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                                  Meeting Minutes

 I. Welcome
        John Neumann gave the welcome.
        Attending members were: Harrisonburg, WVPT, SVTC Edtech, DOE, WVPT,
        Albemarle, Charlottesville, Rockingham & Augusta.

II. Approval of minutes from last meeting
        Minutes that were emailed were approved.

III. Treasurer’s report
          Karen Campbell gave out the treasurer’s information. Anyone who did not get an
          invoice from Karen, please let her know. Karen encumbered to pay for SOLmate
          in the amount of $4,875 for 75 hours @$65. Treasurer’s report approved.

IV. Old Business

          A) EdTech update – no new news. Courses on need to be approved list –

                 a. Teacherline $150 for Using Multimedia to Develop

                 b. Melody’s NETS*T course - $9,000 using year 3 money for 15

                 c. $612/per person Digital Storytelling course, Class limited to 16
                    students. Saturday course with 3 onsite and 3 online sessions…no
                    hardware equipment on our part, K-12 any humanities

                 d. Future of the grant – Linda Holt – President Bush zeroed out EdTech
                    funding for year 5. (About $500 million will be on the table for
                    cutting) Linda said that she read that technology could be
                    incorporated into other funding streams so that was the justification for
                    the cut. Because it is difficult to show hard data that technology
                    directly effects student achievement, the cut was suggested. DD
                    Dawson said that the letter from the superintendent’s group stated that
                    we have all the hardware we need. But, since we used our money for
                    training not just hardware, we still need that funding because training
                    is ongoing and our follow-up trainings makes a difference. Joe Hill
                    stated that Perkins money is also on the chopping block. There will be
           a letter drafted through EdTech grant after the state meeting in March.
           Formula money is also online. Most people are drafting a letter for
           their school division.

       e. Two thank you letters for using the laptop labs were passed around.


       a. FALL NTTI 142 teachers went through and 137 submitted lessons.

       b. NTTI (March 9-11) 268 applications were received. John appreciated
          the help from the divisions to trim the applicants. Sample schedule
          was passed around. VIP attendance is encouraged, but please give
          WVPT a heads up especially if they are staying for lunch. There is no
          sub or travel reimbursement coming from WVPT this year (Spring or
          Fall). Keynote speaker is Paul Grassler.

       c. Master Teacher class for 2006 will get started in last week in July.
          Application is up on the website.

       d. Video Streaming Report – continues to be above where we were last
          year. Local hosting options are free until May. Anyone looking at quiz
          feature? Student sign in and half way through their name becomes
          someone else’s name. WVPT will gladly take any concerns to United
          Streaming or go directly to them.

C) Administrative Training- JMU is locked in for Friday, June 24th ISAT. We
   may need to still have registration fee for about $30. June 10th Registration

       a. Agenda is online now at - this
          is in draft form right now. Let Joe know if there are any changes you
          see that need to happen. Once it is approved the address will be
 Conference Schedule is online.
          Registration: Credit cards cannot be accepted online so they need to
          register online and then send check or purchase order to Karen
          Campbell – address is online. Add a registration deadline of June

       b. Timeline 8:00 – 8:30 Registration 8:30 –9:00 EVALUATION
          TRAINING First Session 9:10 – 9:40 Second Session 9:50 – 10:20,
          Third Session10:30 – 11:00, 11:10 – 11:40 EVALUATION WRAP-
          UP, LUNCH, General Session Afternoon sessions 12:30 – 1:40 Kelly
          Lineweaver with EdTech Grant & Peter Coleman, EIMS, 1:50-2:50
          Jason Ellis will be data decision making & Chris O’Neil Top Ten
          Leadership Issues for Administrators, 3:00 – 4:00 Jason Ellis will be
          data decision making & Chris O’Neil Top Ten Leadership Issues for
              c. Presenters and SVTC members also need to register.

V. New Business

       a) Roundtable discussion

              i.     Intel Teach to the Future - John is our representative. If you see
                     anything that looks interesting, he will be glad to look into it
                     further. There usually is a minimum of attendance.

              ii.    VTEC – Joe Hill and Linda Holt both attended at Suffolk County’s
                     brand new $49 million school. The meeting did not present a lot of
                     new items. The biggest item was the funding cut by President
                     Bush. Online testing reminder – new version will not be out until
                     March 14th but you have to have it installed before you test. Other
                     one does not have to be uninstalled, it is a quick update that lays on
                     top of the other one. EIMS report was not presented. Looking for
                     school divisions to pilot.

                      i. Suffolk County had their computer lab in layers so that teacher
                         is still upfront but students have their backs to the teacher
                         while working on the computer. They had a mini lab as well.

                     ii. Suffolk County also has a program for test generator and a
                         teacher goes in and created an assessment. Item analysis and
                         all comes to teacher in an email. They have offered it to other
                         school divisions. You can find out information on their
                         website. They will send you the “engine” but not their
                         database of questions. It is K-12 loaded with sample

              iii.   OMEGA – is getting ready to be piloted. Title IID is on there.

              iv.    Joe Hill is offering a service to parents to give Joe their email and
                     they will receive an email about school closings. He got an email
                     from someone to add to the database, but it was Rockingham
                     County, NC.  Joe wondered if he sent his kids to school!

 Minutes submitted by: Toni Sheets/Augusta

 Next Meeting: March 18th at WVPT – WILL LET PEOPLE KNOW IF WE WILL
 HAVE 1 or 2 meetings after Kelly attends the state meeting.

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