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multimedia plan by gegeshandong


									                                                           Natalie Donaldson

                                                           April 18th, 2011

                                                           ILAC 4003

                                                           Multimedia Plan

                             Multimedia Plan

Description of need: In the school system, I have realized that there is a lack of

communication within our classrooms. We live in a modern day age where

technology can be a huge help in our communication with teachers parents and

students. We need an easy accessible communication device that everyone can view

and access. There is need for a communication system as well as a weekly layout of

homework assignments and contact info for the parents and guardians. There is also

a need for a better system for students to stay organized! That is why I have decided

to create a blog. Students and parents can go online and look on my blog for my

contact info and a week by week break down of what is due, what activities we did

in class and what forms need to be turned in that week. This is going to be a great

thing so the parents can stay involved in their student’s life and make sure they are

staying up to date with all of their assignments.

Research: “Teachers initiate the communication and establish the environment

which leads to collaboration between the groups. Yet the communication skills do

not just appear. Teachers need to be provided with strategies and techniques for

working with families” (Brand, 1996). This clearly states that the more collaboration

between parents and teachers the better learning environment and communication

there will be between the two parties. This article states: “Although the benefits of
parent involvement are clear, many schools struggle to find effective ways to

overcome the barriers of keeping parents informed. When there is a lack of

communication between parents and teachers, some parents may approach the

school with a defensive and angry attitude” (Edwards, 2000). This article is basically

saying that with out an effective way of communication it can cause bigger problems

than just disorganization in the classroom.

       With out communication you have no parent involvement or parent

connection to the classroom. A parent/guardian needs to be involved in his or her

students’ lives. A blog will benefit everyone in communication. Using a blog makes

education demand oriented and participant centered according to Frank Calberg.

Implementation Details: I have created a blog for my classroom so that my students

and parents can communicate with each other and me about up coming events,

assignments and due dates. is the website

that I have created. On this blog, I have posted a welcome note, my contact info and

my first week’s worth of assignments and due dates. Each week I will post

everything that is due. This includes: forms, reading logs, homework assignments,

surveys, permission slips etc. I have put my email address on one of the posts so

parents can email me if they have an issue and or a question in regards to an

assignment. I also put my cell phone on the blog incase of emergencies.

Evaluation: I will give out a survey at the end of the year and see what the parents

thought about my blog and if it was helpful or not. I have attached a survey to this

multimedia plan. I will also host a meeting at the beginning of the year maybe on
meet the teacher night to explain the purpose of the blog and its benefits. I will be

getting feedback and questions from parents and students at that time.

Materials: The only materials I will need are a computer to post new posts on my

blog each week. I have attached the end of the year survey as well as a newsletter in

regards to the blog and the meeting that will take place at the beginning of the year

to discussion the lack of communication in the classroom. This meeting I will have

drinks, snacks, handouts. I will also bring my own computer and use the overhead to

show the parents first hand where to find the blog website and how to use it! I will

show them that they can leave comments on each post that I post.

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