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					                      The Official Bulletin for Dec. 2, 2011

                                                                    Dec. 2
                                            Former TV reporter Joel Rubin, president of
                                            Rubin Communications Group.

The Rotary Club of Oyster Point
    meets Friday mornings
     7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
             in the                                                 Dec. 9
                                            Rey Rameriz, director of Soundscapes, a
      Board Room of the
                                            program that helps disadvantaged children on
     David Student Union                    the Peninsula.
Christopher Newport University                                     Dec. 16
                                            CNU history professor Phil Hamilton – no, not
                                            the delegate -- recently had a book published
                                            about CNU’s first 50 years. Hamilton
                                            specializes in colonial American history.
                                            Know anyone who you think would be a good
                                            speaker? Email Stuart Goodman at

                                                               Got News?
                                            If you have:

                                              – Information for the bulletin,
                                              – Suggestions for articles, or
                                              – Photos that will interest club members,

                                            please email Mark Di Vincenzo at
                                            markjdivin@verizon.net, or call him at 596.1911.

Happy Anniversary!                                                Brush With Fame
The following members have service
anniversaries in December:                              Editor's Note: Brush With Fame is a new weekly
                                                        feature in which you tell us about famous people
Dec. 2, 2005 – Joseph Law                               you met or know. In this week’s installment,
                                                        Doug Atkins writes about his brush with Bob
Dec. 2, 2005 – Mary Sellen                              Hart, a member of the Syracuse University
                                                        National Championship football team.
Dec. 10, 2010 – Joy Tampurri-Pepe
                                                        I met Bob Hart a few years back on
Dec. 12, 2003 – Carl Jensen                             Thanksgiving Day and ate Thanksgiving dinner
                                                        with him. Who's Bob Hart? He was the backup
Dec. 12, 2003 – Michael Lindsay                         for Ernie Davis, the great Syracuse University
                                                        running back and the first African-American to
Dec. 12, 2008 – Michael Hatchett                        win the Heisman Trophy. So you can call this a
                                                        brush with a brush with fame.
Dec. 17, 2004 – Wayne Futrell
                                                        I have been friends for years with Bob's son,
Thank you for your years of service.                    who lives in Hampton, and Bob came into town
                                                        right around the time HBO broadcast The
                                                        Express, the movie about the life of Ernie Davis,
      Mark Your Calendars                               who was drafted by the Washington Redskins
                                                        and almost immediately traded to the Cleveland
                                                        Browns and then was diagnosed with leukemia.
                 Sunday, Dec. 11                        (Davis, who never played professional football,
The Virginia Symphony Orchestra will perform            died when he was 23.) I asked Bob about his
Handel’s Messiah at the Ferguson Center for the         career at Syracuse University and what life was
Arts starting at 2:30 p.m. Most of those who            like during that time. Davis was one of three
want to go have them by now. The orchestra has          black players on the football team, and I asked
agreed to give 25 percent of the proceeds from          him about the difficulties the racial issues the
our tickets back to us so we can donate it toward       players had to deal with during Davis' senior
polio eradication efforts.                              year, when the team won the national
          Friday-Saturday, Dec. 16-17
Salvation Army kettle bell ringing from 10:30           Bob told me the movie truly was made for
a.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Walmart on Jefferson           Hollywood. There were some difficulties but
Avenue.                                                 not nearly as many as the movie led viewers to
                                                        believe. Overall, though, the team sheltered
               Friday, Dec. 23                          themselves from the outside world and didn't let
With Christmas only two days away, we will              the media or the hype get to them.
not meet.
                                                        In the movie, the defensive players were
               Friday, Dec. 30                          portrayed as enormous, and I asked Bob if
We will not meet in observance of New Year’s            they really were that big. He said, "They were
Day.                                                    big, but none of them hit as hard as a young guy
                                                        from the University of Pittsburgh, Mike Ditka".

If you like Brush With Fame and would like it to
continue, please do your part by emailing
markjdivin@verizon.net with your brushes with
fame. Make sure to describe the circumstances
in which you met the person and provide as
much detail as you want.

                    The Rotary Club of Oyster Point was chartered on
                                    March 9, 1984.

                                  2011-2012 Board Officers

President – Tim Whitlock                           Past President – Walt “Hop” Graham
twwcpa@cox.net                                     waltg@theleegroup.com

President Elect – Leslie Bryant                    Vice President – Stuart Goodman
Leslie.bryant@peninsulaymca.org                    stuart@goodmanandsons.com

Secretary – Pat Watson                             Treasurer – Heather Martin
PWatson@fultonbank.com                             hmartin@helmsbriscoe.com


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