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					Choosing organic dog food for your furry friend is one of the best ways you can show
your love, loyalty and respect for man's best friend. Just as more and more humans are
choosing to eat less processed foods containing fewer chemicals, pet owners around the
world are choosing higher quality foods for their pets.

Organic dog food is a great place to start if you're looking for a healthier way to feed
your canine friend. An organic label on dog food means that none of the ingredients in
the product were grown with pesticides, chemicals and other harmful toxins. It might
seem strange that these things would be in any type of dog food, but the truth is that
natural, healthy and organic ingredients are the rarity.

In fact, human food not marked organic contains a great deal of chemicals, pesticides and
harmful toxins, too. The same things that decrease your pet's health, happiness and
general well being will also bring you down. Of course, the organic and natural food
revolution started with humans first, as more and more people decided their bodies
deserved better.

Today, with organic foods available nearly everywhere, pet owners finally have the
opportunity to treat their pets with the same nutritional respect. Not only will a healthier
diet give pets a happier life, it gives them a longer one, too.

Some dog lovers are big proponents of a strictly raw food diet. This means that their
animals eat only food that is uncooked and usually is free of any sort of chemicals. Raw
meat as well as organs and bones are an essential staple of this diet, but raw vegetables
and fruits are also used to supplement the menu.

This type of diet is based on the idea that modern day dogs still have the bodies of their
ancestors and need to eat like them to be truly healthy. Think about what a wild canine
ten thousand years ago would be enjoying on a day to day basis and you'll have a pretty
good idea of what your modern day dog will appreciate.

Raw diet proponents are usually critical of dry dog foods, but any non-puritans will see
an improvement in their pet's health by switching to a higher quality of dry food. Rather
than going by what the price tag or advertising says, take a look at the ingredient list. You
want something that has no food dye or chemicals. Look for products that don't contain
sugar and whose ingredients are grown organically.

The changes you can expect to see once you switch your dog over to organic dog food
include both internal and external symptoms. For instance, a healthier diet means a
healthier and more lustrous coat. Better eating can also eliminate skin problems like
itching, mites, fleas and more. Your pet's teeth, too, can benefit from higher quality food.
It's just like humans: the more unhealthy things we eat, the more chemicals and sugars
are precious teeth come in contact with. Better food means less chemicals and healthier
teeth, healthier gums and better breath.

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