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Multimedia Project by gegeshandong


									                  Multimedia Project : English IV Cumulative
                  Student Name:     ________________________________________

                            Exceptional                  Proficient              Emerging                  Not Evident
Oral Presentation –       Meets time          Runs long/short by 1-        Runs long/short by 2-3      Runs long/short by
Time                      requirement of 7-10 1.5 minutes                  minutes                     more than 3 minutes

Oral Presentation –       Topic is clearly       Topic is clearly stated   Topic is clearly stated     Topic is unclear, and
Content                   stated and             and examined in depth     and examined with a         the content lacks any
                          examined in depth,     with a few examples or    few examples and            depth
                          using specific         details                   details
                          examples and
Written Element -         Writing is relatively Writing contains few Grammatical/mechanic Grammatical/mechanic
Grammar                   free of               grammatical/mechanic al errors are present  al errors are so
                          grammatical/mecha al errors                throughout the writing prevalent they distract
                          nical errors                                                      from the efficacy of the

Written Element -         Writing clearly and Writing clearly         Writing connects to              The connection to the
Connections               creatively connects connects to the overall overall project, but             overall project is
                          to the overall project project              focus is unclear.                unclear.

Technology/Graphics - The graphic is             The graphic is            The graphic is              The graphic is neither
General               informative, well-         informative, well-        informative and well-       well-constructed nor
                          constructed,           constructed, and          constructed, but fails to   informative, faiing to
                          creative, and          enhances the              enhance the                 enhance the
                          enhances the           presentation              presentation                presentation

Technology/Graphics - The graphic clearly The graphic shows                The graphic shows       The graphic shows little
Appeal                shows thought,      thought and effort put           some thought and effort thought and effort
                          effort, and time put   forth                     put forth

Overall Effectiveness - Peers feel the           Peers feel you earned     Peers feel you earned       Peers feel you earned
Peer                    project is an A          aB                        aC                          a D or F

Sources                   Source information     Source information        Source information          Very little or no source
                          collected for all      collected for all         collected for graphics,     information was
                          graphics, facts and    graphics, facts and       facts and quotes, but       collected.
                          quotes. All            quotes. Most              not documented in
                          documented in          documented in desired     desired format.
                          desired format.        format.

Teacher Comments:

Final Grade:

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