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  • pg 1
     Two Time Periods
• This story takes place during two
  time periods- in 1985 when Robert D.
  Ballard discovered the remains of
  the Titanic and also 1912 when the
  ship sank in the icy cold Atlantic
• Ballard’s part of the story is
  nonfiction, yet Ruth Becker’s part of
  the story is fiction (realistic
  historical fiction, by the way).
You may ask… what are
the most important
details that the reader
should recall from each
Page 83
- Robert D. Ballard was searching for the
  Titanic, the most famous ship of all
  time. Why? It sank in 1912 when it hit a
  mysterious iceberg.
- What was so interesting? People were
  saying this ship was built so well that it
  would NEVER sink!
- This ship lay 2 ½ miles down in the
  Atlantic Ocean, far deeper than any
  diver could go on his own.
Page 84
- Robert D. Ballard was so dedicated that
  he built an underwater shed to search
  for the ship.
   - This underwater shed was
     called Argo. It was built
     because of course no diver
     could dive down 2 ½ miles
Page 85… Ruth Becker’s story begins. Ruth’s
  mother wanted to bring their family back to
  America because Ruth’s brother was ill. They
  were living in India. Ruth was excited about
  the new ship. When she first discovered the
  ship, she realized there was a grand
Pages 86-87… The Titanic began on
 its journey. At first, the weather was clear
 and the ocean was calm. One man said,
 “We’re making good speed. We might even
 arrive in New York early- if we don’t run into

 “I wouldn’t mind seeing an iceberg, though,”
 the man continued on. “I’m told they’re quite
 a sight.”
On page 88, the passengers of the Titanic face
 danger. Ruth was carried into lifeboat #13,
 and it was packed so tightly she had to stand
 up. She was frightened because she was
 separated from her family.
… It turned out there were not
 enough lifeboats to carry all those
 on the Titanic to safety. On page
 90, it explains how the ship finally
 broke in two pieces. People went
 under the waves.
Pages 92-93… The waves were
 moving swiftly in the ocean, yet
 Ruth’s lifeboat pulled next to the
 rescue ship. Ruth was exhausted,
 and her hands were too numb to
 take grip of the ropes. She was
 relieved, yet her family was not in
 sight. Yet on page 94, someone led
 her to her family. Ruth Becker was
 a success story- she was a survivor.
Page 95… Back to 1985 and to
 Robert D. Ballard’s crew. They
 discovered pieces of the ship’s
 railing as well as other wreckage.
 The ship was finally discovered in
 all when Argo showed the crew
 that the Titanic was standing
 upright on the ocean floor!
Page 96…Robert Ballard and two other
 crew members piled into a three-man
 submarine because now they knew exactly
 where the ship was located. Argo had showed

 They discovered the bow of the ship, anchors
 still in place, glass that was actually not
 broken after all these years, and the wooden
 planks of the ship that had been eaten away
 by sea worms.
Pages 99-100…They also discovered
 the main chandelier (light) over the main
 staircase was bright and shiny. Robert
 Ballard wondered which objects from the
 Titanic could be floating around the
 sea… and they discovered pots and pans,
 bathtubs, and even a safe with a shiny
 brass handle.

 The crew, in the long run, placed two
 plagues on the ship in memory of the
 sinking in 1912.

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