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									Estate Planning for GLBT Life-Partners

If it's important for most people to have all of their estate planning documents in place before
something catastrophic happens, it is even more important for members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual,
and transgender community. This is because different states have different laws about GLBT life-
partnerships. These laws can affect your end-of-life financial and medical directives as well as who will
inherit your estate. You should speak to an estate planning attorney today to understand the laws in
your state and prepare your important documents.

If you die without a Will, your assets will ordinarily go to your nearest living relative under your state's
laws of intestate succession. For straight people, this often means that a spouse receives most of the
estate's assets. However, not all states will treat GLBT life-partners as a spouse in this situation. Thus, if
you want your partner to receive an inheritance from you, it is vital that you say so specifically in a Will
or a Trust. Do not count on current laws in your state that protect life-partners in civil unions.
Unfortunately, in today's political climate, civil union laws are subject to change.

You will also want a Medical Power of Attorney if you want to appoint a life-partner as the person to
make medical decisions if you are incapable of doing so. This will ensure that doctors and hospitals
respect your wishes. Don't wait until something happens to start making plans.

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