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									Website Designs

We have built a strong reputation in providing web site design and web development services.
illusion design provide you with an attractive and most convincing website to enhance your
marketing goals. Our expertise does not limit itself to web development but also it includes Search
Engine Optimization, E-Commerce, Graphic designing, Web Designing, Website Hosting, Web
marketing, Website Management and linking (one way, two way, three way).We partner hundreds of
organization to enhance their business, marketing and profit goals.

Banner Animation

Most of the companies have been using animation for their
advertisement campaign. According to the 4P’s magazine
banners with animation attract more customers than others.
Animation has been proven to greatly increase a banner's
click-through-ratio (CTR), we highly recommend using it in all
banner designs, where ever possible. Animation should be
subtle enough to attract attention to your banner ad but not so
ostentatious as to interfere or clash with the design of the web
page you are advertising on.

It is the process of taking a series of individual pictures, called frames or panels, and stringing them
together in a timed sequence to give the appearance of continuous motion. A GIF animation is an
animation created in a GIF file format. One of the main advantages of using a GIF animation in a
banner design is that GIF is one of the most widely used file formats supported by Web publishers.
According to the survey done by online marketers and add agencies the GIF animated banners yield
better results than rich media banners

Guidelines for using GIF animation for Banner designs

Color ...
GIF can only support 256 web-safe colors. In order to keep the banners looking their best across all
monitors and platforms, always design them within the 256-color palette.

If you are using photos in GIF animation remember to use them at low resolution because photos
contain millions of colours while GIF contains only 256 colors.

File size...
Most web publishers expect animated GIF banners to have a file size of less than 12K. To help keep
file size to a minimum, use only a few high contrasting and complementary web colors to call
attention to the main points on your banner. Utilizing the smallest web-safe color palette possible in
your animated GIF banners will allow you to use more creative special effects in your animation.

Looping ...
In animation, looping is the number of times animation repeats itself. Most web publishers have
strict looping specifications. For example, the major search services (Yahoo, AOL Search,
AltaVista, MSN Search, etc.) will only allow a banner ad to loop 3 times, and each loop should last
less than 10 seconds.

Frame/panel sequence...
It is you who has to decide whether the important message has to appear on the first panel or the last

If the web page you are advertising on has a long download time it would be wise to have it on the
first page because very few users wait for complete web page to be loaded
Conversely if its on the last page it will leave an impression in the minds of users. Despite all of the
hype surrounding rich media banners, designers and ad agencies have been placing more emphasis
on the “wow” factor of the banner design but it is also important that the message for which a
banner is designed is conveyed to the viewers.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

The success of any website depends on the accuracy of its
information and its timely availability. Now a days content is
given lots of significance. Most of the content used involves
technical words which becomes difficult for browsers to
understand. Our CMS team with its expertise makes this job
easy for its readers.

Our content management systems CMS and database driven
websites are created in PHP and ASP.NET. Our CMS based
designs are clean, user-focused, standards-compliant, accessible
websites and web applications. Our Content Management System, allows websites to be updated in
a matter of minutes using a simple and clear interface which is so easy to use even the most non-
technical user will have success. We also provide clear documentation and user training for the
website management team

Attributes of Content Management System:

Robust, Reliable and user friendly...
Our content management team is group of qualified professionals with immense experience in web
technology. The thorough knowledge of these professionals have helped us reach the mark of
customer satisfaction.

Multiple platform support...
Your website or web application could be on any platform of java, php, asp.net or on any server of
windows or linux, our CMS team can build a special solution to fulfill all your needs.

Multiple Language Support...
The unique feature of our CMS is that it can support multiple language due to which you have an
opportunity to diversify our operations This allows you to capture the international market and
globalize your website
Search Engine Friendly Content Management System CMS...
No Content management system can be successful unless it supports easy crawling by search engine
spiders. Our CMS is very search engine friendly and provides necessary features to add the SEO

Internet marketing and advertisements...
Our approach provides a complete solution in promoting your products or services over the internet
by effective internet marketing strategies .It helps you to reach millions of online browsers.


As today’s world is totally turning to internet as their preferred
method for their research and their studies. An estimated there
are around thirty two billion web pages in today’s competitive
environment. The search engine optimization has become very
essential part of online strategy as it helps intensifying your aim.
A strong unending SEO campaign will add on your brand’s
visibility on the internet and produce a grand return on investment.

When it comes to optimizing your website, we adopt practical approach. Before you make the
decision to board on a comprehensive SEO campaign, we take the time to evaluate your individual
requirements and organize cost benefit analysis for your review. The fact is that a successful SEO
strategy involves achieving a top five ranking for your targeted key word searches. As you know,
top ranking connects to expensive real estate.

SEO involves determining the potential of the industry and formulating a strategy in order to
achieve desired results. It also includes assessment of ROI. Certain products or service tend to draw
many enquiries. Search engine then becomes a medium to integrate the needs of the both the service
provider and the consumer. The only way to test our capability is with the help of past records. Our
numbers speak for us. Every day around 4000 browsers visit our web pages directly or indirectly.
The most common route is through Google. We understand the importance of SEO is for our
business, but more importantly, we know how to make it work for you.

Printing Technology (Offset,Screen Printing)

The evolution of printing as a study began with the analog printers.
Before the emergence of laser printers, ink jet printers were
popularly used which worked on analog printing technology.
Photocopying can be said as analog process of printing while laser
printing is a digital process.

After various studies in printing was done it was found that printing
studies involve not only processes and technologies but also
thorough knowledge about consumables. Printing as a subject is huge and involves studying of
different analog and digital technologies. With the growth in technology and service sectors the
scope of printing has intensified. Apart from press there are large printing houses are also engaged
in silk screen printing, brochure printing, and postcard printing. Manufacturing houses have started
giving placements to qualified printing professionals

Company Brochure Designing

        We like to keep things simple. Right from the ordering
process to delivery of the final brochures, we strive to offer you a
great experience.

a brochure is an extremely powerful marketing tool offering a
detailed insight into your company and its services. Photocopies of
the same old brochure templates do not impress people any more.
What you need is a unique brochure able to promote your services just as you imagine.

illusion design offers brochure design services that sets you apart from the crowd Follow the
steps given below to get an amazing brochure designed from us:

How it works...
   • Place an order for a brochure. Tell us about your brochure design requirements and whether
      you need copywriting, printing or additional services. Provide a brief on your company, its
      services/products, whether you need a single-page, bi-fold, tri-fold, or a multi-page

    • Once your requirements are reviewed, we send you a proposal enlisting the services that
      would be provided and the cost it would incur. We need your approval to begin the design
      process after the proposal has been sent.

    • Following your acceptance, your order request should be completed by fulfilling the
      payment formalities. Completing the payment procedure will confirm your purchase.

    • Once your purchase is confirmed, send us the all necessary text, high resolution images,
      contact information, logo artwork files etc. which will be the foundation of your brochure.

    • The initial draft of the brochure concepts is generally delivered within 5 business days
      (depending on complexity of the design/number of pages). Review the concepts and choose
      the one that is nearest to your vision.

    • If you feel your chosen concept is missing some element, ask for revisions. We keep on
      revising till you finally get the design of your choice.
    • If you feel your chosen concept is missing some element, ask for revisions. We keep on
      revising till you finally get the design of your choice.

Company Logo Designing

We follow a simple process from ordering to delivery of final
logos. Our aim is providing you a great experience.

We have a simple 6 step process that will define your experience
in working with us.

    • Logo Design Packages at illusion design offer a wide range
      of options to suit your budget and needs.
    • Start your custom logo design project by selecting a package (after reviewing every package
      in detail and assessing your exact requirements).
    • Once the package is confirmed you need to complete an order form. You can convey all your
      preferences by mail or phone.
    • Once the formalities are completed and the payment notification is received the initial logo
      concepts are delivered within 3 working days.
    • Once the package is confirmed you need to complete an order form. You can convey all your
      preferences by mail or phone.
    • Once the formalities are completed and the payment notification is received the initial logo
      concepts are delivered within 3 working days.

Website Designing Service

We follow a procedure for designing a website. Our objective is
to make thing easier for you. Websites gives you an opportunity
to communicate with prospective clients. Many businesses
require an online presence because possible for them to reach
every market.

A website should provide essential details on the services offered
by a company and most importantly, be able to hold the attention
of visitors for long. A great website can help you take over your
competitors. At illusion design, we offer custom designed and
fully functional websites that help in atttracting an increasing
number of visitors to your business.

We follow a very systematic process to ensure that you get your site designed without any
hassle even if you do not have much technical knowledge.

How it works...
   • At this stage you need to inform us about your requirements and expectations from the
      website. Some of the important details we require are like how many pages your website
       will have, whether you need flash/animation, ecommerce or any other special features. Also
       we need to know about your target markets and competitors so that it gives us a broader
       picture of your business.

    • After studying and discussing the scope of the project with our designers and programmers,
      we will send you a detailed proposal stating what exactly you want and quotation. Some of
      the information in our proposal would cover the following points:
Number of design concepts
Number of revisions
Flash/animation feature
Programming requirements (if any)
Number of days until the revisions are ready for review
Duration for coding the website.
    • Once the proposal is approved and the signed documents are received the assignment is
      forwarded to team at this stage the payment has to be made so that the purchase is
    • The first draft of the design concepts will be sent within 3-5 business days(depending on the
      package you choose). After reviewing the concepts, choose one which you like best..
    • Ask for revisions if you feel the chosen concept requires some. The revision process will
      continue till you find the design absolutely perfect.
    • Once the design is finalized, we will begin coding your website. The entire process generally
      takes a little less than two weeks (subject to change). This phase also covers other
      programming requirements like a flash intro or a flash gallery.
    • Once the website is finalized it is formatted for immediate download so that you can have all
      the reference files. We also submit the final files to your web host account and cross check if
      there are any bugs. Once your site has been tried and tested, we make it live (with your

Offset Printing

Offset printing is the most commonly used printing method
today. Over 40% of all print jobs are carried out using offset

Offset printing works in a simple manner. It uses three
cylinders to transfer the image onto the substrate. The first
cylinder is mounted with the printing plate. The image on the
printing plate is ‘right’ reading or written with the right side
up. The first cylinder is inked and the image transferred or
offset onto the second cylinder, which is mounted with a rubber blanket. The image on the
second cylinder is thus reversed or becomes ‘wrong’ reading. Finally the image is transferred
from the blanket cylinder onto the third cylinder or the substrate. The substrate is mounted
on the third cylinder also known as the impression cylinder. The image once again is reversed
and becomes ‘right’ reading or right side up in the final printed version.

A unique characteristic of offset printing is that the image and non-image areas are on the
same surface level. The printing method uses the chemical fact that oil and water do not mix
to print from a single surface level. In fact, offset printing acquired this method from
lithography and thus it is often referred to as litho offset printing as well.

Types of offset presses ...

Offset presses are primarily of two types:

    • Sheet-fed Offset Printing Press: In this kind of offset press the printing is carried out on
      single sheets of paper as they are fed to the press one at a time.
    • Web-fed Offset Printing Press: In this kind of offset press the printing is carried out on a
      single, continuous sheet of paper fed from a large roll. The sheet is then cut into individual
      sheets of desired sizes.

The offset printing process ...

The offset printing process requires a fairly large investment in equipment and set up. However,
once the infrastructure is in place, offset printing itself is relatively inexpensive. There are many
things to know about the offset printing process from creating the artwork to operating the press and

Domain Registration

A domain is like a distinct id or a postal address. Your internet id
or address is one of its type or exclusive. When you register a
domain it becomes yours as long as you pay the yearly renewal

Most of us are familiar with the Top Level Domain (TLD) .com
(dot com)

Apart from .com there are other domain like .net, .org, and .info.
The TLD .biz is used only for business purposes. The latest
domain launched is .WS (website).

Some nation states have their own TLD like Spain has .es Japan has .jp The domain can be up to 64
characters and 3-4 letters after the dot (.) However it is advisable to have a t and easy domain so
that its easy to remember A domain can have letters, digits, signs, hyphens but it cannot have spaces

When Internet surfers search for interesting sites they have to insert either
http://www.thedomainname.com or simply www.thedomainname.com These long strings are called
the Uniform Resource Locator (URL for short), and many people think they are the same as the
domain name. To be quite clear: The domain name is everything after the www. If the name of your
choice is taken you simply have to try some variations of the name, maybe with a different spelling
or a hyphen. Please remember that if the TLD .com is unavailable you may find that .net, .org or
.info can be used.

Website Re-designing

Make Your Website Rank High After Redesign...

If you have an idea to redesign your website you must be alert of the
fact that its new design will persuade not only its visual form but the
rankings as well. Many webmasters hesitate upon the problem of
making their renewed website as popular as it was before redesign.
Of course, each particular case requires its specific solution but the suggestions listed below are the
most common techniques which can help your redesigned website maintain high rankings.

Change the file names only if there is strong necessity and you don’t need to modify the hierarchy
of the files. You might loose the customers who have bookmarked you web pages before they were
re designed. But if you should compulsory rename your web page files it is better to make use of
301redirection. This solution will redirect all your customers and visitors to the new pages location
in an automatic mode. Besides, 301 redirection will allow holding your website page rank and the
existing rankings are transferred to the new pages.

changing website domain name can harm your website rankings considerably even with proper 301
redirection .In calculation to the first point you should take into account your website structure
which implies not only the file names but the domain name as well. In addition you should make
sure that you also have 404 redirects.

You can make use of text links which direct to your homepage you must be sure that they are
motivated to your redesigned website with previous relevancy.

By chance if you are going to focus to one of the Content Management Systems and build your
website on its basis mind that it may destroy the rankings. To avoid such problems you must be sure
first that all changed URL addresses are covered by means of 301 redirects properly. And do not
forget to verify whether your system provides you with a facility to add page titles edit Meta tags
and adjust alt tags.

If you have revitalized the entire written content of your website make sure that the keywords
density remains as near the old one as possible. Be sure that the keywords heading tags and inline
text links are placed in the top portions of your redesigned website.

You need to copy the titles and meta tags of your old web pages to the new ones. It will not only
save your time but will also help your previous website rankings.

Be sure the XML sitemap is in order as its part in your redesigned website is significant. The thing
is that Google indexes your web pages new location with the help of XML sitemap faster which
means that your website will soon recover from the redesign.
Web Hosting

Since 2009 illusion Design is a leading web hosting provider in
pune, India. illusion design has established a reputed name all
over.Illution Design maintains a very steady, reliable and

Web hosting infrastructure in india till today. We gurantee 99% of
our up time servers and ensure that our website is always vacant
for our client and your potential clients around the clock

Our web servers support a large range of programming language
and databases on both windows and linux platforms, thus making
it more flexible for website up gradation when required. Great packages are now available for web
hosting on all levels.

We are amongst the top most web hosting companies in India for linux and windows hosting.
Enterprise web hosting, colocated web hosting, share web hosting, secure hosting, dedicated server,
server colocation ,corporate mail sever hosting etc.

Different Solutions available

Web space hosting services...
 A vanilla solution for all your needs of shared web space from 50MB to 5GB and more
 available on windows, linux platforms with single or multiple domain support

Dedicated Server Solutions...
Customized hardware and solution and services with low monthly fee and reduced upfront cost,
giving a hosting solution within your budget.

Managed Hosting Solutions...
A complete managed solution with a dedicated team of support engineers available 24 X 7 X 365
working as your extended team so you stay focused on your business.

Server Co-location...
A secure and a private area for your servers in data centers in India, USA, UK, Singapore. A lock
and key or a cage solution for your high performance servers with monitoring facility.

Storage cloud solution...
Your business needs a storage solution along with hosting needs and simple integration and
management . we offer the storage solutions an multi location support.
Domain Registration

A domain is like a distinct id or a postal address. Your internet id or
address is one of its type or exclusive. When you register a domain
it becomes.

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