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									                             ECONOMIC ADVISORY COUNCIL
                                 PROJECT SUMMARY

Applicant: City of Kimberly

CDBG Request: $500,000

Type of Project: Public Facility – Family Health Services Building

Project Description: The proposed project will construct a new building for Family Health
Services, Inc. Specifically it will construct a 4,000 square foot medical clinic that will consist of
six exam rooms, one procedure room, a dentist office with three chairs, a behavioral health
office, immunization room, file room, break area, reception office, waiting area and four ADA
restrooms. The health clinic serves predominately lower income families. Also included in the
scope of work is the demolition and removal of the condemned city hall. The project is within
the city’s downtown.


    FHS is a private non-profit that has been providing health care in south-central Idaho
     since 1982.
    The city submitted an application in November 2010 to construct the medical clinic for
     Family Health Services. We have held the application on stand-by since June 2011.
     After our October 2011 EAC meeting Commerce requested updated information and
         o The City and FHS are still committed to the project.
                 FHS has indicated that they would be prepared to bid the project in the
                     Spring 2012.
                 FHS is confident with the ability to manage this project and the Burley
                     project should it move forward. FHS has indicated that they have
                     managed two concurrent construction projects previously.
                 Not only is FHS committed to $335,796 in match, but did increase their
                     cash contribution an additional $20,000 to cover the updated estimate.
         o The City and FHS provided all requested updated information.
    The old (and condemned) City Hall will be demolished to make room for this project.
     Old city hall is not of historical value. The City will fund and complete the demolition.
    The City will own the land and building and lease to Family Health Services for $10,000
     per year.
    The project would eliminated a blighted non-functional building and bring new jobs to
     the downtown as well as customer traffic.
    The city has completed the CDBG environmental assessment.

Recommendations: Our recommendation is to fund.

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