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					Introduction to Multimedia

         AFL 2003 Fall Semester
               By Nicole Huang
               What is Multimedia?

    The root of the word “multimedia” consists of
    two complex base words. The first part is the
    prefix “multi” , which is commonly agreed to
    mean many. The second half of the word is
    media, or many formats.
    Multimedia is the use of text, graphics,
    animation, pictures, video and sound to
    present information.
2003/9/15              Multimedia English
               What is Multimedia

    The most popular definition describes the
    multimedia as "a technology, allowing the
    integration of data, sound, animation,
    graphical images, video, etc. in a computer

2003/9/15            Multimedia English
                 What is Multimedia

    Refer to computer programs, and products which
    involve sound, pictures, film, as well as texts.
    In education, multimedia is the use of television,
    and other different media in lessons, as well as
    In art, multimedia is the use of different kinds of
    material in painting, sculpture, and performance.
       -----adopted by Collins COBUILD dictionary
2003/9/15               Multimedia English
               Why Use Multimedia

     The assumption is multimedia information help
    people learn.
    People generally remember 10% of what they
    read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they
    see and 50% of what they hear and see
    (Treichler, 1967, p.15)

2003/9/15             Multimedia English
            Does Multimedia promote
              Language Learning?
    Increase motivation
    Increase flexibility
     Adapt to different learning styles and
    learning needs
    Increase learner autonomy
    -- learner-centered;
    --control your own learning pace
2003/9/15             Multimedia English
            Multimedia increase Motivation

Crookes and Schmidt (1991) stated that:
  Instant Feedback to errors
  Learning material may arouse interest
   Learners attitudes will be more positive
  ---The individualization of learning (learner
  control of tasks, strategies, and pace of learning)

2003/9/15             Multimedia English
                Next Week Discussion:
               Introduction to Internet

    Please find the definition of the following terms used on
    the Internet:
                -Internet portal
2003/9/15                 Multimedia English

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