New Huawei E560 3G Router

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					                     New Huawei E560 3G Router

Today, it is possible that you can get internet access wherever you are,
but sometimes it isn’t enough, for example, if you want to share
internet connections with your friends, I think you want to have a
mobile hotspot. Which is the hottest mobile hotspot now? If you are
on a budget, Huawei E560 mobile hotspot may be a good option.
Huawei mobile wifi E560 is a high-speed packet access mobile
hotspot , and it is a multi-mode wireless terminal not only for SOHO
and business professionals but for family, it can support 5 Wi-Fi
devices connecting or staying online without having to take care of
time and place. But you may be confused about why Huawei E560
mobile hotspot is so popular. Now, read this article, I assure you a
clear answer.

One obvious advantage of having a mobile hotspot like Huawei E560
3g router is that it enables you to share internet access with your
friends, classmates or other people anywhere as long as there a 3g
network or WiFi signal. Unlike a USB modem features only supports
one user, with Huawei E560 mobile hotspot , you can share it with 5
WiFi enable devices. Huawei E560 3g router doesn’t need work with a
computer, any device that can connects to internet by a 3g network
or WiFi signal , including tablet, PSP, smart phone, laptop, even a
game console can be used with huawei E560 mobile hotspot. Though
it may be a bit expensive than that of A USB modem at the same
speed, considering the limitation or the additional cost of a USB
modem, Huawei E560 mobile hotspot is definitely deserve it.

As its slight body (about 80g), Huawei E560 3g router offers utmost
portability and convenience. You can carry Huawie E560 mobile
hotspot in your pocket, this means you can enjoy uninterrupted
Internet connection even if you are on the move around continuously
as long as the device keep turned on and connected to the Internet. In
addition, Huawei E560 3g router is not a mobile hotspot router but a
storage, you can add up to 32G storage with its Micro SD card slot,
this is also a 3g router that you needn’t worry about the compatible of
operating systems at all for it supports Windows, Mac and other
popular OS.

Provided you have a Huawei E560 3g router now, which things do you
want to do first? Playing game, listening to some pop songs,
watching high-quality movies that you are long for or service your
business anywhere or anytime? Of course, Huawei E560 3g router can
do it. With 7.2Mbps DL speed and 5.6Mpbs UL speed, you can make
your dream come true and enjoy a colorful and efficient life.

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