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									                                                                                 No. 225

                                                 SECTION:       PUPILS
                                                 TITLE:         RELATIONS WITH LAW
INTERMEDIATE                                                    ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES

UNIT #17                                         ADOPTED:       August 15, 2007


                          225. RELATIONS WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES

1. Authority    It shall be the policy of the Board that cooperation with law enforcement agencies is
                considered essential for the protection of students and staff, maintaining a safe
                educational environment, and safeguarding Intermediate Unit property.

                The Intermediate Unit in concert with participating schools shall encourage
                programs and activities designed to enrich Intermediate Unit curriculum and to
                develop and promote good citizenship and a respectful attitude toward law
                enforcement officials.

2. Guidelines   Interrogations

                When police request permission to interrogate a student under the supervision of the
                Intermediate Unit, the teacher in charge of the program will contact the administrator
                of record of the student’s school district of residence. Said school district
                administrator will solely determine if the interrogation of a student is within school
                district policy and state and federal law.

School Code

Board Policy

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