Municipality Construction Permits

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					Municipality Construction Permit Process

     Pick up “Request for Construction Permits” form at the Municipality in Filidelfia. Fill it out and
      have it signed by the legal representative of Marina Ocotal, Jose Miguel Brenes.
     Buy a 100 colones Stamp from the Municipality in Filidelfia.
     Acquire a recent “Informe Registral” or photocopy of the original document of ownership for
      the property, or a certified letter from a lawyer stating ownership of the property.
     Photocopy of the property blueprints stamped by the Municipality.
     Photocopy of passport/ personal Id or valid corporate document. (If the owner is a corporation
      you will need to present a photocopy of personal id or passport of the legal representative.)
     Personeria Juridica, original and certified. (Only if the owner is a corporation.)
     Document provided by a certified accountant proving that the property owner has paid all taxes.
      Blueprints of the project stamped by the CFIA (unless the project is less than 30 square meters.)
     INS insurance policy for all workers. (Certified, original document) You will receive the pay stub
      for the policies when you receive all documents.
     Consulting Contract (CFIA) of all the parties involved.
     Electric blueprints stamped. (CFIA)
     Stamp from the Health Department or legal confirmation given by CFIA.
     Letter from AYA certifying they can provide water, or the construction blueprints stamped by
      AYA (only for new constructions). This is not necessary if it is a renovation and it already has
      water service. In case of a well the proper documentation needs to be provided.
     A letter from Coopeguanacaste certifying they can provide electricity. (Only for new
      constructions.) This is not necessary if it is a renovation and it already has service.
      Approval from SETENA, regarding environmental protection, (only for projects bigger than
      30,000 square meters of construction and/or all terrain movements.)
     In case of construction in front of a National Highway, permits from the MOPT indicating all the
      construction aligns properly is required.

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