Installing JDK & JGrasp by 1RAvzX4d


									Installing JDK & JGrasp
Downloading and Installing JDK 6.0

   1. Go to the following website
   2. Select the download button for “JDK 6 Update 5”
   3. You may select “Yes” or “No” if you get a security warning about displaying nonsecure items
   4. Select the Accept option (radio) button for the license agreement
   5. Select the Online Windows Installation and save the file to your hard disk (by double clicking on
      “Windows Online Installation (build 6)”.
   6. Double click the executable file that is downloaded (or just open it if your browser offers that). This will
      install the Java Development Kit (JDK) which contains the compiler and interpreter. NOTE: this will
      take a while!
   7. Follow the default installation for the JDK software

Downloading and Installing JGrasp

   1. Go to the following website
   2. Select the download button for JGrasp exe for Windows
   3. Double click the executable that you downloaded (or open it if browser offers that) to install the JGrasp
      IDE. This is the front-end interface that you will use as an editor/debugger and also is used to invoke the
      compiler (javac) and the interpreter (java).
   4. Follow the default installation instructions for the JGrasp Software.

Testing your installation

   1. Download and do a file save to save the file below to your machine.
   2. Open JGrasp
   3. Select File|Open within JGrasp and open the file
   4. Compile the file with the java compiler (javac) by pressing the green “+” on the JGrasp toolbar.
   5. Run the java program by invoking the java interpreter (java) by pressing the red running figure on the
      JGrasp toolbar.
   6. You should see Look! We printed something to JGRASP I/O Window displayed on the Run I/O portion
      of the JGrasp IDE. If the Run/IO tab is not selected then you will need to select it in order to see the
      displayed output.

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