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									                                        CANADIAN CRITICAL INCIDENT CONFERENCE
                                               Hosted by Stratford Police Service
                                              October 31st - November 2nd, 2011
                                       THE ARDEN PARK HOTEL, STRATFORD, ONTARIO
                                                C O N F E R E N C E A G E N D A (DRAFT)
                Sunday, Oct. 30th – HOSPITALITY & REGISTRATION – Arden Park Hotel Conference Room – 7pm to 10 pm
 Time               Monday, October 31st             Time                  Tuesday, November 1st                  Time                 Wednesday, November 2nd
 6:30am –                Breakfast
 8:00am        For guests of Arden Park Hotel
 7:00am –               Registration                 6:30am –                Breakfast                            6:30am –                 Breakfast
 8:00am         Conference Room – Main level         8:00am For guests of Arden Park Hotel - Conference           8:00am For guests of Arden Park Hotel - Conference Rm
 8:30am           Opening ceremonies                 8:00am               A Family’s Journey:                     8:00am      Hostage rescue of two year old female
                                                                    Sheila’s husband was diagnosed with
                                                                 schizo-affective disorder in the mid ‘90’s                  Insp.Dave Durant (IC), Co. of Brant
                                                                 with tragic consequences for their family.                  Detachment
                                                                Sheila’s story will be of interest to everyone                         Cst. Dean Croker, West TRU
            Chief of Police - Gerald W. McEwin                   in dealing with people with mental illness                        Cst. Heather-Ann Manly, Haldimand
                      Sgt. Gerry Foster                                                                                                        Detachment
                   Barney McNeilly, CCII                                      Sheila Deighton                                   Sgt. Pat Horrigan, Wellington Detachment

                                                                                                                                      OPP Critical Incident Team
 9:00am     Tragic workplace violence and            9:00am               A Family’s Journey:                     9:00am                     Continued
            personal thoughts on Bill 168                                          Cont’d

                S/Sgt. Tammy Fryer-Dougan
                   Windsor Police Service
10:15am               Morning Break                 10:00am                   Morning Break                      10:00am                   Morning Break
10:45am            Hostage-taking                   10:30am           Armed with explosives and                  10:30am      Armed domestic, threats, explosives,
                 Swiss Chalet, Toronto                                barricaded career criminal                             negotiations & “exigent circumstances”
                                                                                                                                             or not

            Sgt. M. Forestel and S/Sgt G. Siliker                  Sgt. Mike Forestel and Cst. Tim Daley                                  S/Sgt. Don Lewis
            Toronto Police Emergency Task                          Toronto Police Emergency Task Force                                Thunder Bay Police Service
12:00noon                  Lunch                    12:00noon                      Lunch                         12:00noon        Closing Comments & Certificates
 1:00pm      Dealing with gangs in and out           1:00pm          Homicide Suspect Barricaded
              of the Correction’s setting

                        John Ilika                               Sgt. Dave Sawyer and Sgt. Keri Harrison
            Ontario Corrections Intelligence                           Niagara Reg. Police Service
 2:30pm              Afternoon Break                 2:30pm                  Afternoon Break
3:00pm   Hostage-taking at Pine Plains        3:00pm   Assessing Workplace Violence
         School, New York
               Principal Robert Hess                          Dr. Mini Mamak
           held hostage by former student                   Forensic Psychologist
4:30pm               Wrap-Up                  4:30pm             Wrap-Up
8:00pm           Hospitality Night            8:00pm          Hospitality Night
          Conference room, Arden Park Hotel            Conference room, Arden Park Hotel

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