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					Letters of Compliment and Complaint Lesson

    1.   Think of a product or service you like or have had a problem with. (You may write either a letter of compliment, letter of
         complaint or both--but obviously not to the same company.)
    2.   Then use the correct business letter format to express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the product or service.
    3.   It is important that the you use these steps in the body of the complaint letter:
                1. Begin with something positive about the product.
                2. State very specifically what the problem is. (Do not say "The jeans I bought are a piece of junk." But rather
                    say "The inside seam of the jeans frayed out, and now they have a three inch hole."
                3. Tell them exactly what you expect them to do about the problem. Be realistic--do not ask for a new bicycle if
                    your problem is only with the bicycle seat. Asking them to replace the seat would be reasonable.
                4. Enclose any receipts, product codes or numbers, proof of purchases, or any other identifying materials.
                5. Close by stating your confidence in their company's desire to "make it right."

         Do not to write in an effort to receive free "stuff." Most companies can sniff those letters out immediately. Only write
         with a legitimate complaint or compliment.

    4.   Use your home address as the return address and in the heading. Therefore, the return letters come to your home.
    5.   Provide your own stamp.
    6.   I will grade the letters on the use of proper business letter format, spelling, grammar, effectiveness, and following
         directions (on a separate rubric).
    7.   Then, I will mail all the letters to assure they do make into the mail.

Letter of Complaint Instructions and Scoring Guide
Using appropriate format, style, tone, and point of view, write a letter of complaint to the audience of your choice.
Criteria                  3 points                  2 points                  1 point          0 points
Letter Format:             Correctly uses all       Correctly uses 5-6        Correctly uses Fewer than 3
proper                    components of letter components of letter 3-4                        components
     heading              form.                     format.                   components       used
salutation                                                                    of letter        correctly.
signature                                                                     format.
paragraph indention
correct person
Audience                  Letter appropriately      Effort has been made Audience is           Incomplete
                          addresses intended        to address an             not
                          audience                  audience; some            considered;
                                                    inconsistencies in        no attempt to
                                                    tone may appear           identify or
Active Voice              The majority of           Some inconsistencies Little attempt Incomplete
                          sentences are             in using active voice     to write in
                          written in active         may occur. There          active voice
                          voice                     may be some               has been
                                                    problem with              made or has
                                                    sentence structure.       many