Global Outreach Summit A ministry of EFCA CONNECT by 2Ocf6D


									    Global Outreach Summit                                             A ministry of EFCA   CONNECT
    Growing a Healthy, Missions-Active Church
    Saturday, October 4, 2008
    Calvary Evangelical Free Church, 498 White Plains Rd, Trumbull, CT

    To help you and your church more effectively reach the
    lost for Christ locally and around the world, EFCA                                        Schedule
    CONNECT is offering the GO-
                                             Bring your
    Summit, a one-day missions                                          8:45    Registration           12:35 Lunch/Networking
                                             missions team
                                                                        9:15    Worship/Plenary         1:25 Plenary 2
    training event. We are bringing          and staff to the
                                                                       10:15    Break                   2:10 Break
    together a team of 11 missions           Global Outreach
                                                                       10:25    Workshop 1              2:20 Workshop 3
    practitioners, church planters, and      Summit to
                                                                       11:25    Break                   3:20 Evaluations
    pastors to encourage you, stimulate      prepare for local
                                             and world                 11:35    Workshop 2              3:25 Departure
    your thinking, offer ideas, and          evangelization.
    facilitate networking with others.                                                        Speakers
    This GO Summit offers 3 tracks:
       Church Missions Leaders/Committees                                 Bryan Kline, LIVE0 Live to the Power of Nothing
       Short-term Missions                                                Dan Reeve, Director, ReachNational Urban Ministry
       Community Crisis Response                                          Randy Matthews, Missions Pastor, Calvary EFC Trumbull
                                                                          Gordy Grover, Training Director, EFCA CONNECT
                       Workshops                                       
                                                                           Jua Robinson, Pastor, Heart Change Fellowship, Boston
                                                                           Mark Lewis, Director, EFCA Crisis Response
                                                                          Mark Overmyer, Director, NEDA Church Planting
 Deepen the Commitment: Develop a Partnership                            Mary Held, Program Devpt. Mgr. EFCA Crisis Response
 Holistic Ministry Partnerships                                          Roger Dorris, Missions Consultant, EFCA CONNECT
 Join the Team: Building Healthy Partnerships with                       Ron Hesselgrave, Education Coord., EFCA TouchGlobal
  Urban Churches                                                          Tim Horton, Sr. Pastor, Grace EFC, Framingham, MA
 Learn from EFCA Urban Ministry
 Ministry to “Least of These” in Framingham, MA                       Online Registration (avail. August)
 Standards of Excellence in Short-term Missions                       Mail-in Registration (use form below or photocopy)
 Due Diligence (legal aspects) of Short-term Missions
 Maximum Impact for Short-term Missions                               Fees (include lunch):
 Missions at Home: Starting, Living, and                              $35pp (single)
  Propagating Christ Communities                                       $30pp (3 or more people, same church, register same time)
 Maximizing Your Mission Budget                                       $25pp (single, Calvary EFC)
 Involving Your Church with LIVE
                                                                       Track crossovers permitted, though Crisis Response
 Global Missions Trends
                                                                       participants are encouraged to attend 3 workshop sessions.
 Comm.CR I--Philosophy of Crisis Response Ministry
 Comm.CR II--Basic Elements of Crisis Response Ministry
 Comm.CR III--Outreach in the Wake of Crisis

    Please register by September 27. Use this form or register online (beginning Aug.) at Fees include
    lunch: $35pp (single), $30pp (3 people same church), $25pp (single, from Calvary EFC). Please photocopy for additional
    people. Make check to “EFCA” and mail with form to: Liza Fernandez, EFCA, 901 East 78th St., Minneapolis, MN 55420.

    Name ____________________________________________ Street Address __________________________________________________________
    City _____________________________ State ________ Zip _____________________ Payment amount ______________
    Phone _________________________________ Email ___________________________________________________________GO-Summit Trumbull
    Church, city & state ____________________________________________________________________________________EFCA Acct. #21009-3911

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