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Social media for innovation and improvement


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									  Local government 2.0

Current practice and development
       Councils and councillors using social media

                                                       •   This map created by Liz
                                                           Azyan represents
                                                           councils using social
                                                           media. Some may be
                                                           single instances of a
                                                           twitter feed by a
                                                           councillor. Others are
                                                           more well developed.

http://tinyurl.com/nj67j8 - last update 1 March 2009
            Democratic engagement
• In the face of low voter
  turnout, Socitm reported that
  County Councils saw their web
  traffic double at recent county
  council elections thanks to
  their provision of a
  sophisticated online election
  results service coupled with
  use of social media tools like
  Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds
  and email alerts. (12 June
•   http://elections.derbyshire.gov.uk/
                 Virtual worlds for planning
•   Birmingham are building a new library in the city. It is
    likely that we will build that first in second life (in
    fact we’ve just begun to do that highlighting the
    development area on a 3D visualisation on the
    Birmingham Island is Second Life) so that citizens
    and interested groups can help shape the physical
    building by suggesting changes or better ways to
    organise resources within it.
•   Birmingham is also building a new park in the city
    centre and the planners think second life, and in
    particular the way we have used Google Maps within
    it, is a useful tool to examine the planning options
    for the park. So you can put the park in situ long
    before the first sod of turf is laid.
•   (Dave Harte, Birmingham)
Birmingham ‘island’ in Second Life
                   Engaging youth
• Wiltshire County council and
  sparksite.co.uk with youth
  activities and user generated
     Campaign and event promotion through
               social networking
•   A number of councils have used
    Facebook successfully for event
    promotion. Some councils have
    Facebook fan pages. Could use
    targeted, paid for advertising using
    Facebook’s customer insight.
      Aggregated Web2.0 output
• Hillingdon’s Use of Friendfeed
  means it’s easy to see Twitter,
  Flickr (photo), and YouTube
  video outputs
       Community conversation
• Simply opening comments
  to council news published
  online is a way of
  promoting conversation
  between citizen and
  government (Lichfield DC,
  Stratford DC, Kirklees)
                   Community images
• Stratford-on-Avon District
  Council has built a web2.0
  powered image library of
  council images and photos
  taken by local people and

•   http://www.stratford.gov.uk/flickr/
   Youth engagement in positive
• Stockport provides
  automated feeds of places
  to go and things to do for
  13 to 19 year olds which
  can be received in a
  number of ways
    Council service blogs: libraries
• Manchester libraries
  blog including a
  catalogue search
  function and podcasts
•   http://manchesterlitlist.blogspot.com/
              Councillor blogging
• Mike Freer, Leader of
  Barnet council uses his
  blog to communicate
  with local residents.
  Content from area
  meetings is shared so the
  conversation can
  continue online
                      Regulatory services

•   Councils in Staffordshire
    are taking “scores on the
    door” online with user
    feedback, directions and
•   www.ratemyplace.org.uk
• Localised mapping of council
  and community services, crime,
• Local Authority Mapping
  Collective is a group of gov.uk
  practitioners starting to share
  practice and advice
              Encouraging Councillor
•   Tweety Hall - a national index
    of Tweeting councillors
    (further development
    required to help citizens
    contact councillors not on
•   www.tweetyhall.com
•   http://cllrtweeps.com/ is another
    site which indexes councillor
    Twitter usage
          Encouraging Councillor
• Civic Surf is a blog-coaching
  programme for councillors -
  similar coaching and mentoring
  programmes could be
  developed or enhanced
• (for officers, too!)
• http://civicsurf.org.uk/
              Local Listening Post
• A number of councils have
  been developing tools which
  allow them to follow local
  conversations on social media.
  This enables them to identify
  where there are complaints,
  great ideas, a well-spring of
  volunteerism or perhaps a
  major service gap. An open
  example is:
• http://www.pageflakes.com/kir
         Social marketing via social media

• Social marketing for
  behaviour change can
  benefit from easy to pass
  on, inexpensive or user
  produced viral campaign
• NHS Leicester City and
  teen pregnancy
  partnership produced a
  video with over 500k
  YouTube views
          Social media and CRM
• CRM and IT Managers complain
  bitterly about the cost of
  pulling in information from
  third party social media
  complaints sites like
  FixMyStreet.com. We need
  focused technical research on
  how to overcome this problem
  and to raise awareness among
  IT and CRM managers to
  ensure that third-party CRM
  providers are delivering
  solutions which can handle
  input from third party sites.
     Geo-spatial customer insight
• Andrew Hudson-Smith of UCL
  has developed a number of
  geo-spatial tools, including a
  mood mapper which involves a
  mash-up of online maps and
  user feedback. This has been
  used by the BBC to map how
  people are affected by the
  credit crunch and could easily
  be developed for local
  authorities to use supported by
  social media and traditional
  communications approaches.
   Community interactive maps
• Interactive map with
  transport and
  information based
  partly on user
  generated information
• (this is an
  independent project)
       They work for you (for local
•   They Work For You is a MySociety
    project which allows citizens to
    find, monitor and message their
•   LGA, IDeA and Leadership Centre
    sponsored the development of
    Tweety Hall, but this service could
    be developed further to identify
    the social media activity of
    councillors and provide a contact
    point for serving councillors. It
    could provide an aggregator of
    councillor blogs, rolling Tweet
    stream and more.
•   Clear, concise and accessible guidance
    which outlines the potential benefits of
    social media for local government and
    how to use it for a number of different
    audiences For example:
      Social media for councillors
      Social media for council
         communications teams
      Using social media for customer
         insight and performance
      Social media to support local
         democracy and community
      Social media for social marketing
         (e.g. behavioural change,
         important for partnership
•   Tailoring existing guidance, developing
    new guidance in the gaps
             Social marketing and
            communications toolkit
• Allied closely to any guidance
  or training, this would be a
  hands-on kit of free to use
  tools which would support
  councils in adding social media
  to their existing approaches to
  consultation or social
  marketing (important for
  behaviour change and
  delivering better outcomes).
•   (Social by Social a publication
    targeted at voluntary
    organisations. See
         Community of Practice development

• Develop and promote existing
  Communities of Practice for
  local government practitioners
  looking to network and
  enhance skills, with dedicated
  facilitation and live events
• Participate and encourage
  collaboration with pro-social
  communities of practice,
  including local government
  innovators, which network
  through Twitter and other
  social sites and events
        Online campaigns: Raise the profile,
              encourage participation

• Develop and support
  national online
  campaigns to help
  councils make use of
  simple social media
• www.mashthestate.org.uk
                  Innovation contests

• New ideas could emerge
  through contests or events like
  SICamp (the social innovation
  camp) or the Show Us a Better
  Way contest

• Some of these tools and
  approaches could be developed
  in a “hacker-day” event (or
  couple of events), bringing
  some of the best minds
  together. When technical
  people come together to work
  in teams to solve a problem or
  series of problems.
http://uservoice.com for soliciting new
ideas and engaging community to vote
on best ideas.
Apps becoming
Pay by phone gives motorists the flexibility to pay with cash or make
cashless payments in a quick and convenient way. Potential for
lowering transactional costs.
Redbridge I is a
personal portal
for citizen
with the
Citizens have
their own user
Social Networks

                A portal with lots
                of information and
                resources for
    Joining up back office and
   customer facing functions....

how NOT to do it.....
In the News
Spot the deliberate mistake
                                  The Story
•   A newspaper was within its rights to republish Twitter messages posted by a civil
    servant, newspaper self-regulatory body the Press Complaints Commission (PCC)
    has ruled.
•   The PCC ruled that because the material published related to the woman's
    professional life there was a justification for its publication and the article did not
    invade her privacy.
•   Sarah Baskerville was a civil servant at the Department of Transport who posted
    tweets to her Twitter account that could be seen by anybody.
•   The article related the content of some of her messages, such as those describing
    the leader of a course she attended as "mental"; describing her coping with "a
    wine-induced hangover"; and referring to a Conservative MP who in opposition
    had been a critic of Government waste.
•   Baskerville said that her comments were private and should not have been
    distributed to more than her 700 followers. When the Daily Mail newspaper
    published them far more widely they violated her reasonable expectation of
    privacy, she told the PCC.
           Keeping up to date
If you want to keep up to date with social media
use in government and local government, try:
• http://socialgov.posterous.com/
• http://www.mysociety.org/

Or social media in general:

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