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									Welcome to                                                                       Mrs. Joseph
Multimedia Computers                                             

 Overview                                                              Rules
 In this class you will learn the basics of Microsoft Office. This     1. When you are here you
 incorporates Word, Excel, Power Point and Access. You will            work.
 also learn other fun technologies such as web design,
 screencasting, QR Codes, Google Doc’s and Prezi’s.                    2. No Food or Drink in the

 Homework                                                              3. All equipment will be
                                                                       treated with care.
 You will typically not have homework in this class. For our
 “tests” you will make a screencast of what you have learned           4. Be KIND to others!!!
 about the different Microsoft Office programs. You may find it
 easier to record this screencast at home, but you are not
                                                                       Late Work
 required to do so, as you will be provided with class time to
 complete it.                                                          Late work will be accepted,
                                                                       sometimes for a reduced grade,
 Requirements                                                          depending on the effort of the
                                                                       student in class.
 You will need to sign up for an Edmodo account. We will do
 this in class. All assignments will be posted and submitted
 through this website.

 To explore many of the web based programs that we will learn,
 you will need to have an email account. Please set one up
 with whomever you choose. (Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, ect…)

 You will also need, at some point, to set up a Google account
 in order to explore Google Docs.

 Pace of the Class
 All of you will enter this class at different levels of experience.   Parents
 Some of you know a lot and others will know little.
                                                                       You can log into
 Expectations for each student will vary depending on ability.
                                                                       too! Once your students log into
 Some students may wind up ahead of others or work on
                                                                       my account, I can email you a
 slightly different assignments to suit individual learning needs.     code to join. Please email me if
                                                                       you are interested.

Multimedia Computers                                                                                      1

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