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									                 Behind the Scenes

                          STRATFORD COMMUNITY FORUM
                                  9th June 2011

What is the point of coming to a Stratford Community Forum? Would you like to know
more? Regular editions of ‘Behind the Scenes’ will give you the answers.
For more information get in touch with the Stratford Team on 01789 260134 or e-mail

                       What, When and Where is the Community Forum?
    Community Forums are local informal meetings for residents to come along to. They offer you a
    straightforward way to raise your views and concerns about things that matter to you. The Stratford
    Community Forum meets at least 4 times a year, usually on a Thursday evening, at venues chosen by you.
    All the meetings start with a half hour drop-in surgery from 6.30pm with the Forum starting at 7.00pm.
    During the surgery you can drop in to chat to officers from your Neighbourhood Policing Team, your local
    Councillors and Council Officers and have a cup of tea.

    The area covers the wards of: Avenue & New Town, Guild & Hathaway, Alveston and Mount Pleasant

    The Dates for 2011/2012 are:

    Thursday 15th September 2011 at King Edward VI School
    Wednesday 7th December 2011at Stratford Football Club
    Thursday 8th March 2012 at King Edward VI School
                       What Happens at the Community Forum?
    The Neighbourhood Policing Team give an update on the priorities that you agreed at the last meeting
    and you are given the opportunity to vote on the new priorities for the following 3 months for your area.

    There is a “You Said, We Did!” Presentation that tells you what we have done about all the issues you
    raised last time.

    There is a Have Your Say session where you can raise any issues of concern and you can suggest topics
    for discussion at future meetings

    County, District & Parish/Town Councillors and representatives from NHS Warwickshire, The Police
    Authority, VASA (Voluntary Action Stratford-on-Avon), come to the meetings to keep you updated on any
    new developments that may be of interest or concern to you.
      Future Forum Agenda Items                                   Local Surgery
 Topics for discussion are generally agreed at   Immediately before each Forum there is an
 the previous meeting with an opportunity for    opportunity for local residents to speak informally
 local    residents    to   suggest     items.   with local Councillors, Council Officers and
 Occasionally, issues of particular importance   members of the Safer Neighbourhood Team.
 to the area arise between meetings and          These surgeries run from 6.30pm for half an hour
 where possible we try to ensure that these      and allow you to talk to us in confidence, and we will
 can be included. This might include major       make sure we pass on your issue to the appropriate
 consultations on local developments or          agency for action.
                                                 Drop in and have a cup of tea with us!
 Items for the September 2011 Community
 Forum include: Act on Energy, Core Strategy,
 Street Pastors in Stratford and lots more.

                                       9th June Forum

Budget Updates

Bob Malloy from the Police Authority told the Forum about the new policing model that
had been brought into force in May, as part of the budget setting process. Over 900
staff have been moved to new locations, and a network of 33 Safer Neighbourhood
Policing teams remain, including the Team in Stratford Town. The role of these teams
is to identify and solve issues of local concern, working closely with the communities
they serve. Overall a saving of £13.4 million has been made by restructuring. Also, a
strategic alliance between West Mercia and Warwickshire Police Forces is being
investigated, which is likely to achieve even more savings by sharing certain services.

In response to some considerable concern from residents about the likely impact of
these cuts on the safety of communities, Bob said that the new way of working would
be carefully monitored to see what impact it was having, as public safety was the
utmost priority.

Jenny Murray from the County Council updated the Forum on the library, youth and
passenger transport services currently being reviewed as part of the budget process.
Some excellent expressions of interest had been received from voluntary sector
groups around the county interested in running youth centres and libraries that were
currently under threat of closure.

Alison Hawley from NHS Warwickshire told the Forum about new developments in
health and social care, including how the Primary Care Trusts will be dissolved from
2013 and replaced by GP consortia (known as the Arden Cluster in South

Clive Thomas from the Town Council confirmed that a 2% budget cut had been made.
             Policing Priorities                                         You Said, We Did!
Increased patrols to tackle anti social                    Birmingham Road – you’ve told us many times
behaviour, Wellcombe Hills Country Park                    about how much of a problem traffic congestion
                                                           is on this road. A group of Town, District and
Increased patrols to tackle anti social behaviour          County Councillors has been set up to oversee
(alcohol related) in the area around Bancroft              a feasibility study to examine ways to reduce
Gardens through to Holy Trinity Church                     this congestion.

                                                           Residents gave their views on particular
                                                           ‘hotspots’ of congestion along the road, and
                                                           were asked for their ideas about how things
                                                           could be improved.

                                                           A number of suggestions were made, including
                                                           increasing use of the Park and Ride, improving
                                                           the timings of traffic lights along that stretch of
                                                           road, redesigning traffic lanes.

                                                           These ideas will be fed into the study, along
                                                           with others that residents may have, and the
                                                           Forum will receive an update at the end of the
                                                           year on progress and next steps.

                                                                           Have Your Say
                                                           . Roger Matthews from Transition Stratford told
                                                           the Forum about an exciting range of activities
                                                           that his organisation supports, and he
                                                           encouraged residents to volunteer to help with
                                                           either the Garden Share scheme, or the fruit
                                                           picking scheme. For more information about
                                                           how you can get involved in a locally based, low
                                                           carbon way of living, phone 01789 298503

                                        What happens Next?
Between each meeting of the Stratford Community Forum, a group of people meet at a planning meeting to
take forward the actions agreed at the meetings. These discussions are led by the Chairman, Cllr Clive
Thomas with the support of the Neighbourhood Policing Team, VASA, NHS Warwickshire, Warwickshire
County, Stratford District and Stratford Town Councils.

All Parish & Town Councils, County & District Councillors are invited to have input into the process and a
representative from the local parish council where the meeting is to be held is invited to attend the planning
meeting to highlight any specific issues relevant to the area or village concerned
WHO                Useful Information
 ?Community Forum meetings:                             Community Forums and Locality Working
Between                                                 Stratford Area Team – Tel 01789 260133:
each The Dates for 2011/2012 are:
meeting of                                    
the 15th September 2011, 6.30pm at King Edward VI
er 7th December 2011, 6.30pm at Stratford Football
      Benn                                              Local Police Issues
and Club                                                Stratford Neighbourhood Policing Team – Tel 01789
      8th March 2012, 6.30pm at King Edward VI School   444500
y Forum a                                     
group of
people If you would like to raise an issue for
take discussion at a Community Forum or would           County Councillors
forward                                                 Cllr Kate Rolfe – Tel 01789 550624
       like to suggest an agenda item for a future
       meeting, please contact the Stratford Area
actions                                                 Cllr Ron Cockings – Tel 01789 292715
identified                   Team             
at        the                                           Cllr Peter Balaam – Tel01789 297814
discussion           or call 01789 260133               District Councillors
s are led                                               Cllr Keith Lloyd – Tel 01789 551856
by WCC                                                  Cllr Joyce Taylor – Tel: 01789 268491
Helen Full details for all Stratford Community
                                                        Cllr Rev Neville Beamer - 01789 263435
WaltonForum meetings can be found on the      
and Warwickshire County Council website.                Cllr Peter Moorse – Tel 01789 269630
      For further information about this
      meeting or Community Forums in
Robbins                                                 Cllr Trevor Honychurch – Tel 01789 550713
with general please visit:                    
support                                                 Cllr Tony Cronin – Tel 01789 299282
the                                                     Cllr Jenny Fradgley – Tel 01789 262522
Borough                                                 Cllr Clive Thomas – Tel 01789 551648
s for the  Have you got any comments about the
                      Community Forum,                  Cllr Ian Fradgley – Tel 01789 266369
Officer   the way we publicise the Forum’s work,
support is            or this newsletter?               NHS Warwickshire
provided WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!                Kiri Gray – Tel
by:       Ian
Davis            Police Authority
(RBC),                                                  Bob Malloy
Mark Gore                                     
Sgt Sam                                                 VASA
Oakley                                                  Clarissa Roberts – Tel 01789 262886

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