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									                Certificate Program


Georgia is to integrate European Education and Academic
 Our goal
  Traditional Values of Georgia to create a student
Diverse Culture, Rich History and Ancient Civilization defined
   standards and friendly environment in order to prepare
 effective international managers in a complex multicultural
          world and fast changing globalized world

We cordially welcome you at Tbilisi University Metekhi. It is an honour to us that you have opted to become
a student at our University which was founded in May 2002 in one of the oldest part of Tbilisi surrounded by
the ancient cultural and historical sites. In the first place, we appreciate an important decision you made and
thereby to educate yourself. Secondly, you decided to obtain the knowledge of European education
integrated into academic tradition to give the perspective of your future career towards the proper course.

Nowadays in a constant state of change world, Georgia is developing major standards of quality education
with strict traditional values of Bologna Process. As a student, you would naturally wish to secure your future
and to be able to function optimally in this rapidly changing world, both professionally and personally.
Obviously it is very important for you to gain integrated education, academic skills and practical experience
for your qualification and career opportunities. Within the framework, all academic and professional team of
Tbilisi University Metekhi are proud of being responsible for the growth of your role as a professional
manager of the future in order to be able to cope better in rapidly changing world.

I wish you a quite fruitful and pleasant time with Tbilisi University Metekhi in Georgia. I hope that you will be
able to lay a firm foundation for your future career in your studies and through other activities.



 Prof. Dr. Manon Kirtmaia
 The Reactor of Tbilisi University Metekhi

                            STR 23, Bochorma
                            0144 Tbilisi, Georgia
                            Tel: (+995 32) 74 86 10
                            Tel/Fax: (+995 32) 74 85 95
                            www.metekhiuni.edu.ge E-mail: mail@metekhiuni.edu.ge
    Georgia – Tbilisi
    Georgia, situated on the crossroad of Europe and the Asia is one of the oldest civilizations
G   greatly influenced by Eastern, as well as western cultures. Accordingly, there used to be two
E   cultures the Western Georgian - Kolkhic and the Eastern Georgian - Iberian. In the land of
    Georgia, ancient human remains were found dating back 1.8 million years, which was believed
    the early hominids may have been among the first to make the journey out of Africa – which has
I   resulted in their popular nickname ‘the first Europeans’.
A    In the fourth century, The School of
     Rhetoric near Phazis in Georgia was
     regarded as an Educational Center,
     where Georgian and the Greek-
     speaking adults could deepen their
     knowledge. In the V-X centuries, the
     adult education in Georgia was
     conducted mainly at the Churches-
     Cathedrals and the History of Georgia
     was taught together with theology,
     philosophy,   chants    and    foreign
     languages in Georgia.

     Tbilisi, the capital and the largest city of Georgia is lying on the banks of the Mtkvari River. The name is
     derived from an early Georgian form T'pilisi and it was officially known as Tiflis until 1936. The city
     covers an area of 726 km² (280.3 square miles) and has 1,480,000 inhabitants.
      Founded in the 5th century AD by Vakhtang
L     Gorgasali, the Georgian King of Kartli (Iberia),
I     and made into a capital in the 6th century,
S     Tbilisi is a significant industrial, social, and
I     cultural center. The city is also emerging as
      an important transit route for global energy
      and trade projects. Located strategically at the
      crossroads between Europe and Asia and
      lying along the historic Silk Road routes,
      Tbilisi has often been the point of contention
      between various rivaling powers and empires.
      The history of the city can be seen by its
      cultural and natural heritage.
    Tbilisi University Metekhi at Local, Regional and International level

L       Tbilisi University Metekhi was established in central part of ancient historical sites of Tbilisi
O       surrounded back in 2002. The whole time, University progressed on to offer a wide range of
C       courses to become one of the progressive and most ambition institution in Georgia, providing
A       affordable education to students. Our professional management and academic tutors supports the
L       strategic development of the University and sets clear direction and vision to achieve an effective
        learning environment for our students.
        The field in which the Tbilisi University Metekhi provides higher professional education,
        research and services are those of business administration, International economic relations,
        customs and taxation, finance and banking, tourism management, English/German/Georgian
        language &literature, primary education, Journalism, treatment work, dentistry, Pharmacy
        and law.
        Tbilisi University Metekhi offers BA/MA programs in:
       Business administration
       Law
       Social sciences
       Medicine/health care
        Non-Degree course: Prep school for English Communication/Business English
B      Borjomi        Tbilisi University Metekhi
o     has an institute that offers students the
R     opportunity to follow an extensive range
J     of summer courses in the resort town of
      Borjomi. They are: Business Management
      Administration; Tourism and Hospitality
      Management; Healthcare Management
      Certificate courses, teacher training and
      research studies/conferences. Apart from
      these programs Tbilisi University Metekhi
      also offers special tailor made courses for
      International Students.

I   A great deal of International collaboration has been achieved thanks partially to the efforts
    and input of founders of the University, lectures and personal. The significant achievements
    was derived from the bilateral agreements with the partner universities, collaboration with
    funding organization, cooperation with international organization of higher institution of
    education and participation in their programs and activities. Tbilisi University Metekhi takes
    active part into global conferences around the world and in near Future, our students will
N   obtain double and joint degrees on cooperation with European Institute of Education. Tbilisi
A   University Metekhi works in close collaboration with different International partner
T   universities and foundations, e.g. Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation (Florence, Italy), Zagreb
I   School of Economics and Management (Zagreb, Croatia), Stockholm School of Economics in
O   Riga (Riga, Latvia), Vienna International University (Vienna, Austria), The University of Oradea
N   (Oradea, Romania), Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (Sibiu, Romania), Varna free University
A   (Varna, Bulgaria), European Institute of Education –EIE - (Ta' Xbiex, MALTA), International
L   Institute of Management (Paris, France), Salzburg Global Seminar (Salzburg, Austria) Visiting
    Advisors Program, UNIVERSITY OF PATRAS (Patras, Greece).
                                   თბილისი უნივერსიტეტი „მეტეხი“

                                     TBILISI UNIVERSITY “METEKHI”

    Tbilisi University Metekhi appreciates this initiative and offers the following International
    Certificate Programs to the students in the following field of study:

C      1. Business Management and Administration
e      2. Tourism and Hospitality Management
r      3. Healthcare Management

             თბილისი უნივერსიტეტი „მეტეხი“


B    Business management and administration
     Course title         Business Management and Administration
I    Course Code          BMA 406
E    Level and status of Certificate program
S    course
     Duration of course   Two semester
M    ECTS                 24 credit, 600 Hrs;
G    Prerequisites        General course in Economics and Business Math.
     Course contents      Lectures/Seminars-Discussions/Quizzes/Mid Terms and Final Exams. )
E                         Success in business today depends on more than just the ability to produce
                          and/or sell products. A modern business manager or administrator must also be
                          proficient in managing finance, accounts, human resource, purchasing,
T                         marketing, office organisation and control, computerisation, communications,
                          and very much more.
                          This unique Program is designed not only for those seeking managerial posts in
                          business, but also for those intending to establish their own businesses, and for
A                         those already running businesses who need expert guidance to ensure full
                          PROFITABILITY in modern industry and commerce. It contains many valuable
D                         “tips” from successful business owners and managers.
M    Assessment           Passing grade is calculated based on midterm evaluation (60%) and final exam
 I   methods              (40%).
I                         Grading system: Three written quizzes, Two midterm exams, a final exam.
                          Grading criteria: Midterm grade (60% of passing grade) consists of:
                          attendance (9 points) two midterm exams (40 points), three quizzes (6
                          points) and class participation (5 points)
T                         Final exam in the form of a written test (40% of passing grade – the test is
I                         assessed out of 100 points)
     თბილისი უნივერსიტეტი „მეტეხი“


T   Tourism and Hospitality Management
O    Course title
U                 Tourism and Hospitality Management
I    Course Code   34THM.C
     Level and     Certificate Program
     status of
     Duration of   Two semesters
H    course
S    ECTS          24 credit, 600 Hrs;
     Course        The tourism industry is becoming increasingly important in
     contents      countries all over the world; and the “tourism income” earned
                   contributes greatly to their economic progress. But for their
                   economies and peoples to benefit fully, tourism development
                   must be planned and be controlled. - and be “sold” to tourists.
                   Travel agencies are an important link between tourism and
                   the travel products on offer, and travellers;
     Assessment    Passing grade is calculated based on midterm evaluation (60%) and final exam
     methods       (40%).
N                  Grading system: Three written quizzes, Two midterm exams, a final exam.
G                  Grading criteria: Midterm grade (60% of passing grade) consists of:
E                  attendance (9 points) two midterm exams (40 points), three quizzes (6
                   points) and class participation (5 points)
E                  Final exam in the form of a written test (40% of passing grade – the test is
N                  assessed out of 100 points)
               თბილისი უნივერსიტეტი „მეტეხი“


    Healthcare Management
    Course title          Healthcare Management
H   Course Code           34THM.C
    Level and status of   Certificate Program
T   Duration of course    10 Month / 2 Semester
C   ECTS                  24 Credit, 600 Hr;
R   Lecturer              The field of healthcare is growing and changing rapidly. Whether you
E                         are already working in the healthcare industry or are looking to begin a
                          career in Healthcare Management at Tbilisi University Metekhi can
M                         prepare you to find your place in one of today's fastest-growing
                          professions. Designed for working environment, our health care
A                         courses can help students to gain a real-world understanding of the
G                         skills and capabilities needed to succeed in a healthcare management.
N   Assessment methods Passing grade is calculated based on midterm evaluation (60%) and final exam
T                      (40%).

                          Grading system: Three written quizzes, Two midterm exams, a final exam.

                          Grading criteria: Midterm grade (60% of passing grade) consists of:
                          attendance (9 points) two midterm exams (40 points), three quizzes (6
                          points) and class participation (5 points)

                          Final exam in the form of a written test (40% of passing grade – the test is
                          assessed out of 100 points)
                                      თბილისი უნივერსიტეტი „მეტეხი“

                                       TBILISI UNIVERSITY “METEKHI”


 The Rules and Procedures for the Admission of International Students
                             at Tbilisi University Metekhi
      The international students wishing to enroll for Certificate programs should contact the
                International Relations Department of Tbilisi University Metekhi.

                                                                     Address: 24, Bochorma Str.
                                                        Tel: (+995 32)748610; (+995 32)748595.
                                                                           Fax: (+995 32)748595
                                      E-mail: pr@metekhiuni.edu.ge and/or int@metekhiuni.edu.ge

The international students are supposed to meet the academic and financial requirements of the
Tbilisi University Metekhi. They will have to complete and sign the application, which can be
downloaded from the website of the University and send it to International Relations Department
enclosing the following documents:
1. For Bachelor’s Programs or high (secondary) school-leaving certificate and official transcript
(original or official copy, certified by an apostle);
These documents are subject to translation into Georgian and notarization;
2. Certificate of the English language proficiency (Plesase find detains into an application form)
3. Photocopy of the birth certificate (translated into Georgian and notarized);
4. Photocopy of the passport (translated into Georgian and notarized);
5. A certificate proving that the applicant had lived abroad for the past two years;
6. Bank statement demonstrating the applicant’s ability to pay tuition fees and living expenses (at
least $ 3000);
7. Copy of bank transfer of non-refundable application fee $100US (The fee is paid for the
translation of documents into Georgian and their notarization).
8. Application filed with the University and Ministry (to be signed by an the applicant)
9. 4 photos (size 3×4 cm.)
All the documents must be submitted in the English language.
After the submission of all the documents the relevant department of the University makes a
provisional decision on the enrolment of a student which decision is notified to the Ministry of
Education and Science of Georgia. The University arranges for the translation of applicants’
documents and submission thereof to the Ministry.
    The final decision is made by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia
    In the case of a positive decision an applicant pays the tuition fee to the bank account of the
    University. The applicant receives an official letter of enrolment on the basis of which letter he/she
    can apply for the entry visa.

A   Tbilisi University Metekhi provides accommodation for international students in fully equipped,
C   furnished study bedrooms shared by two or more students.
O   Moreover, the large student’s complex includes wifi service, cafeteria, cinema, clubs, and health
M   and medical centres. Meals are provided in the student Dining Hall. Park, open market, and a variety
    of other shops are within walking distance from the University student complex.

    The accommodation costs €200 per month for international students with including communal expenses.
    The cost of meal is approximately €150 - €200, (two meals provided daily).    For further information on
    accommodation please contact to Mr. Tamaz Kandareli. E-mail: tamaz_kandareli@yahoo.com
                                                   Nikoloz Meskhishvili meskhishvili@metekhiuni.edu.ge
 Student’s lifestyle and recent activities
  Student’s lifestyle and recent activities

Tbilisi University Metekhi has the “Culture Club” , which is
open to all enthusiastic students who organize activities that
are focused getting to know other cultures, different
nationalities, religious and International events. The most
recent activity was the Cultural Carnival and Miss Metekhi
competition held in Tbilisi. At the moment there are few
upcoming events starting from Flower’s Festival ending by the
International Conference and Graduation day.

  Map of Georgia

                                                                            Borjomi Campus of
                                                                            Tbilisi University Metekhi

                                                                            Tbilisi University Metekhi

                     STR 23, Bochorma
                     0144 Tbilisi, Georgia
                     Tel: (+995 32) 74 86 10
                     Tel/Fax: (+995 32) 74 85 95
                     www.metekhiuni.edu.ge E-mail: mail@metekhiuni.edu.ge

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