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									Niche blogging v/s Generic blogging
For the past two-three weeks my health has not been at its best and needless to say, good health
(physical and mental) is vital to anything that you do online or offline. When it comes to
blogging, though, this time around I realized how important it is to have (i) a good number of
scheduled posts (not just drafts as in my case) and how (ii) generic blogging can be of help in
terms of blogging without interruption as compared to niche blogging.

What is niche blogging?

Wikipedia defines niche blogging as follows:

Niche blogging is the act of creating a blog with the intent of using it to market to a particular
niche market

The following are some of traits of niche blogs.

      A niche blog usually dedicates itself to a single focused topic – e.g. Photography, Search Engine
       Optimization, Parenting
      Mostly a niche blog will have a domain name that reflects the niche – e.g.,
      Niche blogs usually are branded and SEO Optimized well that they attract a good amount of
       search traffic
      Niche sites have a loyal audience
      Niche bloggers can easily network with bloggers of similar attitude and interests
      Niche blogs are powered by passive income generators such as PPC programs, affiliate links etc

From the above statements it’s clear that when you go for niche blogging you have several
advantages. At the same time, the following are some of the minus points of having niche blogs.

      Scope is too small sometimes that the blog’s continuity is challenged i.e. generating continuous
       stream of topics depends on the niche itself
      Niche blogging can restrict the author from writing about other things that he/she likes.
       Sometimes, this may force bloggers to launch multiple niche blogs
      Affiliate programs and ads promoted via niche blogs have restricted scope
      Basic blog marketing needs such as link exchanges (and even commenting), getting authority etc
       have restricted scope

Is DollarShower a niche blog?

Well, I am caught in between. In fact, when I registered this domain name, my intention was to
write about topics related to making money online. But when I started writing about making
money out of blogs, I had to explain how blogs can be created and optimized. I had to talk about
marketing the blogs then and it went on to add blogging tips as one of the key topics here.
Further more, the traffic generation tips resulted in more SEO topics. So I could probably call it
a MMO-Blogging Tips-SEO Tips niche blog.

The reason for explaining niche blogging was to highlight some of the merits of taking that route
as well as limitations. For example, if I had a generic blog like I had the
opportunity to write about where I had dinner last night, how bad it was to blog from the hospital
bed, dot com pills etc. Generic blogging can be of tremendous help when you are totally out of
creativity or time (No offence intended)

Over to you…

When you picked a domain name did you know what topics you wanted to write about? Are you
feeling handicapped about not being able to write about certain topics that you always liked?

Anyhow. Happy Blogging! (niche or otherwise)

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