How to Clean Your Computer's Keyboard

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					The computer peripheral that receives the most hands-on contact is your keyboard, yet it
is also one of the more neglected pieces of equipment, getting nothing more than a mere
wiping down every now and again. Properly cleaning your keyboard takes more than just
grabbing the bottom of your t-shirt and giving the keys a quick wipe. Just wiping the top
of your keyboard may get rid of the top layer of dust but there are bits and pieces of crud
and dust stuck between the crevices of your keys.

As with any sort of cleaning task involving your computer, it is important to start by
powering down your computer then unplugging the keyboard. Next, take the keyboard
and turn it over so that the keys are face down. Shake the keyboard side to side in order to
loosen and dislodge the particles that may be stuck in there. If you have a mini vacuum,
you can go ahead and use it along with the smallest attachment that will help get into the
grooves. Those without a vacuum can try blowing into the keys with a strong release of

Once all the dust has been wiped clean, it is time to deep clean and sanitize your
keyboard. Simply grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol, also known as isopropyl alcohol, and
several cotton swabs. Place a fair amount of rubbing alcohol into a dish and dip one end
of a cotton swabs into it. Clean the top surface of each key as well as each side in order to
remove the dirt that may have already caked into them. Continue doing this until
everything is absolutely clean.

Something that may prove useful to you is a can of compressed air or any gadget or tool
that can emit a strong burst of air. This will help to loosen and dislodge dirt and particles
from hard-to-reach places within your keyboard. The compressed air is a safer option
than sticking pointy objects and tools like screwdrivers in between the keys, potentially
damaging the keyboard

To get optimal use from your computer, you should take the time to learn how to clean
your computer's keyboard as well as the rest of your computer equipment. It does not
take a great deal of time to clean everything and setting aside a specific day every few
weeks or so will not just help maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of your computer
equipment but lengthen its lifespan too. Make sure to read the manuals and directions that
come with each part to find any precautions you may need to take while cleaning.

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