been a teacher is

not surprising; he clearly enjoys cerebral engagement.
Richard is the middle child of seven. He was born in Marlow, but his formative
years were spent in Northamptonshire where his parents rented a dilapidated pile
near the Plessy offices where his father worked as an electronics engineer. The
house, in Grafton Regis, had been a school and the family was greeted by the
sight of the erstwhile headmaster playing the piano in the driveway before setting
fire to it by way of taking his leave.
The Martin parents were quite eccentric, but what mattered most was that his
father always stressed the possibilities in life. Various schemes were started with
the words ‘Right then boy…’ The family had no TV (Richard doesn’t either) but
Mr. Martin would bring sets home to show the children how marvelous the
technology was, before taking them back to work.
After the local Prep, Richard was sent to Stonyhurst, Lancashire, where he was
taught by Jesuits. He says their absolute insistence on intellectual rigour is
something he values to this day. With a good set of A’ levels, he set off to
University College London to study Chemical Engineering but after two years
decided to leave. He was disappointed by the way that sciences had become
vocational subjects and managed to persuade the university to let him take a
degree in Medieval and Modern history instead, despite not having even an O’
level in the subject.
Thereafter he taught at a Prep school for three years (his youngest brother was
his pupil at one point) before moving with his parents and two siblings to Wales.
Together they bought a disused woollen mill and it was there that Richard first
started weaving. He met his wife Jane at Ammanford Market and they were
married in the same Cardiff registry office in the same week as his brother and
sister. By way of floral decoration, Richard’s mother took the same pot plant to
all three ceremonies.
In 1982 Richard and Jane moved to Filkins and started the mammoth task of
turning a disused farmyard into The Cotswold Woollen Weavers. They also own
a company of master stonemasons. He is deeply involved in local life and is a
Governor of Burford School, Chair of the Parish Council and of the Village Hall
committee. He has been vociferous in opposition to the proposed Carterton
West development and of course, he founded this very magazine.
Richard’s ethos is to keep things local, believing that one’s geography is central to
how you should live. He eschews the tendency towards scaling businesses
endlessly up; he says he would rather do things well in a smaller way. He likes the
fact that Filkins has a long tradition of artisans and small businesses. And proudly
points out that the village was home to Sir Stafford Cripps (Labour Chancellor
1947-50 - largely credited with the country’s post war economic recovery) with
his core message of … self-reliance.
Julie-anne Edwards

                FREE ADS – SALES AND WANTED (Not trade)
                            (Subject to space availability)
        Send to Gill Cox (details inside front cover) before 10 th of each month

FOR SALE. 4 berth caravan Abbey Oxford 1999 £1500 ono Tel 01993 841356
FOR SALE. John Lewis Corner Desk Beech finish. H74 x W137 x D80cm £50
ono Tel 01367 860001
FOR SALE. Beautiful vintage style Wedding Dress. Approx Size 10.
Gold/Cream in colour. Any questions or request to view to Tel 07977 477120
FOR SALE (Filkins)12ft Jumpking Trampoline £30, TP Climbing Frame with
slide £40 Buyer Collects 01367 860229
FOR SALE. John Lewis Hanging Clothes Rail with castors. Chrome finish.
w1200mm; h1600 mm £25 Tel: 01367 860001
FOR SALE. Professionally-made wooden garden gate. w 940mm; h1050mm.
Posts included. £50 Tel 01367 860001

                                CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR THE
                                   FORTHCOMING MONTH
                    Send your event details to Gill Cox (contact details inside front cover) by 10 th of
                           each month for events taking place during the following month

1st    Langford Annual Litter Pick meet at the Village Hall 9am
7 th   Shilton’s Easter Fun Day. First event 2.30pm. See Shilton page
12  th Kencot Annual Parochial Church meeting 7.30 Village Hall
13  th Shilton History Group AGM & talk on suffragettes.
16  th Broadwell Parochial Church Annula Meeting 6.30pm Village Hall.
18  th Shilton Annual PCC meeting 7pm Old School Village Hall
18  th Porter Bowls Club Open Day contact Jack Auger 01367 860566
22  nd Little Faringdon Annual PCC meeting 11am at the church.
23  rd Broadwell Parish Meeting 7.30pm Villager Hall
25  th Black Bourton Parish Council meeting 7.30 St Mary’s Church.
30  th Langford Church Annual Parish Meeting 6pm at the church.
Thursdays, Chess at The Vines, Black Bourton 6.45pm
Thursdays, Bridge Club, at Bradwell Village Hall 1.30-4p.m 01993 822712

                              SMALL ADS
This year we have introduced a new form of adverts. Small adverts can have up
to 20 words (no artwork).
The cost will be 1 issue £10.00, 2 issues £9.50 issue, 6 issues £8.75 issue.
All small adverts will appear on the same page. The full page, half page and
quarter page adverts will still form the main part of our advertising section (see
front cover for rates)
The Parish Pump has a distribution of about 1300 in 15 villages and beyond.
Should you wish to advertise your business to a large number of people, at very
competitive rates, please contact Gill Cox (contact details on the inside cover)

                         SPRING HAIR BOUTIQUE
Market Square, Bampton.Competitive Service Prices.Friendly & Approachable
FREE Consultations.Call 01993 201195.
                             ENGLISH TUITION
Former head of English/Cambridge Graduate offers English tuition in your own
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Description: Parish Pump for April 2012