4th Grade READING Pacing Guide by huanghengdong


									Focus: Informational Text                                         Fourth Grade                             *Denotes additional material distributed in 2008-09

       (Content Passages)                                        2nd Block Guide                         +Denotes additional material distributed in 2009-10
                                                                                                         #Denotes additional material distributed in 2010-11
Standard        Student Learning                   Textbook/Supplements                   Task Analysis                      Vocabulary Assessments
                Expectation                        with additional
                                                   Instructional Materials
                                                   and Activities
                                                                                          *utilize schema
                R.9.4.2                            Making Connections                     *distinguish among text to self,           text
                Make connections that              Once I…                                text to text, text to world                               T=Teacher made test
                demonstrate a deeper               Connections T-Chart                    *identify connections that
                                                                                          demonstrate a deeper
                                                                                                                                                    TA=Textbook
                understanding of text related to                                                                                                     Assessment
                                                                                          understanding of text related
                self, text, and/or world                                                  to self, text, and/or world                               SA=Supplemental
                                                                                          *determine types of questions                              Assessments
                R.9.4.5                            Text Plus: The Question                and how they may be
                                                                                          answered (in text, outside
                                                                                                                             literal questions
                                                                                                                                                    RI=Released Items
                Generate questions that reflect
                active engagement in the text      *Move for Your Health…Parts 1 and 2    source, infer, etc.)               questions              PA=Performance
                                                                                          *construct a meaningful                                    Assessments

                                                   +Questions with a Partner
                                                                                          question                                                  OR=Open-Responses
9.                                                 It’s Easy as Pie                       *make connections to describe                             PO=Portfolio
Comprehension   R.9.4.7                            Words Used on Benchmark for Author’s   the purpose of the text
                                                                                          *infer the specific purpose
                                                                                                                                                    PR=Project
                Infer the purpose of the text to   Purpose
                expand comprehension
                                                                                          based on information from the                             D=Demonstration
                                                   #Washington Still the Best
                                                                                          text and background
                                                                                                                                                    LJ=Log/Journal
                                                   “The Amazing Hummingbird”                                                                        W=Writing
                                                   *Making Inferences
                                                                                          *make inferences based on
                                                                                                                             inferences             BA=Block
                R.9.4.9                                                                                                                              Assessments
                                                                                          background knowledge and
                Use inferences to expand           +Learn About Drawing Conclusions and
                                                                                          information form text
                understanding of content           Making Inferences                      *use inferences to expand
                knowledge                          +Pinecones                             knowledge of text

                                                   #Mapping the Pacific
                                                                                          *determine purpose for
                R.9.4.10                                                                  reading
                Sort relevant and irrelevant                                              *sort information in the text to
                                                                                          determine what is important,
                information based on the
                                                                                          interesting, confusing, prior
                purpose of reading                                                        knowledge, etc., based on
                                                                                          purpose for reading
Standard          Student Learning                   Textbook/Supplements                     Task Analysis                     Vocabulary Assessments
                  Expectation                        with additional
                                                     Instructional Materials
                                                     and Activities
                  R.9.4.11                                                                    *decide if purpose for reading
                  Read a text for a variety of       Set Purposes                             is for entertainment or
                  purposes                                                                    information                                               T=Teacher made test
                                                     Summarizing                              *identify relevant and                                    TA=Textbook
9.                R.9.4.12                           Get the Point                            irrelevant information            summarize                Assessment
Comprehension     Summarize content of               *One Sentence Summaries                  *use text structures and
                                                                                              questioning to determine
                                                                                                                                main idea
                                                                                                                                                        SA=Supplemental
                  selection, identifying important   *The Surprising Road to Discovery                                                                   Assessments
 (continued)                                                                                  importance                        supporting details
                  ideas and providing details for    +Distinguishing Details                  *use important information to                             RI=Released Items
                  each important idea                +Summary (20 Words or Less)              formulate a main idea and
                                                                                              supporting details
                                                                                                                                                        PA=Performance
                                                     #Calendars                               *compose a summary using
                                                     #Modern Ranching                         the main idea and details                                 OR=Open-Responses
                                                                                              *read a variety of fiction and    fiction                 PO=Portfolio
                  R.10.4.2                           Compare and Contrast                     nonfiction texts
                                                                                              *recognize features of fiction
                                                                                                                                                        PR=Project
                  Compare and contrast fiction       *Venn Diagram
                  and nonfiction                                                              and nonfiction texts              contrast                D=Demonstration
                                                     +Comparison and Contrast
                                                                                              *compare and contrast fiction
                                                                                              and nonfiction
                                                                                                                                                        LJ=Log/Journal
                                                     Organizing Ideas                         *select appropriate graphic                               W=Writing
                  R.10.4.6                           Using an Outline                         organizers (including main
                                                                                              ideas/detail maps and
                                                                                                                                main idea
                                                                                                                                                        BA=Block
                  Use graphic organizers,            *KWL Chart                                                                                          Assessments
                                                                                              outlines) to use with text
                  including main idea/detail maps    +Planning Web
                                                                                              *utilize the graphic organizers
10.               and outlines to make meaning                                                to make meaning from text
                  of the reading selection           #The Underground Railroad
Variety of Text                                                                               *determine purpose of various
                  R.10.4.7                           *Expository Texts                        text resources and features
                  Evaluate texts for                                                          *evaluate text features to
                                                                                              determine it's appropriateness
                  appropriateness to reading         +Questions to Support Comprehension of
                                                                                              for the specific task
                  tasks                              Nonfiction

                                                     Comprehension                            *identify informational text
                                                     Lou Gehrig                               features                          atlas
                  R.10.4.8                           Paul Revere                              *read informational text,         encyclopedia
                                                                                              including comparative formats     internet
                  Read a variety of informational    Race for the Gold
                  texts, including comparative       Cal Ripken
                  formats                            *A Trip Through Ellis Island

                                                     #Land of Ice and Snow
                                                                                              *recognize clue words in
                  R.10.4.9                           A Look at Whales                         expository format which are       expository text
                  Recognize expository text          Cooking in the 1700s and 1800s           comparative
                                                                                              *identify text structures that
                  structures which are
                                                                                              pertain to expository text
                  comparative                        #Where Would We Go Without Roads?
Standard      Student Learning                 Textbook/Supplements                      Task Analysis                       Vocabulary Assessments
              Expectation                      with additional
                                               Instructional Materials
                                               and Activities

                                               What Are Those Rings?                     *recognize cues (i.e.,              context clues
                                                                                         definitions that are set apart by                       T=Teacher made test
                                                                                         a comma, or specific words,
                                                                                         including "such as" and "for
                                                                                                                                                 TA=Textbook
              R.11.4.1                         *Move for Your Health…Part 1/ Words and   example")

              Use context clues to determine   Meaning Chart                             *apply self-checking strategies                         SA=Supplemental
              the precise meaning of new                                                 *employ cues and self-                                   Assessments
Vocabulary,   words                                                                      checking strategies to
                                                                                                                                                 RI=Released Items
Word Study,                                    +Teaching Context Clues                   determine meaning
                                                                                                                                                 PA=Performance
and Fluency                                    #Magic Math Figures                                                                                Assessments
                                               #Surviving Winter                                                                                 OR=Open-Responses
                                                                                                                                                 PO=Portfolio

                                                                                         *define base words, prefixes,       Multi-syllabic
                                                                                                                                                 PR=Project

                                               Can You Hear, See, and Split Syllables?   suffixes                            words               D=Demonstration
                                                                                         *recognize base words,
                                                                                         prefixes, suffixes
                                                                                                                             base word
                                                                                                                                                 LJ=Log/Journal
              Refine strategies to decode                                                *exhibit knowledge of               suffix              W=Writing
              multi-syllabic words             +Reading New Words
                                               +Teaching Multi-Syllabic Words
                                                                                         *employ knowledge of
                                                                                                                                                 BA=Block Assessment
                                                                                         commonly used word origins

                           Remember to include Embedded Skills for the Reading Strand.

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