SOAL PAKET 2 BAHASA INGGRIS The text is for question 1-2 Dear

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					                                         SOAL PAKET 2
                                        BAHASA INGGRIS

The text is for question 1-2

        Dear Sinta,

        Congratulation on your graduation.
        We know you could do it.
        We are so proud of you.

        Dad and Mom

1. Why are Sinta’s parents proud of her? Because….
    A. they are her parents
    B. Sinta is their daughter
    C. she could pass the exam
    D. Sinta has finished her study

2.” We know you could do it”, the word “we” refers to….
    A. Sinta
    B. Her mother
    C. Her parents
    D. Mom and dad

This following text is for questions number 3 to 4.

                                          June 11th, 2011
       To: Andi Nayo
       Please inform to your entire scout members, that
       we are sorry to postpone the camping that has been
       scheduled on June 14th - 15th, 2011. The bad
       weather lately causes the camping area is too risky
       to be stayed. we know that?
        From the text
   a. Andi Nayo stays in the camp.
                           Mr. Budi

3. From the text we know that?
   A. Andi Nayo stays in the camp.
   B. Mr. Budi reschedules the camp.
   C. The scout members get some dangers.
   D. The camping schedule is on 14th-15th, 2011.

4. “…the camping that has been scheduled on June 14th-15th” The underlined word has similar
   meaning to….
   A. held
   B. detained
   C. reported
   D. arranged

The text is for question 5 – 7

       To : All students of 9th grade of SMP Bina Nusantara

       We invite you to join our graduation party
       Day/ Date: Saturday, June 20th, 2012
       Time      : 7.00 p.m
       Place    : Jayakarta Hotel ,Soekarno Street no 45

       We have struggled hard and succeeded. Let’s celebrate
       our success. Don’t miss it!

       *Invitation cards are available at the OSIS room.

       The Committee

5. From the text we can conclude that ….
  A. the students will have a party
  B. all students will come to the party
  C. the students have finished their study
  D. the students have received the invitation cards

6. “We have struggled hard and succeeded”.
   The underlined word has a similar meaning to ….
  A. invited
  B. worked

 C. celebrated
 D. participated

7.” I invite you to join our graduation party”
   The word “you” refers to… of SMP Bina Nusantara.
  A. all students
  B. the teachers
  C. the committee
  D. the 9th grade students

The text is for number 8 to 10
                    Scout Association of SMPN 1 Denpasar, Bali
  To : All Scout Members

  We are going to go camping at Bedugul campsite, from 14th – 16th November, 2011.
  Members who would like to join it should register their names to Mr. Ketut.
  Because of the cold weather, especially at night, it’s advised that you bring jacket.
  Registration is closed on 13th November 2011, at 3 in the afternoon.

  The Committee

   8. The purpose of the text is to…
      A. register the camping program.
      B. announce the Scout Group’s camping program.
      C. tell about the agenda of the camping program.
      D. invite all scout members to join the camping program.

   9. Why do the participants have to bring jacket? Because of… weather.
      A. the cold
      B. the night
      C. the worse
      D. the afternoon

   10. “Members who would like to join it ….”
       The underlined word refers to…
       A. The Scout program
       B. The Scout Association
       C. The camping program
       D. The students’ program

The text is for number 11 to 13


                      KATINGAN INDAH HOTEL

            Nice lake view with fresh air and natural environment

           75 bedrooms available, consisting 5 Presidential suite,
              25 Executive and 45 Deluxe rooms. Banquet and
             function facilities are available for multi-purposes:
                 meeting, wedding, seminar, etc up to 1000
          participants. 3 kinds of swimming pool, spa and laundry
                facility are also available to your satisfaction.

                  205 Kahanjak Atei street Palangka Raya
                            Central Kalimantan
                  Phone 0857 888 9999 Fax. 0857 889 9999

11. What is the purpose of the text above? To... Katingan Indah Hotel.
    A. tell about
    B. advertise
    C. promote events in
    D. invite people to the wedding in

12. How many rooms does the hotel have?
    A. 5
    B. 25
    C. 45
    D. 75

13. Banquet and function facilities are available for multi-purposes. The underlined word has
    similar meaning to... .
    A. big party
    B. formal ceremony
    C. early breakfast
    D. formal meal

The text is for number 14 to 16

                                                                                Jl. Labuh tano No 22
                                                                                  November 17, 2011

Hello, Andi. How’s life? Hope all’s O.K.

I tell you what. I’m writing this letter to ask for your confirmation. You told me that I may visit you
this holiday. Well, will it be O.K. if I come to spend my holiday next week? It must be exciting to
play with you again. Besides, I want to meet Luna, Detty and your family. I just need to confirm if
this plan is O.K. Maybe you have something else to do. Please tell me, because I can reschedule
my plan. Anyway, send my warm greeting to your family. I miss them so much .

Please reply soon. See you.


14. Why does Julian write this letter? Because....
    A. he asks for confirmation
    B. he needs confirmation
    C. he wants to meet Luna
    D. he wants to see his family

15. From the text we can conclude that Andi is....
    A. Julian friends
    B. julan family
    C. new friend
    D. classmate

16. I just need to confirm if this plan is O.K.
    The underline word similar meaning with....
    A. lend
    B. send
    C. want
    D. spend

The text is for number 17 to 19

Nutrition Facts
Serving size 9 places (30 g)
Amount per serving

 Calories                                            140 kj
 Total fat                                           4,5 g
 Saturated fat                                       3,5 g
 Cholesterol                                         0 mg
 Sodium                                              70 mg
 Total Carbohydrate                                  23 mg
 Dietary fiber                                       0 g
 Sugar                                               13 g
 protein                                             2 g

Vitamin B1    : 59 %                   Vitamin B6 : 62 %
Calcium       : 14 %                   Iron        : 24 %
NETTO         : 400 g
Expiry date    : 30 04 12

17. What is the text about?
   A. Kind of Food
   B. Ratu Wafer Stick
   C. Nutrition Facts
   D. Netto of food

18. How much carbohydrate is there per serving?
   A. 30 g
   B. 24 g
   C. 23 mg
   D. 0 mg

19. “amount per serving”
     The underlined word means… .
    A. quantity
    B. quality
    C. worth
    D. ingredient

Read the text below to answer questions 20 – 23!
         Justin Drew Bieber, or Justin Bieber is a good singer and actor. Justin Bieber was born and raised
in Stratford, Ontario in Canada. His mother is Pattie Mallette and his father’s name is Jeremy. His
parents are not entertainers. Justin Beiber moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue his music career.
Scooter Braun is his manager.
       As an artist, he is quite handsome with an oval face, long straight and blonde hair, a pointed nose,
and he’s height is 5 feet and 6 inches and also has friendly smile. That’s why he has millions of fans all
around the world especially women from kids until adults. Even in Indonesia. In his world tour and
concert in many countries is always crowed and we can hear women screaming everywhere. His fans
build a community to unite themselves called Belieber. He has a girlfriend, her name is Selena Gomez.
She is a singer and actress too like him.
            Justin Beiber has become a famous artist from posting by YouTube videos in 2007. And the
song that make him becomes well-known is “Baby”. His single “Baby” debuted at number 5 on the
Billboard Hot 100 chart.
           Justin Beiber is a very talented artist, he can play musical instrument, plays the left – handed
guitar, piano, percussion and drums. He hopes to learn the violin too. He just like other teenager, he like
to play video games, hockey, basketball and watch the TV show “Smallville”. Never Say Never is a 2011
3-D documentary/concert film of him.

20. The purpose of the text isto….
    A. tell about Justin Beiber’s activities
    B. describe an artist named Justin Beiber
    C. share experience of Justin Beiber’s tours
    D. attract the audience to see Justin Beiber’s concert

21. Justin Beiber moved to Atlanta, Georgiato….
     A. play his musical instrument
     B. post his video in YouTube
     C. build his fans community
     D. pursue his music career

22. What is the relationship between Jeremy and Justin Beiber?
    A. Brothers.
    B. Fans and artist.
    C. Father and son.
    D. Manager and artist.

23. “… to unitethemselves called Belieber”. (paragraph 2) The underlined word refers to ….
     A. fans
     B. parent
     C. women
     D. girlfriends

The text is for number 25 to 26

          An Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) is a machine permitting a bank customer to make cash
withdrawals at any time and without a human.
          ATM’s have a wide variety of names, such as : Automatic Teller Machine, Automated Banking
Machine, Hole-in-the wall, Cash Dispenser, and some other names.
          ATM’s allow people to deposite cash or check, check their accounts balances, transfer money
between their bank accounts,and many others.
          In modern ATM’s customers authenticate themselves by using a plastic card with a magnetic
stripe. It encodes the customer’s account number . by entering a passcode called PIN (personal
identification number) ; a customer can make withdrawals. If the customers enter it incorrectly several
time in row, most ATMs will retain the card as a security precaution.
          Most ATMs are connected to interbank networks. It enables the customers to withdraw in place
where their bank has no branches. Besides, it is also possible to withdraw local currency in a foreign
country. Many banks charge a fee for the use of their ATMs by non-depositors. Nowadays, many bank
place ATMs in grocery stores, shopping malls, and other locations.

24. The text above is written in order to....
    A. advertise the ATM
    B. inform about ATM
    C. retell about the ATM
    D. persuade people to use ATM

25. What are the functions of ATM?
   A. To deposite cash and check.
   B. To check and transfer their accounts balance.
   C. Deposite and transfer money between their bank accounts.
   D. Deposite cash, check their account, tranfer money, and many others.

26. People use ATM because it is permitting the customers ….
   A. do transaction everywhere
   B. do not bring to much money
   C. can take money everywhere at anytime
   D. to make cash withdrawal at anytime and without a human

27. “… a customer can make withdrawals.” The underlined word has similar meaning to….
   A. client
   B. owner
   C. banker
   D. member

The following text is for questions number 28 to 31

                                   MAKING CANDLES

Making colored and scented candles is really quick and simple. Do you want to know how to
make it? Follow the instruction below!

What you need in making candles are:
 Wax
 Mould
 Dye discs
 Wick
 Essential oil
 Double boiler

 First of all, melt the wax. All wax has a flash point, so to prevent it bursting into flames;
   you must melt it in a double boiler, with the water in the bottom of the pan.
 Then, prepare the mould with the wick. Thread the wick through the mould and make
   sure that you leave a good few centimeters sticking out of the hole in the bottom.
 After that, add the scent and the dye discs. If you want a scented candle, add a few drops
   of essential oil to the melted wax. Besides that, by adding the dye discs you can make that
   candle more colorful.
 Next step, pour the wax into the mould quickly, all in one go to minimize spillage and air
 Then, release the bubbles and top it up. Releasing the air bubbles will eventually make the
   candle sink, so you will need to top it up with more melted wax.
 Finally, remove it from the mould. After four or five hours, the candle can be taken out of
   its mould.

28. What is the purpose of the text above?
   A. to tell about the steps in coloring candle
   B. to inform about the equipment needed in making candle
   C. to tell about how to make a color and scented candle
   D. to make you interested in making candle

29. What should you do after melting the wax?
    a. pour the melting wax into the mould
    b. remove the melting wax from the mould

     c.   prepare the mould with the wick
     d.   release the bubbles and top it up.

 30. From the text we know that……
      A. if we want to make a scented candle, we can use essential oil
      B. the candle cannot be taken out from the mould
      C. we need to put the wick in the bottom of the mould
      D. we must not pour the water in the bottom of the pan

 31. “…, so to prevent it bursting into flames; you…..”
     The word “bursting” in the sentence above means…
    A. exploding
    B. melting
    C. Satisfying
    D. becoming

Read the text and answer questions 32-35

              Andrew and I camped in the Inerie Mountain last holiday. It was very beautiful and
   quiet place. The air was fresh and the wind breezed calmly .The location of our campsite was
   below the hill, so we could see the panorama around us. It was fantastic. It was green
   everywhere. There were a lot of teak woods. It was also easy to get fresh water as near a
   spring. We bought a lot of food from home.
             On the first day, we spent our time setting up the tent and exploring the surrounding
   area. I was so happy I found that there were many others campers. At night, after we had
   dinner, we met them to make camp fire. Sometimes we laughed aloud when we shared our
   funny stories then we sung. Even the camp guards danced with us. So, I did not feel
   frightening at all at night in the middle of forest because the other campers were there besides
   us. The next time, from early morning until afternoon .We spent our time hiking and climbing
   with them. We did not realize that we took almost 5 days in there. We had to go back home
   soon to continue our routine daily activities. It was really nice. I planned to go there again
   next holidays.

32. The purpose of the text above is ….
    a. to retell their spending time
    b. to describe the writer’s holiday
    c. to retell the writer’s experience
    d. to describe about Inerie Mountain

33. The writer did not feel frightening at midnight in the Inerie Mountain because…were there
    A. both Andrew and the writer
    B. not only they but also the camp guards
    C. both the campers and the camp guards
    D. not only they but also the other campers

34. Based on the text we can conclude that camping in the Inerie Mountain is very….
    A. frightening
    B. inspiring
    C. powerful
    D. pleasant

35.”… we met them to make camp fire.”(paragraph 2)The underlined word refers to….
   A. the camp guards
   B. the campers
   C. the writer
   D. Andrew

Read the text and answer questions 36-39

                                                 A fish on dry land

        Chuang Tzu’s family was very poor. One day, he went to see a rich man to borrow some rice
    from him. The rich man said, “All right, I will lend you some rice. But please wait until my brother
    pays me back some money which he owes me. I shall then be able to give you three hundred pieces
    of silver as well.”

        Chuang Tzu kept quiet for a long time. He wanted to make the rich man realize his bad attitude.
    He then said to the rich man, “I want to tell you a story. As I was returning home yesterday, I saw a
    fish lying by the roadside. ‘Help! Help!’ it called out. ‘I cannot breathe. Please put me back in the
    sea’ “

       “ ‘I am now on my way to visit a relative living near the Western Sea,’ I replied. ‘I shall send you
    some water from there,’ “

       “That will be too late,’ the fish replied. ‘Unless you put me back in the water straight away, I
    shall die.’ “

       “This, sir,” said Chuang Tzu to the rich man, “reminds me of your answer. If you want to help,
    you should do so now. Otherwise it will be too late.”
    The rich man lent him some rice without saying any more.

36. The purpose of the text above is to ....
    A. entertain the readers
    B. retell the writer’s experience
    C. describe a rich man and a fish
    D. tell about Chuang Tzu’s family

37. From the story above we can conclude that the rich man was ... .
    A. stingy
    B. arrogant
    C. kind hearted
    D. faint hearted

38. Why did Chuang Zhu tell a story to the rich man ? Because ....
    A. the rich man lent Chuang Zhu some rice
    B. Chuang Zhu wanted to remind the rich man
    C. Chuang Zhu wanted the rich man realize his attitude
    D. the rich man gave Chuang Zhu three hundred pieces of silver

39. “...Unless you put me back in the water straight away, I shall die. “ (paragraph 4)
     The underlined phrase is similar in meaning to ...
    A. late
    B. fast
    C. early
    D. soon

   40. Notice above means ….

       a. visitors have to register first
       b. visitors may not register

       c. visitors prohibited to register
       d. visitors not permitted to register

40. From the text we know that ….
    A. No visitor forget to register
    B. Some visitors do not register
    C. All visitors obey the regulation
    D. All visitors registered at the office

41. “All visitors must register at office” the underlined word has same meaning as …..
     A. Record
     B. Write
     C. Report
     D. Read

The text below for questions number 43 to 46

                                Going Fishing for the First Time

    Last week, my uncle asked me to go fishing with him in the river near his house. He also ...
(43) me that the scenery there is beautiful. I was ... ( 44 ) because I had never gone fishing
before. Therefore, he taught me how to do it very well.

    We left at 9 a.m. When we got to the river, there were already some people.They were also
fishing. Then, we looked for a convenient place near a ... ( 45 ) with thick leaves. We put our
fishing equipment and our lunch box on the mat we brought. After that, my uncle taught me how
to catch fish. He did it very patienly..

    Suddenly, in the middle of fishing, I felt something really heavy catching my hook. I could
not pull it until I slipped and fell into the river. I did not realise that the grass was slippery. My
uncle pulled me out ... ( 46 ). He helped me reach the ground. Thank God, I was safe even
though I have mud all over my face. It was embarrassing!

43. A.   told
    B.   asked
    C.   looked
    D.   taught

44. A. bored
    B. excited

    C. embarrased
    D. dissapointed

45. A.     mat
    B     tree
    C.    rivercC   river
    D.    house

46. A. slowly
    B. calmly
    C. quickly
    D. smoothly

49. Arrange the sentences to make a good paragraph!

   1.    After that press the power button.
   2.    Press the red button to release the dust bag.
   3.    There are some steps how to operate a vacuum cleaner.
   4.    Finally, empty the dust bag and fix it again on the machine.
   5.    When you have finished cleaning the floor, turn off the power.
   6.    Next, move the vacuum cleaner on the floor from the front part of the house to the back.
   7.    First, make sure that all parts of the equipments are fixed correctly, and then plug in the

   A.    7-1-5-6-2-4-3
   B.    3-7-1-6-2-4-5
   C.    3-7-1-6-5-2-4
   D.    7-1-6-4-5-3-2

50. Arrange the sentences to make a good paragraph!

   1.    Kediri is a name of a town in East Java.
   2.    Those who do not work there are farmers.
   3.    Kediri and cigarette factory are inseparable.
   4.    Most of the local people work in the factory.
   5.    This town is famous for its products of cigarette.
   6.    It is situated between Kelud and Wilis Mountain.

   A. 1-6-5-3-4-2
   B. 3-1-2-6-5-4

C. 6-3-1-4-3-2
D. 2-1-3-4-6-5