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					              Beckenham Primary School
              Independent Public School
              386 Railway Parade                Phone: 9458 4666
              BECKENHAM WA 6107                 Fax:   9351 8662

              Dear Parents

              Congratulations to Ciara Ierace and Shannon Bennell, who have been elected Head
              Girl and Head Boy for 2012. Students who applied for the positions had to submit a
              written application outlining their record at the school and agree to model exemplary
              behaviour and dress standard throughout the year. Ciara and Shannon will have a
              number of roles including hosting school assemblies, welcoming important guests
              and representing the school at community events. An extra responsibility this year
              will be their key involvement in the Centenary celebrations. I look forward to
              watching these two students represent our school with distinction. The Student
     Term 1

              Representative Council elections will be conducted in the near future. Thank you to
              Mrs Hearman for her coordination of these elections.

              We have just received a $15 000 attendance grant from the Director General. The
     Week 4

              grant is awarded to acknowledge and reward schools with at least 20 Aboriginal
              students whose average attendance rate in 2011 was 90% or higher. Twenty eight
              schools across the state achieved this standard; which is an endorsement of the
              quality of teaching, whole school incentive programs and the strong support we
              receive from families.

              Attendance of 90% has been shown to be critical threshold for student achievement.
              Getting your child to school regularly; and on time, is still one of the most important
              aspects of your child’s education. As a general rule (unless a clear educational
              advantage is obvious to me), family holidays during the school term will be marked
              as an “unacceptable” reason.

              A comprehensive testing program across the school is nearing completion. Teachers
              have conducted tests in Spelling, Reading, Writing and Maths, with Pre Primary and
              Year One students also completing the Department of Education’s online testing
              program. These results will be compared with future testing in November to detail
              the progress our students have made. Financial and human resources in the school
              are all targeted at assisting the classroom teacher in ensuring students make
              progress in Literacy and Numeracy. It is no surprise that generally parents who take
              the time to assist their children with home reading, practising spelling words and
              basic maths are rewarded with the good progress their children make at school.

              Cycle to School Day is Wednesday the 21st of March. In past years we have had
              over 100 cyclists participate; which we are hoping to increase this year. Details of
              the event will be distributed closer to the event.

              Schools Clean Up Day 2012 will take place on Friday 2 March 2012. Since 1992,
              school communities across Australia have demonstrated their support for caring for
              the environment through participating in Schools Clean Up Day. Last year, over
              2,200 Schools Clean Up Sites were registered. Classes will be given the opportunity
              to collect rubbish, weed garden beds, and distribute mulch, plant seedlings and
              other activities that will help beautify our school grounds. Thank you to Mrs Hearman
              for organising the event.

              I hope you have an enjoyable week. Only 30 sleeps until footy starts!
              Mike Bettenay
School Banking             Wednesday mornings
Early Close                Wednesdays 2.30pm
Uniform Shop               Thursday mornings 8.00am-9.00am
Pre-Primary and Yr 1       Monday 27th February Hearing and Vision Screening
Friday 2nd March           Room 16 Assembly - 9 am
Public Holiday             Labor Day - Monday 5th March

During weeks 3 – 7 of Term 1 2012, all pre-primary students will be participating in the
Department of Education’s statewide On-entry Assessment Program.             The diagnostic
assessment tools will support teachers’ professional judgements and help them develop their
teaching and learning programs. Assessing all students early in their schooling means that
those at risk in critical aspects of literacy and numeracy can be identified and appropriate
action can be taken straight away.

Why assess students in pre-primary?
As the first full-time year of school, pre-primary is considered the most appropriate year to
undertake on entry assessments. It allows early intervention for students who may be at risk in
critical aspects of literacy and numeracy.

What is being assessed?
The assessments target early essential skills in literacy and numeracy. Assessments include
hands-on tasks using books, stimulus materials, and counting and measuring items.

In literacy, the program includes:
  speaking and listening
  reading – recognising simple rhyming words, listening to and identifying the sound at the
    beginning of a word, and listening to and talking about two stories
  writing – drawing a picture and, if appropriate, attempting to write their name and some

 In numeracy, the program includes:
  number – looking at small amounts and numbers, matching and counting
  measurement – comparing length and hefting (lifting objects to find out which one is
  geometry – looking at shapes and showing an understanding of simple ‘position’ words.

Who administers the assessments?
Pre-primary teachers assess students. While some assessment activities can be included in
the daily classroom program, some will be carried out in a one-to-one situation. This will
provide your child and their teacher with valuable time together, as well as giving the teacher
the opportunity to observe the behaviours and processes your child uses in responding to

Further information can also be found by accessing the On-entry Assessment Program
website at and clicking on Information for
                                   CRUNCH and SIP
             Beckenham Primary is a proud Crunch and Sip school!

 To help your child participate in Crunch&Sip® please provide a clean, clear plastic bottle of
 water and a small piece of fruit or vegetable each day. The bottle for water can be any clean
 clear bottle (e.g. empty juice, cordial, water or sports drink bottle etc.). The fruit can be any
 variety of whole or chopped fruit (e.g. apple, chopped melon or dried apricots*) or vegies
 such as carrot or celery sticks. Other drinks or foods are not permitted in the classroom.

 * Note: dried fruit contains high concentration of sugar and tend to cling to teeth, therefore
 increasing risk of tooth decay. Although dried fruit is permitted, fresh fruit or vegetables
 should be the first choice.

                                     ABOUT DANCE
This term, all classes have begun their dancing lessons with Sian Chapman from 'Dance
About'. The students are really enjoying their warm ups to popular music, and have already
started learning a routine for the Art Show Exhibition performance. It's been great having Sian
leading all the lessons with her energetic attitude, and also allowing the students to have some
creative input to the routines as well. A reminder that these lessons are part of the school
Physical Activity program for Term 1, therefore money for this incursion must be paid to the
office as soon as possible.
                                  SCIENCE NEWS

Room 12, Years 6 and 7 worked in co-operative learning teams to explore how they can light
up a light bulb using a battery and one or two wires.

A team member created a drawing on the interactive white board to show how their team
made the light bulb light up, while another team member reported to the class.

Yvonne Hunt
Science Specialist

                        CLASSROOM AWARDS
                          ECUA     DILLON
                     ECUB   RAUPARAHA & AMY
                   ROOM 1     WILLIAM & PAVITRA
                     ROOM 2     AKAYSHIA & MIA
                   ROOM 3     RYLEIGH & LOKLUM
                    ROOM 4     WILLIAM & DIANA
                     ROOM 5     KAYLIAH & KANE
                     ROOM 6     RALPH & SARITA
                      ROOM 7     KHEE & SHING
                    ROOM 10    STEVIE & THOMAS
                  ROOM 11    ELIZABETH & MIKAYLA
                     ROOM 12    LOUISE & KERRY
                      ROOM 13    CIARA & HSAH
                        ROOM 14     BRADLEY
                      ROOM 15     TARA & THOO
                    ROOM 17     TAJ & JAMIE-LEE

                            SCIENCE AWARDS
                         Room 16    JAYKE & JACK
                         Room 7 JOSHUA & DANIEL

                                    MOSAIC NEWS
Many hands make light work, so the saying goes. Therefore we are requesting parent helpers
to come and have a cuppa and a chat whilst gluing on tiles for our beautiful mosaic, as seen in
last week’s newsletter. We meet most Thursdays from 2.15pm - 3.10pm and Fridays from
2.00pm -3.10pm in the new building. On the odd occasion I will be at the school on Thursday
and Friday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.

 If you are not sure on the days please ring the office on 9458 4666 and Deborah will confirm
for you. If you have a spare hour we would love to see you there. We thankyou in

                           Nobody can do everything,
                         But everyone can do something!
Mosaic Organiser
                            KITCHEN GARDEN NEWS
Food Sensations Workshop
On Wednesday 15th February our class (Room 13) participated in the Food Sensations
workshop in our Kitchen Garden lesson. First Jennifer and Vanessa handed out a survey and
then they asked us to guess how much sugar is in our favourite drinks.

                                            How much sugar was in that Choc Milk?
Did you know there were 12 teaspoons
  of sugar in a 375ml bottle of Coke?

After that we had a go at placing a variety of foods in the healthy eating pyramid.
Then came the really exciting part where we got to choose a healthy recipe to prepare.
Every group cooked a healthy recipe that was easy to make and enjoyable.

   The Fruit Crumble Cups were the          The Pita Bread Toasties were heavenly.
 class favourite. They were delicious.            We were left wanting more!

Once we had served our prepared dishes we all got to taste each other’s creations. When we
had finished we completed another survey reflecting on our session. We all had a terrific day!
Thank you to Jennifer, Vanessa and Louise for coming along and helping us in the kitchen.

                              Mrs Harper with Vanessa and Jennifer from Foodbank

Kate Williams
Room 13 Class Reporter
                            SCHOOL CHAPLAIN NEWS
I enjoy catching up with many of the students, staff and parents of the school, though
remembering all the names is a challenge!

Many people ask me “what is a chaplain?” Good question! My role is to be a listening,
encouraging support to whoever needs it. I help people with the social side of life, which in turn
helps them with learning. I am working my way from class to class, helping students with their
work and building relationships.

Sometimes people find it helpful just to talk things through with someone who can give an
independent perspective (as I am not a teacher). I am also involved in Breakfast Club (Becky
Breaky) on Thursday and Friday mornings. I also do mentoring.

I am usually around on Wednesday afternoons and from 8.00am -2:30pm on Thursday and
Fridays from 8.00am -1:30pm. If you want to catch up and chat, then come up to me and ask,
or put a note in my “Contact the chaplain” letterbox outside the staff office (near IT room).
Look forward to seeing you around.

Ollie Haynes
School Chaplain

                                        P&C NEWS
School Banking at Beckenham Primary School has begun once again with many students
banking for the very first time. For any parents wanting their children to start banking, the
Commonwealth Bank at Cannington will be having a SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL WEEK to
assist you with account opening. This week will begin on Monday 27th February 2012. You
will need your child’s Birth Certificate and your Driver’s Licence. Once the account is opened,
your child is able to start banking. On Wednesday Morning, 8:15 to 9am, in the P&C room.

Subway order forms are handed out to the students on a Monday afternoon from their class
teachers. These orders must be returned before 3.00pm on Tuesdays to the red box outside
of the Uniform Shop. If your child was not given an order form, you will find some extras on
top of the red box. Please ensure you have the correct money in a sealed envelope with your
child’s details clearly written on.

The uniform shop is currently low on small sizes of collared tops, 4,6,8 and 10’s. We are
expecting a delivery within 2 weeks, thank you for your patience.
                                 COMMUNITY NEWS

                          Kenwick Junior Football Club
                  Registration Day 2012 –Sunday, 26th February 9am -3pm

                          All Aus kick-Junior-Youth Players welcome

                      Family Fun Day - Free entertainment for the KIDS
                             Mills Park- Brixton St- Beckenham
                        For more Details Contact Peter 0403 241 492

Trying to find kids activities?             

Try our new FREE directory for parents. Find all local classes, courses, family events,
sporting clubs and school holiday activities. All listings are FREE, p lease add your
favourite children’s activity!

                            Community Minded People
Student Exchange Australia New Zealand Ltd is now recruiting Community Coordinators in
your area. We are looking for men and women who believe that international student exchange
is a life-changing experience for young people and for the host families in their local
community. As a Coordinator, you will interview potential host families and provide ongoing
support to both families and students to ensure that the exchange experience is a success for
everyone and you’ll interview local students wishing to study overseas.

You’ve got questions? contact us on
1300 135 331 (Australia) or 0800 440 079 (New Zealand)           

            Need financial assistance to join a sporting club?
KidSport makes it possible for children to participate in community sport and recreation, no
matter their financial circumstances. KidSport allows eligible youth aged 5 - 18 years to apply
for financial assistance to contribute towards club fees.A maximum of $200 per child is
available towards the cost of fees to join a nominated sport and recreation club.Residents can
apply by downloading the application form below and submit to the City of Gosnells.Kidsport
grants are funded primarily by the Department of Sport and Recreation and is part of the City's
Str8     Talk'n    Project     Initiative   funded    by     the     Australian   Government.
For more information contact the KidSport program Assistance on 9397 3103 or email

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