Using Your Laptop Charger to Extend Battery Life by stardust77


									So you have a laptop computer and you use it a lot for work, school, surfing the web or
playing games. It is nice to take with you so that you can take care of tasks when at
home, on the road, in a cafe or in the office. However, a laptop charger is a crucial part of
the capability to transport your laptop to and fro as the battery life is often just a few
hours long. Once the battery starts to run down, you find yourself scrambling for your
laptop charger to power yourself back up. Not only can you use it as an alternative power
source, but it also recharges your battery.

Having sufficient battery power to keep you up and running is essential. There is nothing
worse than your laptop crashing right in the middle of a meeting, class or worse, in the
middle of a project where you have not saved your work. One thing about using a laptop
charger is that if you keep it plugged in to your computer all the time, it can ruin the
battery life of your laptop computer. Keeping your computer plugged in to the battery
supply pack for extended periods of time can cause the battery to get hot or to not hold a
charge for as long. Repetitive treatment of your laptop battery in this way will quickly
ruin the life of your battery.

One thing about extending the battery life on your laptop is to keep your laptop charger
only plugged in to your computer until the battery is completely charged. This is
noticeable on an icon on your desktop that shows the approximate time left on your
battery. When it is plugged in to the charger, the icon will change to show that you are
running off the power cord and charging up your battery.

The best way to extend your battery life is to keep your laptop plugged in until the battery
icon shows that it is 100 percent charged. This is primarily advisable for the nickel based
laptop batteries. Then, take it and unplug it from the laptop charger and continue to
operate your laptop. Let the battery run down until it is close to 0 percent capacity of its
charge and then plug it back in. It is actually advised to not let it discharge completely,
especially if it is a lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries can be plugged in any time
without much harm to the battery and are typically found in newer computers. Be careful
to not let your battery run down completely or you may have a problem, losing your work
or your place on a browser.

In some instances when you are traveling around and do have a lithium-ion battery in
your laptop, charging your battery whenever you can is advisable. This way you do not
have to worry about a decreasing battery. If you find yourself caught without a laptop
charger, you can use power saving options on your computer such as dimming the screen,
turning off the wi-fi connections and letting it go into hibernation or sleep status when it
is not in use.

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